Best 18th Birthday Present Ever

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It was the night before Anna’s 18th birthday and she had to spend it with her older brother Adam. He was 6 years older than her at 24. He had just recently moved out of home, having brought himself a small 3 bedroom house. Anna and Adam had never been the closest of siblings due to their age gap. It was not that they ever fought that much but they just weren’t as close growing up as other siblings she knew had been.

Their Mum and Dad were both retired and spent most of their time travelling around the country. Currently they were in Perth and were catching a flight home tomorrow in time for Anna’s 18th birthday family dinner. Anna didn’t want to be alone on the night before her birthday so she had asked Adam if she could stay over at his place. He had said yes obviously.

It was about 11pm and Anna and Adam had just finished watching a comedy movie in the lounge room. Adam stood up from the couch and stretched his arms up above his head with a yawn.

‘I’m going to go have a quick shower. Can you put the DVD away and put the dishes in the sink? I’ll clean them when I finish in the shower’ he said as he walked towards his bedroom. Anna did as Adam asked and then decided to head towards the bedroom she was staying in for the night. She riffled through her overnight bag to find her sleepwear. She found her shorts and tank top that she liked to sleep in, and turned around to face the mirror as she undressed. After peeling off her clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror. On the eve of her 18th birthday she realised that her body had changed so much already from when she had turned 17. She had grown taller and was now 5’9, her legs were longer and shapelier, and her breasts had grown an extra cup size and were now an ample handful. Her face had also filled out more and was framed by her long chestnut brown hair. All in all, she guessed she was attractive but she’d never had a boyfriend before. She’d been out with a few guys but it never eventuated into anything more than a couple of dates, and a few sloppy kisses and blowjobs. She yearned to be with a man, with someone who knew what they were doing, and someone who knew how to please a woman. She slipped her shorts on and just as she had finished pulling her tank top on, Adam burst through the door.

‘Ugh, you could knock next time you know’ she scowled at him. Adam gave her a sheepish grin and walked further into the room.

‘Sorry sis, I’m not used to knocking on doors in my own place. Anyway I just came in to say goodnight’ he said as he sat on the edge of her bed. She crawled over the other side of the bed and sat with her back against the headboard of the bed.

‘Thanks’ she said to him, pulling the blankets up to her waist. Adam had only a towel on wrapped around his waist. His torso was still wet from his shower. Adam was considerably taller than her but was also olive skinned like she was. Adam had an amazing body that was a result of his job as a carpenter and his daily gym sessions. While her hair was brown, Adams was a sandy blonde colour that he got from their mother. Both had the same stark blue eyes that were from their maternal grandmother. Adam flashed Anna a wide grin, and Anna couldn’t help but appreciate his perfect teeth. He reached across and ruffled her hair with his hand.

’18 tomorrow! You go to bed a girl, but will wake up tomorrow a woman’ he teased. She rolled my eyes and shooed him away with her hands.

‘Oh god, could you be any cornier?’ she sighed and threw a pillow at him. Adam left the room chuckling.

The next morning Anna awoke to a breakfast of pancakes and fresh orange juice prepared by Adam.

‘Happy birthday little sis!’ Adam shouted cheerfully as she walked into the kitchen area. Adam stood at the kitchen table with the breakfast he prepared and a single candle sitting atop of a stack of pancakes. Anna grinned and walked into his strong arms for a hug.

‘Thank you. I didn’t know you could cook. You certainly never cooked when you were living at home’ she told him as she bent over to blow out the candle. Adam smiled and sat down beside her.

‘Everyone deserves a birthday breakfast. And don’t get too excited, the pancakes were from a pancake shake bottle’ Adam told her. Grinning, Anna cut into her pancakes and took a mouthful. Her phone beeped beside her, as it had been doing since the moment she got up. Another birthday text message from one of her friends.

‘So what time are mum and dad getting here again?’ she asked between mouthfuls. Adam scrunched his nose and ran a hand through his bed hair.

‘Hmm, I think they said around 5pm tonight, and then we are going to Valentine’s for dinner. Have you got any plans for after dinner?” he responded.

Anna shrugged her shoulders. ‘No, no plans. Tomorrow I’m going to go to a club with my friends’.

‘Yeah well don’t drink too much’ he warned her. Anna rolled her eyes in response.

As it was nearing 5pm, Anna stood in her room putting the final touches on her hair. She looked at her reflection Çapa Escort in the mirror and smiled, satisfied with how she looked. She was wearing a new dress she had brought herself. It was a short figure hugging black dress with thin straps. It had a line of gold beading underneath her bust line. She sat on the edge of the bed and put on a pair of black 6 inch heels. Her long hair was out with big soft curls cascading down her back. Happy with the final result, she walked back out to the kitchen to wait for her parents. Anna saw Adam leaning against the kitchen bench with a bottle of wine in his hand.

‘Shall we crack open a bottle so you can have your first official drink as an adult?’ he asked her. Anna smiled and nodded her head. Adam proceeded to open the bottle of white wine and poured two glasses. He whistled as he handed her a glass. ‘You look beautiful. You’re not my little sister anymore hey’ he commented. Anna felt herself blush as she took the glass off him.

‘You don’t think it’s too much for dinner?’ she worried, looking down at herself. Adam took a mouthful of wine and shook his head.

‘No, it looks great’ He put his glass down and reached for something behind him. ‘So, do you want your present now, or wait for mum and dad to get here?’ Anna squealed and reached for the slim rectangular wrapped present.

‘Now of course!’ Adam laughed happily as Anna ripped into the wrapping paper. Anna gasped as she opened a jewellery box to find a delicate gold chain with a gold owl hanging from the chain. ‘Oh my god, I love it! Thank you so much Adam’ she cried out and raced towards him for a hug. She pulled her hair up as Adam fastened the necklace around her neck for her. Anna looked down at the necklace; it rested just above the valley of her breasts. She picked up her glass and raised her glass. ‘Let’s drink to having a good night’ she declared.

An hour and a half later and almost two bottles of wine later their parents were still not there. Anna was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol now, her head feeling light and dizzy. ‘I wonder where mum and dad are, I hope they are alright. Our reservations are for 7pm’ she stated. Just then Adam’s mobile rang. Anna watched as Adam took the call and walked into the living room. She could hear parts of the conversation.

‘Oh no, are you serious? She’s going to be so disappointed. Alright, yeah I will. Talk to you later’. Adam turned around to see Anna looking at him expectantly. He sighed and led her over to the couch. Anna sat beside him, biting the bottom of her lip worryingly. He took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. His eyes looked like they were full of sorrow and pity. ‘Anna, I am so sorry. Mum and dad aren’t going to make it. Their plane is unable to take off, some sort of freak storm has hit Perth and all planes have been grounded’ he said to her softly. Anna felt her bottom lip begin to quiver, and her eyes became wet.

‘But it’s my 18th birthday! Mum and Dad have to be here’ she cried. Adam took Anna into his arms and rubbed her back gently, as she sobbed onto his shoulder.

‘I know sis. Mum and Dad feel terrible. Mum said she is going to call you later’ he pulled away from her and placed his hand under her chin so that she would look up at him. ‘But hey, we can still have a good time. I can’t drive us anywhere because I’ve been drinking, but we could catch a cab and go dancing somewhere. Get you drunk’ he tried to cheer her up. Anna sniffled and stood up from the couch.

‘I don’t want to. I’m too sad now’ she cried and walked back into the kitchen to fill her drink up with more wine. She began to cry harder now, and wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or not. ‘It’s not fair. It’s my birthday and I want my mum and dad to be here. This is the worst birthday ever’ she complained, taking a long drink from her glass. She wiped at the tears that ran from her cheeks and watched as Adam walked over to her quickly, and pulled her into his arms again.

‘I’m sorry. What do you want to do? I’ll do whatever you want’ he murmured into her hair. Anna put her arms around his neck and nestled into his chest.

‘Let’s just stay here and drink’ she pulled away and looked down at herself. ‘I’m all dressed up for nothing now’ she grumbled.

‘We can still go out. It would be a shame for you to not go out looking as pretty as you do. You might meet the man of your dreams tonight’ he tried to joke with her. Anna scoffed and took another drink.

‘As if. All I ever met is the weirdo’s or the ones who would never put someone else’s needs before their own’ she said bitterly. Adam poured himself another drink and leant against the counter opposite her.

‘You know, I’ve never known you to have a boyfriend, why is that?’ he asked her quizzically. Anna sighed and pushed herself up so that she was sitting atop of the kitchen counter. She crossed her long legs over each other and pulled at the bottom of her dress to try and cover a bit more of her exposed thighs. Çapa Escort Bayan She noticed Adam’s eyes linger at her thighs for a second.

‘I’ve gone out with a few guys but I’ve never liked any of them. Some of them just seemed to want to get a blow job straight away or get whatever they can, so that they can run back to their friends and brag. I just want to meet someone who is mature and more interested in the passion, you know?’ she told Adam, whilst thinking to herself that she had already said too much to her own brother. She saw Adam try to hide a small smirk.

‘So are you a virgin then? Oh no, wait you don’t have to answer that’ Adam said to her. Anna felt herself blush and looked down into her drink. Adam felt his mouth drop open in shock.

‘What?’ she asked, looking back up at him. Adam shook his head and smiled at her.

‘Well I just would never have thought you were a virgin. I mean, like, well you know’ he stumbled over his words, and paused to take another drink. ‘I mean, you’re fucking hot sis. I would have thought you would have guys lined up around the corner to date you’ he finished. Anna saw her own brother’s cheeks begin to blush.

‘It’s not like I don’t have guys asking me out. They just aren’t the right ones’ she said quietly. Adam pushed away from the counter and walked across the kitchen to grab the bottle of wine that was next to Anna. As he reached for the bottle, the outside of his arm brushed against her bare leg. Anna felt herself breathe in sharply.

‘You know what, you shouldn’t just settle for anyone then sis. Wait for someone who will treat you how you should be treated, like the beautiful, perfect woman that you are’ he breathed softly, placing the wine bottle back on the bench. He looked into her eyes and shook his head slightly. ‘I’ve had too much to drink I think’ he said more to himself then to her. Anna uncrossed her legs as Adam moved between them slightly.

‘Do you really think I’m beautiful Adam?’ she asked, snaking her legs around him lightly. Adam’s eyes appeared to cloud over slightly as he rested the palms of his hands on either side of her.

‘Yes, you are stunning Anna. If you weren’t my sister….’ He trailed off.

‘If I weren’t your sister what?’ Anna pressed on, and ran her hand up the outside of his arm.

‘I would show you how a woman like you should be treated’ he told her softly, his arms breaking out into goose bumps at the touch of her hand. Anna reached for the back of his neck and drew him closer to her, their lips eventually meeting in a hungry kiss.

‘Show me’ she whispered to him. Adam groaned and returned her kiss forcefully, his hands running down her back. Adam’s hand slipped around to the back of her bottom and slid her towards him. Anna made a noise of surprise as she felt Adam lift her up off the bench and held her against his body with her legs wrapped around him.

‘This is so wrong Anna’ she heard him groan as his lips left trails of kisses down her neck. Anna could only moan in return as he carried her away from the kitchen and towards the dining table. He placed her gently on top of the table and moved his mouth back to hers. Anna searched for the bottom of his shirt and quickly pulled it up. Adam allowed her to pull his shirt off and she reached for his naked torso, leaving hot kisses all over it. Adam leant forward finding the hem of her dress. He grunted slightly as he started to pull it up over her hips. Anna shifted quickly, allowing him to get her dress up and over her breasts before he had it off her completely. Adam looked down at her as she sat on the table looking back at him beneath her full lashes. Under her dress she was wearing a matching black lacy bra and French cut underwear. Anna watched as Adam took her all in, passion filling his eyes. Adam reached down and ran his tongue down the outside of her throat and across the cleavage of her breasts, all the while his hands snaking around to her back to unclasp her bra. Anna breathed in as she felt cold air hit her naked breasts. Adam’s mouth quickly found her naked breasts, and she felt him suckle and pull gently on her nipples. Anna felt like she was holding her breath he continued to take her nipple into his mouth. She ran her fingers through his hair and pushed closer towards him. Adam pulled away and looked up at her lustfully.

‘Anna’ he breathed hotly. ‘I can’t stop now. I want you so badly. If you want this to stop, then tell me now because otherwise I don’t think I will be able to control myself’ he growled at her. Anna just smiled at him as her fingers found the buckle of his pants.

‘Don’t stop Adam. Show me how to fuck properly. I know we shouldn’t but it feels right, don’t stop’ she said hungrily. Adam did not hesitate and pushed her gently so that she was laying across the table top. He moved himself to the end of the table and sat down on one of the dining table chairs. His fingers trailed down Anna’s body until they came to the top of her black underwear. He kept his Escort Çapa eyes on hers as his fingers gave a gentle tug. Looking down at him, Anna shifted so that he was able to pull her underwear off easily. Anna breathed in deeply as Adam gently pushed her legs apart to gain full view of her clean shaven pussy. He leant down towards her and placed her legs over his shoulder and pulled her closer to him, so that his face was only inches away from her. Anna cried out as she felt Adam’s tongue slid over her slit softly.

‘You’re so wet Anna’ she heard Adam say before sliding his tongue into her opening. Anna squirmed and reached down so that she could grab onto his hair. Adam moved his tongue up until he found her clit and made his assault upon it with passion.

‘Oh my god!’ Anna cried out loudly and pushed herself further towards his face. Anna felt dizzy with pleasure as he continued to stroke her clit with the tip of his tongue. She felt his hands move from the outside of her thighs to reach between her legs. Anna sucked in her breath as she felt one of Adam’s finger probe the opening of her pussy. ‘Yes, please Adam’ she screamed loudly. Adam continued and pushed his finger deep inside of her. She gasped as she felt another finger enter her, while his tongue remained upon her clit. Anna felt herself begin to shake as her brother finger fucked her and licked her towards orgasm. Anna couldn’t stop her hips from moving against his fingers as he softly pushed in a third finger. Anna felt a warmth begin to spread from her belly down to her pussy. ‘Oh god, Adam, I am going to come’ she breathed out softly, closing her eyes. Adam continued to move his fingers in and out of her quickly, his tongue hot against her clit. Anna’s hands curled into his hair and she pulled at it slightly as she felt herself orgasm for the first time. As he continued to lap at her pussy, she couldn’t take it any longer and tried to pull away and close her legs. Adam wouldn’t let her however, and forced her legs open again and proceeded to finger fuck her until she orgasmed again. Finally Adam pushed away from her and looked up at her grinning, her juices dripping from his chin. Anna couldn’t breathe for a moment and lay in silence as she tried to catch her breath. Adam crawled back up to her and kissed her strongly. Anna groaned through the kiss, tasting her own juices. Her hands found the buttons of his jeans and proceeded to pull down his fly and push his jeans off. Anna sat up and looking into his eyes, her hands found his hard cock through his underwear. Adam moaned softly and pulled his underwear down his legs. Anna staring into his eyes ran her hand up and down the length of his 8 inch cock.

‘Sis, you are amazing’ he breathed, as he kissed her roughly. Anna pushed herself off of the table and dropped to her knees before her brother. Adam looked down at her as she took him into her mouth. Adam moaned happily as her tongue ran up and down the length of his cock. Anna ran her hand up and down his cock quickly as she licked hungrily at the head of his tender cock. Adam grabbed a hold of face to hold her still as he slowly thrust in and out of her mouth. Anna opened her mouth wider and pushed herself down farther on his cock, until she felt his pubes hitting her nose. Adam cried out loudly as his sister took all 8 inches of him into her hot mouth. Adam quickly pulled her back up to a standing position and kissed her quickly.

‘Fuck me Adam. I want my brother to take my virginity’ she breathed out hotly. Adam showed no hesitation as he placed her back onto the table and climbed on top of his sister. Anna could feel herself shivering as she felt the tip of his penis push against her pussy opening. Adam gently guided his cock into her until he hit the thin wall of her virginity. Anna breathed in deeply and looked up at him. ‘Don’t stop’ she begged him. With a grunt, Adam pushed on further until he broke through. Anna cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. It took a while before she felt her body accommodate to her brother’s size.

‘Anna, you are fucking perfect. I love you’ he grunted as he begun to push in and out quickly. Anna’s hips responded and she begun to push towards him with a lustful urgency.

‘Faster’ she whispered. Adam moved quicker and his cock now slid easily in an out of her pussy, coated in her own wetness. Adam moved in and out quickly and then slowly, changing his tempo regularly. He pulled out completely before slamming back into her. Anna screamed loudly and gripped tightly onto his back.

‘Adam, I am going to cum again’ she screamed as he pounded into her roughly. Adam pulled out completely, leaving her feel empty and sad all at once. She felt his hands around her waist as he pulled her up and turned her around so that she was laying face first against the table. She gasped as she felt him enter her from behind forcefully.

‘Oooh’ she moaned with pleasure as she felt full again. Adam moved a hand around to the front of her until his fingers found her clit. He began to rub her clit quickly whilst he fucked her at the same pace. It was too much for Anna and she felt herself cum all over his cock inside of her. ‘Adam, come inside of me’ she pleaded. On hearing this, Adam groaned out loud again as he felt his balls begin to tingle.

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