Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 01


I’ve always wondered about the cuckold fantasy. Is it a fetish? Or something else which makes some men accept watching other men fuck their wives. But in writing what are primarily Dominance/submission stories, the submissives in my stories don’t seem to have much of a problem sharing their Dominants with other people. The Dominants definitely share their slaves with others, even wives, but it’s not being done to them, but at their control, so it’s not cuckoldry. I think you have to be submissive to be a cuckold. Whatever else it is, it’s an act of submission. But it did make me want to try to write a cuckold story, and who best to write about than Lynn’s son, Richard, as an offshoot of the Beth chronicle. It also allows me to keep familiar characters around. This story then will be a cuckold story and go in the Loving Wives category, although it’s going to have elements of BDSM, and gay sex, for reasons which become clear. For those who aren’t reading the My Voyage stories, this is a recap of something which happened there, but told from Richard’s perspective. This chapter contains oral, public, extra marital and lesbian sex, bondage and discipline. STD’s and COVID don’t exist in this fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his editing assistance. He makes it better.

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch 1 – A Recap

“Marnie, why did you want to have sex with other men? Don’t you love me?”

My wife, Marnie, and I were soaking in hot water in the hotel Jacuzzi after Marnie had a seven man train run on her ass. The hot water bath had been recommended by a medical professional to soothe her sore posterior. That and some Tylenol. A lot had happened today. I was leaning against the back of the tub while Marnie leaned back against me.

I was confused. I’d watched six other men fuck Marnie’s ass. Though it was hard for me, it had still been sexually stimulating. I got an erection watching man after man fuck her, even though she was climaxing over and over on each of their cocks. She even sucked the cum off their dicks when they finished fucking her, just as she had me when I started the train.

I’d even had sex with another woman, Roberta, while watching, and it was good I had or I might have had the worst case of blue balls ever recorded. I was conscious of every orgasm she had, more than the other woman I’d fucked. It’s not as if Roberta was bad looking. She was an ex-Marine with a hard, taut body. Not quite the boobs Marnie had, but a superb specimen of female flesh.

When all the other men were done with her, I’d had to fuck her again, because I wanted to, though I left her poor, wretched, inflamed ass alone. It was so full of cum, it was dripping out, running all over her pussy. Fucking her, I even had the depraved idea I needed to clean the cum from her ass, and when I finished in her, I did, licking the cum of seven different men, including myself, out of her ravaged asshole. She’d had enema cleansing before it started, but that didn’t negate the seven loads deposited in her rectum over the course of the evening.

I knew how tender she would be and I was so gentle doing it, even wanted to do it, and how fucking sick was that.

“Of course I love you, Richard. I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t love you. You’re the kindest, gentlest, most loving person I ever met. I can’t help but love you.”

“Then why the other men?”

“I think it’s what your mother said. I believe I’m submissive and you’re not an alpha. You’re a nice guy and I want to stay married to you. You’re a good man, a good provider, and I think you’ll be a wonderful father, but I’m missing something.”

“What are you missing? I’m trying to understand.”

Marnie turned to me and kissed me. “You know your mother had me fuck Björn and Manuel after being edged into begging for a cock.”

“She told me she was going to.”

Marnie kissed me again, then faced away, perhaps unwilling to look at me while she told me.

“They both fucked me so hard, Richard. You’ve never once fucked me like that in your life. They pounded me into submission. They made me cum. I couldn’t help it. Everyone who fucked me today, fucked me like they owned me. They were gentle enough, especially when they were fucking my ass, but they possessed me. You’ve never possessed me.”

“I thought you liked making love, not fucking?”

“I do. It was a wonderful way to lose my virginity. You were so gentle and solicitous, it made it easier. But it hasn’t changed since that first time. You still treat me like I’m a virgin and we’ve been married for five months. Do you know how many times when I’ve refused you oral sex, I wished you’d jam your cock in my mouth and skull fuck me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Maybe I couldn’t. I was raised a certain way by conservative parents. I was still a virgin when we married. I didn’t know how to ask you to treat me like a slut, even if I knew I wanted it.”

“So it’s better that you asked someone else?”

“I kırşehir escort didn’t ask anyone else. I was treating you like a total bitch and Beth and your mother saw I wanted more than I was getting from you. They figured it out. I didn’t. They realized we were both submissive and I needed someone who’d take me. They knew it couldn’t be you. I was withholding sex from you, Richard. Maybe I was hoping you’d get tired of it and just fuck me like the bitch I was acting like to you. I didn’t want to be a bitch. You didn’t deserve it. I just didn’t know how to ask for it.”

“So now I’m going to be your submissive and we’re both going to be submissives to my mother and possibly my sister as well?”

“I think it will be good for both of us. I have to surrender all three of my fuck holes to you every day. I can’t ignore your sexual needs anymore. You get to fuck me every day. I’ll have to suck your cock every day. That’s better for you. I’ll learn to be a Dominant and to demand what I want from you. If you don’t want to do it, we don’t have to do it, but does that mean we go back to what we were before? That wasn’t working for me, no matter how much I loved you. I needed more and I wasn’t getting it from you.”

“You’re going to fuck other men?” I meant more than the ones who’d already fucked her, something like fourteen already today; in the future.

“Probably. If it gets me what I want. And your mother is insisting you get to fuck someone else every month too. It’s not one sided.”

“What if I can give you want you want?”

“Then I won’t need to fuck anyone else.”

“What do I need to do?”

“You need to figure it out, Richard. If you figure it out before we have to go back for training tomorrow, we can cancel the whole thing. I can’t tell you. I’ve given you the clues you need. Make it happen.”

Marnie stood up, the water sheeting off her as she did. I could see her rectum no longer gapped from her anal fucking, though it was still somewhat red and inflamed.

What did she need?

I got out of the tub, drained it, dried off and brushed my teeth. Marnie was in bed, naked. She didn’t even have a nightgown on, which she usually wore to bed. I climbed into bed with her and licked her to three orgasms, then made love to her, in the missionary position, giving her another one in the process. She moaned and I could feel her contractions around my cock before I climaxed, so I knew I’d pleasured her. She’d enjoyed it, I know she did. When we were done, she turned on her side and I curled around her.

We got up early enough to eat and dress before eight. Early enough we had sex again in the morning, I entered her lying down beside her from behind. It was gentle and I stroked and caressed her breasts and even played with her clitoris. It was perhaps the first time we’d had back to back evening and morning sex since our honeymoon. She climaxed, softly moaning again. I even licked her clean when we were done. She sucked my cock clean, which Marnie had never done before, but she did tell mother she’d give me all three of her holes.

Then we ordered breakfast from room service. It was good, unfamiliar because it was local food, but good.

It was 7:45 AM and I wondered if I could call mother and tell her we weren’t coming; we’d worked something out.

“You’d better get ready to go, Richard. You didn’t figure it out,” Marnie said, putting on clothes, but no underwear.

“You climaxed,” I protested.

“I did. You’re not a bad lover, Richard. It’s not like you’re incompetent. It’s just not all I need. I’m sorry.”

She kissed me again and I got dressed, wondering about the rest of my day and what I’d done wrong or hadn’t done.


Joshua and his four slaves took the time to explain Dominance and submission to us. It was easy to see he’d been doing it a long time. His four slaves were naked, including his wife, and when I had to remove my clothes, the evidence of my interest in them was obvious. All four of them were lovely, and none of them was older than their mid-thirties, Miranda the oldest. Joshua apparently didn’t care. I don’t know why I thought he would. Beth had sucked my cock yesterday and licked Marnie’s pussy. Last night, she’d had sex with this mountainous black guy for fifteen minutes. Apparently, he didn’t care who she had sex with. I wondered if I’d ever feel that nonchalant about whether Marnie fucked someone else.

Marnie had to be naked because she was both a sub and my Mistress, and she needed to experience the sub things like I did. Alexa got to remain clothed and it was extremely humiliating to be naked in front of my younger sister. Humiliating, but also exciting.

Manuel was there too, and I remembered he’d fucked Marnie yesterday. I wanted to hate him, yet he was standing here as naked as I was, knowing he would be used to show Marnie and Alexa how to punish male slaves.

Picking up some of the tools of Dominance, Joshua explained why you’d escort kırşehir choose one thing over another and how to test it on yourself so you wouldn’t be too harsh on anyone. It was nice to know no one wanted you to bleed. The slaves talked about something called subspace. Not Star Trek subspace, but a way of pushing a punishment to the background so it didn’t hurt so much. I paid attention to that as much as I could as it sounded like a good thing to know if Marnie punished me very often.

Joshua would demonstrate something on one of his slaves, and Marnie and Alexa would practice on them, to get an understanding of the limits of corporal punishment. They would practice what Joshua called aftercare. Letting a submissive down easy after what he identified as an intense scene, which didn’t necessarily involve corporal punishment. It could be anything which jacked up your hormone levels and adrenaline, so emotionally intense, rather than just physical.

When they were doing the paddles, they practiced first on the females, then moved to me. I suppose a buttock was a buttock and there wasn’t much difference between a male ass and a female ass. Marnie went easier on me than Alexa did. I never had to use a safe word, but I definitely felt hers more than I felt Marnie’s. It’s like she knew just how hard she could hit me without my having to stop it.

There was this little plastic paddle that wasn’t much different from a paint stirrer with a bigger handle shaped like a dildo. That one stung bad, but the pain didn’t linger, although the heat left on my ass or wherever you were struck, was substantial. It could be used on other parts of your body instead of just a bottom. He used it on his slave’s breasts and pussies, any place a little fleshier on your body, such as your thighs or calves.

They also used a leather wrapped wooden paddle which whacked with more force, like a thud, and hurt longer but stung less, if that makes sense. That one only got used on buns and the backs of your thighs, the spanking zone. There was a small switch type thing that I didn’t appreciate, which seemed to leave small welts. I have to admit, they gave us time between each different device and the pain from the previous one almost always dissipated to a lower level before they started in again.

Then, they went from paddles to a whip, or flogger, a multi-tailed leather thing. Joshua said they could be used on other parts of the body, pretty much any part except for the face. They even whipped the slave’s breasts and pussies. I expected them to be screaming in pain, but they didn’t. If anything, they seemed aroused by it.

Alexa had to practice on Marnie as well. Marnie was entering a submissive relationship and would, at times, find herself punished. My sister would do it primarily as mother didn’t expect to return to the States until next June or July. I watched with interest as Alexa punished her, even whipping her boobs and pussy. Even Marnie didn’t squeal from the whipping. Instead, she seemed as aroused as the others were, her vaginal fluids beginning to drip down her thighs. When Alexa noticed Marnie’s excitement, she kissed her and fingered her, finger fucking her until Marnie orgasmed. To be honest, the orgasm seemed more powerful than either of the ones I gave Marnie when we made love. I was entranced at the sight of my wife cumming on my sister’s fingers, her gasps and moans, how she humped Alexa’s hand.

Alexa might also end up punishing me. It seemed odd to think my little sister might be smacking my bare ass or whipping my cock and balls, but if Marnie was my Dominant, and she was a sub herself, I was below Marnie in the pecking order and both Alexa and mother were my Overlords, so to speak. Slaves got punished while naked. Even my mother could punish me naked, though when was up in the air.

They hadn’t started whipping either Manuel or me yet, except on our backs and butts, concentrating on the women. Eventually, it came time for them to practice on our cocks and balls. Joshua admitted he didn’t have, nor had he ever had, a male slave and didn’t understand them the way mother did. Rather than learn himself, then try to teach the others, they were going to start practicing on Manuel, learning on him because he could express his limits, then practice on me.

Joshua told them to begin very lightly, then slowly increase the intensity of their strokes on him until they reached the level Lynn used and he’d say they were where they needed to be. Because I was just starting as a submissive, they had to start lightly on me as well, because Manuel could probably tolerate more now than when he began. I appreciated he was explaining how not to hurt me, because I expected a whip to my family jewels wasn’t going to be pleasant, and I wondered how Marnie had been so excited when she was whipped there.

Alexandra asked, “Should I be whipping my naked brother’s dick? It isn’t incestuous is it?” I had the same question myself.

Joshua kırşehir escort bayan explained familial nudity didn’t consist of anything incestuous. Striking or hitting wouldn’t be either, but any type of physical handling or touching, even manual, might, depending upon the local laws. That even extended to the aftercare. If Alexa felt I needed the aftercare from an intense scene, Marnie, or someone else would need to provide it. If an orgasm was required to bring me down, she couldn’t provide it. Another sub could be used, but it was always best if a Dominant addressed aftercare if it was mucho intense. Marnie would definitely be the choice for something big.

“Can we have Richard get Manuel ready to fuck?” Marnie asked.

That was an unusual question to me. Was she expecting me to have sex with him? Jack him off or something?

“No. It’s a condition of Manuel’s slave agreement he doesn’t have sex with males.”

Good, I didn’t want to have sex with men anyway, but then Marnie asked, “If Manuel would allow male sex, would you suck him back to an erection, Richard?”

“For what purpose?”

Alexa swatted my butt with the paddle she’d used earlier. “Address her as Mistress, slave.”

“Mistress, why would you want me to suck a man to an erection?”

“So he could fuck me. Let’s say he’s already fucked me and he needs another erection in order to fuck me again. Would you get him hard so he can fuck me a second time?”

“Marnie?” I didn’t want to suck another cock. I’m not sure I even wanted to be there if she fucked another man.

Alexa smacked my ass another whack. “Mistress, I mean. Why would I suck another man’s cock?”

“You’ve already let him fuck me once. You’re agreeing that I can fuck other men. I’d like to fuck him a second time. Last night, when six other men fucked my ass, you watched them fuck me. You got hard, so hard you had to fuck my cunt when they were done. Was it exciting to you to watch me fuck them?”

Exciting, depraved, embarrassing, humiliating.

“You licked their cum out of my ass, Richard. I didn’t order you to do it. Was it exciting?”

“Yes, Mistress.” No point in denying it. Beth had seen me do it. Probably others knew by now.

“If it were just one man and he climaxed and I wanted him to fuck me again, would you suck his cock to get it hard enough to fuck me again? Would you help your Mistress? Simple question.”

“I wouldn’t want to, Mistress.”

“Would you obey me?”

I thought about it. It didn’t take long. “Yes, Mistress.” I was ashamed to admit it, but I probably would.

I saw the other slaves look at each other. I wanted to sink into the floor. The only person who didn’t look at me sideways was Joshua. Did he understand?

Alexa leaned close and whispered in my ear. “Embrace your submissive nature, Richard. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. The female slaves help their Master fuck other people. They embrace their submissiveness. You can too. It’s not wrong if this is the way you are.”

Her telling me that made me feel a little better. She was right. I was still thinking like Marnie’s husband. I was her husband, but also her submissive.

The question asked and answered to my deep shame, Manuel and I were strung up for our genital whipping. I was afraid, yet my dick was still hard.

Marnie began whipping Manuel. I almost wished she’d whip his cock off. I suppose Mother wouldn’t be too happy if her slave was emasculated. She started out easily but getting stronger until Manuel said he’d reached his limits. I was surprised at how much he took. His cock and balls were red, but nothing was bleeding. I wondered if I could take as much.

Manuel was given a break, allowing the pain to dissipate as Marnie whipped me. I had to use my first safe word, but not as soon as I thought I would. It was surprising to me how much pain I could tolerate.

My sister would go next. When Manuel said he was ready to go, Alexandra whipped him. She stopped occasionally to stroke his cock and balls as if she knew he could take more if she mixed stoking him with striking him. It must have worked. His shaft was purple it was so engorged with blood. Alexa kissed him and lightly brushed her fingernails over his nipples. It seemed she was able to whip him harder than Marnie had managed. His cock throbbed with every beat of his heart. She curled the whip around his scrotum and it caused him to jet his load like a fire hose. Joshua looked surprised.

“Did you witness your mother punish Manuel with a whip?” he asked.

“No, I saw her using a paddle, though.”

“Was she stroking him like you were?”

“No, in fact she threw a towel over him when we entered the room.”

He seemed impressed with my sister. What was she going to do to me? Would she whip my scrotum? Was I going to blast a load on the floor?

Alexa asked if Manuel had to clean up after himself and Joshua had her release him so he could clean up. He told Alexa to provide aftercare when he was done. She pointed out his cum on the floor with her shoe and told him to clean it up. He licked it off the floor. Would I have to do the same. It looked like a fairly clean floor, although if you ran a black light through there, I’m sure you’d see oodles of cum stains.

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