Best Sex Friends


“God, Ally! Grant is going to love your Valentine’s Day present this year,” twenty year old Kate Smithson said, eyeing her best friend Allison in the Macy’s dressing room mirror. Standing at 5’3, Allison’s petite frame always caught the attention of men when the pair went out and about. Years of playing soccer on organized teams and daily morning runs helped mold Allison’s body into a toned temple that Kate secretly envied. Not that Kate had anything to be jealous about. Although her best friend held the more fit shape, she was no match for Kate’s curves. Kate’s soft, voluptuous figure resembled Kim Kardashian while Allison’s was more Jen Aniston.

“You think so?” Allison replied, doing a full spin, showing off her cute tanned ass in a lavender, lace g-string.

“I know so! Besides, we both know Grant has been dying to get a piece of you since the day you two met. It’s about time anyway.” Kate teased.

“I just want everything to be perfect, Kate!” Allison sighed, sliding into her jeans, placing the dress she picked out back on the hanger.

Later that evening, Kate sat on Allison’s bed in the apartment they shared and watched as her friend did a final spin in her full-length mirror. The deep red cocktail dress she picked out earlier that day made Allison’s tan glisten beautifully; Kate caught herself staring right as Allison turned to her for approval.

“I just don’t know, Kate.”

“What don’t you know, Ally?” Kate said, reaching out and pulling Allison onto the bed.

“I’m not ready to sleep with a guy I’ve only been dating for four months!”

Wrapping her arms around Allison’s waist, Kate leaned in to her friend’s bosom and rested her head right on Allison’s soft b-cups.

“Don’t go then, Ally. Just Anadolu Yakası Escort stay here with me.” she said, breathing in the spicy scent resting between Allison’s breasts. The scent was so alluring, Kate found herself being wrapped up in Allison’s overwhelming sexiness. Her hand reached up and caressed Allison’s neck, and she found herself leaning in to kiss her best friend.

“What are you doing?”

“Kissing you.” Kate breathed.

Allison Moore found herself engaging in the softest, sweetest, most passion-filled kiss of her entire life. She closed her eyes and let the kiss take her away, falling into the bed and allowing Kate to explore her. After what seemed like hours of deep, probing kisses, Allison decided she wanted more of Kate.

In one fluid motion, Allison slipped Kate’s t-shirt over her head and began sucking on her large, soft breasts. Her tongue glided gently over Kate’s hard nipples and stopped to pay each one equal attention.

“Yes, please!” Kate moaned loudly, feeling waves of pleasure erupt deep within her belly. Allison pulled herself on top of her friend and directed Kate to take off her jeans. Kate obliged. She arched her back and sighed with intense desire as Allison slid her hand into Kate’s panties and slipped one finger into her wet pussy. Allison felt her own pussy growing hot and dripping wet but concentrated solely on pleasing Kate.

“Do you love it?”

“I love it. Fuck me Ally, please!”

“Do you need it?”

“I need it, I really need it.”

Allison was surprised at her own aggressiveness and sexual prowess, but found herself completely turned on watching her best friend come to a powerful orgasm. Kate’s pussy was absolutely perfect! Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Tight, wet, and pretty pink. In that instant, Allison wanted to taste her friend and make her cum, more than anything in the world. She leaned her head down to Kate’s gleaming cunt, freshly shaven, and began lapping up Kate’s juices. Kate wrapped her legs around Allison’s waist and allowed her thighs to relax as Allison used her tongue to draw circles around her clit.

“Oh my God, Ally! Fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed. She felt her pussy tighten and relax in a powerful contraction. “I think I’m going to cum,” she whispered excitedly.

Allison and Kate had been friends for years, but it had never crossed either of their minds that one may be attracted to the other. As she concentrated on pleasing her friend, Allison felt something different come over her. A wave of pure passion flowed through her body and she found herself sucking on Kate’s perfect pussy with intensity. All she wanted to do was give Kate what she needed. She loved Kate and wanted more than anything to hear her soft groans and feel her throbbing pussy, an experience she never desired to share with her boyfriend, and one he simply didn’t deserve.

A surge of sexual electricity bolted through Kate’s body. Kate’s thighs began to tighten and she felt hot cum drip down her pussy lips and onto the linen sheet beneath her. She felt her hips thrust upward, grinding her pussy along Allison’s tongue, feeling her slit being pushed open forcefully by two fingers. Allison fucked Kate with her fingers, deep and slowly while licking her throbbing clit, ignoring her own dripping pussy.

“Oh, oh, ohh!” was all Kate managed to sigh before a powerful, Escort Anadolu Yakası uncontrollable spasm took over her nether region.

“Yes!” she cried.

It was the most powerful, passionate orgasm Kate had ever had, and she was certainly no virgin. As she came, a stream of hot cum squirted out and splash onto Allison’s tongue. Allison willingly lapped up Kate’s delicious juices and waited until Kate collapsed before coming up for air.

The girls shared a kiss. Kate tasted her own juices on Allison’s lips, and found herself extremely turned on and still completely revved.

“That was amazing,” Allison said shyly.

“I…I, I can’t believe what just happened,” Kate replied nervously.

The two looked at each other with so many questions in their eyes. What had just happened here? Allison had a boyfriend she really liked, but wasn’t ready to sleep with yet found herself intrigued by the possibilities that lay right beside her. She was a virgin, but had completely dominated her more outgoing counterpart Kate in a sexual wrestling match.

Kate looked over at Allison with an intense admiration. She had always thought of her best friend as a bit of a prude and was completely shocked and pleased with her willingness to play.

“You are a sex God, Ally!” she said, playfully.

“Oh yeah?” Allison said giggling.

“Yes! Definitely,” Kate said, leaning in and kissing Allison’s lips.

Allison’s lips were so inviting, and Kate felt it was only fair to return the favor Allison had so graciously bestowed upon her. She slipped her tongue into Allison’s mouth and teased her invitingly.

“I want to fuck you now, Ally.” she said confidently.

“Are you sure? Do you think we should be doing this? What about Grant?”

“Just tell him you felt sick tonight and couldn’t make dinner. You’ll make it up to him tomorrow night.” Kate said with a sly smile.

Kate reached over and felt Allison’s wet panties. She pushed them to the side and began fingering Allison slowly.

“Yes,” Kate whispered.

“You can make it up to him tomorrow.”

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