BEYOND THE KITCHEN AND INTO THE FOREST”You’re making this all up, aren’t you,” Mom said, glancing over her shoulder at me.”Why would I make up these stories?” I asked her with a little smile.”Just to tease me,” she said.We were stretched out on a blanket in the middle of a forest clearing and she was on her belly with her head resting upon her folded arms, while I stroked her ass which glowed in the late afternoon sun. Anal sex was still a verboten avenue yet to explored but that never stopped from fingering her asshole, rubbing the tiny clenched muscles without actually penetrating.”It’s all true,” I said after a moment of silence.What she could not quite comprehend was my confession that I was bisexual. I loved watching her reaction to stories how I went to a local adult bookstore and sucked guys off via glory holes. Men of many varieties: old, young, married, black, white. I adored the temporary power I held over these men looking for quick sexual relief.I slipped my finger now into her pussy which quite wet so the stories stimulated her on some primal degree. We decided on the spur of the moment to have a picnic in the nearby forest. An early morning shower nearly washed out those plans but it cleared up and off we went. I would consider theis a triumph of my attempt to peal away those lingering middle class inhibition that still bounded her. We had great strides in the past few months but we were only half way through our journey. kadıköy escort To fuck in the open was something she’d never dream of doing just a month ago but here we lay for all nature to observe our forbidden romance.”Does it hurt?” Mom asked, turning over but without dislodging my probing finger.”What?” I asked, kissing her breasts which were very white and glowed.”Getting a cock in the ass,” she said, a note of discomfort in uttereing such words but they came out more naturally now.”The first few times, but a thoughtful lover will be aware of this and will be gentle,” I said.Mom reached down amd took my hard cock into her hand, squeezing it firmly. No longer a mere submissive party but now an active participant. I was very proud of my achievements. She turned over and opened her legs.”How many times have we made love now?” I asked.”Three, but I sucked you off when you took a little nap, so three and a half,” she answered with a big smile suddenly illuminating her beautiful face. It was still very youthful even as she was nearing her late forties.”I love you,” I said.”I love you,’ Mom responded.The fading late afternoon sun washed over our naked bodies, entangled on the blanket. She holds my cock by its base and guides me into her sweet receptive cunt. In this early stage of our relationship the sex still felt very new. We had passed that timid fragile stage where we were still hindered by the roles of Mother and Son, but ümraniye escort I gladly and enthusiastically fucked that out of her. I even began calling her Carol. It was a little awkward at first but we got used to it. It aided in bringing a more comfortable and less inhibited aspect to the relationship.She moaned and arched her body beneath mine. I momentarily withdraw my cock and delight in the anguished expression on her face as I just rubbed it against her inner thighs and the soft little paunch of her belly, which was a delightful enough sensation to cause me to discharge my load of come but I restain myself.”Always teasing me,” she cies out softly and takes hold on my cock which is now quite slick with her cunt juices and poises it in the direction of her waiting cunt.”I just want to savor every single moment, my love,” I whisper into her ear and then sink into her again muchto her releif.She turns herself so that we have switched positions and she is now on top, riding me, my cock sinking even deeper now. She exhales a very long and deep sigh, her tits are jiggling inches in front of my face. I kiss them as one might bestow a kiss upon a sacred idol. I lay there and allow her to fuck me as hard as she desires. She has years of sexual deprivation and frustration to purge from her and was only more than happy to be a vehicle for this rehabilitation. I reached down a gently kneaded her little tummy. She was initially very ataşehir escort self conscious of this but I gradually conditioned her to accept this a very sexy attribute. It was a bit of fetish of my own and Carol’s was perfectly proportioned for her thin body. It neither too big nor too small and protudes enticingly underneath tighter t-shirts with a slight but visible jiggle which made it all the more erotic.The sound of our sweaty bodies slapping against one another seemed to dance off the surrounding congregation of trees and all nature sang around us. We were not bad or evil people for what we were doing. Our love was true.Carol’s subsequent orgasm was of such intensity that she nearly launched her body off my of my. I loved watching her face as it went through a myriad of expressions as an orgasm approached like an oncoming freight train. They hard and intense. Her body writhes and dances on top of mine, still sweetly impaled, absorbing the stream of come that flowed into her…a young river into a mature valley that had been denied for far too long.She just sank down onto the blanket beside me, gasping for air, and we just lay silently for a long while. The sunlight was rapidly fading and we had quite a walk ahead of us and would not emerge until after dark. We quickly dressed , gathered all our gear, and headed home.There was a new expression on her face as she looks over me. I felt more of those old crippling inhibitions died that afternoon. As a tribute to this wonderful moment we left her panties stretched out between two branchs in a nearby bush. We stood there a moment watching it flutter in the breeze and then turned up the forest trail, hand in hand.

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