I have a bit of a kink flag, and one of my kinks is hearing stories about women getting blackmailed for sex. When I was in my mid-30’s, I had a boyfriend who was a bit edgy, which actually fit my personality perfectly. When he figured out that I got horny hearing about blackmailed wives and girlfriends, he told me about the time he blackmailed his friend’s fiancé several months before their wedding.

This happened shortly after Cole (my boyfriend), graduated from college. Cole had moved into an apartment building in Chicago to start a new job, and became good friends with a guy about his same age, named Jeremy, who lived catty-cornered from his apartment door on the same floor. Cole walked by Jeremy’s apartment door every morning on his way to work and, if Jeremy wasn’t traveling for business, Cole would collect him on his way to the elevator, and they’d share a ride to the street. Then they’d grab a coffee at the corner café, and head off to their respective jobs.

About 6 months after moving into his apartment, Jeremy found a girlfriend, Teri, and after about 9 months of dating, she became his fiancé and moved in with him. Cole thought Teri was fairly attractive, with an OK personality, but he had the distinct impression she was a bit of a slacker who viewed Jeremy as a good catch, and expected that he would take care of her financially so she wouldn’t have to put in much effort to make her own way. There was no question that she had a rockin’ body – 35F tits, slim waist, long legs, cute bubble butt. And she definitely dressed to show off her impressive assets, so Cole got an eyeful of what she had to offer almost daily.

One morning, as Cole was opening his apartment door to head to work, he noticed a strange man stepping out of Jeremy’s apartment door, with Teri standing next to him in a thin nightie. Cole’s door was only opened a crack, so he stayed where he was and watched to see what was going on. Teri’s robe was hanging open, and it was obvious that she was completely naked underneath….her shaved pussy as plain as day, and her big tits swaying slightly as she reached up and put her arms around this guy’s neck. When Cole saw this, he immediately pulled out his cell phone and began recording what he was seeing.

Cole watched and recorded as Teri and this guy shared a tongue-filled kiss, while he massaged her heavy tits with one hand, and gently rubbed between her legs with the other. She moaned into his mouth and spread her legs slightly as he continued stroking between her thighs. Then she took one arm from around his neck and reached between them to rub along the shaft of his cock through his pants.

She said, “You were amazing last night. I’ll call you the next time it’s OK for you to come by again.”

He said, “Yeah, I had a great time, too….I’ll wait to hear from you.” Then, with a grin, he gently slapped her boobs to make them Escort swing a little, and headed off to the elevator, while Teri stepped back into her apartment. Cole stopped recording, put his phone away, and headed to the office to begin his day at work.

By the time Cole got home that evening, he had a plan on how to use the video to get his own hands on Teri’s spectacular tits and bald pussy. He knew Jeremy was out of town for several more days, so right around dinner time he went over and knocked on Teri’s apartment door. She answered the door in a cotton tank top (no bra, which was a grand sight) and jean shorts….a great look for her.

“Hi, Cole. What’s up?” She asked.

Cole said, “Hi, Teri. I have something I want you to take a look at. Do you mind if I come in for a few minutes?”

She said, “Sure,” and stepped aside to let him in.

Cole said, “I guess there’s no easy way to say this, so I’m gonna jump right in. I saw that guy leave your apartment this morning…..I think we may have a problem to deal with.”

Teri said, “What? No, that’s just an old neighborhood friend. No big deal.”

Cole pulled out his cell phone and fired up the video he had recorded of Teri and the guy that morning. “Nope. Not gonna fly, Teri.”

As Teri watched the video, her eyebrows shot up and all color drained from her face. “Holy shit, Cole, you can’t show that to Jeremy! It’d ruin everything!”

With a wicked laugh, Cole said, “I figured you say that. So, what do we do about this?” As he said this, he reached out and pinched Teri’s right nipple, which was poking through the thin material of her tank top.

Teri didn’t react….she just stood there with her head down and let him pull on her nipple for a few seconds. Then Cole began massaging both of her tits through her tank top, occasionally pulling on both nipples, all while holding his cell phone so she could see the video from that morning as it played to the end. When it was over, Teri was whimpering softly, with tears starting to drop from her eyes.

“I guess I don’t have any choice, do I? What do you want?” she asked.

“I’m glad we see this the same way, Teri. Let’s start by getting those clothes off,” Cole said as he put his phone away. Cole watched as she pulled her tank top off over her head, then unbuttoned and removed her jean shorts.

“The panties, too.” Cole said.

As Teri bent over to push her panties down her legs, her big tits swung freely beneath her chest and Cole reached underneath her and grabbed a boob in each hand, squeezing and pulling on them. After she had dropped her panties to the floor and kicked them aside, Cole said, “while you’re bent over like that, go ahead and unzip me and pull out my cock.” With Cole still playing with her dangling tits, Teri unzipped his fly and pulled out his prick.

Cole said, “I don’t think I have to tell Escort Bayan you what happens next, right?”

Teri shook her head “No”, and started jerking his shaft with her hand, spitting some saliva on it for lubrication.

“Great. Now hold onto it as we move over here,” Cole told her as he started walking toward the sofa in the living room. Teri kept stroking his dick, and Cole kept fondling her tits as they walked into the other room together. Once in the living room, Cole sat on the sofa and positioned Teri on her knees between his spread legs. With his hands behind his head, he closed his eyes and said, “OK, Teri….get to work.”

Teri sucked and stroked Cole’s cock, using her tongue around the edge of the head to add stimulation, and after a few minutes Cole exploded with several streams of cum deep into Teri’s throat. With his fingers still laced behind his head, he said, “Keep going, Teri…we’re not done yet.” Teri kept bobbing her head up and down on Cole’s shaft, and he continued shooting rope after rope of cum into her mouth for about another minute. When he was finally done cumming, he said, “that was excellent, Teri. You’re really good at this. We’re definitely going have some fun while Jeremy’s away.”

Cole pulled Teri’s head up so his dick fell out of her mouth. It was still semi-hard, and he grabbed it with one hand and started slapping her face with it. Teri just knelt there with her eyes closed as he smacked one side of her face with his cock, then the other.

After a few seconds of this, Cole said, “go ahead and clean me off, Teri. Then pull off my pants, and we’ll see what else I can come up with for us to do.” Teri sucked and licked Cole’s shaft clean, then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his ankles and removed his shoes, socks and jeans. As she did this, Cole took off his shirt, so that they were both totally naked, then he flipped on the TV and told Teri to go into the kitchen and make them something to eat. Teri got up from her knees and, with her big breasts bouncing in front of her, walked into the kitchen to make their meal. Cole called out to her to bring him a beer, and he playfully slapped her tits and squeezed her ass cheeks as she put it on the coffee table in front of him. When the food was ready, they both sat at the dinette table to eat, and Cole had her fondle and stroke his shaft as they ate their dinner together.

When they were done eating, Cole told her to lay next to him on the sofa, with her head in his lap, and to suck and stroke his cock while they watched a movie together. Teri obediently crawled onto the sofa, laying on her side, and played with Cole’s prick while they watched TV. With one hand Cole held the TV remote, and with the other he fondled Teri’s huge tits as they splayed across her chest, occasionally pulling on the nipples to make them hard. He also had her lay with Bayan Escort her knees spread wide open so he could occasionally reach down and slip a finger into her pussy, or rub her clit.

About halfway through the movie, Teri’s pussy was getting wet and her nipples were getting stiff from Cole’s constant attention. She reluctantly moaned softly as her pussy juices started flowing, and she automatically increased the pace of her strokes on Cole’s shaft. Cole’s prick was responding, and in no time was fully erect. Cole pulled Teri over onto his lap so that she straddled his hips, with her big, beautiful boobs bouncing in his face. He positioned her directly over his stiff rod, then lowered her onto his cock until his pole was stuffed deep into her pussy, sucking a nipple into his mouth as he did.

Teri started bouncing up and down on Cole’s shaft, grinding her clitoris into the base of his cock, as Cole sucked on one nipple, then the other, while constantly squeezing her tits. After a few minutes of this, Teri closed her eyes and, with a groan, exploded into an amazing orgasm. She kept riding Cole’s shaft as the tingling sensation of her climax washed over her. A few minutes later, Cole grabbed her hips and, with a loud moan, released a huge load of cum deep into her cunt. They sat in this position for a while catching their breath, with Cole’s dick still deep in Teri’s pussy, and Teri rocking gently back and forth as her clit continued to rub up against his shaft.

After the movie, Cole got dressed, but told Teri to stay naked, and then had her walk him to the door. At the door he fondled her breasts for a while and rubbed between her legs, just as he’d seen in the video that morning.

He said, “Well, that was fun.” Then he smirked and added, “I’ll stop by again tomorrow after work and we’ll figure out where we go from here.” And, just like he saw on that morning’s video, he gently slapped her tits to see them sway back and forth, then turned and headed for his apartment.

The whole time Cole was telling me this, I was stroking and sucking his beautiful cock. I also had a hand between my spread legs, flicking and rubbing my clitoris like crazy. I had already cum twice during the story, and my pussy was drenched….I wanted Cole’s prick inside me right now! When I told him this, he pulled his shaft out of my mouth, turned me over onto all fours, and shoved his long dick into me from behind, slamming it into and out of me like a jackhammer. In no time a spectacular warmth washed over my entire body as an orgasm erupted inside me. Cole kept pounding away, and after a few minutes he shot a huge load of cum deep inside my cunt. Afterwards, he plopped down on top of me, and his jizzm slowly leaked out of my pussy, as we both lay wasted on the bed.

Between breaths, I said, “That was tremendous, Cole. Fantastic story! It got me really turned on.”

With a shit-eating grin, he said, “It’s not over yet.”

I laughed and said, “Good. Let’s save the rest of it for tomorrow…..I’m exhausted.”

So, until tomorrow……….

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