“Everyone starts with one hundred IQ points,” I said, handing the bag to Fiona.

“Only a hundred?” She examined one of the polished copper pennies. “I’m one-fifty at least.”

“It’s symbolic,” I explained. “One hundred or more and you’re your normal self. Zero or less and you’re a total bimbo. It’s not just intelligence, either. It’s also focus and inhibition and general horniness.”

Fiona grinned at me. “Does it make a difference in your case?”

“Hey,” I whined, “I’m intelligent.” I handed the cards to Ana. “Here, you shuffle.”

Ana was my new neighbour. She had recently split from her husband of two years and had taken to visiting me in the evenings for company. Her eyes widened as she examined the cards. “These are weird.”

Fiona leaned over to peek at them, and laughed. “Well, the game is called ‘Bimbo!’ What would you expect?”

Ana frowned. “Why exactly are we playing this again?”

“Because you said you don’t believe in magic,” I said.

We were sitting in a circle on the floor, on a plastic sheet that had once belonged to a game of Twister. I took the third and final item from the box and placed it between us.

“Oh. My. God.” Ana’s hand paused in the act of reaching for the cock – an erect brown-skinned cock, ten inches long with girth to match. “It looks so real!”

It probably was. The old man in the magic shop had assured me that it was ‘ethically sourced’, as if Fair Trade cocks could be a thing. I picked it up, enjoying for a moment its firm, fleshy warmth, and handed it to Ana in exchange for the cards. She held it at a safe distance, her expression one of mingled disgust and fascination. “It feels so real…”

“Try squeezing it.”

Ana gave the cock a tentative squeeze, and shrieked as cum spurted from the tip, splashing out onto the floor.

“I wondered why we needed this,” Fiona said, patting the Twister sheet. She picked up the cock from where Ana had thrown it and examined it curiously. “Is it safe?”

“No toxins, viruses, bacteria or spermatozoa, just rich, tasty cum.”

“Yuck,” Ana said. “Okay, nice trick. But it’s not magic.”

I chuckled. “If you say so. Are we ready?” The cards were shuffled, the pennies distributed, sheet laid and cock ready. “Fiona, are you in?”

“You didn’t answer my question. Is it safe?”

“It’s night magic. Any effects will end with sunrise. Are you in?”



“I am not doing what it says on the cards.”

“That’s entirely up to you.”

The combined powers of disbelief and peer pressure worked their magic. “Okay. Yes.”

“Great. Each round begins with paying a coin to the bank.” I took one of my pennies and threw it into the bag, and waited for Fiona and Ana to do likewise. Already, with just one IQ point gone, I could sense the magic stirring restlessly.

I took the deck and dealt out one card to each of us. The visible backs of the cards had either a ‘5’ or a ’10’ on them. “There are ten Attribute cards, and ten Compulsion cards. The goal of the game is to collect all ten Attributes, with as many IQ points left as possible. Before showing everyone your card, you have the option of selling it to another player for the price marked on the back.”

Ana’s card had a five. “So, Ana, can I buy yours?”

She lifted the card carefully to read it, and snorted. “Be my guest.” She passed it to me, and I handed over five pennies.

A sudden wave of arousal rippled through me, leaving me quite dizzy for a few seconds. Fiona’s laughter brought me back to myself, and I focussed on the game again.

“Okay, right, anyone else buying or selling?” In fact, there’s no point doing it at the start, but I didn’t want Ana to bail immediately. “No one. Then we end this round by revealing the cards.”

I turned over the one I’d bought from Ana. Lose those clothes, it read, which seemed to me a perfectly sensible idea, even without a magical compulsion. My other card was a ten-pointer: Tie me up.

“Would you like me to help you with that?” Fiona asked, smirking.

I was sorely tempted. “Later,” I said, determined to resist the compulsions as long as I could. “Show us yours.”

Fiona turned over her card, and gasped as the transformative spell worked on her. “What does Milk Maid do?” Ana asked.

“Makes your breasts produce milk,” I explained, and Ana rolled her eyes.

“It’s such a strange sensation,” Fiona added, feeling her breasts through her shirt.

“Gets better,” I said. I’d tested all the spells on myself individually while developing the game, but this was my first time Pendik Escort actually playing it.

I gathered up all the cards and shuffled before passing the deck to Fiona. “Your turn to deal – but first, remember to pay the bank.” I tossed another penny into the bag.

This time nobody bought or sold. Fiona squirmed uncomfortably as she revealed her card – Fill me up – and when I revealed mine – Spank me – she glared at me and said, “I dare you to ask me.”

I blushed under her gaze, as if I could already feel the heat in my cheeks from her threatened spanking. I turned to Ana. “Show us yours.”

It was her first card. Blonde Bombshell, she said, and shrugged. “What?”

“That’s amazing,” Fiona said, and I nodded. It was the first time I’d seen it happen to someone else. Ana’s dark curls had lightened into blonde, windswept waves, and she seemed suddenly ten years younger. Her skin was flawless. If I’d had to guess, I’d have said early twenties at most.

“Take a look in the mirror,” I said, and ten seconds later Fiona and I grinned at Ana’s scream of surprise. “How?” she demanded. “How is this possible?”

I shrugged. “Magic.”

“But magic isn’t real…” She tugged at her hair, trying perhaps to convince herself it was a wig.

I gathered up the cards, got Fiona to shuffle them, and passed the deck to Ana. “Your deal.”

The next round I got my fourth Compulsion, Lick a clit, which had me biting my lip with frustration, and Fiona got Suckle some tits. She stared down mournfully at her own breasts. Her shirt had wet patches around her nipples. “I’d suckle these if I could.”

Ana got Platinum Pubes and stared down inside her trousers with astonishment. “Is that a heart?”

“Maybe,” I said. It was. Platinum blonde pubes, trimmed and shaped into a heart.

“I like it.”

The next two rounds were Compulsions again: Tie me up, which I’d had before, and Kiss an ass, which made me groan. Ana got the Compulsion Fill me up and the Attribute Liquid Lips, and Fiona got two Attributes.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” she said as she turned over Naughty Nipples. She removed her shirt and bra to reveal long, thick nipples stained with milk.

Seeing her revealed, I could no longer resist the impulse to do likewise. I breathed a sigh of relief as I stripped out of my own shirt and bra. “I’m keeping mine on,” Ana said.

Fiona’s second Attribute was Long legged. We all watched with fascination as her legs elongated and reshaped. “Can you stand?” I asked.

“Let me try.”

The hems of her trousers that had reached down to her ankles previously now hovered maybe six inches higher, and Fiona was definitely taller. “Not comfortably,” she said.

“Wait.” I ran through to my bedroom to get her my highest-heeled sandals.

“Yes, much better,” Fiona said, now towering above me. The Barbie-Doll effect was perfect.

“Damn that’s sexy,” I said, watching her walk around. “Come on, let’s play. I’m already ten percent bimbo and I haven’t got any Attributes yet.”

I was down to ninety IQ points and seriously considering buying cards to catch up. Ana was back to a hundred, after I’d foolishly been kind to her at the start.

But the next round I got my first Attribute. “Yes!” I cried, turning over Bubble Butt.

“Snap!” Fiona said, laughing.

I ran my hands over my arse, feeling it firming up and reshaping until it threatened to burst my trousers apart – which was justification enough for removing them.

Fiona stripped also, in her case her fine new ass suiting her amazing new legs perfectly. The temptation to part them and dive between had me licking my lips, but the fact that I was free to do so was equally frustrating. “Tie me up,” I pleaded, wanting to add, “and spank me,” but resisted.

Fiona laughed. “Hold on.” She sashayed gorgeously into my bedroom, rummaged around for a while, and came back with a spreader bar.

I positioned myself quickly, on my knees, ankles wide apart, and the firm grip of leather was everything I could ask for.

Ana turned her card to reveal Classy Clit. Again she peeked down the front of her trousers. “I can’t believe how wet I am,” she said.

“Liquid Lips, remember,” I said.

She frowned. “Is that my clit?” She reached in to touch it. “Fuck! Yes. Wow, that’s sensitive.”

“You can take your clothes off, Ana.” Fiona and I were down to our knickers – and, in Fiona’s case, shoes. “After all, you don’t want your trousers getting soaked.”

She laughed. “No. I suppose.” After a moment’s hesitation she stripped down Pendik Escort Bayan to her knickers, letting us see for the first time the platinum blonde heart. Her knickers were soaked through, and I was sure I could see the outline of her clit that was just begging to be licked.

It was my turn to deal. Ana said, “I’ve got this one already. Do you want it?”

It was a five-pointer, and it couldn’t be worse than the card I’d dealt myself. “Okay.” I handed her five coins in exchange, and again a wave of dizziness and arousal washed through me. I was frantically rubbing my clit through my lace knickers when Fiona brought me back to Earth. “I think you’re going to have to tie my wrists too,” I told her.

“As you wish…” Once again she went to my room, this time returning with a collar and wrist cuffs, all chained together. I couldn’t even reach my cards, and Fiona had to turn them for me. Liquid Lips was the one Ana gave me, and I could feel the increased wetness soaking into my knickers.

The other was Feed me cum, making Fiona laugh. My eyes focussed on the cock we’d all been ignoring. I wanted it. I wanted to suck on it and swallow every bit of cum from it. “No,” I said, shaking my head. “No. What did you get?”

She showed us. Lose those clothes. I snorted my disgust. She’d already stripped voluntarily, except her knickers, and she seemed quite happy to keep them on.

Over the course of the next five rounds I got three attributes: Long Legged, Blonde Bombshell and Platinum Pubes, and was feeling pretty great about it. All three of us got Blow a cock and Finger me. I would have fingered myself quite happily if not for the restraints, and I was increasingly distracted by my desire for the cock. Ana got Long Legged too, and Fiona persuaded her to buy Naughty Nipples for five.

The sight of the three of us all down to our knickers with long legs – both incredibly sexy and unnaturally proportioned – had me in hysterics for ages.

We were increasingly getting cards we’d had before. Over the next seven rounds I got Bubble Butt three times, but I also got Naughty Nipples which I was just about able to touch with my bound hands, and Ana and I both got Pouty Perfection, adding huge, succulent lips to our beautiful faces.

“I’m down to seventy,” I said, counting my pennies, “which makes me…”

“Thirty percent a bimbo,” Fiona finished for me, a few seconds later.

“Yes, thank you.” I wasn’t sure if that was right or not. “Is anyone going to suck that cock?”

Fiona arched an eyebrow. “Is that your way of asking me to get it for you?”

“Um, yes – please?”

She didn’t just give it to me. She stood in front of me, holding the cock as if it projected from her groin, and I practically engulfed it, licking and sucking like a blowjob junkie in need of a fix. The taste of cum was almost enough to make me climax –

Fiona pulled it out of my reach and I whined with complaint. “She’s like this even without bimbo magic,” Fiona said.

Ana laughed. “Can I try that?”

“Sure.” Fiona moved in front of Ana and fed her the cock, and I was reminded that one of the reasons we were doing all this is that Fiona wanted to seduce Ana. Seeing my neighbour apparently sucking my best friend’s cock…

“Seven,” I said. “I’ve got seven Attributes. I still need three.”

“Seven for me too,” Ana said, licking her lips. Cum had escaped from her mouth and was running down her chin, and I badly wanted to lick her clean.

“Five for me,” Fiona said, sitting down again and returning the cock to its place between us.

“Let’s play!” I yelled, making them jump and me giggle.

Eleven rounds passed before any of us got a new Attribute. “Yes!” I shouted, as Fiona turned over my card: Classy Clit. I could feel my clit pressing suddenly against the lace of my knickers. “Give me something to suck,” I said. “I need something to suck.”

“Here,” Fiona said, bringing her breast to my mouth. I fastened my lips about her huge nipple and fed like a baby, drawing out mouthful after mouthful of warm mother’s milk and swallowing with murmured pleasure. I was in heaven.

“This feels amazing,” Fiona said. “Painful, but amazing.”

Even as I fed from her, she shuffled out of her knickers and reached for the cock. “I really need this,” she said as she thrust it in. “Damn that’s a nice cock…”

She pulled away as I drained the last of her milk, but then brought her other breast to my lips and I eagerly set to work. Beside us on the floor, Ana had stripped out of her knickers too, and was frantically Escort Pendik driving herself to orgasm with her fingers.

As soon as I had drained the second breast, Fiona eased the cock from herself and straddled Ana, dropping down into sixty-nine.

Ana didn’t hesitate. Her lips and tongue were quickly buried in Fiona’s pussy, and she opened her legs to allow Fiona to lick her in return – and to plunge that ever-eager cock deep into Ana’s wet cunt.

Restrained as I was, I could only watch. “Come on, guys,” I whined. “I only need two more.”

After what seemed like forever, they yielded to my pleading and we resumed the game. Three moves later I lost my slender lead as Ana got Bubble Butt. All three of us now had long legs, perfectly shaped arses, platinum pubes and thick, gorgeous nipples, but Ana and I were pouting blondes too, with prominent clits that jutted from pussies dripping with arousal.

“Damn,” Ana said. “Look at this ass. Perfect for spanking.” She demonstrated by spanking herself. “Mmm, yes.”

Three rounds later, Fiona laughed and held up a card. “Who wants this?”

“Me!” I cried, a split-second after Ana, who hurriedly passed over ten pennies and grabbed the card from Fiona. A moment later, Ana clutched her hands to her breasts, tugging and squeezing her nipples as fluid gushed suddenly from her pussy. “Fuck,” she whispered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,…”

Fiona shook her out of it. “Come back to us, Ana.”

“Huh? Oh!” She laughed. “Come. Yes.” She turned over her card: Milk Maid.

“No!” I cried. “I needed that!”

“Tough. I’m on nine – and I’ve got more IQs than you.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Kiss my ass,” I said hopefully.

“I’d love to.” Ana crawled round behind me and rolled underneath, bringing my ass down to her mouth. We both sighed with pleasure as her tongue snaked inside me, and part of me wondered briefly what she would make of this memory once the spells wore off.

Fiona was fucking herself with the cock again as she watched us. “What would your wife think of this?” she asked.

“I’ll ask her the next time I see her.”

Ana was such an enthusiastic ass-licker I didn’t want her to stop – but I really wanted to beat her at Bimbo! “Enough!” I said. “Let’s play.”

Over the next four moves, Fiona got dealt Blonde Bombshell and Pouty Perfection. I grinned happily at her. “You look fantastic!”

“I know,” she said, grinning back.

The next deal I got Bounteous Breasts and cried with joy. “Yes! Nine!” I was level with Ana again. Also, my breasts were really big, and almost spherical the way fake breasts often are. “Awesome,” I said, trying again to reach my nipples, but the chains binding my wrists were just too short. My bimbo-transformation was almost complete. All I needed was Milk Maid.

Fiona lunged at me, grabbing my left breast in both hands and squeezing it as she sucked hungrily at my huge, sensitive nipple with her huge, pouty lips. Moments later, Ana fastened onto my left, humming with pleasure as she bit and licked. It was so good. It was almost too good. “Somebody shove that cock in me, please,” I begged. I’d never needed so badly to be fucked.

Ana snatched it up and pulled my soaked knickers to the side to push the disembodied cock into me. “Oh that’s good,” I said as she worked the thick shaft deeper and deeper, stretching me deliciously. She shoved it in all the way, readjusted my knickers so that it stayed lodged within, then returned to my breast, sucking and kissing, and I tried to move the cock inside me using only my vaginal muscles.

They pulled away at last, and Fiona laughed at the sight of my knickers, dripping with the cock’s pearly cum as well as my own copious lubrication. “Let’s finish this game so we can concentrate on the real fun.”

It was getting difficult to concentrate on anything except the milk dripping from their breasts, or their cute, kissable asses, or their sweet, lickable pussies. The thick cock in my cunt felt incredible, and I loved squeezing it and making it spurt its cum inside me.

Fortunately, Fiona was playing for me, dealing, turning cards. Eight more rounds dealt and I was down to forty IQ points. “Yes!” I screamed. “Milk Maid! I win!”

“Damn!” Ana cried.

Fiona laughed. “And what do you get for winning?”

“I just want to fuck and suck and come, and come, and -“

“I get the idea. How about you give Ana’s ass a good licking while I suck her tits dry?”

I nodded excitedly. “But first…”


“I really need to be spanked.”

“No. Ana’s ass first, then yours.”

“Yes, Fiona,” I said sulkily.

As I worked my tongue enthusiastically about and into Ana’s sweet, tight ass, I was thrilled to feel milk leaking from my nipples and running down my skin.

I paused briefly for breath and announced loudly, “I love being a bimbo!”

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