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Big Hard LessonA lovely wife enjoys flirting and teasing other men in front of her husband. It makes them both horny so when they go home the sex is hot. They have a business meeting with a black alpha male that will turn the tables on the couple and will open their eyes to desires deep within themselves. How far will it go? Luxury My husband Jeffery and I are real estate brokers and we occasionally find good rehab opportunities to flip properties. We recently remodeled a house in the city and received a fair offer from a man named Clyde Jackson. He’s a doctor at the local immediate care and proved to have a strong interest in signing a letter of intent to hold the home for him.Mr. Jackson asked to meet us at 10:00pm at the house. It was an odd time to meet but my husband and I decided not to object.“Hello Mr. Jackson, please come in.” Jeffery led Mr. Jackson to the table where I sat.I offered my delighted smile, I motioned for Mr. Jackson to take a seat next to me and adjusted my shirt. This shirt had a tendency of unbuttoning itself, letting my ample cleavage show. Mr. Jackson greeted me with his warm smile. He was just the kind of man that could make my heart skip a beat. He’s tall, athletic build, dark skin, and charming smile. I’m 5’4”, lily white skin, brown eyes, and brown hair, and womanly curves in all the right places.Mr. Jackson took a seat at the table next to me and began by saying, “I want to talk with you about the master suite. For the carpet, I’d like tan twist.”“That sounds very nice,” I replied with a friendly smile directed at Mr. Jackson. I noticed the top trim of my sexy bra was showing.“Not a problem, you’d rather have a twist instead of a shag.” Jeffery answered followed by a chuckle.Mr. Jackson smiled showing his straight white teeth then answered, “I have nothing against a good shag, a hard twist is just more interesting.” He kept glancing down my shirt so I leaned forward a bit to give him a better view. He took a nice look.Jeffery and I made eye contact and giggled.We continued to chat about ways to enhance the house. My husband punched on a calculator as we discussed the costs and estimated the purchase price of the home. Mr. Jackson continued to glance at my chest when he thought I wouldn’t notice. I crossed my legs letting the hem of my short skirt ride up my thighs. My being a flirt was a game Jeffery and I would play with male clients. Afterward, we’d have a good laugh at Mr. Jackson’s expense then have hot sex.“Oh, crap!” I said as I accidently knocked over a small stack of papers on my desk. I bent down to gather the papers and my shirt gaped open giving Mr. Jackson another fine view of my cleavage. “Excuse me, Mr. Jackson, this new shirt gives me fits,” I said, with a pretended annoyed tone. As I rebuttoned I wondered if my brazensess would cause him to get a hard on.Jefferey chimed in, “Marla is invaluable even though she’s a bit clumsy.”“Don’t worry about it. As a doctor, I see everything; however, that’s a view I wouldn’t mind seeing every day…and call me Clyde,” he said. He adjusted the leg of his pants revealing the outline of his large tubular bulge. I couldn’t help but stare at the outline of his large cock running along the left leg of his pants.“Marla, I think you should probably return that blouse,” Jeffery suggested.”Mhm,” I ansered thinking of that big beautiful cock hidden under Clyde Jackson’s pants. It was way bigger than what Jeffery possessed.“Here let me fix this for you,” Clyde said, stood up, and unfastened a button on my shirt then another and another.“What are you doing?” I asked as I grabbed both sides of my opened shirt.Jeffery, being my alpha male husband, sternly objected. He slammed his calculator on the table. “I beg your pardon!”Clyde ignored Jeffery and grabbed my left hand and led it to his bulge.Jeffery stood to his feet so vigorously that his chair fell over backwards. Escort With a reddened face, Jeffery shouted, “WHAT THE FUCK! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!”Clyde glared at my husband. “Relax Jeffery, why don’t you sit your skinny ass down and watch a real man seduce this hot momma.”My husband jerked his cell phone out of his pocket and made a threat. “I’ll dial 9-1-1, you bastard!”In a confused state of consternation, I was oblivious to the fact that Clyde had released my hands from his strong grip.“Look, your pretty wife is caressing my cock. I think she wants it, bad,” Clyde nodded at my hand clenching him.“MARLA!” Jeffery scolded.My mind was a mush of confusion. I pretended to be repulsed and jerked my hand away from the swelling outline of his bulge.My husband seemed to be debating the whether to call for help or risk having his ass kicked by a legitimate alpha male. Jeffery let out a girlish giggle then announced, “Okay, the fun’s over, now let’s get back to signing those papers.”“SIT DOWN JEFFERY! Clyde bellowed as he pointed at a chair.To my shock, my ‘brave’ husband found the chair across the table and quietly sat down.Clyde’s fingers brushed a loose strand of hair from my face. “Well now, this is an eye-opener for you, Marla. You didn’t know your hubby was a cuck, did you?”My heart throbbed in my chest as I tried to understand the hard twist this meeting had taken. I mumbled, “Look, Clyde, I admit to flirting a bit but I never…”Clyde interrupted. “I saw the way you eyed my bulge and the way you’ve been showing off those beautiful boobs of yours.” Clyde pushed my hand to his bulge, right on his hard cock. He reached over and unbuttoned another button of my shirt. My little pink bra was now on full display. So to was my excited state as my nipples poked the thin fabric of my bra.I glanced at my husband who looked incensed yet hesitant to act. Was he going to let Clyde do whatever he wanted with his wife? I was perplexed at my husband’s flaccid response.Clyde ran his fingers across the tops of my breasts and I could feel my nipples stiffen. His cock twitched under my hand and I began to stroking it. “She’s getting excited, Jeffery. Let’s see how far she’ll go.”Clyde stepped closer to me putting his big bulge at my eye level. With unwavering confidence, he asked me, “Would you like to see my big black cock?”I looked at my husband anticipating him to spring to my defense but he seemed glued to the chair. “Jeffery? Are you going to do something!” I urged my frail husband to save me though my body language betrayed my words.Jeffery uttered a response having a breathiness voice, “Tell Clyde to stop and he better stop.”Clyde was firm with his response, “Come on Marla, I know you want to see it. Jeffery won’t mind if you take a good look at it.”It was true, I did want to see it, every long and girthy inch of it.“Marla?” Jeffery asked with a sickly tone.“Just a quick look and we’ll stop this silly game,” I answered. Without saying a word, I unbuttoned Clyde’s trousers, unzipped him, and pulled his pants down to his feet. His hard cock was straining at his boxers. I pulled them down and out sprang his huge black cock.I took a couple seconds to admire him. His balls sagged as his rigid cock stood tall and proud. “Wow!” I exclaimed, He’s got a big dick, Jeffery!” I looked at my husband then back at the huge cock in front of my face.Jeffery faintly agreed, “It’s huge, now put it back in his pants, Marla.”Clyde chuckled. “Take your dick out, Jeffery. Let’s compare them side by side.”I cracked a smirk as Jeffery refused. “No way, that’s juvenile.”“I bet Marla would like to suck this big cock, Jeffery.” Clyde was bold and arrogant as he glinted at my powerless husband.Jeffery looked feeble and gazed at me. His only defense was his raspy voice asking me, “Marla, tell Clyde to stop.”I snapped, “Why don’t you tell Clyde to stop, be a man, Jeffery!” Escort Bayan I was ashamed of my husband’s anemic behavior and decided to push him to become the strong alpha man he purported to be. “Just one lick and that’s all,” I said, looking up at Clyde. I haltingly stuck out my tongue and flicked the tip of his cock and tasted a drop of his pre-cum. My small white hand held him at the base as my tongue swirled around his mushroom head then I opened my mouth and took him in and sucked as much as I could as my hand stroked back and forth.Clyde’s strong voice remarked, “Hey Jeffery, look at her mouth wrapped around my cock.”I paused long enough to explain with a terse tone, “You could have stopped this, Jeffery!” To my astonishment, Jeffery stood up and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped, and pulled them down along with his briefs. His manhood was rock hard jutting to the max of his puny 5.5 inches in length.Putting Clyde’s cock back into my mouth I watched Jeffery jerked off as he watched me give Clyde’s black monster a blow job. My free hand popped my boobs out over the tops of my bra and began pinching my stiff nipples. I raised my eyes up to Clyde and asked, “Are you going to fuck me?”Clyde bellowed, PUT THAT DICK BACK IN YOUR MOUTH, BITCH!!”I instantly obeyed. I had never been talked to so rudely or treated like a slut. Clyde had my heart beating fast and I was sooo hot.Clyde moaned, “Mmmm. Damn, Marla, you sure can suck cock.” He then palmed the top of my head with his big powerful hand and started ramming his cock down my throat causing my gag reflexes to kick in. “Jeffery, your hot wife is a slut for big black cock.” He pulled me up by my hair and our lips met. His tongue began to twist along with my tongue. He pinched and twisted my nipples with one hand while keeping my hair pulled taught with his other. As our tongues danced, Clyde reached to unzip my skirt and then pushed it down over my curvy rear and thighs. He spun me around to face Jeffery. He took his time admiring my ass in my sexy pink panties. I felt his cock push against me as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. He unfastened my bra letting my heavy breasts drop free.Jeffery couldn’t conceal his excitement and began to vigorously stroke his cock with his right hand at the same time, the fingers of his left hand tickled his balls. What a sad excuse of a man, I thought.Clyde continued to grind his cock into my ass. He reached to my front and squeezed my breasts with his big strong hands and pulled my nipples between his fingers.”OH GOODNESS,” I whimpered as I arched my ass up trying to press his cock against my wet pussy. Looking at Jeffery I said, “Jeffery, you’re pathetic. I’m gonna let a real man fuck me! Is that what you want?”Jeffery answered, “Is it what you want?”Clyde kissed my neck and ears moving side to side. In a split second, he pushed me down so that I laid across the table on my stomach. He kept his hand between my shoulder blades holding me down as his other hand grabbed the front elastic band of my panties and pulled them up into the wet folds of my pussy. Clyde growled, “Watch and learn Jeffery!”“Hmph, Oooo,” I groaned. I realized it was really going to happen. I was about to be pounded out by Clyde Jackson’s huge cock while my husband watched and jacked off.Clyde jerked on my panties moving them in a circular motion against my swollen clit. He kept me flat across the table as he teased me.My legs began to tremble and I could her the smacking of Jeffery’s hand masturbating himself. “Mmmm,” I moaned as Clyde kissed his way down my sensitive spine to the small of my back. He was so good, teasing me, making me beg for it. I felt my wet pussy gape open, ready for penetration, stretching, devastation. “Stop teasing and fuck me, Clyde,” I demanded.Clyde gave my ass two hard swats with his hand. “Bitch, you don’t Bayan Escort tell me what to do.”I could feel my pussy juice dripping down my inner thighs. I had never been made so desperate for cock but I’d never been with a man like Clyde Jackson.He slipped my panties down to my ankles. “Damn, Marla, you’re wet.” He then dropped the panties on the table for Jeffery to see. “Look Jeffery, your wife is soaking for my big cock.”Jeffery had become a mute. His eyes were wide open, watching, as he masturbated.Everything had happened so fast and seemed surreal but reality had finally hit me. With one last attempt to salvage my husband’s dignity. I yelled, “Say something Jeffery or I’m letting Clyde pound my hot little pussy!”Jeffery looked at me then at Clyde, then back at me. A wicked grin spread across his face. “Go ahead Clyde. Fuck her good with that big cock.”Clyde had me pinned to the table by his strong hand then suddenly I felt a stinging slap on my right butt cheek. My pussy tingled as I felt a matching slap on my other cheek.“Tell Jeffery what you want, Marla,” Clyde ordered.I was baffled at Jeffery and perplexed by my wanton desire to commit adultery in front of my husband. My mind was befuddled at the realization that my morality was not as rock solid as I had thought. Though I was appalled, my ass was grinding back and forth desperately trying to rub my burning pussy against him. My mind was swimming with confusion and I felt dizzy as I said, “Please Clyde, fuck me. I want that big black cock.”Clyde got behind me and spread open my cheeks. I felt cool air nip at my hot wet lips. I felt another stinging slap to my rear. “Tell me you want my big cock to stretch your pretty little married pussy.” Clyde’s crude comments were causing me to boil.Here I was, a professional real estate broker being defiled, as my husband watched, and I loved it. “Do it please,” I begged as I wiggled my ass side to side until Clyde delivered another hard slap to my rear. “I want it!” I said while twisting my head to look back toward Clyde. I could see my reddened ass cheeks as Clyde gave me another whack.Clyde continued to slap my burning cheeks with one hand while the fingers of his other hand brushed against my swollen clit and slippery lips. His lured comments were driving me crazy. “Marla, how’s Jeffery keep a hot lady like you satisfied with that wimp dick. Isn’t it about time a real man stretch your pussy?”I began to cry. Warm tears leaked from the corners of my eyes. “Please I want you to shove that big black cock deep into my tight married pussy. Please do it, Clyde, fuck me, ruin my pussy. I want it bad.”Clyde laughed as he pulled his boxers and trouser up his long legs and buttoned them.“What are you doing?” I gasped.Jeffery climaxed shooting jets of his sticky seed all over his hands and on his dress shirt.Clyde began to put on his shirt.I twisted around to confront Clyde. I cried, “Damn it, Clyde. You’re an asshole!”Clyde howled with laughter and answered, “Settle down, Marla. If you want this big cock, you’re gonna have to wait your turn.”I pulled my skirt down over my hips and ass and refastened my bra. “Seriously?” I said as I stuffed my double D’s back into my bra.Jeffery’s cock had gone limp and he was cleaning the mess he made with a tissue.Clyde laughed and began to explained, “I got me a hot date tonight. A pretty little nurse is waiting for me back at the motel down the street. This was a nice warm up for me and I thank you.”Jeffery zipped up his pants and buttoned them. He stood dumbfounded.Clyde grabbed my wet panties and stuffed them in his pants pocket. He ambled to the front door with his confident swag. Before walking out he stopped to say, “I’ll be here at tomorrow night to sign those papers at ten. The question is, will you show up?” He flashed his handsome smile. “One more thing, you guys can’t have sex tonight and Marla, I want that pussy of yours burning hot and soaking wet. I intend on laying pipe with you, Marla.” With that he walked outside as he whistled.I looked at Jeffery who stood frozen in place. I asked, “Oh, my God, what just happened?”The End.

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