Better than your wife!


Better than your wife!I had to do some shopping one night, and I happened to be feeling particularly naughty. I put my hair in pigtails, put on my makeup, pink lipstick, black bra, white tank top, black thong, pink miniskirt, white stockings, and pink 6″ heels. After grabbing my purse, keys, and phone, I headed out the door.I arrived at the store and parked my car. As I went inside, I could feel guys checking me out. I picked up some vegetables, got some pasta, I was looking at the meat case, when I heard some hater say to the guy she was with, “I can’t believe they allow sluts like that (she points to me) in here.”The guy replied, “Hey, don’t worry about it, besides she’s not hurting anyone.”She huffed, “I mean they shouldn’t allow her in here dressed like that, there’s k**s in here for crying out loud. I bet the little slut is probably a fucking prostitute.” She turned towards him, “You better not be checking out that whore!”She caught him off guard, “Umm no honey, I was just…”She crossed her arms, “Typical male.” She stomped off with him diyarbakır rus escort following about three steps behind her, pushing their cart.I knew what I needed to do. I picked out the hamburger, and chicken breast. Now I was going after that sausage. I shadowed them, exchanging occasional glances with him, being sure to make eye contact. While she was picking out some eggs, I gave him the hand gesture telling him that I wanted to give him a blowjob and nodded my head towards the bathrooms.A couple of minutes later, he comes towards the bathrooms, I go inside the stall. He comes in right behind me and locks the door. He said, “Hey, I’m sorry about my wife’s comments, she can be a real bitch sometimes.””Don’t worry about it.” I replied. I take a moment to get a good look at my prize, he’s about 6′ tall (even in my 6″ heels, he towers over me), his tight shirt showing his muscular chest. I press my body against his, he bent down and kissed me. He slips his tongue into my willing mouth as run my diyarbakır rus escort bayan hand down his chest and start rubbing his growing bulge in the front of his jeans.I unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans. I slid my hand inside the front of his jeans and started stroking his cock through his boxers. I dropped to my knees and lower his jeans. He moans as I licked his cock through his boxers.I pulled his boxers down, releasing his big, throbbing cock. I kissed the tip, and lick my way down his shaft. Then I sucked on his balls, before licking my way back up his shaft. I circled my tongue around his head and looked into his eyes as I took his head into my mouth. He runs his hands through my hair. I rub his balls as I take his big, hard cock inch by inch into my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth and kissed his balls. I could hear him moan and his breathing increase when I looked him in his eyes as I deepthroated him.I knew he wouldn’t last long precum was steadily dripping in my rus escort diyarbakır mouth. I fought the urge to pull my throbbing clitty out and play with myself. I’m sure he didn’t know that I’m not a real girl and I didn’t want him to freak out. Besides, I was doing this for his pleasure. I noisily sucked on his cock. His grip on the back of my head increased and he started to fuck my face. His balls were slapping against my chin.He said, “I’m gonna cum. You’re making me cum.”I took his cock out of my mouth, “Cum on my face. Mark me as your slut.” He stroked his manhood for just a few seconds before he shot rope after rope of hot cum all over my face.After a few minutes we got our breath. As he was pulling his boxers and jeans back up, his wife knocked on the door, “Honey, is everything ok in there?””Yeah, I’ll be out in a second.” He handed me a business card and whispered, “Call me, that was great.” Then he walked out.I didn’t bother to clean my face, just went to the checkouts. The cashier giggled as she rang me up. As I was leaving, I came across the couple again. She looked at my sperm covered face and her jaw dropped. I walked up to her, and said, “I’m no prostitute! I might be a slut, but at least I know how to please a man.”After I got back to my apartment, I was still really horny. I got out my favorite dildo and looked at his card. I wondered to myself if I should give him a call.

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