Bev’s Surprise Birthday

Big Tits

It was Friday morning. I got up out of bed and noticed the rain pouring down. I had breakfast and decided to have a lazy day. As I lay on the couch, I received a message from Frank.

“Hi beautiful. I’m organizing a surprise party for Bev on Saturday night, it’s her birthday. She’s been very keen to get together with you, and I’m sure she would be very excited if you came. She’s gone to see her mum, she’s back Saturday afternoon.”

“Honey, I’d love to come. What are you up to while she’s away?” I replied.

“Not much, was going to play golf with a few friends of mine, but as soon as they arrived the rain set in. What are you up to?” Frank’s message read.

“Honey, I’m lying on the couch naked, about to watch a movie.”

“God honey, you sure know how to get and old guy hard. What movie are you going to watch?”

“One of my favourites a friend sent me. One girl gangbanged by five older guys. Maybe you and your friends should come down here and use me all day. I’m sure I’d take your minds off golf.” I replied, as I felt my pussy starting to get wet.

“We will be right down. Start the movie, I want to see the look on their faces when we walk in and you’re playing with your pussy.”

I quickly got up off the couch and unlocked the door, before heading to the bedroom and grabbing my dildo. I headed back to the couch and made myself comfortable, hitting play on the movie. The woman was about thirty, and the guys ranged from their fifties up to late sixties. As their hands ravished every part of her body, she fingered her wet pussy. As I continued to watch, I grabbed the dildo and spread my pussy lips, rubbing it softly against my wet pussy. I could feel myself getting extremely wet as my heart raced.

All of a sudden, I heard the door open and after a few seconds close. As I looked over, I saw Frank and his three friends standing watching me. I didn’t say a word, and as they watched, I slid the dildo inside my pussy as I let out a moan.

“Holly shit Frank.” Said one of his friends.

“Guys, we could sit around talking golf or we can play with Toni. I know what I want to do.” Frank said, as he undressed. “Toni, this is Mark, Ray and George. Guys this is Toni.” Frank said.

As I looked over, Frank and his friends were undressing keeping their eyes glued on my naked body. I closed my eyes and continued fucking my pussy, when suddenly I felt the dildo taken from my hand. I opened my eyes and noticed one of Franks friends sitting at the end of the couch toying my pussy, while another knelt beside me sucking my nipples. Frank and the other guy sat on the couch opposite, stroking their cocks.

All of a sudden, I sat up pulling the dildo from my pussy. I knelt on the floor between Marks legs and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked the head of his cock and as I took him deep in my mouth, I felt my pussy being spread apart. As I took a quick look around, I noticed the guys staring at my wet pussy.

“Ready to have that tight pussy filled honey?” Frank said, as he got up off the couch.

With Marks cock deep in my mouth, I felt Frank spread my pussy lips as he slid inside me. I let out a moan as his cock slid in and out of me nice and slow. I slid a hand down between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I could feel Franks balls slapping against me as he started thrusting his cock hard and deep inside me. I removed Marks cock from my mouth and started to stroke him as I felt my pussy ready to explode.

“I’m cumming, oh my god, harder, harder.” I moaned out loud. “Oh fuck.”

As I came, Frank slid his cock out and stood up before helping me up off my knees. With my pussy still trembling, I quickly mounted Marks hard cock, sliding him inside my pussy.

“Come on George, I know she’s dying for another cock in that tight pussy.” Frank said.

Without hesitation, George pushed me forward and slid his hard cock inside my pussy. As he slid deep inside me, I let out a loud moan of pleasure.

“That feel good baby?” Frank asked, watching his friends fuck me.

“God yes, harder, harder.” I replied.

After a few minutes, George slid his cock out and stood back, and before I knew it, Ray slid his cock inside me joining Mark. Ray’s cock was much bigger, and every inch deep inside me felt so good. As they both fucked me, Mark grabbed my breasts and started to suck on my hard nipples. I backed my hips harder a faster, taking every each of their cocks deeper. All of a sudden, both guys slid their cocks out and helped me up. I took Frank’s hand and led him to the bedroom. I knelt on the floor and took his cock deep in my mouth, suck every inch as the other three gathered around. I took turns sucking each cock, enjoying the taste of their pre-cum.

All of a sudden, Frank walked over to the chest of drawers and grabbed the oil. He poured some on his hand before stroking it all over his hard cock.

“Ready for a hard cock in that tight arse of yours honey?” Frank said, as he helped me up.

He laid on the bed holding his hard istanbul travesti cock ready for my arse. I mounted him backwards, sliding him slowly inside me. The other three stood at the end of the bed watching Frank’s cock sliding in and out of me.

“Oh fuck, your arse always feels good.” Frank said, as he laid me back on his chest. “How about we fill that tight pussy of yours as well.”

As I looked up, George climbed up on the bed between my legs. He pressed his cock against my pussy, and I felt him slid deep inside me. As both cocks fucked me deep, Franks hands squeezed my breasts. The feeling was amazing, and I could feel my body tense ready to cum.

“Fuck, god, I’m going to cum.” I moaned, as I laid my head back. “Yes, yes, Oh god yes.”

As my body shook, Frank held me tight burying his cock deeper in my arse. All of a sudden, George slid his cock out and got off the bed and Ray climbed up on the bed ready to replace George.

“In my arse, I want you both in my arse.” I requested.

I raised my legs as Ray slowly spread my arse with the head of his cock. As both filled my arse, Mark stood beside me guiding his cock in my mouth, gagging my moans of pleasure. After a few minutes, Mark started to moan louder and louder.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” Mark said, as he buried his cock deeper in my mouth. “Fuck yeah.”

His cock exploded, and as his body shook, I swallowed his cum before sucking the head of his cock clean.

“Ready to have that tight arse filled honey?” Frank asked, as he pinched my nipples.

Frank and Ray continued to pound my arse, and I could feel both getting harder.

“Yeah, yeah, oh yeah don’t stop.” I screamed, as I laid my head back.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming.” Frank screamed, as he held me tight. “Fuck, oh yeah.”

As his cock pulsated deep in my arse, Ray grabbed my legs tight driving his cock harder and deeper inside me.

“Honey I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Ray moaned. “Oh yeah, oh yeah.

“Oh my god, oh my god.” I screamed, as both cocks pulsated inside me filling my arse with cum.

The feeling was amazing, and I could feel myself ready to cum. With their cocks still pulsating inside me, I slid three fingers inside my pussy, fingering myself intensely. All of a sudden, my pussy exploded, and my body shook over and over.

“Fuck honey, did that feel good?” Frank asked, sliding his cock out of my arse.

“Oh fuck yes, oh god.” I moaned.

Ray slid his cock out and hopped off the bed. I climbed off Frank and laid on my stomach catching my breath. All of a sudden, George hopped on the bed and lay on top of me. He slid his hard cock in my pussy and as he fucked me hard, I gripped the sheet. His cock fucked me deep and I could feel him getting hard as he started to moan.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m coming, fuck.” George moaned.

“Oh yeah, oh god.” I screamed.

As his cock exploded deep inside me, filling my pussy with his cum, I raised my head letting out a loud moan. As he finished cumming, he slid his cock out and hopped off the bed. I hopped up and knelt on the floor and sucked each cock clean before heading to the bathroom. After cleaning myself, I headed back to the bedroom and slipped on my panties.

“Can’t wait for Saturday night. I’m sure Bev will be excited.” Frank said, as the four got dressed.

“Sounds good.” I replied.

“Thanks for having us over. It was fun.” Ray said, with a smile.

“Yeah, thank you. I hope Frank brings us again.” George said.

“Anytime.” I replied.

After the guys finished dressing, they headed back to Frank’s apartment. I headed for a shower and washed myself clean ready for a relaxing afternoon.

I spent Saturday morning out shopping finding a present for Bev for her birthday. I decided to get her some lingerie, a short teddy with a tiny G-string, which I knew would barely cover her pussy, as well as a large dildo, that I knew Bev and I would definitely be having some fun with.

After shopping, I decided to relax nude on the balcony in the sun, and before I knew it, it was Saturday afternoon and time to get ready for Bev’s surprise birthday party. I headed inside for a shower to wash my hair and shave my legs and pussy. I hopped out and dried myself off before doing my hair and makeup. I wanted to wear something that I knew would get Bev wet and as I went through my clothes, I came across a short one-piece dress which was quite revealing. I slipped on a white G-string and pulled on the dress. I decided not to wear a bra as the dress showed off my perky breasts. Ready, I texted frank to see what time to pop up.

“Whenever you’re ready honey, she’ll be happy to see you.” He replied.

“I’m on my way.” I texted back.

I Grabbed Bev’s present and headed out the door. I caught the elevator to Bev and Franks floor and made my way to their apartment. I knocked on the door and it didn’t take long before the door opened.

“Toni, how are you? come in.” Bev said, looking surprised.

“Happy birthday beautiful.” istanbul travestileri I said, handing Bev her present.

“How did you know it was my birthday? Did Frank tell you?” She asked.

“He sure did. I hope you like what I got you.” I replied.

“Oh wow. That’s sexy.” Bev said as she looked at her present.

“Can’t wait to see it on you later.” I said, with a cheeky smile.

“Hi Toni.” Frank said, as he walked out of the bedroom.

“Hi honey.” I replied.

I followed Frank and Bev to the kitchen where Frank poured us all a drink. We chatted for about half an hour before Bev went to the bathroom.

“Honey, I have a few friends arriving in a minute. I need you to get Bev to put on her birthday present. There’s also a blindfold in my top drawer. I’ll knock on the door when I want you to bring her out.” Frank said.

“God Frank, your naughty.” I replied, as I got up and headed to the bedroom closing the door behind me.

Bev finished up in the bathroom and joined me in the bedroom.

“Did you like your present?” I asked.

“God, I love it honey.” Bev replied.

“I want to see it on you.” I asked, with a smile.

“What, now.” She replied, looking a little surprised.

“Why not, I know Frank will love it.”

“Ok.” Bev said, as she started to undress.

She stood naked as she removed her present from the bag, as my eyes glared at her body. As she slipped on the teddy, I headed to Frank’s side of the bed and removed the blindfold from the drawer. I looked back over at Bev sliding on the G-string which barely covered her pussy lips.

“God honey, I can’t believe the toy you bought me. It’s as big as three of Franks cocks.” She said, with a laugh.

As she took it out of the packet, I moved in close rubbing her pussy through her panties. All of a sudden, I heard a knock on the door.

“Ready for a Surprise honey? You need to put this on.” I said, handing her the blindfold.

“Surprise, what surprise?” She replied.

“You’ll see.” I said, helping her with the blindfold.

I guided Bev to the door and opened it before walking her to the middle of the lounge. As Bev stood blindfolded dressed in her sexy lingerie, Ten of Franks friends, including Frank stood naked in the room. I guided Bev down on her knees before standing back ready to watch. Frank moved in, grabbing her hand and placing it on his cock. As Bev started sucking him, another guy moved in close placing her other hand on his cock. Bev took Frank’s cock from her mouth as her body froze.

“Oh god Frank.” She said, with a confused but excited voice.

“Happy birthday honey. Just enjoy the night.” Frank replied, as he fed his cock back in her mouth.

I was getting so turned on and wet looking at Bev’s panties buried inside her exposing her pussy lips, and I couldn’t wait to see her being used. After a few minutes, Frank pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Ready for your surprise honey.” Frank said, standing beside her.

“I thought this was my surprise.” She replied.

Frank removed the blindfold, revealing the room full of hard cocks.

“Oh my god, Frank.” Bev said, before grabbing a cock in front of her.

Now with a cock in each hand, she looked around at the guys before taking turns sucking and stroking them one by one. As I watched on, Frank walked behind me, and without a word, slid my dress off my shoulders, dropping it to the floor. He grabbed my breasts as he kissed my neck before running his hands down to my hips, sliding my panties down. As my panties hit the floor, I knelt down taking his cock in my mouth sucking him nice and slow.

After a few minutes, I hopped up and took Bev by the hand, helping her up off her knees. I led her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I positioned myself between her legs, and with her tiny panties buried in her wet pussy, I licked her wet exposed pussy lips. As I teased her, the guys surrounded the bed ready and keen to fuck us both. Bev grabbed two cocks and started stroking them as a few guys grabbed her breasts. All of a sudden, I felt hands on my arse spreading me apart before my wet pussy was being fingered.

“God, I want to bury my cock in that little pussy of yours.” I heard one of the guys say.

I quickly knelt up on the bed and before I knew it, my pussy was filled with a big hard cock, fucking me nice and hard. As I looked over at Bev, Frank helped her up and removed her panties before laying down guiding her on to his hard cock. He pulled her down laying her on his chest before grabbing her arse. One of the guys knelt behind her, and as Frank spread her arse, he slid his cock inside her pussy.

“Fuck, I love it when you have two cocks inside you.” Frank said, as he fucked her.

“So do I, it feels so good.” She moaned “Your cocks rubbing together in my pussy. Oh god Frank, I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming.” She screamed.

As I watched Bev cum, I slid the cock out of my pussy and grabbed the oil from the bedside table. I knelt travesti istanbul beside Bev and poured a good amount of oil on my hand before teasing and lubricating her arse ready for a hard cock. One of the guys knelt up on the bed behind Bev, ready to fuck her. I quickly sucked him before guiding him in her arse.

“Oh fuck.” Bev screamed, as she raised her head.

As Frank and his friend fucked her, I poured a bit more oil on my hand and rubbed it over my arse and pussy. All of a sudden, one of the guys laid on the bed. I knelt over him backwards and slowly slid his cock in my arse. I laid myself backwards and fingered my pussy, ready for another cock inside me. Quickly, one of the guys knelt between my legs. I slid my fingers out of my wet pussy as the head of his cock slid inside me.

“Oh fuck your pussy is tight.” He said, as he drove his cock deep inside me.

As I lay enjoying a cock in my arse and pussy, guys gathered around grabbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples while they took turns fucking my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feel good.” Frank said, as the guys took turns fucking Bev’s arse.

“Oh my god, yes.” She moaned. “I can feel every inch inside me.”

Hearing Bev moan got me so turned on, and now I was ready to cum.

“Harder, harder, oh fuck I’m cumming.” I screamed, as I grip the sheets.

As my body shook, the guy pulled his cock from my pussy and got off the bed, before another took his place. I looked over at Bev, and after every cock had fucked her arse, Frank helped her up before getting off the bed. She lay on her back exhausted, as the guys gathered around her. Lying helpless, the guys held her legs up taking turns fucking her swollen pussy, while others took turns fucking her mouth. With my eyes glued on Bev, I slid the cocks out of my arse and pussy and climbed off the bed. I looked over at Frank sitting in the chair watching his wife being used as he stroked his cock. I headed over mounting him backwards, sliding him inside my pussy. As I rode him, we both watched Bev laying helpless with a cock in her pussy and mouth and hands groping her breasts.

“You enjoying being a naughty slut honey?” Frank asked, as he squeezed my breasts.

“Oh, fuck yes. You watching me being fucked.” She moaned, between sucking the hard cock in her mouth. “God I’m cumming, don’t stop.”

As Bev came, she let out a loud moan as her body shook over and over.

“Oh, you’re definitely a naughty slut. Fuck I’m going to fill that pussy of yours. Fuck, oh fuck yeah.” Said the guy with his cock in Bev’s pussy. “yeah, I’m cumming, oh fuck.”

After he slid his cock out of her pussy, he moved back ready for the next cock. As she continued being fucked, the two guys taking turns fucking her mouth grabbed their cocks.

“Oh fuck, open that mouth of yours.” One of the guys said, holding her head as he positioned his cock. “Oh fuck, taste it baby, oh yeah.”

As he finished cumming, he wiped the last of his cum on Bev’s lips before hopping off the bed.

“Oh shit baby, fuck.” The next guy moaned, as he shot his cum all over her face.

“That’s it, I want to see her covered in cum.” Frank said, as he helped me up off his cock and guiding me down on my knees.

I knelt between his legs, and as I took his cock in my mouth, he grabbed my hair guiding my head up and down hard on his cock. All of a sudden, Frank started to moan as his cock started to get harder, as he drove his cock deeper in my mouth.

“Oh, fuck honey, I’m going to cum.” He said, before letting out a loud moan. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

His cock exploded, pulsating in my mouth shooting cum down my throat. As he started to relax, I sucked the head of his cock, enjoying the last of his cum. As I hopped up off the floor the guys surrounding Bev started to moan. I sat on the bed watching them stroking their cocks. One by one their cocks exploded, shooting cum all over her as she lay motionless and exhausted.

“How’s that Frank, is she covered enough in cum for you?” One of the guys said, as they all stood back.

“Very nice, and I’m sure she enjoyed it.” Frank replied. “Happy birthday honey.”

As the guys headed out to the lounge, I got up and grabbed a towel before heading back to the bed. I passed it to Bev and watched her wipe the cum from her body.

“How did it feel being fucked by ten guys?” I asked.

“God, that felt so good.” Bev replied, as she lay exhausted.

“Did you enjoy yourself honey?” Bev asked.

“I did, and watching you being used turned me on so much. I know Frank enjoyed watching also. His cock was so hard when he exploded in my mouth.” I replied.

I cuddled into Bev and we chatted about the night before we both drifted off to sleep.

All of a sudden, I woke to Bev sucking and teasing my nipples.

“That feel good honey?” Bev asked, as she continued sucking my nipples.

“It does, yes.” I replied.

“I’ve had enough cocks inside me tonight, now it’s your turn.” Bev said, as she laid down guiding me on top of her.

We lay in a sixty-nine position, teasing each other’s pussy with our tongues. After a few minutes, Frank walked into the bedroom and stood watching before sitting in the chair. He stroked his cock slowly as he enjoyed watching us both.

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