Best Friends Reunited Pt. 01


Rachel and Nicole had been best friends for as long as they could remember. They lived about 30 miles apart, so never attended the same schools growing up, but that didn’t keep them from being inseparable. Late night phone calls. Talking about cute boys and mean girls. Sleepovers. Family vacations. The two were together as much as they could be and, when the time came, there was no doubt in their minds that they were going to the same college and rooming together.

Their excitement and compatibility was contagious. They were so fun to be around that they were always the life of the party and, soon, their freshman dorm became the place to be. Everyone wanted to be friends with them, not because they were overly hip or trendy, or because they were hot (I mean, they were hot, but not in a vain way), or rich, or threw insane parties. There was just a spark in the room when they were together, and everybody around them fed off of it.

That energy made for an incredible start to their college journey. Partying late into the night. Dancing together at the club. Football games on Saturdays. Laughing too loud in the library. One night stands with frat boys (and, in Rachel’s case, maybe a few professors). Sharing each others clothes (and sex toys). Making out with each other for applause at parties (and more passionately as they laid alone together in Rachel’s bottom bunk). Exploring each others’ bodies and their sexuality, all with the comfort of their most loving and trusted friend. This was their first semester, and it was like a dream. Until Nicole met Noel…

Noel was a grade-A douchebag. A jock with massive jealousy issues. Very hot at first glance, but not hot enough to overcome his personality. Nicole met him walking through the quad at the beginning of second semester and spent every waking moment with him for the next 3 years. It was like he had placed a spell on the naive college student, and Noel drove a wedge between the friends like never before.

Of course, Rachel and Nicole each had their share of boyfriends over the years, but they had always put their friendship first. There was something about Noel, though, that was off from the beginning. Nicole’s attitude and personality began to change, she stopped going out with Rachel and their group of friends because Noel thought they were sluts and didn’t want Nicole to associate with them. She started sleeping at Noel’s place every night and, before long, moved in with him.

Rachel desperately wanted her friend back and knew Noel was no good for Nicole, but after months and months of trying, and fighting, and crying she just gave up. A year that had started as a dream next chapter of their lifelong friendship quickly turned into a nightmare for Rachel. Eventually, the two friends stopped talking to each other altogether and, even though they would see each other from time to time on campus over the next few years it began to feel like running into a stranger rather than a dear friend.

This lasted nearly three years, until, right before their three-year anniversary, Noel abruptly dumped Nicole for some new freshman girl. She was heartbroken and felt betrayed. She had isolated herself and lost most of her friends for this guy, and here she was, halfway through her senior year, having missed out on years of college fun, friendship and memories.

After Muratpaşa Escort a few weeks, though, her sadness started to turn into relief. She began reaching out to old friends and mending relationships she had broken. She started to let loose again and have fun, going out on the weekends, improving her studies during the week, flirting with cute guys, finding herself on her knees in bar bathrooms and bent over more than a few frat house couches. Nicole was back to normal, but she was missing one piece of her old life that she knew she couldn’t live without, Rachel.

Rachel had heard about the break-up and desperately wanted to reach out to her old friend, but she couldn’t muster the courage, and neither could Nicole. Their mutual friends tried to push them to reunite, but they all knew how damaged their friendship had been and didn’t want to push it.

In a strange twist of fate, though, a chance reunion happened in the most random of ways (or if you knew Rachel and Nicole, maybe the odds of them running into each other like this weren’t all that unfavorable).

Before we get to their reunion and the fun that follows (this is an erotic tale, after all), you may be wondering what the two girls look like. I mentioned they were hot, and my goodness were they, but let’s not leave all of the finer details to imagination.

Rachel: A college senior, 22 years old, Rachel had shoulder-length, naturally light blonde hair and stood all of 5’2″ with curves that could make anyone tremble. She had full DD breasts that were like perfectly shaped globes, with cute, quarter-sized pink nipples that would stand at attention when she was feeling a particular way. She had sky blue eyes that you could get lost in, and short legs with thick thighs leading up to a plump ass that was still toned from years of dancing (although not too toned that it wouldn’t bounce in the most mesmerizing way, but we’ll get to that). Perhaps best of all, she had a cute, innocent smile, hiding the naughty thoughts that constantly ran through her mind. She was smart and witty, and had a beautiful, plump pink mound between her legs, with a dark blonde, intentionally manicured landing strip leading down to a perfectly shaped slit that was prone to leaking like a waterfall.

Nicole: A few months older than her friend, Nicole had beautiful, sandy blonde hair that flowed down past her shoulders. She stood at 5’5″ with a perfectly petite frame. Small, but full B cup breasts with nickel-sized, dark pink nipples and long, toned legs that went on for days (and days) and a perky little ass that made many a man fall all over themselves. She had a glowing smile and piercing dark blue eyes, with a hint of mystery behind them, and a laugh that could light up a room. Last, but not least, between her legs was the most pristine and tight pink pussy imaginable. Completely smooth and undeniably inviting. Nicole’s pussy was made to be devoured.

So, getting back to where we were before the reunion. Rachel woke up that fateful Saturday morning in a stranger’s bed. She recognized the setting, a generic room at one of the houses on frat row, next to a hot guy who’s name she couldn’t recall. As her memory started to slowly come back from the night before as she laid in his bed, she remembered dancing with him, she remembered coming up to his room Muratpaşa Escort Bayan and she remembered him eating her pussy, but she couldn’t remember whether they had sex. Maybe she had passed out, or maybe he did. Hell, maybe they both did. They drank a lot on Friday night. Never one to pass up an opportune situation with a hot guy, and convinced that she may have gone to sleep unsatisfied, she slid under the covers and found his cock. He was still fast asleep, but his morning wood indicated that maybe they didn’t actually fuck the night before after all. “Well, why not?” Rachel thought, as she licked her lips and slid his hard cock into her mouth.

It took him a few minutes to stir, but when he came to he quickly pulled back the comforter and saw the voluptuous blonde masterfully working his cock. He didn’t say a word, and, as Rachel looked up at him and saw him slide his hands behind his head, she did what she does best. She put on a cock-sucking clinic. She played with his head with her tongue, and licked up and down his shaft while staring up at him with those pretty blue eyes. Then she put him back into her warm, wet mouth and continued to bob up and down on his dick until he was touching the back of her throat. She continued passionately making love to his cock with her mouth for the next ten minutes until he started to tremble. Rachel loved this part the most, and she held him in her mouth as he told her he was going to cum. She took every last ounce of his warm load down her throat, not letting a single drop go unswallowed.

Satisfied with the load she just coaxed out of his nice cock, and remembering that she was supposed to meet her friends for brunch, which she was undoubtedly late for at this point, she quickly hopped out of the bed. She dangled her luscious tits over his face, but backed away before he could latch on, and then bent over slowly as she picked her dress up off the floor giving him one last look at her big, beautiful ass and her plump pussy from behind. “Do you really have to go, baby,” he asked, trying to sweet talk the girl he just met the night before, and who had just swallowed his warm cum, into climbing back into bed.

She did want to ride that nice cock of his, but thought better of it and clasped her black bra before sliding her little black dress over her head and slipping into her heels. “I’m sorry… um…” (he interjected, realizing she didn’t know his name, “it’s Brad”). “I’m sorry, Brad, I have to go meet some friends and I’m already running late. Thanks for this morning,” she smiled sweetly and leaned over to give him a soft kiss. “Here’s something to remember me by,” she whispered, setting her black thong on his face as she turned away and exited the room.

Meanwhile, Nicole had woken up in a similar looking room, in bed with Charlie, her date from the night before. This wasn’t the first time she had been with Charlie–the pair had fucked a few times in his dorm freshman year, before she met Noel. But this time was far better. Charlie was always cute, but he had really grown into his frame the past few years, spending most of his free time at the gym. Nicole liked muscular guys, which is how she ended up there that night, but Charlie proved his ripped body was more than just something nice to look at as he put his strength to good use in the Escort Muratpaşa bedroom.

Lying there while he slept that morning, Nicole thought about how Charlie had his way with her just hours before. About how he lifted her up against the wall right after they got back to his room from dinner, kissing her passionately before he lifted up her dress, her back pressed against the cold cement wall, and got down on his knees. How he parted her legs and rested them on his broad shoulders, while pulling her pink thong to the side and dutifully working her clit with his tongue. It wasn’t long before she was dripping and his fingers were sliding in and out of her tight slit while his tongue continued to do a number on her throbbing clit.

She came twice in his mouth before he stood up and removed his pants. She was still leaning against the wall, trying to balance herself despite her wobbly legs, as she saw his beautiful cock spring free. She couldn’t believe how hard he was, and this made her body tingle even more. But before she could even think to get on her knees in front of his throbbing cock, Charlie lifted her up in the air, her short dress still pushed up over her hips, thong to the side and her black stilettos still on, and dropped her down onto his cock. She was very tight, but had gotten so wet by this point that he was able to slide into her without much resistance. He held her up like that for a good five minutes, bouncing her up and down on his cock as she screamed in pleasure. Seeing this chiseled man holding her in the air while his cock plunged deep into her pussy with each bounce sent her over the edge again. She wrapped her legs tightly around him as she came all over his cock, her body melting in his strong arms.

Finally, he threw her onto his bed and pulled her thong off. He took off his shirt before laying on top of her, kissing Nicole’s neck as he pulled the top of her dress down to expose her perky tits. Charlie kissed and lightly bit her sensitive nipples, as his hard cock was brushing against her used pussy. She wasn’t sure if she could take much more, but the way his mouth felt on her body quickly put any thoughts save for pure desire out of her mind. As Charlie stepped back to admire her gorgeous, petite body, Nicole grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide open.

Seeing Nicole spreading herself for him, heels still on and up in the air, pussy aching from and for his cock, Charlie couldn’t hold back for another moment and he plunged his cock back into her perfect pussy. He pumped his cock in and out slowly at first, picking up steam with each thrust until he replaced her hands with his, pushing her legs back further as he drilled deeper into her tight hole. Nicole gripped his sheets as he gave her a thorough pounding, loving the way his hard body looked, sweat dripping down, as she took every last inch. She felt so good in that moment, filled up with cock and unable to do anything but enjoy herself. As she began reaching her fourth, screaming climax, Charlie picked up his speed even more, moaning audibly and letting her know he was about to cum. “Oh fuck, cum with me baby, cum with me and cum in me,” Nicole screamed as she lost all control and felt her orgasm rip through her body as Charlie simultaneously unloaded his hot load, rope after rope, inside of her.

She smiled laying there, having replayed the steamy night in her head. Feeling how sore her pussy was from Charlie’s cock, she was hesitant to fuck him again this morning, so she quietly got up, got dressed and kissed him gently on the forehead, careful not to wake him, before she turned to walk out the door.

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