Birthday Pool Party Ch. 09


Hey guys, here’s Chapter 09! Sorry it took so long. The chapter actually got so big I considered breaking it up into two parts. I didn’t want to do that again though, so this one is extra long. I really hope you enjoy it. I’m still worried about the controversy Chapter 07 caused. There just had to be drama for the story to continue, and the drama I chose made sense to get us to this chapter. I think you’ll understand what I’m going for. Feel free to rate and comment. I’d love to hear what you’d like to see in the future. Thanks again if you’re still reading. Positive reviews and comments are why I’m still writing.



Sunday afternoon is a time for relaxation, yet I find myself in my home office working. Downside to owning my own company, I guess. I really can’t complain, I have a huge estate with a butler and maid, a daughter named Kayla who I love with all my heart, and an eighteen year old girlfriend named Lexi.

I stop typing on the keyboard and pick up the nearby picture of Lexi on my desk. I smile at the beautiful redhead as I admire the photograph. I hooked up with Lexi a few weeks ago at the pool party for Kayla’s eighteenth birthday. Things have been pretty crazy since then. Kayla wasn’t happy at first, due to Lexi’s history of sleeping around, but things were worked out when it was revealed that Lexi was manipulated into a lot of it.

Lexi was controlled by some asshole named Keith Strulk, into doing things she really didn’t want to. Upon meeting me, Lexi broke free of Keith and, in revenge, he sent videos and pictures of Lexi having sex to her parents. She got kicked out and moved in with us.

Sadly, watching one of the videos revealed that Kayla’s boyfriend, David, had sex with Lexi. Kayla and David broke up and Kayla has been morose ever since. Fortunately, she did just go to a couple of parties, so hopefully things are looking up.

“I still can’t believe you have an eighteen year old girlfriend.” says the voice of my assistant, Stacey.

Stacey is absolutely gorgeous. She is twenty-five years old, has long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and a nice sized rack. Despite quite a bit of flirting on both our parts, she and I have never hooked up. I never used to flirt with Stacey, even though I knew she had a crush on me, however Lexi gave me permission to fuck Stacey if things went that way. Then I caught Stacey checking out my bulge and things got more intense. In just a couple of days, we have really increased the flirty comments while still remaining somewhat professional and productive. Now, Stacey is here at my house to help me get some work done.

“Jealous?” I ask teasingly. I’m slightly nervous; I’ve never been so open with Stacey.

“Maybe, just a little bit.” she holds out her hand with her thumb and forefinger an inch apart.

I smile and place the picture back on my desk as I look at Stacey. She looks very professional in her skirt and blazer, sitting perpendicular to me at my large desk while we work. Somehow, I think she might be more than slightly jealous.

“I guess I’m losing my touch.” I say.

“Well, you are getting up there in years.” Stacey says as she sticks out her tongue.

“Hey now!” I say, pretending to be offended, “I’m still very young!”

“Fifteen years older than me, twenty-two years older than your girlfriend.” Stacey winks.

“Careful, I’m still your boss.” I tease.

“You’d never fire me; you need me!” Stacey smirks.

“I guess that’s true.” I acknowledge and roll my eyes.

“You’d never cheat on your girlfriend either, you’re too much in love.” Stacey says, the smile slightly fading from her face.

“You’re right, I wouldn’t.” I say with a nod, “Good thing Lexi is very understanding.”

“Is that so?” Stacey asks, intrigued.

“Yup!” I say with a smile, “She’ll always be my number one, and she knows it. I have my freedom as long as that stays the same.”

“Does that freedom extend to those other girls outside?” Stacey asks as she runs her fingers along my arm.

Stacey is referring to the three closest friends of Lexi and Kayla; Ashley, Hazel, and Marcia. Unbeknownst to Stacey, ever since I hooked up with Lexi, I’ve practically been drowning in eighteen year old pussy. The girls played Truth or Dare once and I ended up fucking Ashley and getting blown by Marcia. Later on, the girls got naked and had a Blowjob Roulette, where the girls would take turns blowing me until I came. Kayla opted out, of course.

There was also a threesome with Marcia and Lexi, though the two girls didn’t touch each other. There are plans for a threesome with Hazel and Lexi, but Lexi is slightly nervous now because Hazel has revealed that she would want to touch Lexi as well. Hopefully that happens.

I’m one lucky bastard, those girls are all gorgeous. Lexi is a stunning redhead with green eyes, light skin, and B-cup breasts. Ashley is a tall blonde with big tits, while Marcia is a sexy brunette. Hazel is a tan girl who keeps her long brown hair in a sexy ponytail. Bağdatcaddesi Holding that ponytail while the sexy girl sucked my dick is one of my favorite memories. I can’t wait to hold it while the teenager is bent over in doggy for me.

My daughter Kayla has green eyes, raven hair, and big tits. I’d never do anything with her, but she is still a beautiful young woman worth admiring. She and I have always been comfortable with each other and that comfort has only grown since Lexi became a major part of our lives. Kayla now has no problem with me seeing her bare boobs.

“A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.” I say with a smirk.

“Some gentleman,” says Stacey as she leans in, “thinking of fucking the secretary.”

“I never said I was thinking of fucking you.” I lean in so our lips our only inches apart, “I think you’re projecting your own thoughts.”

“You might be right about that.” Stacey says, “So what are you gonna do about it?”

“You do realize we can’t be a couple?” I ask, wanting to be absolutely sure I don’t lead her on.

“Who said anything about being a couple?” Stacey asks with a giggle, “Sometimes a girl just has an itch she needs scratched.” her fingers trail higher and she grips my upper arm, “I think you’ll be very good at that.”

I lean forward and gently touch my lips to hers. It’s a great first kiss, soft and sensual. After a minute, Stacey adds her tongue to the mix and we make out for several minutes. Her hand is on my upper arm while I lean over to grip her bare thigh. My hand slides slowly up her skirt, caressing her smooth skin but staying away from her pussy.

“One more thing,” Stacey says as she breaks our kiss. She kisses along my jawline until I can feel her warm breath in my ear, “I like it rough.” she husks in my ear before lightly biting my earlobe.

Then we explode into action. I place one hand on the back of Stacey’s blonde head and pull her face towards mine until we are making out again. Stacey moans into my mouth as my hand finds her tit from outside her blazer. I squeeze the large globe, loving how firm and soft it is.

Before I can start taking Stacey’s clothes off, the beautiful blonde bombshell stands up and helps me push my seat back. She then drops to her knees between my legs and reaches for my belt. Stacey undoes my belt and unzips my pants. Reaching into my pants and boxers, Stacey pulls out my erection.

“Holy shit, you’re big!” Stacey says with a gasp as she admires my cock while stroking softly.

“I’m glad you like it.” I say with a smirk.

“Mmm, I’m gonna enjoy this.” Stacey says as she leans down and gives my dick an affectionate kiss.

I watch intently as my blonde assistant lowers her head and takes my tip between her lips. She keeps her mouth open wide as she takes more and more of my cock. Holy shit, this girl can deep throat!She’s almost as good at it as Lexi! I can feel the confines of Stacey’s throat massaging my shaft. I start to think Stacey will be able to take my entire length, however she eventually has to stop with around an inch of cock still protruding from her pink lips. She then creates a seal around my cock with her lips and starts sucking.

“Oh fuck, that’s good!” I groan as I bury my hands in her hair.

Stacey giggles around my shaft as she starts bobbing her head on me. It’s a really good blowjob, this girl definitely knows what she’s doing. The entire time she’s sucking, she is making sexy moaning and gagging sounds around my length. I can feel drool leaking from her mouth and running down my cock.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop.” I moan as Stacey flicks the underside of my shaft with her tongue.

Soon, her moaning increases in intensity. Looking down, I can see that Stacey has a hand up her skirt and is obviously fingering herself while she sucks me. The realization causes my shaft to throb and pre-cum to leak into her mouth. Stacey hums around my thickness and swallows my pre-cum happily.

“Gonna cum soon!” I gasp out after a few minutes of Stacey sucking me.

She immediately pulls off my cock and looks up at me “Will you be able to get it up again?”

“Yes, yes, I promise.” I say in a desperate voice, “Just put your mouth back on me!”

Stacey giggles and lowers back down until all I can see is the top of her head again. Once more she starts sucking hard as she uses one hand to push my pants out of the way and get at my cock. Her other hand is still up her skirt.

“Ah, fuck! Cumming!” I groan as I hold Stacey’s head down on me. My hips buck and I start filling her sexy mouth with my seed.

Stacey coughs slightly when I start to cum. She then moans happily around my dick and I can feel her throat muscles working as she gulps down my load. Eventually, my hips settle back down and the last of my cum oozes into her mouth.

My blonde assistant swallows the last of my semen and slowly bobs her head on me, moaning softly. She then takes me out of her mouth and strokes my still-hard cock. How could I go soft Bağdatcaddesi Escort when this sexy girl is on her knees playing with my dick? Stacey sticks out her tongue and slaps my mushroom tip against it several times.

“You really can stay hard!” she says happily as she presses her face against my erection.

“Yes,” I respond, “and this was a good warm up, but I believe you said you liked it rough.”

I smirk as I grab Stacey by the hair and force her mouth back on me. She lets out a happy squeal of surprise when I use my grip on her hair to move her head up and down my cock rapidly. Stacey keeps her mouth open and gags sexily as I fuck her face hard and fast. Drool runs freely from her lips, and the blonde bombshell is gripping my thighs tightly.

After fucking her face for a couple minutes, I use my grip on her hair to pull Stacey off of my cock. Using my other hand, I grab my dick at the base and slap Stacey’s face with it several times as she coos happily. Next I stand up and practically drag my blonde assistant to the desk.

“Bend over.” I order her.

Stacey immediately complies, bending over the desk and presenting her shapely rear. Standing behind Stacey, I lift up her skirt and rest it on her hips, exposing a cute pair of red lace panties. I grab the back of her panties and yank them down until the underwear is stretched between her thighs.

The beautiful blonde tosses her head back and moans when I bury my face in her cunt. I lick her sopping hole for a couple minutes until I feel Stacey tense up and announce her orgasm. Next, I stand up and drop my pants and boxers. Taking my shaft in my hand, I rub it along Stacey’s slit.

“Stop teasing and stick it in me!” Stacey begs, thrusting her hips backwards in an attempt to take my cock into her body.

I smile and slap her ass, hard. Stacey yelps as her body jerks forward. Then she giggles and wiggles her bum at me. Next, I grip her hips and push forward as I penetrate her. Stacey lets out a gasp, her legs shaking as she grips the edges of the desk.

“You feel so good.” I whisper to her as I start to thrust.

“Oh my God! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Stacey moans in response, her hands gripping the desk and her head looking forward as she takes my cock.

It is soon apparent that Stacey is a very vocal lover. She moans about how big I am, how good I make her feel. My cock throbs inside her when I hear her dirty words. Fuck, I had no idea Stacey was such a dirty girl. I love it!

“You’re so wet!” I say as I hold her hips tightly and fuck her with the entire length of my hard dick.

“Oh, you make me wet!” Stacey coos back at me. “Grab my hair!” she begs.

I reach forward and grab a fistful of Stacey’s blonde hair. Using my grip on her hair, I yank Stacey’s head back, making her cry out in pleasure.

“You like that, slut?” I ask as I hold her hip in one hand while my other keeps her head pulled back. I can tell her eyes are scrunched tightly shut and her mouth is hanging open.

“Keep going, keep going, keep going!” Stacey begs as she pushes her ass back to meet my thrusts.

She looks so fucking sexy, in a stereotypical assistant’s uniform, bent over my desk as my cock spreads her open. I spank Stacey, making her cry out and beg to be hit again. I oblige and she shudders as an orgasm crashes through her body.

“Pull my hair! Harder! I want it harder!” Stacey moans.

I pull her blonde hair, causing her back to arch as her legs shake. Holy shit, this girl is cumming again. She really does love it rough! I use my grip on her hair as leverage so I can fuck her as hard and fast as I can. My entire length disappears inside her with every thrust.

“Are you gonna cum?” she moans after her fourth orgasm.

“Yes, where do you want it?” I ask.

“In me! Cum in me!” Stacey grunts.

I pound Stacey from behind for another minute or so before I feel my balls start to boil over. I release her hair and grip her hips as I thrust a few times in rapid succession. Finally, I bury myself to the hilt inside Stacey as my cock swells. I groan in pleasure as the first pulse of cum shoots into her.

“Yes, cum in me! Fill me, fill me!” Stacey coos, throwing her head back before announcing another orgasm.

Holding onto Stacey’s ass cheeks, I pant heavily for several seconds before slowly pulling out of her pussy. The blonde bombshell immediately spins around and drops to her knees. She takes my softening dick between her lips so she can clean my cock with her mouth.

After sucking for about a minute, Stacey releases my flaccid member before standing and pulling up her panties before adjusting her skirt. She smiles and watches as I pull up my pants and boxers. I wink at her as the blonde beauty sits on my desk. Then I frown as she swallows weakly and looks at me nervously.

“Was this a one time thing?” she finally asks.

“Do you want it to be?” I reply, “You know I can’t date you.”

“I know we can’t date, but I wouldn’t mind Escort Bağdatcaddesi if we could fool around once in awhile. You know, as long as we both can. If I find a boyfriend, we’ll probably have to call it off.” Stacey bites her lower lip.

“I’ll talk to Lexi.” I say, “If she’s okay with it, I’d love some mutual stress relief.”

“Great!” Stacey says as she hops off the desk and walks up to me. The beautiful blonde throws her arms around me and kisses my cheek “Let me know what she says.”

“I will.” I promise. “Until then, we should get some actual work done.”

Stacey giggles and agrees. We work for a couple hours, actually getting a lot accomplished. There’s some heavy flirting and light touching, but nothing too crazy. Stacey does promise next time I’ll get to see her tits. Looking forward to that! As long as Lexi says it’s okay, of course.

When the time for Stacey to leave arrives, she surprises me by saying she has a craving for more cum. The sexy blonde drops to her knees, pulls out my cock, and gives me head. For about ten minutes she bobs her head and sucks, before I groan and cum in her mouth. Stacey shows me my cum on her tongue before swallowing.

After putting away my dick, I walk Stacey out to her car. My blonde assistant pecks my lips before getting in her car. She then waves as she drives off. I wave back before heading inside to relax for awhile.

The girls all come inside and change out of their bikinis. Marcia, Hazel, and Ashley wave goodbye and leave for the day. I kiss Lexi and hug Kayla, then the three of us relax for the evening. Lexi and Kayla both find it incredibly amusing that I hooked up with Stacey. Lexi pecks my lips and gives me permission to fuck Stacey again. Awesome!

The threesome with Hazel is brought up again, by Kayla this time. Kayla asks Lexi if she would really fool around with a girl. Lexi blushes and shrugs nervously, saying she wants to but is anxious about it, that’s why the threesome hasn’t happened yet. I kiss her cheek and promise I’d never make her do anything that made her uncomfortable. Of course, I also make it clear that she has my permission to fuck a girl if she wants. Kayla and Lexi both laugh.

After watching a movie, Lexi starts feeling frisky, and actually grabs my bulge with Kayla sitting a few feet away. My redheaded girlfriend and I decide to head to bed early to fool around, so we say goodnight to Kayla and head to our bedroom.

Lexi is on her knees as soon as the door to our bedroom shuts behind us. The redheaded nymphomaniac yanks my pants and boxers down to my knees and immediately engulfs my hard dick. I bury my hands in her auburn hair as she starts bobbing her head.

It quickly becomes apparent that this blowjob isn’t just to get me hard; Lexi wants my cum. Her hands grip my upper thighs as she makes the sexiest gagging and moaning sounds. I just leave my fingers entwined in her soft hair and enjoy as she goes down on me.

“Gonna cum soon.” I grunt after a few minutes, “Get ready for it.”

Lexi makes a noise of wanting around my cock as she nods and sucks, her green eyes looking up at me. I grunt loudly and thrust my hips forward as I unload down my eighteen year old girlfriend’s throat. Her cheeks puff out as she lets out a choked gurgling sound. Drops of white appear at the corners of Lexi’s lips as she gulps down my seed as fast as she can.

I pull out of Lexi’s mouth and a strand of cum falls from her lips and dribbles down her chin. The sexy redhead slurps the cum back into her mouth and swallows with a happy moan. “Mmm, I love cum!” she coos.

Grabbing Lexi under the armpits, I toss the surprised girl on the bed. She giggles as I roll her onto her back and immediately go for the button of her jean shorts. I grasp her shorts in both hands as Lexi lifts her butt to help me. Pulling quickly, I rapidly yank her shorts and panties down her legs, then toss the garments away.

She’s still wearing her shirt and sneakers, but I don’t care; I need to taste her pussy. I hop up on the bed with my pants and boxers still around my knees. My hands grasp Lexi’s upper thighs and spread her legs wide. Fuck, her pussy looks delicious; delicate pink lips flowered open in arousal. Just waiting to be tasted.

I lean in and take one long lick of her slit, making Lexi shiver. “Oh, fuck yes!” she moans.

“I love this pussy.” I say right before pushing my tongue up her pink cunt.

For several minutes, I make love to her pussy with my tongue. I alternate between licking her clit and pushing my tongue inside her. The entire time my hands hold her upper thighs, keeping her legs spread. Lexi’s knees are bent and feet are in the air, still covered by her sneakers.

“I’m cumming!” Lexi calls out as her hands bury in my hair and hold my head against her crotch “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

Her hips buck against my face as the gorgeous redhead cums on my tongue. I continue sucking on her clit through her orgasm, triggering a second climax. Lexi arches her back and actually screams as her tiny body shakes in pleasure.

My cock is rock hard and I’m ready to be inside her. I climb up Lexi’s body, leaving my shoes on and my pants around my knees as I settle in between her legs. Lexi is bottomless, but still wearing a shirt and cute sneakers.

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