Better Not Pout Ch. 7


©December 2001 by Bob Peale

Author’s Note:

This story was originally distributed as 7 chapters.

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Irritated, she went and sat on Santa’s chair, figuring that if she had to wait it out, she might as well be comfortable. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before her mind started to wander and her hand slid under her skirt. In no time she was biting down on her lip, trying to keep quiet as she brought herself to climax.

“You went and got my chair all dirty,” Keith rumbled good naturedly. “Although I must admit, I like the way you use it.”

She hadn’t even heard the others return. Her head whipped around and suddenly, she felt overdressed. Everyone else had shed their costumes and was now standing in Ankara escort the Winter Wonderland stark naked. The store was deserted – there was no one around.

Teddie looked odd out of costume. His body was totally in proportion except his cock. On a man that was 5’6″ or larger it would have looked average, but considering that Teddie barely topped 3′, it looked enormous. His body was lean and sinewy, without any hair anywhere, which made his cock and balls look even larger.

Lana was even hotter than she had been the previous evening. And her crotch glistened – Stacy was sure there was something running down the inside of her leg.

Keith looked as impressive nude as he had with just his cock hanging out. Wide shoulders with a chest sprinkled with tight grey and black curly hairs, Stacy suspected that he had probably been a bad ass in his younger days. It was clear that he’d relied on genes rather than discipline for his looks, though, and now he was rounded and soft all over.

As she had noted earlier, his pubic hair was sparse, his cock hanging invitingly between large, solid legs. His bare feet were rough and ashy, like maybe he spent the greater part of his day walking around rather than sitting behind a desk.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the chair, taking her place so he could stroke his cock seductively. She watched it harden, growing long and swollen, and knew she was going to have it in her before too long.

Lana moved with brisk efficiency, removing Stacy’s costume, leaving her standing there in her white short boots and her red and white fur hat. Then she settled onto the rug in front of Santa’s chair and spread her pussy wide with her fingers, offering it to Stacy like a sacrifice.

Stacy was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, dropping to her knees and licking Lana’s pussy, her nipples hardening painfully as her tongue entered familiar territory. She was so engrossed in the taste and the feel that she almost didn’t register the hands on her hips. Her head snapped up.

“Oh shit, no. Fuck, this is out of control,” she moaned as she Ankara escort bayan felt a cock slide back and forth across her pussy lips. “We can’t do this. I mean we shouldn’t do this. Oh God…” she was almost delirious, craving the cock that was so close to entering her.

“Stacy,” Keith cajoled in a fatherly tone. “Shut up and take it.”

Without waiting for any other encouragement, Teddie slid his cock into Stacy’s pussy. She cried out in pleasure as it pierced her lips and slid home. She buried her face in Lana’s pussy, actually biting down, as pleasure ran through her, her pussy filled with hot, hard cock. Teddie was merciless, drawing his cock out slowly, letting it slide back in just as slow.

By the fifth stroke Stacy was shaking so hard he had to hold on tightly to keep from being thrown loose. She was nibbling Lana’s pussy lips and clit pretty hard now, sucking as much as she could between her teeth and moaning loudly. The closer she got to coming, the slower he went, until one particularly long, deep stroke pushed her over the edge.

“Oh my God!” she screamed into Lana’s pussy, her whole body trembling and her teeth chattering, Lana joining her in her own subdued way. Stacy never felt Teddie pull out of her, then someone helped her up, wobbly, and led her back to Keith.

His cock, fully aroused, pointed straight up in the air. Looking at it, she couldn’t believe it had fit in her mouth. He was slick with precum, and from the look in his eyes, he wasn’t settling for a blow job this time. That was okay – neither was she.

She sat down on Keith’s lap, his cock rising between her thighs and rubbing against her. Lana crawled over and covered him with her mouth, letting her lips brush Stacy’s pussy. She could feel Keith undulate under her, and wanted him in her. She rose up, pushing Lana back and fully intending to mount him, when he caught her by her hips in mid air.

He positioned his cock head at her asshole and she went stiff, aware of what he intended to do and deathly afraid of it. She’d only had a finger in there, and even that had been recent. Escort Ankara How was she going to take anything that big?

He grunted and wedged his head in, holding her, feeling her asshole spasm. Stacy couldn’t speak – the pain was unreal. If Keith hadn’t been holding her so firmly she would have fallen on her face and curled into a ball. She prayed she would just pass out rather than endure anymore.

Lana sensed her distress and moved between Stacy’s legs, licking her pussy, kissing her inner thighs, causing her to relax. Stacy felt a little more slide in – it felt like an arm, but at least the pain was subsiding. Lana sucked on Stacy protruding clit, biting it and sucking it and Stacy felt that monster cock bury further in her ass. Lana’s attention helped her take it in, until she felt herself settle on Keith’s lap. Firmly embedded, he released her hips and reached up, pinching Stacy’s nipples so hard it made her buck, and the cock slid even deeper in her bowels.

Stacy’s ass was a new discovered erogenous zone for her. She was feeling the same things she usually felt from being fucked in her pussy, but 10 times stronger.

Lana bit down hard on Stacy’s clit and Stacy’s orgasm started, causing her to squeeze Keith’s cock in her ass. She mustered the strength to lean in toward Lana, holding on to her head for balance, and really ride Keith, sliding up and down his shaft. The two of them were grunting loudly, panting, as his cock came almost all the way out then slammed back in deep. Lana fell away as Stacy increased her pace, working up a frenzy, feeling another orgasm build.

Keith suddenly grabbed her hips, pulled her down on his cock hard enough to knock the wind out of her, and unloaded deep in her ass. That’s all it took for Stacy – she began twitching and drooling as her second, more intense orgasm ripped through her. She could feel cum dibbling out of her ass as she sat impaled on his cock, as her own pussy leaked juice in a steady stream.

Unable to hold herself up anymore she finally fell forward, ass in the air, cum running down her leg. Her ass felt like someone had driven a truck through it, but something told her she’d be pretty used to it before the night was over.

She must have dozed because she distinctly felt herself stir as a tongue licked the cum off her leg, working its way up and probing her asshole. Groaning, she spread wider and prepared for the next invasion.

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