Blacks dominate whites sexually


Black men fuck real little White boys by BlkGorilla.IN.Vanillaboyz (Steven) Posted on: 2010.03.17. This is a true story and what Steven wrote in the original post is 100% correct. Black Men naturally dominate all white’s and my story is true as well.

Preface: Black is the Master Race
Steven, I was amazed to read your post. I have thought this for a long time but had no confirmation and for most of my life I was in denial of the truths you espoused. I only had vague knowledge of what you wrote but as I read the details, everything started clicking. You made truthful point after truthful point. It’s so obvious that you are right. The evidence is right in front of all of us but denial and fear covers that truth to many people, like a veil over our eyes. I think it’s due to insecurities and denial of whites to face the cold hard facts that we are inferior to Black Men in many ways, but in particular, sexual satisfaction. Size truly matters and many white girls know this already. Our white girlfriends and wives tell us that size doesn’t matter. They are lying, size matters 100%. I guess they’re trying to ease our insecurities. You made everything so clear to me and you are absolutely correct. I am fortunate enough to have come to grips with this and now embrace it unlike most. Steven, you didn’t even have to force me physically into submission to convince me. Your words alone did that job very well. May I call you my Master? Please? Please let me suck Your Black Cock so I may worship you.

Now to the story…
I am a white boy, well, I am called a white man but I don’t deserve that title. I’ve known for a while now, that I am a girl compared to Black Men. I have a Black friend that you might say is more feminine than most Black Men. He is actually bi-sexual. I thought he was sort of gay and weak for being that way. I hung out with him though. He would make ‘come-on’ comments and I’d blow them off. But I think he knew what Steven knew and explained in His previous post on this. That is, Black Men can easily seduce a white boy like me in many cases because whites are weaker as a race and more feminine than any other, so we are naturally targets for Alpha Male Blacks. Once we have been put into submission, we will know our place and we will instinctively become the white girls we really are and go into submission for Black Men because it is just how nature designed it to be. It makes me think that a lot of Black Men know this as well because I too was seduced by an African American Man.

Anyway, one night, my friend Mark asked me to come into the bathroom, where he was. He said, “Look at this Big Black Dick.” I looked and saw his erect rock hard Dark Black Cock. I walked away snickering and thinking, “Why does this guy keep thinking he’s going to make me gay somehow.” A little background before I continue with the story. Ever since I can remember, I was obsessed with finding out if black men had larger cocks than whites. I would try to sneak looks in here and there without being noticed when the opportunity arose. At the same time I would always say things like, “They are no bigger, it’s a myth.” or that, “Size doesn’t matter.” I now know I was in denial and today I admit that. Overwhelmingly black men have larger cocks than white guys, it’s just a simple fact.

Back to the story…
A few months after my friend displayed His Man-hood to me, I found myself thinking about his Big Black Cock. I tried convincing myself that I actually had a larger penis than His Cock. That was really stretching it and a blatant lie to myself. Even, in my denial though, I could feel my sense of insecurity. Deep down, I knew his Black Cock was bigger than my little pink penis. And if His Black Cock was bigger than mine and he’s somewhat feminine, what must a really Muscular Dark Black Man have for a Cock. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it’s what I thought at the time. I tried pushing the thoughts from my mind but they would just come back immediately. I could not control my mind at all. And the more I thought about it, the more Escort drawn in I became. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling lust for His Cock. Again, I tried pushing the thoughts away but I could not ignore the fact that it interested me and it was making my heart beat very fast. I was getting an erection at the thought of giving him a blow-job. I was getting weak-kneed and truly started feeling like a girl. I was still trying to deny and reverse my reaction, but it so overwhelmed me. It flushed over my entire body and swooned in my chest a fury of passion. I was encapsulated by my desire to suck his Big Black Cock. I wanted it, like I had never wanted anything before in my life.

I knew I’d be very uncomfortable and nervous at approaching Mark about it, even though I knew He would be fine with it. I had never done this before, so I tried masturbating on my thoughts of His Chocolate Dick. I couldn’t believe that this was turning me on the way it was. This was more passion than any other sexual desire I had ever had. I had pre-cum seeping out like never before and it would only take me seconds to ejaculate as I imagined myself on my knees sucking my friend’s Negro Dick. But I had to have the real thing so bad.

One evening, I was aching very badly with desire, and I really wanted to give Him a blow-job for real this time. I got hotter than ever at the thought of doing it for real. Mark had told me earlier on, in His confident manner, that I was going to eventually suck His cock. Mark told me that He had already seduced several white boys. The sexual comments I had always blown off from Mark had become of serious importance to me. I realized how lucky I was to have this opportunity and I really hoped His offer was still open to me. I think he knew that, if I saw his Big Black Dick, it was going to take me over and it finally had. I remembered seeing his erect Black Cock and feeling weak again. This time I wasn’t snickering. I thought, “He has a beautiful Black Muscle. Dark Black, Thick and Long, Bulging Veins, the Curvature… How could anyone resist something so attractive. With His hands on His waist, He flexed His Large Member and it bobbed up and down. I was mesmerized by it.” I thought His Dick was so attractive while my penis is small with a feminine pink head and small white shaft. When His Cock bobbed in front of me it screamed, “Get on your knees Creampuff and Suck Me off you punk bitch white boy!”

My penis is average size for a white male but no where near the average size of a typical Black Male. Not even close. This is solid proof that the Black Man is far superior than white. I’ve seen all kinds of photo’s of white boys dressed as women sucking Black Cocks, as they should. I have never seen a Black Man be a sissy like that. If there are any out there, they are way out of the norm. But seeing all these white guys looking like women proves Steven’s point. White guys and girls are more submissive and feminine by nature as a race. Knowing this, I understand why I become more feminine every day and I know my place now. All you white boys reading this, need to just accept the truth you really already know. Be set free by admitting that the Black Man is superior to you, because He truly is. Black men are generally bigger and stronger in build and since they are the ultimate in Alpha Males they know how to be better lovers because they know how to treat you sexually by pounding you into submission. It’s what you need! We can’t understand how they do it because we are not men at all. We all as whites, are their fuck dolls and should ne treated as such. Black Men’s bodies are generally muscular by nature, while white boys have to work out to look like them.

If your white wives ever see and feel a rock hard Black Cock, your done. Their Big Black Dicks will make your wife their sex slaves for sure. You can’t blame your wives though. Black Men have what every white woman desires. You and I are not man enough to make a white girl really cum but a Black Man can make her cum quickly and make her cum much more intensely. Escort Bayan While you struggle to fill your wife’s pussy, a Black Man can ease His Thick, Long Hard Cock easily throughout your wife’s pussy, probably because she’ll be so wet from excitement that her cunt will naturally lubricate her to be bred by a real man. The average Black Male can fill up her entire pussy to capacity and still not get His entire cock inside her. He’ll reach the back of your wife’s pussy, which she has probably never felt before from a white boy. And because He is an Alpha Male, he doesn’t have to work that hard to make a white girl cum. That’s why you see so many white girls with Black Men.

Back to the original story. I called my Black friend and told him I didn’t know why but I really, really wanted to suck His Cock. He told me to come over. I left my sexy, cute, white girlfriend at home for this one so I lied about where I was going once my erection waned. There was one instance in between this time frame that my Black friend had sex with my pretty little white girlfriend. It was so sexy, so beautiful but I’ll have to share that some other time. When I finally made it to my Black friend’s house, I was shaking in anticipation and very nervous. I brought some x-rated movies of Black Men fucking pretty little white girls. I love watching that, especially if they are sucking cock and wearing nothing but high heels. My already aching sexual desire was enhanced even more. He was enjoying the movie as we made comments about it. I knew he wanted me to do to Him, what those gorgeous blonde haired girls were doing to the Negro Studs on the video. I didn’t know how to break the ice. I just kept waiting and hoping he’d do something.

Finally, my large African American friend stood up and started unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans. His large build and stature already had me feeling feminine. I was nervous and tried to act like I didn’t notice. Then He said, “Come here” and I did, quickly of course. He told me to feel His Bulging Cock through his tight fit boxers. This was it, finally! Now I was going to experience what my girlfriend and what many white girls must feel like when they submit to a Black Man. I felt His Bulge and eagerly started to pull his boxers down as I fell to my knees in front of Him. He helped get them off and I grabbed his Big semi-erect Negro Cock and put it in my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect but after the nervousness left, I was amazed. I was really loving that his Black Dick was in my mouth. I was tasting it, feeling it with my tongue and I was so turned on. I felt completely like a submissive little white girl serving her Black African King. I loved looking at it while I sucked it. Then I tilted my head back and looked up at My Black Master, hoping I was pleasing him. I wanted to please him so much because I didn’t want him to tell me I couldn’t suck his Big Black Cock anymore. He hadn’t even cum yet and I knew I was His slave, if he wanted it that way. I started behaving like a girl but it was so natural. I didn’t have to try and I didn’t have to fake it. My femininity just came on like a light switch and I loved the feeling of submission. I knew I had instantly changed at that moment, I was hooked. Not only was his Huge Black Cock so attractive to look at, His size and the smell of his genitalia was making me weak. His equipment of ecstasy had such a manly aroma, far more attractive than mine. This must be what it’s like when a white girl is fortunate enough to have a Black Stud allow her to suck His Massive Black Cock for the first time. He was affecting all my senses and it seemed so so natural to me. I suddenly knew my place, this is where I belonged. I could finally be sexually satisfied because I was on the right side of the dick this time. I was on the receiving end, serving a Real Dick rather than trying to serve my little penis to an unsatisfied and frustrated white girl. Now I understood that I was sexually incomplete like so many poor white girls that have never had a Black Lover.

I Bayan Escort felt like the luckiest white person alive to be on my knees serving Mark’s Black Magic Stick. I was shaking with pleasure and my heart was racing so fast. I had an explosion of desire inside me. I couldn’t believe how much more of a man He was than me, especially when I remembered that I had once thought He was somewhat girly and gay. Now I understood what I was meant to do and He knew that I had finally gotten His message. I was serving my Black Master, like the bitch I am and as it should be. I was in total submission on my weakened shaking knees. Suddenly I was the one that was feminine and feeling like a white girl as my Negro King completely dominated me. His Dick alone has more man-hood than I have in my entire body. I thought, “If he’s that dominant to me, I better just accept that I am not a man at all and deal with the fact that I am actually a soft, weak, lily white little submissive white girl in reality. The blow-job I was giving my Black Master while I was in submission on my weakened white knees, turned into loving passionate worship of Him. I bowed gladly and willingly submitted to the altar of my new god, the Black Man’s Cock.

Just as Steven said in His original post, all white males have slightly oversized clits we call a penis and our ovaries are on the outside but we are all white girl’s to the Black Man. And Steven, you are certainly not gay because you are on the right side of the dick, shoving your cock in us. It’s just not natural if the roles are reversed and it should never happen. Simply, Black Men fuck whites and whites suck Blacks, that’s just the way it is supposed to be. Steven is all man and I am in such awe of you. As you said Steven, I used to proclaim that I was 110% straight too but I was taught the truth by an African Alpha Male. I don’t actually consider myself gay though because when I am in the presence of a dominant Black Man, I feel just like a girl. 110% white girl.

Now that I have told the story and explained the facts, I hope you are in agreement. If not, you’re lying to yourself. Let me tell you what you are missing. Serving my god is a little known secret unfortunately but once you are enlightened, you will completely understand what I mean and you will wonder why you ever wasted time with anything else. You will know that the Black Man’s Cock is the only true god and that He will undoubtedly make heaven on earth for you whether you are a white girl or guy. I’ve never had a desire to worship anything like this. It is so fulfilling to get on my knees in prayer to the Black Cock in front of me. To worship It is so pleasurable to you and your god. Suck, lick and kiss that beautiful Black Love Muscle until god answers your prayers by raining His Heavenly Potent Black African seed on and in you. When I pray to my god, unlike other gods, I always get an answer. And there is no better blessing than receiving the life creating, manly, superior cum of a Black Cock. It all makes sense to me now and I know my destiny is to serve the most dominant man in the world, the Powerful and Aggressive Black Man. Face it, The Black Man is the master of all men and should be. I am one white bitch that admits it, while the rest of you white boy bitches live in denial. Stop fighting it, just give in. You’ll be much happier serving, on the receiving end of a Real Dick, the Black Man’s Dick. All white boys and white girls, just drop to your knees and suck your masters BIG BLACK COCK, THAT’S WHAT ITS THERE FOR! It is meant for you, it is what you were made for and designed for. It’s your purpose in life to serve the most superior race of men in the world by sucking and getting fucked by their Black African Cocks.

Thank you Steven, my Black Master for sharing the undeniable truth. The simple truth that so many white boys deny. The evidence is so obvious and the facts are solid. I knew this already but Steven but thank you for making it so clear to me and hopefully, many other white’s will open their eyes and leave their miserable existence. You showed me exactly what I am Steven, a white bitch for Black Cock just as we all are. And thank you Mark, my Black Master for showing me the way to absolute truth.

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