Blake , Heidi


“She’s looking at you,” Kyle leaned over to say excitedly to Blake. Blake glanced toward the hottest girl on campus, who was, indeed, looking their way.

Blake’s already-pink cheeks turned bright red as she quickly looked back at the drink in her hand. “She was just looking over here. She hasn’t even noticed me,” she said accusingly to her friend.

Kyle disagreed. “You are hot as hell! Any girl would look at you, even the straight ones! …Which she is definitely not,” he added, hoping to prevent her next line of questioning. Her name was Heidi, as Kyle had discovered through a bit of research. She was a junior at the small college Kyle had just started attending, and she was as stunningly beautiful as Blake herself. Heidi worked out constantly, and had sculpted arms and shoulders to show for it. She had short, wavy blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a boyish face. Her hands were square and strong, and she moved solidly, her muscular body encased in faded jeans and a tank top. Her eyes roamed toward Blake again, looking at her directly before returning to her conversation.

Blake had decided to visit Kyle at school, so there she was, in the middle of a party in a New England autumn. Neither of them went to many parties, but it had sounded like a fun thing to do that night. The party was in a house on campus, and it was packed. New faces were everywhere, and the house was warm and humid, though the night outside was crisp and cold.

“Why does she keep looking at me? I feel like such a dumbass!”

“Go talk to her! Don’t miss your chance!” Kyle urged.

“No way. I can’t. She’s way too hot. She’d laugh at me!” Blake protested, her eyes wide.

The impasse was suddenly solved when Heidi came ambling over to the two. She carried a soda in her hand, and a smile played about her lips. “I don’t think we’ve met,” she said to Blake, disregarding Kyle completely. “I’m Heidi.” She stuck out her hand and Blake shook it.

“I’m Blake,” she said, suddenly totally in control of herself. Her lower lip pouted a little as her eyes roved quickly down to Heidi’s feet and back up to her face. Blake’s eyes were a pale, electric green, and Heidi could see the yellow rings of fire in the irises. Blake had high cheekbones and light pink, perfectly shaped lips. Her bright red hair was cut short, flipping up in front like a little boy’s hair. Her body was round and strong, her ass perfectly shaped in brown work pants. A button-down shirt concealed her breasts and accented muscular, freckled forearms and capable hands. “Do you know Kyle?” she asked, bringing him back into the conversation.

“Yeah, we’ve met,” she said, smiling at him, her Kurtköy Escort eyes crinkling in the corners. She seemed to want to hang out, so they talked for a while. Kyle noticed that Blake and Heidi were sneaking appraising looks at each other when they thought the other one wasn’t watching. After a bit, Kyle saw his friend Jill coming toward them. He excused himself and went with Jill to get drinks. They sat on the porch, and after a while, out came Blake and Heidi.

“Hey Kyle?” Blake said casually. “Heidi and I are going to coffee. Are you gonna be up later?”

“Yeah, come in whenever you want. I’ll leave it unlocked,” he said, a hint of a smirk in his friendly smile. Blake was staying with him while she was visiting. “Have fun, y’all,” he said.

They walked toward Heidi’s dorm a few blocks away, chatting idly. Blake admired Heidi’s ass as she walked, and she realized that her own nipples were hard from the cold air. She hoped Heidi hadn’t noticed. They reached her building and walked up the stairs to Heidi’s room. Heidi lit candles, turning off the glaring overhead light. She plugged in a small coffee pot and, a couple of minutes later, poured them cups of dark, steaming coffee. They sat down on the edge of Heidi’s bed and talked for a while, until Blake took advantage of a brief silence. She set down her cup, looked directly at Heidi, and said, “Can I kiss you?”

Heidi’s mouth softened into a hint of a smile. By way of response, she leaned forward and kissed Blake on the lips. Blake parted her lips slightly and Heidi’s tongue slipped between them. Blake teased Heidi’s tongue with her own, licking the ball of her tongue stud, biting her lower lip gently. She could feel Heidi’s hands on her back, and slipped her own hand into Heidi’s hair, rubbing the back of her neck and the blond curls. They fell sideways onto the bed, breathing hard.

Heidi disentangled her hands and began to unbutton Blake’s shirt. They began kissing again, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, their legs intertwined. Blake grasped the hem of Heidi’s shirt and pulled it over her head, slid her fingers under the elastic of the girl’s sports bra and lifted it off as well, careful not to entangle her arms in the tight fabric. Heidi’s round breasts and hard, dark nipples glowed in the candlelight. Blake kissed her neck, bit her softly, licked her earlobe, and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from Heidi. She touched her muscular stomach, her shoulders, her ribs, carefully avoiding Heidi’s breasts. Heidi slid Blake’s shirt off her shoulders and skilfully removed her white sports bra. She pushed Blake gently onto the bed and rolled Kurtköy Escort Bayan atop her, admiring her milk-white breasts with their pale pink nipples jutting toward her.

Heidi flattened her body against Blake’s and kissed her hard, feeling her skin brush against the skin of the near-stranger she was seducing. Her thigh was between Blake’s legs, Blake’s thigh pressed against her crotch through several layers of fabric. They pushed against each other as they kissed. She felt Blake’s hands on her back, her sides, then worming their way between their bodies to touch her breasts. She rolled off Blake, turning them sideways.

Blake’s fingers circled around Heidi’s nipples, not touching them. Heidi imitated her movements and Blake arched her back slightly, reflexively pushing herself toward the other girl. Blake pinched Heidi’s nipple suddenly, cupping her breast in her hand and rolling the nipple between her fingers. Heidi gasped. She could feel the wetness in her boxers. She bent her head and took one of Blake’s nipples in her mouth. Blake moaned softly, biting her lip as Heidi ran her tongue quickly over the pink flesh. Heidi sucked and licked Blake’s nipples until Blake was lightheaded and dripping wet. Blake was pinching and teasing Heidi’s nipples in return, finally tipping her head down to Heidi’s chest and licking the hard peaks, her tongue rasping against the crinkles of the girl’s nipples, her saliva glistening in the uneven light from the candle.

Heidi’s eyes were closed, her head back. Blake’s fingers moved down her soft stomach to her jeans, dexterously unfastening the button and zipper. Heidi lifted her ass off the bed to allow Blake to remove her jeans, leaving Heidi in her blue cotton boxers. Blake ran her hand along Heidi’s stomach and hip, then down to her thigh. Heidi’s legs reflexively parted for the hand on her soft flesh, and Blake’s fingers followed the suggestion, moving higher on Heidi’s leg, almost up to the wet spot on her boxers. Heidi writhed a little as Blake’s hand cupped her cunt through the fabric.

Heidi fumbled with Blake’s zipper, finally pulling it down, unbuttoning, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her pants and her underwear, stripping her of both at once. Blake pulled Heidi’s boxers off in response, leaving both of them totally naked in the nearly-dark room.

Blake gasped as Heidi’s fingers moved between her legs, suddenly touching her slippery clit. Heidi was sucking on her nipple again, massaging Blake’s clit through the hood. Blake found Heidi’s clit with her middle finger, running it around the hard little head quickly, gratified to feel how wet Escort Kadıköy Heidi had become. She slipped one finger inside Heidi’s cunt, then two. Heidi began kissing Blake as her own two fingers slid in and out of Blake, flicking her thumb over her clit. Heidi spread her legs wider and accepted three of Blake’s fingers into her body, trembling, already about to come.

Blake pulled her fingers away from Heidi. Heidi bit her lip and opened her eyes, silently pleading for more. Blake bent her head and licked one of Heidi’s nipples, then the other, pushing her flat on her back on the bed. She moved her head lower, kissing her stomach, her soft, blond pubic hair, then the inside of her thighs. Heidi opened her legs wide and Blake slid two fingers back into her and began licking her clit. Heidi moaned. Blake used her tongue skillfully, fucking her with her fingers as she slid her tongue around and over Heidi’s clit. The girl got wetter and tighter, all her muscles tense. After a few minutes, she began to shake, biting her lips and moaning quietly as her orgasm started. Blake put her fingers all the way inside Heidi’s cunt and gently sucked her clit as the girl moaned louder, straining against Blake’s mouth and hand. Blake gradually removed her fingers when Heidi’s breathing slowed, and kissed her clit one more time. She sat up and watched Heidi’s chest rise and fall.

Heidi turned her head to look at Blake, and grinned. She sat up and kissed her on the lips, tasting her own fluids. Her hands found Blake’s breasts, her fingers pinching the hard nipples. One hand moved down between Blake’s legs, and she slipped her fingers inside her tight cunt. Blake laid down, as, never missing a beat, Heidi rubbed Blake’s nipple and finger-fucked her with the other hand. Heidi removed her fingers and spread Blake’s cunt lips apart, licking down to the opening and back up to her clit. Blake played with her own nipples, pulling and pinching them. Heidi glanced up to watch for a second, then began tonguing Blake’s clit in earnest. Blake was sopping wet as Heidi’s fingers slid in and out of her cunt, pushing hard against her, running her tongue quickly back and forth over Blake’s clit hood. Blake breathed faster and faster until she started to moan softly, Heidi’s fingers wedged inside her. She gasped as she came, and then pulled Heidi away from her cunt.

Heidi kissed her and smiled. Blake was breathing hard. “That felt amazing.”

“Can you stay?” Heidi asked.

“I’d better get to Kyle’s…he’ll be worried,” she said. “But I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Of course,” Heidi grinned. And she watched her new friend put her clothes back on, gave her a quick good-bye hug, locked the door behind her, and went to sleep smiling.

“Kyle?” Blake said when she reached his dorm room. “You’ll never guess what I just did.”

“I bet I can,” he replied.


Copyright 2001 by the author. Please write me with feedback and story ideas!

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