Best Dinner Ever


This is another installment of Sarah and Tom. Please Enjoy.

My name is Tom and my girlfriend Sarah and I had been dating for about a little over a year when this story takes place. It happened the fall after our trip to the lake.

I was driving home from work one fall evening, when my phone rang. I looked at the caller id and saw it was Sarah.

“Hello sweetie” I said on answering
“Hi honey, can you pick up some bread for dinner tonight? I’m cooking up something special.”
“Of course I can. Can I ask what we are having?”
“Something that I know you are just going to love” was all Sarah said in response. “I’ll see you when you get home” and with that she hung up the phone.

Sarah was always trying to surprise me with silly things like that. Personally it is not like I don’t like surprises but I also like to be in the loop from time to time as well.

After a quick stop at a local bakery I was hitting the highway and heading home. I pulled into our apartment complex and headed upstairs. I pulled out my keys and opened the door. Now like I said I’m not all for surprises but from time to time surprises can be great. Because before my eyes was Sarah wearing perhaps the sexiest thing I have ever seen. First of all she had her shoulder length hair up in a bun which she knew I just loved then working my way down her body she had on a pink top with lace straps. The top was totally see through and her gorgeous tits were looking magnificent and her nipples were hard as glass cutters. Below that she had one of those crotchless garter belts with the straps that connected to the thigh high stockings. Both were pink with lace trim. But what was missing were panties and any sign of pubic hair all together. Sarah had shaved completely bald which normally she didn’t do.

“Um…So whats for dinner?” I said while gawking in her general direction.

Sarah gave me her best come hither look and got up on the dining room table. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I took the hint and while making my way to her stripped down out I was totally naked. I came up on her side and bent over giving her a very passionate kiss letting her know I definitely loved my surprise.

We broke our kiss “you better eat while your dinner is hot honey” she said with a wicked grin on her face.
“Let me make sure its ready.” I slipped my hand down to her pussy and as I went to slide my finger inside I was met by something. What I found was a 5″ vibrator that I had given her for her birthday as a little side gift for us to play around with. “Whats this here the meat tenderizer?” I say.

“Oh I’m sorry I was just warming up for you is all” she giggles to me.

I removed the vibrator and set it aside and settled in between her thighs. I couldn’t get over the perfect look of her pussy all shaved and smooth like a new born baby.

“Enjoy Escort your dinner.” Was all Sarah said as she grabbed my head and buried it in her shaved pussy. At first I just stuck my nose inside her pussy and just savored the aroma of her. Sarah smelled like a fresh summer day. The kind of day where there was fresh cut grass, a warm breeze with a nice hot sun beaming down on you. Thoroughly aroused now I wasted no more time. I wrapped my arms around her legs and opened her fully up to me. I locked onto her clit with my lips and started by just sucking on it. I would take her clit between my lips and would put pressure on it pulling on it and twisting it in my mouth. My initial assault on her clit was met little gasps and moans. Not very impressed with her reactions I took my assault to the next level. I started writing out ABC’s on her clit and every few letters would give her clit the smallest little nibble. I also decided to have a little side dish with my dinner and let my right hand wander up to her breast and started caressing and lightly pinching her nipple.

“MMMMMMMM….I’m glad your enjoying meal honey. I close to giving you some sauce for the meat.”

Sarah’s dirty talk always got me excited and this dinner themed dirty talk was really getting me turned on. There are two things in my life that im really good at. Cooking (which is why I’m a chef) and Sex(at least I think so). So combining two things that I am so passionate about in my life is just a huge turn on.

After Sarah told me she was close to her first orgasm I thought I would help her get there just a bit faster. I took my left hand and sunk my index and middle fingers into her pussy and started to rub her g-spot with them. It only took about 30 seconds of this little maneuver to induce Sarah into her first orgasm. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten and her back arched up. I kept at Sarah with my fingers and tongue through her orgasm and I could feel her juices start to trickle down my hand. Once her orgasm subsided I quickly withdrew my hand and licked my fingers clean. I loved tasting her juices and I always lick up as much of them as I can. With my fingers clean I still wanted more so I took my tongue and shoved it as far inside her pussy as I could and placed my thumb on her clit. I licked her in every direction and way possible. I made long licks from her ass to her clit. I made short little strokes over her hole. I did swirls inside her and anything and everything I could think of.

Sarah’s moans were getting louder and louder this whole time and feeling her short ragged breathes i felt she was near another orgasm. I took my left hand and plunged back into her pussy this time with three fingers and I was also pinching her nipples rather hard now as well. To finish the job I sucked her clit back into my mouth and started gently nibbling on it Escort Bayan until she finally exploded in screams of orgasm. I couldn’t be sure but I swore that she actually squirted a bit during her 2nd orgasm. My entire forearm was now covered in cum and most of my face was also drenched.

Eating Sarah s pussy was such a big turn on for me that I my cock was so hard is was hurting me. I could feel the precum flowing from the tip and I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to come. “Are you ready for your dinner?” I quickly stood up and grabbed Sarah’s head and put my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t control myself and I just started to face fuck her. In only a matter of seconds my orgasm hit me. It hit me like a freight train and Sarah ate her dinner like a champ.

“Wow that was awesome.” She says to me.
“Oh we aren’t done yet. I’m not full and I want seconds.” Before Sarah could protest I got back between her legs and buried my face back into her pussy. Any protests she may have had vanished when my fingers and tongue went back to work on her. In the next 5 – 10 minutes I had her cumming over and over again. Her screams of pleasure filled our entire apartment. I was beginning to wonder if someone would call the Police and complain someone was being murdered form the screaming.

The continued oral action that i was giving Sarah coupled with her cries of passion had me erect and wanting to cum again. But I wanted to give Sarah one last big orgasm. I slowed down my fingering and licking and was going slow and steady until I felt her getting close. I had built her up and she needed to be released. I picked up the pace and started to bring her home. Sarah pratcially bucked herself off the table when her orgasm hit. Her body went stiff and her legs clamped my head so hard I thought I might suffocate. Then suddenly Sarah’s whole body went limp. I looked up and realized she had passed out. I moved up toward her face and gave her a little shake and couple lite love taps on her cheeks.

She woke up and looked at me with those loving eyes “What happened?”
“You passed out their sweety” giving her a loving kiss.
“Oh it looks likes we didn’t finish”
“What do you mean? Sarah reached out with arm and grabbed my cock.
“Your ready to explode and I want seconds too”

She pulled my cock into her mouth and started to fondle my balls. My cock was still feeling a little sensitive from the first orgasm, making her warm mouth feel even more incredible. It only took a minute or two for her to make me cum. Surprisingly I still had a good amount of cum and she drank it all down.

“Keep sucking I said. I still want dessert” I said to her. I gathered up my strength in my shaky legs and wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up. Sarah let out a little scream of surprise as she was now upside down. When she realized what I Bayan Escort was doing she resumed sucking me and I walked us down to our bedroom. I laid her back down on the bed and pulled my cock from her mouth.

“Get on your hands and knees” I ordered.

Sarah complied with my request and when she was in position I sunk my cock balls deep in her dripping wet pussy.

“Are you ready for dessert?” I asked.
“What are we having?”
“Chocolate cream pie.” I pulled cock out of her pussy and she looked me right in the eyes and softly said to me “I love you.” which I replied “I love you too”. Sarah took her hands and spread her ass as I placed my cock to the entrance of her asshole. I pushed forward just enough to penetrate her with my cock head. Sarah grimaced and I waited to go further until she got used to the feeling. We had never had anal sex together although it was something we had talked about. I personally had never had anal sex prior although she had once before with another partner. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it. But after feeling just my head inside her ass, all doubt I had about enjoying this was gone. If I hadn’t already cum twice prior to this though I probably would have cum instantly from how tight her asshole felt on my cock. her muscles were trying their hardest to push me back out to no avail. They just flexed over and over on the head of my penis sending waves of pleasure up my cock. After a minute or two Sarah started to push her ass back towards me. That was the go ahead I needed pushed forward slowly until fully inside of her. I started fucking her ass slow at first so not to hurt her. She looked back at me after a few minutes of this slow, loving fucking and commanded “Fuck me hard.”

“Yes Mam.”

I picked up the pace. I was thrusting her ass in fast short strokes pulling out just far enough to get my hips to slap against her juicy ass. I reached around her body and started to finger her pussy while pounding her ass. I had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy and my cock flying in and out of her asshole. We were both in a sexual fury, swearing and talking dirty to each other like a couple strangers meeting in the night. After what seemed like forever I could finally feel my orgasm coming. She too was close to cumming as i could feel her body tensing up up against mine. As I drew nearer and nearer to the end I was making some final long hard strokes sending her and I both over the edge.

“Oh god you make me hot. Fuck me hard and cum in my ass.” Sarah’s whole body tensed up in a huge orgasm. Her asshole started to spasm tightening up even more than it was.
“Oh…Fuck I’m going to cum” My body mustered whatever it had left and i blew it up Sarah’s ass. When my orgasm subsided I pulled out and collapsed on the bed exhausted.

We lay on bed spooning for hours afterward. We just lay talking and kissing. But as we drifted off to a peaceful slumber a thought crossed my mind.

“I just have to ask one thing Sarah”.
“Whats that?”
“What was the bread for?”

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