Black Incest Stories Ch. 02

Big Tits

Chapter 2: Family Togetherness

My name is Tanisha and I have a story for ya’ll. My Spring was pretty boring, and it seemed like it wasn’t going to get any better. My boyfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago because he moved to North Carolina with his Father. I have pretty much been in the house since just lounging around, having absolutely nothing to do. My brother, Damon, has been spending much time at home also. He was that annoying brother that always got on your damn nerves. I came home downstairs one night to watch a few movies before I went to bed. We have satellite, so I was going through the 2000 channels that we have and came across a porno. The sight of the man’s dick made me instantly wet. He was getting some head from this chick, who was sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. The slob hanging from his thick dick head was turning me on even more. That’s when I had realized that I haven’t had any good sex in a while. The couple in the porno began to fuck uncontrollably. I slipped a finger in my panties and played with my clit as the man’s dick pummeled the chick’ pussy. After about 10 minutes, I came all over my finger and sucked it dry. I couldn’t believe that I did that. Utter shock and lust came over me at the same time. It also shocked me that I was turned on by the sight of dick and pussy. Sexual thoughts of a woman never entered my mind until tonight. Damon came downstairs to get a juice, so I quickly turned the channel. My brother soon caught my attention. Damon is about 6’1, caramel-skinned, around 175lbs, with hazel eyes and thick lips.

He had on basketball shorts with a tank top, ankle socks, and flip flops on. His muscular arms had thick veins going through them, since he worked out damn near everyday. Suddenly, I began to be turned on by my brother! For the first time ever, I realized how fucking sexy he actually was. His deep voice brought me out of my nasty daydream.

“Hey, T, you want anything out of the kitchen while I’m in here?”

“No, thanks, Damon.”

That voice beylikdüzü escort of his sent chills through my now throbbing pussy. I tried to get it out of my mind, but I couldn’t. I wanted to fuck my brother. And as much as he talked about pussy, I knew it could and would happen soon. I went upstairs and left Damon in the living room to watch whatever he wanted on T.V. After I went upstairs, I passed my mother, Georgia’s room.

“T, honey, is that you?”

“Yeah, Ma.”

“Could you come put some of this lotion on my back?”

I walked into my mother’s room to see her butt ass naked. Damn, she’s thick as hell! I thought to myself surprisingly. It was true though. My mother stands at 5’8, light complexion, short hair, with nice hips, breasts, and ass. She poured some lotion in hands, I rubbed them together and commenced to rub down her back. I looked in the vanity mirror she was sitting in front of and noticed her large breasts. Light as the rest of her body with huge, dark areolas. Her nipples were hard and the shape of fat almonds. I heard a slight, low moan come from her as I continued to rub her back down with lotion. Another thing caught my attention also. Her pussy was wet, and damn did it look good. Her lips were so fat they looked like 2 pulled back curtains, and her clit was the size of an enlarged piece of candy. She was making me tremendously horny, so I decided to make my move. I moved my hands down her back and my left hand around her waist to her pussy and brushed her clit. I went in for the kill and grabbed a hold of it, which startled her.

“Tanisha, what are you doing?!”

“Making you feel good, Ma. I know you haven’t had any for a while. Neither have I. So let’s do what families do and help each other in our time of need.”

As I sunk my fingers in her now drenched pussy, I took one of her large nipples into my mouth. It tasted so fucking good, and I wanted more and more of it. Her passionate moans urged me to do more. I took her by the hand and guided her to the bed, escort beylikdüzü laid her down, and began to French kiss her. While we kissed, we both played with each other’s nipples. I moved between her legs and opened her fat pussy with my fingers. Without thinking about it, I plunged my tongue deep into her hot twat. She tweaked her nipples and moaned as I continued to eat her out. Her juices on my tongue were heaven. Damon must have heard the moaning, because he came upstairs and witnessed his sister sucking on his mother’s fat ass clit.

“What the fuck going on in here?!”

“Damon, you know what’s going on in here. As much as you talk about pussy, I know it turns you on to see 2 me eating our Momma’s pussy. You wanna come fuck and suck the both of us, don’t you?”

I saw the bulge in his shorts and knew instantly that he wanted to be down. He undressed and came up behind me. I felt him rub my round ass and take my panties off. By the look on my mother’s face, I could tell that she was even more turned on now that her son has joined in on her sexual encounter with her daughter. Damon began to play with my already wet pussy. He fingered me while his thumb messaged my clit. My mother finally came and exploded into my mouth. Her cream flowed down my throat and off my chin. We kissed so she could taste her own cum, which she loved. I told Damon to lay on his back. My mother got on her knees and started to suck on his dick. Damn it’s a big dick, too. Had to be at least 9 ½ inches, with a thick shaft and a fat mushroom head. My mother deep throated my brother’s dick as I sat on his face and covered his mouth with my pussy. His soft, thick lips immediately latched onto my twat and began licking and sucking. Wow, can he eat some pussy!

“I can’t take this shit no more. I need some if this big, tasty dick in my pussy!”

My mother got off her knees and slowly lowered herself onto Damon’s snake. The warmth and wetness of her cunt made D moan into mine. Ma bounced up and down wildly on my brother’s beylikduzu escort dick as he kept on eating the shit out my twat. I came, and Damon continued to eat my pussy through about 3 orgasms. My mother and I switched places. She got on D’s face while I sucked his pipe, tasting all of her juices on it.

“That’s right, Damon, baby. Eat your momma’s good pussy. Yes!”

D got up and told me to get on my knees. My mother pulled her 10 inch dildo out of her nightstand drawer. I gave her pussy 1 good lick and suck before I stuck the dildo deep inside of her. Damon drove his dick in me to the hilt. With 1 thrust, he hit my spot and kept pounding away at it. Every time he thrusted into me, I drove the dildo deeper and deeper into my mother. Another orgasm was coming, so I told Damon to fuck me harder. His nuts slapped up against pussy harder and harder every time he went in. I came all over his dick the same time my mother came on the dildo. I then made her suck all of her nut and juices off the dildo and stuck my tongue in asshole. Using my spit as lubrication, I started to fuck her in the ass with the dildo and eat her pussy. D finally nutted, all in my cunt. He then ate me out while I was still dripping with his cum.

“Oh, T, since you ate my pussy real good, I would love to return the favor.”

“Be my guest, Ma. Eat up as much as you can.”

We both got in the 69 position with me on bottom and her on top, which had her ass sticking up, much to my brother’s liking.

“Oh, hell, yeah. I’m getting ready to tear this ass up, Moms.”

Damon sunk his monster in our mother’s ass. Her loud moans gave my slot a v few vibrations. I stopped eating pussy for a minute to lick on D’s nuts while he hammered Ma’s juicy booty. My mother nibbled on my clit, pulling it with her lips. Damon pulled out of our mother’s ass to fuck my waiting mouth. While getting head from me, he tongue-fucked Ma deep and good. After Ma and I had another gut-wrenching orgasm, my brother sat up on the bed while we sucked him up. We both took turns sucking his balls and dick until he shot a huge load on our faces. The 3 of us all slept in the same bed that night and every other night after that. I have forgotten all about what’s-his-name, and it’s all because of family togetherness.

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