[b]May Day Weekend in Lockwinnock[/b]


[b]May Day Weekend in Lockwinnock[/b]May Day Weekend in LockwinnockNote: This is the third story in the Lockwinnock trilogy. It is suggested that the reader read the other two stories in order to fully understand the story context. The author hopes that these fictional stories have provided entertainment and comments are invited.A sweet smile had convinced the bus driver to let her off at the round about. The ride down from Paisley to Glasgow had taken longer than she had expected. The bus had stopped at every nook and cranny. With only two short blocks to go, Beth extended the handle on her wheeled overnight bag and started to walk.The dampness of the sidewalks glistened in the light from the streetlights. The raw wind that blew in from the Clyde brought a hint of weather to come. Arriving at the front door of the apartment building, she was chilled. Beth pushed the buzzer to his apartment and waited. The wind tugged at her overcoat, her nose began to run, and she desperately needed to pee. She forcefully pushed the buzzer again and waited. She stamped her feet and rubbed her nose with the back of her k** glove then assaulted the buzzer with a staccato of pushes. “Aaron. Aaron McGregor, where the fuck are you?” She angrily muttered to herself as she began to rummage through her purse. “Where are those fucking keys?” Her impatience grew. The keys were finally found. She entered, wearily climbed the three flights of richly carpeted stairs dragging her luggage, trudged to the end of the hall, and opened the apartment door, only to be greeted by the flashing light of the phone pulsing through the darkness.Beth turned on the hall lights, discarded her coat and gloves over her suitcase, and hurried down the hall to the bathroom. She grabbed a handful of Kleenex and plunked herself down on the toilet. She blew her nose, sighed, felt relief and flushed. Beth washed and dried her hands and then looked in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed and puffy and her eyes teary. Her hair was wind blown. Beth tried to straighten her hair with her fingers and patted her face with her fingertips. She realized that she was agitated and most of all hungry. She left the bathroom and headed to the kitchen.Her hand found the switch and as the light flooded the kitchen, Beth’s eyes went immediately to the counter wine rack. Minutes later a half glass of Merlot sat on the counter while Beth searched the cupboards and fridge looking for something to eat. Twenty minutes and two glasses of Merlot later, Beth departed the kitchen for the living room with her gourmet meal. The kitchen was left disarray. The microwave door was ajar, the cutting board was covered with crumbs and morsels, and a dirty corning ware dish was on the counter by the cork and corkscrew. She turned on the television and sat back in the sofa to enjoy her meal of tomatoe soup, rye crisp crackers and cheese, Peak Fream shortbreads, and wine.The television had been watching Beth for a couple of hours when she awoke to the sound of the 11 o’clock news. She was disappointed to find herself still alone in the apartment. She rose from the sofa and carried the dishes to the kitchen and placed them by the sink. Leaning back against the counter, she finished the remaining wine in a series of large gulps. Beth dejectedly placed the glass on the counter, wiped the dribble of wine from the edge of her mouth and walked into the hall. There the impatiently flashing phone once again caught her eye. She had forgotten about the message. Now she picked up the receiver and pushed the message button. “Beth, its Aaron. How dumb of me, of course you know who it is. Look, luv, there’s been a problem with the plane. They say it’s a warning light or something. Anyways we have been diverted to Gander, Newfoundland. BA is putting us up for the night. They hope to have the plane fixed soon and I should be home sometime on Friday. I’ll phone you as soon as I know the time of arrival. Miss you lots.”“Shit,” was all Beth could say as she put down the phone and turned to walk towards the master bedroom. She had arranged a four-day weekend with Friday and Monday off from work. Now everything that was so carefully planned was about to collapse into shambles. Beth brushed against her coat. She realized that she had not hung it up. Quickly stuffing the gloves into the pockets, she grabbed a hanger, and deposited the coat in the closet. The travel bag followed her down the hallway, tugging in protest as its small wheels dug into the deep pile carpet. She entered Aaron’s bedroom, turned on the lights, and began to cry. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she pulled the travel bag into the large closet dressing room area. Beth unzipped her suitcase and pulled out her make up bag. As she was about to enter the adjacent ensuite, she noticed that Aaron had left open the bifold doors, which normally hid the washer and dryer. Hung over the edge of the washing machine was one of Aaron’s heavy plaid shirts. She instinctively reached for the shirt to dry her tears. The faint smell of Aaron filled her head.She left the bathroom clad only in Aaron’s open shirt. Turning out the lights, she walked slowly towards the bed as her eyes became accustomed to the pale light the streetlights provided through the bedroom window. She pulled back the covers and curled up in the pillows. As she pulled a pillow into her chest and pushed down into the bed, Aaron’s scent once more invaded her. Hugging the pillow forced the shirt to sc**** across her breasts. She liked the tantalizing feel of the buttons and cloth edge against her skin. She reveled in the sensuous smells of the shirt and the bed. She enjoyed the sound of her own breathing. Her nipples hardened. The pillow became redundant, replaced by the soft teasing of tentative fingertips. The tips of her nails traced the sides of her breasts and tickled her navel. She squeezed and rubbed her nipples and gently caressed her pubic hair. Her palms rubbed her thighs. Her fingers began to explore her pussy.Beth spread her legs to provide greater comfort and access for the fingers she no longer controlled. All Beth could feel were the sensations on her pussy lips and hood and the pressure on her nipples. The sensations increased. Her fingers were bathed in wetness as they penetrated and probed and rubbed and squeezed her clit. Her nipples were pulled to elongated hardness. Warm colours flashed though her mind. Gasps, pleeaassure, and reeleeaase consumed Beth as she collapsed in a wave of heat and light.********************************************The flight attendants had been great. They had prepared everyone for a rough landing and for emergency evacuation. The woman beside him had asked if she could hold Aaron’s hand when they assumed crash positions. However, it was all really anticlimactic. The plane made the gentlest landing Aaron had ever experienced and rolled to a stop by the fire trucks at the far end of the field. An hour latter they were being transported by bus through the rain and sleet to hotels in Gander. The couples and groups had been assigned to one of the major hotels in the Gander while the singles had to make due with a three storey walk –up near the airport. The passengers were only allowed to take their carry-on luggage and each clutched at the toiletry bags supplied by the airport staff. Aaron’s seat companion from the plane was on the bus too and they sat together. Aaron learned that she was a 28-year-old PhD graduate in immunology who was traveling to London to take a job in a pharmaceutical lab. Her name was Sandra. After checking in, they discovered that their rooms were opposite one another on the third floor. Hungry, they agreed to meet in the hotel restaurant for dinner.********************************************Aaron entered his room. It could only be described as starkly functional. It was in sharp contrast to the Toronto luxury suite in which he had spent the last 3 weeks. Throwing the bags on the bed. He began to undress. He needed a shower to relax. He stripped, grabbed his underwear and new toiletry bag, and headed to the washroom. He shaved, showered, and washed his underwear, which smelled of fear sweat. He dried the underwear first in a towel and then hung it over the room heater and pushed the high button. Dressing he felt somewhat apprehensive about eating with Sandra. There were butterflies in his stomach as he headed down the hall to the restaurant-bar on the first floor. His gray, zippered turtleneck chaffed against his nipples. The seams in the jeans rubbed against his balls as he walked. He had not “dated” another woman since he had met Beth. Was this cheating?The restaurant-bar was dark and noisy. It was filled with a combination of plane passengers and airport employees unwinding after a day’s work. Along the far wall opposite the entrance was a small stand-up bar and next to it an undersized dance floor with a low stage. On the stage were a drum set and a jukebox, which was playing country and western music. Two couples were dancing and several more couples sat at the tables at the edge of the dance floor. The kitchen service entrance was at the far end of the room. A series of booth-like tables separated entrance area from the dance floor. Aaron selected a booth not far from the entrance and sat down. Soon Sandra joined him. It was obvious that she had showered too. Her curly brunette hair was pulled back into a damp ponytail. She was braless. The boat-necked jersey T-shirt outlined the edges of her small breasts and her nipples were clearly visible. An older waitress soon approached them. As Sandra ordered, Aaron looked at the profile of the waitress and drifted off into his own world. Her bleached blond hair and stained white blouse brought to mind the phrase “…ridden hard and put away wet…”“And what would the gentleman like?” The words startled Aaron.“I’ve ordered beer and nachos,” remarked Sandra helpfully.“The nachos are a huge order. There’ more than enough for two. What would you like you drink,” queried the waitress?Aaron was taken aback. “What do you have on ta..?”He never got a chance to finish. “You know what you need after a day like today? You need some screech. That’ll straighten you right out. Besides, BA’s paying,” she continued as she turned her back and walked away without giving him a chance to reply. Bemused Aaron fell into conversation with Sandra. Soon their food and drinks came. The screech, Aaron decided was an acquired taste. It was raw rum that burned all the way down. It had a sharp kick but the taste definitely mellowed after the second glass. The nachos, on the other hand he thoroughly enjoyed. The nachos disappeared and so did three bottles of beer and three glasses of screech. It was apparent that both of them had a good buzz going as they negotiated the stairs to their rooms. In front of her door, Sandra fumbled with her key and dropped it. Aaron picked it up, threaded the key into the lock, and opened the door. Aaron stepped back to allow Sandra to enter. She lunged forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a hot smoldering kiss on his lips. Her weight drew him inside and he pushed the door closed. The kiss continued and their tongues intertwined.She stepped back. Slurring she said, “You’re a good kisser, but I need to piss and brush my teeth. Don’t go away.” She stumbled into the dark bathroom. ankara escort Aaron flicked on the light for her. “Thaaanks.” Sandra made no attempt to shut the door before she pushed down her jeans and sat on the toilet. Aaron felt voyeuristic and turned away from the scene. The room was a carbon copy of his. There was a single queen sized bed bracketed by two nightstands on one wall and a chest of drawers supporting an ancient TV on the other. The light on the nightstand, where Sandra had left her purse, illuminated the room. Aaron felt a hand brush across his shoulders. “Its your turn, Scottie,” she slurred. Sandra walked in front of him and stopped with her back towards him. She was wearing only the red T-shit. Slowly the shirt was pulled over her head. With a wiggle of her bum, she placed it over the TV. “You can use my toothbrush,” she giggled as she hugged herself. “Don’t take too long.”As Aaron left the bathroom and turned the corner to enter the darkened room he heard, “Leave the bathroom light on. I like to see my men.” He obliged. “You know,” she asserted, “size does matter.” Aaron’s confidant six inches sagged a little. Aaron retorted, “ You know sweetie, it’s the artist not the paintbrush that makes the picture.” What he really wanted to say was “Your 34 A’s are barely a mouthful,” but he kept silent and continued to approach the bed.Sandra laughed. “I am a good girl scout, I’m always prepared. But these may be too big!”“Bitch!” he thought. Aaron saw that the contents of her purse were now spilled over the nightstand and that she held up two wrappers between her fingers.“Let’s find out if you’re are Picasso or a simple house painter.”“Oh Christ, “ said Aaron silently to himself. “I don’t need this shit!” He turned to bolt. However, he never got the chance. Sandra pulled him forcibly down onto the bed and inhaled his lips. Her tongue went deep into his mouth. As their tongues fenced, Aaron’s fingers found her nipples. They were hard and protruding. Sandra felt Aaron’s fingers work her nipples. He squeezed. It hurt but it felt good. His breath and tongue gave them new sensations. Then almost her whole breast was consumed and sucked into his mouth. Each breast was given equal time. The feelings built in her head and flowed out in muted gasps as his fingers roughly rubbed her navel and began to explore her pussy.Sandra’s bald pussy yielded easily to Aaron’s fingers. Its warmth and moisture invited penetration first by one finger then by two. He curved his fingers and worked them rapidly over the thick area at the front of her vagina. Aaron continued to suck on her nipples while his free thumb began to massage her clit. He shifted his kneeling position and his tongue snaked down to join his thumb. Sandra arched her back. Her arms were raised and her hands pulled at her hair. Her head was turned, her mouth agape, and her breath was coming in short pants. Aaron’s tongue titillated the tip of her clit and his fingers vibrated over the front of her vaginal wall. “Oh FUCK ME!!” she screamed as her body shuddered and bucked spasmodically. Her pelvic bone collided with Aaron’s nose. Stunned, he drew back. “Don’t fucking stop, that was wonderful!” A hand pushed at the back of his head and Aaron’s tongue returned to her clit. It flicked and darted across her hot hardness. Her body shook in a series of shuddering convulsions.The telephone rang harshly at 2:30. “Hello” sputtered Aaron. A confused voice on the other end of the phone announced that that a bus would be at the front of the hotel in an hour to take them to the airport. There was a request to be on time and a click. Aaron replaced the phone and noticed on the tabletop the two used condoms and their wrappers. He smiled and chuckled to himself. “For this whole bloody trip I’ve been selling myself. Fuck, this was no different.” He twisted and planted his feet on the floor. He stretched. There was movement behind him. Turning to view the still sleeping Sandra, he mused to himself, “That wasn’t sex, old man, that was salesmanship. You wowed them in Toronto, you’ve obviously convinced this young lady, now there’s only one more sale to make.”Smiling, he rose and walked to the bathroom. The light was still on. He dressed quickly and returned to the bedroom. Sandra was now awake. She was twisting and stretching. “Come on, get up, lazy bones. There’s a plane to London to catch. We have to be in the lobby by 3:30.” She reached up and pulled him down to her lips. He plucked at her nipples with one hand while the fingers of the other explored her bald cleft. He was surprised to find her pussy warm and wet. She jerked as his middle finger found her clit. Then he forcibly drew back. “No time, to start another painting now,” he laughed as he headed for the door. “Bastard,” she yelled and threw a pillow at his retreating form.********************************************Morning light woke Beth. It streamed through the window. Oh what a wonderful day she thought. Then thoughts of Aaron and where he was clouded her mind. The sharp ring of the bedside phone shocked her out of her funk. “Hello, Aaron?”“No luv, its only me Charlotte. I take it, Aaron is not there yet…” Beth, while disappointed that it was not Aaron, was pleased to hear Charlotte’s voice. The two reviewed the plans for the Saturday Valentine’s Party. Charlotte informed her that while she was at work now, she was only going to stay for a couple of hours and then head directly to Lockwinnock. Beth said that she wanted to do some shopping. She wanted some lingerie. She was pleased when Charlotte recommended a little shop not far from Aaron’s apartment. The girls gabbed for nearly an hour. After showering and dressing, the pangs of hunger forced Beth to think about breakfast. A quick trip to the kitchen convinced her that her cravings for food could not be met there. Grabbing her purse and coat she headed off to Lindy’s.Lindy’s was a small local restaurant located about two blocks from the apartment. It featured a wide variety of home-cooked food and great coffee. It was a family owned business and always seemed to be open. Aaron and Beth ate there often.She entered the restaurant. The warm blast of air and the friendly greeting did a lot to dispel the bite of the cold, damp wind and the gloom of the heavy black clouds overhead. “Good morning Miss Beth,” came the cheery, heavily accented greeting. “You like coffee this morning?”“Yes, please, Ahmed,” replied Beth as she sat at a vacant table by the kitchen door. She ordered a three-cheese omelet and toast to fortify her for shopping. Beth enjoyed shopping. It took her mind off the fact that Aaron was late in returning. She found the few extra things Charlotte had asked her to get for the party. She also found a red negligee with a matching robe. That was to be Aaron’s Valentine’s present. As she returned to the apartment in the late afternoon, snow began to fall. By the time, she was climbing the steps to the building it was apparent that Glasgow was to be hit by a full-blown blizzard. Entering Aaron’s apartment she was greeted by the flashing light of the answering machine.********************************************During the flight to London Sandra and Aaron talked little, choosing mostly to stretch out in the reclined World sleeper seats and catch up on their much missed slumber. When the plane prepared to land in London, Sandra began to stroke Aaron’s left hand while he held a magazine in the other and pretended to read.In the terminal, everyone was quickly ushered through customs and into a special reception area. Passengers milled about waiting for instructions. Aaron felt Sandra’s presence at his side and his name being called. “Aaron McGregor, Mr. Aaron McGregor”“Aye, here. I’m here.” A bubbly British Airways representative approached him.“Oh thank heaven I found you,” she gushed. “Please come with me. We have a limo waiting. It will whisk you off to your connecting flight and you can be in Glasgow by 4:30. Hurry, please hurry!”“But my bags…”“They’re all taken care of, sir. Come, please.”Aaron turned to follow the young woman. A pleading came from behind him. “Aaron, Aaron, wait just a moment.” He turned to see Sandra hunched over frantically writing on the back of what appeared to be a business card. He took a step towards her and she thrust it in his hand. “Aaron, if you are ever in London…” she reached up and touched his cheek. He kissed her fingertips. “Take care luv…”“Mr. McGregor. Come on, we have to catch your plane!”The attendant’s call cut through the moment. Aaron started to pull away. His hand rose in a final goodbye and their eyes met. “You’re the best artist I know,” she said and returned the wave. Instinctively he shoved the card in his overcoat pocket just as the attendant grabbed his elbow and ushered him quickly to the door and the waiting limousine. The flight to Glasgow was uneventful until the final twenty minutes.********************************************The small jet began to buck in the turbulence. The seatbelt sign started to flash. Heavy clouds could be seen outside the cabin windows. The PA system announced that Glasgow was enveloped by a severe snowstorm. The plane would need to circle for a short period but that they had been given permission to land. However, they would be the last plane to do so because the airport was being closed due to the storm. Aaron removed his wallet from his pocket, inserted his credit card into the air phone located in the back of the seat in front of him. He dialed his apartment hoping to get Beth. He got the answering machine. “Hi hon, as you probably already know the weather’s lousy. They have delayed our landing. I will be home soon. Keep the home fires burning, OK? It’s Aaron. Oh, how stupid of me of course you know that. Bye.”The landing was a nail biter, getting his luggage was chaotic and took an eternity by the time he arrived outside the terminal there were no cabs left. He spotted the airport bus and made a run for it. The ride into Glasgow was accomplished at a crawling pace. There was now about 6 inches of snow on the ground and traffic was snarled. The driver dropped him off just before the hotel zone. He had only about 6 blocks to walk to the apartment. His pace was slow. It was hindered by his wheeled suitcase, which became a miniature snowplow as it dragged behind him. He finally had to carry it, but that made going even more difficult. As he passed Lindy’s, he stopped and ordered some fish and chips to go. It was unlikely that Beth, if she were there, would have diner waiting. As he approached the stairs to his apartment building and fumbled for his keys, he did not know what to expect. After all, he was 30 hours late.Beth sat in the dimly lit apartment, sipping a glass of wine, and watching the snowflakes. The glow of the streetlights spotlighted them as the wind whipped them about. She thought of her day, contemplated the silence, and watched the snow build up on the windowsill. There was the sound of a key in the lock. The door opened and Beth rushed to greet Aaron. She kissed and hugged him. “Sweetie, I’m so glad to be home,” he said in an exhausted tone. She continued to hug him as she tipped her head back and looked into his eyes. Aaron could see tears running down her face.“I’ve missed you so much! Where the hell have you been?” She softly beat her arms against ankara escort bayan his chest.“Mostly in an airplane trying to get back to you and this fucking snow didn’t help,” he replied with an exasperated tone. I brought us some dinner, fish and chips from Lindy’s.” He handed her the bag. “You didn’t make dinner did you?” Beth started to laugh as she wiped away her tears. “Just spread them out on a plate and put them in the micro…”“I know, I know, damn it! I didn’t become a complete fool while you were away!” Beth’s anger boiled out in the words and she hit Aaron hard on the arm as she turned away embarrassed by what she had just said. The blow didn’t hurt it just deflated him. Aaron let his coat fall in a heap on the floor. Then he turned and dragged his suitcase down the hall to his bedroom. Beth bit her lip. Placed the bag containing the fish and chips on the hall desk and then hung the overcoat over the desk chair to dry. A glove had fallen from one of the pockets.She picked it up. Beneath it was a business card, she picked that up too. On one side, it read Gravely Pharmaceuticals with a London address and phone number. Hand written on the back was “Please let me be you canvas again. Love Sandra.” Beth quickly stuffed the glove and the card back into the pocket, grabbed the fish and chips, and fled to the kitchen.Clangs and bangs announced the clean up of the kitchen mess from the previous night. Beth was angry about her outburst and peeved about the note. “Who the hell was Sandra? Love, Sandra! Christ!” As she loaded the dishwasher, a wine glass slipped from her hand and shattered on the tile floor. She cleaned up the shards as best she could then she heated up the fish and chips in the microwave. Just as the microwave chimed, Aaron appeared at the kitchen door. He was dressed in a bathrobe and slippers. He looked tired. His shoulders sagged and he looked dejectedly at the floor. He bent down and picked up a stay shard from the floor. “I broke a wine glass, I’m sorry.” Beth explained.“Yeah,” was all he said as he placed the piece of broken glass in the garbage. Beth served the fish and chips and wine at the kitchen table. Conversation was stilted and centered around the Valentine’s Party the next day and the storm. When Aaron finished eating, he rose, placed his dishes in the dishwasher, and approached Beth’s chair. He placed his hand on her shoulder, bent down and kissed her hair and whispered, “I really missed you the last three weeks. I really did.” Slowly his hand slid off her shoulder. “I’m really tired, I need to go to bed.”Aaron slipped off his slippers and hung up the robe in the dressing room. He entered the bathroom and stood before the sink. He knew he would find comfort in routine. He brushed his teeth. He shaved, and then he turned on the shower. Of all the renovations he had made to the apartment, he was most proud of the shower. It was 4 by 6 feet with a bench along it longest side. There were six showerheads and a steam generator. He entered by the sliding door and turned up the pressure and allowed the cascading water to beat the tensions and disappointments out of his body. He did not notice the presence of Beth until she slid open the shower door and entered. Aaron stood rigid. Beth hugged him. She looked up at him. Streams of water pelted into her face. She closed her eyes, hugged him harder, and said, “Oh Aaron I missed you. Baby, I missed you so much.”Aaron could only sigh and say, “I know, Beth I know.”Her body slid down the front of his. Her hands began to massage his navel and his thighs. Soon they found his cock and balls. Aaron leaned back and turned off the overhead and side showerheads. He reduced the pressure of the other showerhead until the spray was only a fine mist upon their backs. “Look’s like this little man had quite a workout lately,” Beth commented as she began to manipulate his dick.“Hard night with the Palm sisters, “Aaron quickly countered.The picture of the business card flashed through he mind. Nevertheless, Beth chose not to dwell on that but instead focused on what was in front of her. Beth’s fingers guided Aaron’s limp dick into her mouth. Her tongue wagged back and forth across the underside of his cock. It grew more turgid. Beth tightened her lips around his girth and forced his foreskin back with a bobbing movement. Aaron gasped as hot breath flowed over his glans and fingertips tickled his balls. His back arched as he took a deep gulp of air. All harsh words and actions were forgotten. Beth looked up into Aaron’s eyes. She felt the head of his cock move against the roof of her mouth. She sucked hard and twirled her tongue against his cock. His member grew even more rigid and began to throb. She fingered his balls still, he did not cum. Beth worked her index finger into his anus and bobbed faster. Her neck was becoming sore and her jaws ached. However, she could not, would not stop. She had to make him come and soon. Her finger wriggled and found his prostrate. She brushed it. Aaron drove forward into her mouth and exploded. His sweet cum spurted against the roof of her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, the rest dribbled out of the corners of her lips. Aaron smiled and quipped between gasps, “Now that’s the homecoming I had hoped for.” His dick slid from her mouth and she hugged his thighs. She felt absolved.The trek to Lockwinnock began early. Together they had loaded the old Mazda 4X4 pickup and after several attempts made it through the drifts that filled the service laneway of the apartment building and into the nearly impassable streets. They double-parked outside Lindy’s. Aaron had phoned ahead. The toasted fried egg sandwiches were ready and so were some of Ahmed’s special poppy seed buns. Ahmed went to the back of the restaurant to preheat their thermos and fill it with coffee. When he returned he placed everything in a large brown paper bag and give it to her. “You and Mr. Aaron drive safe now.” Beth tried to pay but Ahmed shook his head and hands, “No, no, no. You guys crazy. Be careful. The coffee keep you warm.” He turned and walked back into the kitchen.The drive out of Glasgow was difficult but the Mazda made slow but steady progress. The egg sandwiches had been a welcome start to the day but the coffee was the real surprise. It was liberally laced with brandy. They had been on the road for an hour before they saw their first car. It was a police car stuck in a drift. They stopped, conversed with the young policeman, filled up his thermos cup with coffee, ignored his warnings about the roads, and continued on their journey.“Think he’ll pull you over for drinking and driving after he tastes the coffee,” chuckled Beth.“Have to catch me first,” replied Aaron. Three hours later, they were approaching Paisley. Here the snowstorm had been much less severe. Only about 4 or 5 inches of snow had fallen there. However, it did make it difficult to negotiate the narrow streets that surrounded Beth’s flat.When they slid to a stop in front of Beth’s door Aaron said, “Look luv, you go up and get whatever you need. I’ll stay in the truck. We can’t block the roadway.”“Aaron, I would appreciate a hand,” she countered emphatically.“Look, I can’t leave the truck here unattended. It blocking the ro…”“Jesus Christ! Just for once, I’d wish you would not follow the rules. You’re so…” whatever she said was drowned out in the reverberating slam of the passenger door. When Beth brought down the first load of boxes and bags, the little red Mazda truck was not there. “Fucking typical” she muttered. She did not notice the second set of tire tracks in the street’s snow. When she returned with the second load of shopping bags and her suitcase, she found Aaron loading the truck. “Here let me help you with…”“No, I can do it myself,” she said curtly. He stepped back, watched her swing her packages and suitcase onto the truck bed. He shook his head as he watched her slip and almost fall as she approached the passenger door. Aaron pursed his lips as he heard and felt the slamming of the passenger door. After a deep breath, he closed the tailgate and secured the canopy door. Upon entering the cab, Aaron found it colder on the inside than out. He started the truck and they silently continued their journey. Fifty yards down the road, they rounded a curve and Aaron had to drive up on the sidewalk to get around the ambulance. “They arrived shortly after you entered your apartment,” he quietly said. Beth said nothing; she just slumped down in her seat. As they left Paisley, the roads began to improve. Driving became easier and Aaron’s thoughts turned to the small square velvet box, he had squirreled in the side pouch of his carry all. He finished the rest of the coffee and allowed its warm burn to relax his mind. He tentatively reached over and touched Beth’s thigh. He felt the gentle pressure of Beth’s hands on his.Slumping down in the passenger’s seat, Beth felt like an ass. Why had she exploded at Aaron like that? She couldn’t find the words to explain or to say I’m sorry. So, she just stared out the window at the passing white dessert. Then she felt Aaron’s hand touch her right leg. A sense of relief filled her. Automatically her hands encompassed his and drew it into her thigh. She luxuriated in its warmth and feel.Beth moved slightly in the seat and Aaron’s hand moved against the mid seam of her jeans. Now every minor motion of his hand caused the seam to transfer the pressure of his movement to her clit. It was a delicious, warm, feeling. Beth felt her nipples harden and her moisture begin to flow. An erotic peace soon replaced her gloomy funk. Lockwinnock had been spared the major snowfall. Only a light dusting of snow covered the greens and the fairways of the golf club. The little Mazda easily followed a set of tractor tracks as it climbed up the access way to the 15th hole and Aaron’s cottage. Aaron momentarily winced and anxiety grew in the pit of his stomach. Since they left so early in the morning, he had not phoned Ian. The cottage would be cold and damp and there would be nothing to eat. “Oh shit, how will Beth take this,” he thought to himself.To his surprise and he approached the cottage driveway, the gate was open. Wisps of smoke came from the chimney. “Ian Robertson, you are the best!” He thought to himself. Beth entered the cottage first. Aaron started to unpack the truck. It took some time to ferry the shopping bags, boxes, and cases into the cottage. He placed them just inside the door. Before he finally entered the cottage, he turned the truck around to prepare for the trip to the golf club and the party that night.As he entered, Beth was just coming out of the bathroom. Her sweater was slightly askew and the top of her jeans was still undone. Her face was flushed. “I had to pee. I had to pee really badly.” Beth offered the unnecessary explanation in an embarrassed tone. “Look what Charlotte and Ian left us. You have to read their note.” She walked forward with a slightly unsteady gait. Aaron moved hesitantly. They both met beside the dining table. Beth wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a warm passionate kiss on his lips. The note crumpled in her hand as she helped him remove his coat. She spun around throwing the coat and note on the table. Beth pushed back into Aaron’s chest and his arms wrapped around her waist. escort ankara His hands pushed across her hips and navel and found the exposed skin at the top of her undone jeans. Aaron’s fingers pushed down to explore her warm, moist pubic hair while his lips nuzzled her ear and neck. Beth purred. Her hands grabbed his wrists. Pulling his hands back she said in a husky voice, “Get out of those boots and join me in the boudoir.”Aaron entered the bedroom naked. He found Beth still in her sweater. However, her jeans and panties were in a pile on the floor. She lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread and her knees drawn up towards her chest. Her eyes were closed and a look of intense satisfaction covered her face. Aaron watched as her fingers slowly moved back and forth through her pubic hair stopping every so often to allow her fingertips to tap on the hood of her clit. Beth heard Aaron enter the room and felt the mattress move as he climbed on the bed. She did not open her eyes nor did she stop the movements of her hands. Beth wanted Aaron to watch. She was pleased when she sensed his face near her fingers and felt his breath tease her pussy. Then his tongue began to follow her fingers. Holding his head, she guided him. His tongue tantalized her pussy lips. With long, wet strokes, he painted their edges and teased at the hood of her clit. He sucked, kissed and fondled her succulent hardness with his lips all the while massaging her belly and squeezing and pinching her nipples as his hands worked beneath the sweater. Beth squirmed, moaned and writhed with pleasure. Between gasps, she panted instructions and encouragement. Then his tongue penetrated her. His teeth grated against her clit. Her sweet taste and gyrations drove him on. Beth squirmed and uttered an elongated moan. Warm simmering waves flowed through Beth. It seemed that Aaron’s tongue was consuming her entire body. A continuous series of bright colours flooded her mind. Beth was racked with an uninterrupted series of pants, and involuntary spasms. However, her enjoyment was momentarily interrupted. Aaron’s tongue movement ceased and was followed by a series of jerking movements. She attempted to pull Aaron’s head further into her, but her grasp was broken. “Oh fuck, don’t stop now,” she begged.Aaron rose up. His shoulders and arms pinned Beth’s legs against her now exposed breasts. She felt his hardness slip inside her. Its gliding, rhythmic motion teased the walls of her vagina and new feelings flooded her mind. Beth matched his thrusts. Flaming, hot tension built up in her pelvis. She screamed. She gushed. She felt Aaron release into her with a groan and a shudder.Beth and Aaron were fashionably late for the May Day’s soiree at the Golf Club. However, they were dressed for their parts and ready to participate in the murder mystery game. Aaron was to play the part of a philandering movie producer whose movie production company had been rescued from virtual bankruptcy by a switch to porno film production. Beth’s character was his wife, the latest in a string of wives. This marriage was the result of a liaison commenced during the making of his most recent porno film. The short, tight fitting, deeply V’ed red dress that Beth wore conveyed perfectly the image of a porn star bimbo. It also made her the centre of attention of every male in the room. Immediately after their arrival, Beth left Aaron to help Charlotte with the party. Aaron was impressed with the measures taken by his host and hostess. The party took place in the main lounge of the Lockwinnock Golf Club. The Robertson’s had done a superb job of creating a murder mystery environment. By the leaded casement windows were a series of tables laden with food, sweets, and wine and liquor of every description. There were “clue areas” located throughout the room at the lounge chesterfield and coffee table areas. By the main door was a stereo set that played background music and a microphone that allowed Charlotte or Ian to periodically give the game participants instructions and to tell them what to do in each clue area.Beth’s job, other than to be provocative eye candy, was to deliver the clue cards to the various tables at the appropriate times. The cards we stored in the library. Beth stood by the library door. From her vantage point, she could watch the entire party and consume the wine and appetizers brought to her by leering male party guests. The most persistent visitor was young Tommy Robertson, Charlotte’s son. He plied her with wine while he stared at her breasts.When admiring males did not block her view, Beth tried to watch for Aaron. Perhaps with eye contact, she could signal him and he would come to her rescue or at least stand guard. At the beginning of the party, Aaron seemed to spend a lot of time with Ian. He did not mingle with the other guests seeming to prefer the presence of his host. He seemed to be uncomfortable, almost shy. Yet, he did participate during each clue exchange. Gradually over the evening, Beth observed that he spent less time with Ian and more time with a few ladies of the party. By the end of the fifth round, he was spending most of his time with a pretty blond in her early thirties. Jealous thoughts crept into Beth’s mind as she remembered the business card she had found earlier. By the beginning of the ninth round, Aaron and his little blond were obviously enjoying each other’s company. Her resentment grew. She took another swallow of her wine and entered the library muttering, “I wonder if she’ll be his next canvass?”Aaron found the mingling difficult. What made it worse was seeing all the men paying attention to Beth. He was especially annoyed at the considerations of young Tommy Robertson. He seemed to follow her everywhere. Particularly disturbing was the fact that he always seemed to be touching her and leering. The only thing that was getting him through the evening was his conversations with Ian and a delightful young woman. As the clues were being distributed for the ninth and final round, Aaron watched as Beth entered the library. A short time later Tommy followed. For Aaron the party stopped. All he could focus upon was the library door. After what seemed like an eternity, the library door opened.Beth walked quickly away from the library. As she walked, she adjusted her dress at the hips and repositioned the straps. She headed directly to the refreshment table. There she poured herself a glass of wine, quickly quaffed it down and was pouring herself another as Aaron came near. His stomach was knotted. He decided on the direct approach. “What were you doing with Tommy?”“Giving him some golf pointers,” came the cold, terse reply as she took another gulp of her wine.“ But you know nothing about golf. What could you offer…?Beth interrupted his question. “Shortened his putting stroke.”“What? I don’t understand. You…”“Knee in the nuts.”“Oohhhh, that could affect his handicap, ” Aaron laughed as he placed his arm around her shoulders. She nuzzled into his neck and Aaron could see that there were tears in the corners of eyes.“Aaron, Aaron McGregor, you should be ashamed of yourself.” The shrill voice came from over Aaron’s shoulder. He turned and Beth quickly tried to wipe away the tears. “You have not introduced me to this beautiful lady.” The blond Aaron had been talking to most of the evening stood before them.“Oh Dorothy, I’m sorry. Dorothy, this is Beth Carin. She’s…”“So, you’re the one he has been filing my ears about all night. I’m Dorothy Atkinson…” She stretched out her hand to Beth.“Dorothy’s my lawyer and there is supposed to be such a thing as client privilege,” interrupted Aaron. “Quiet, Dorothy commanded. “ I’ve had to listen to you on trans Atlantic calls, at all sorts of ungodly hours for the past three weeks. Then tonight too! I want to get to know the reason for your latest reorganization and if see I need to readjust your billing!” Beth smiled, leaned against Aaron, and enjoyed the warmth of his persistent hug. The three of them talked, laughed, and drank wine until the end of the party.Aaron could not remember the drive back to the cottage, but he found himself heading to bed first. Before climbing under the covers, he lit the emergency candles and took the velvet case from his bag and placed it in the drawer of the night table. Beth entered the bedroom to find it softly illuminated by the wall sconce candles. She was dressed only in the red satin robe. It hung open at the front exposing all her charms. While the peat stove kept the main room warm, there was a slight chill in the bedroom. Goose bumps appeared on her skin and her nipples hardened.“Come here Lady Godiva,” Aaron beckoned as he held back the covers. Beth approached the bed. As Aaron reached up and ran his hand across her navel, she let the robe slide to the floor. “My God you’re beautiful,” he sighed. She slid into the bed beside him. They snuggled, kissed, and enjoyed each other’s nakedness. After a while, Aaron leaned back, opened the nightstand drawer, and took out the velvet box. “Here, is your May Day present,” he said softly. “Its something that will soften a spring maiden’s heart.”“A spring time bribe to tempt a maiden’s virtue?” asked Beth coyly as she cautiously opened the box.“Well I hope a …” Aaron didn’t have the chance to finish.“Oh my God! Oh Aaron, its, its beautiful,” she gasped. Before her was a pear shaped diamond pendant. Even in the candle lit room, it is shone blue-white, like a many facetted frozen tear. Slowly she put the box down of the bed. Her face and tone became serious. “Aaron I can’t accept this. It’s too much. It’s too …”Aaron didn’t let her finish. “Look Beth, I care a great deal for you. If everything ended tonight, I would still want you to have this, just to show you how much the past few months have meant to me. I’m in the process of selling my company. It’s in Dorothy’s hands now. There will be more time for me, for us… I’d like to spend that time with you…” His voice faltered. There was a long silent pause and then as his hand brushed her cheek he simply whispered, “Please, just for me.”“Aaron, it’s all so much…its so beautiful…thank you, oh thank you… may I put it on?” Together they fumbled with the chain. Soon it hung about her neck. She beamed and then kissed him. It was a long and passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss, her lips traced down his neck over his chest towards his navel. While her tongue tracked back and forth across his chest and stomach, she used her breasts to tease his cock and upper thighs. Beth felt Aaron begin to harden and her hands pushed her breasts around his dick She slowly swayed from side to side. Aaron moaned. Beth rose up on her heels and straddled him. Then with a deft movement of her hips, she slipped him inside her and began to leisurely rock back and forth. “Lady Godiva needs a new horse to ride,” she grinned.Aaron felt her warmth surround his cock. Each time she pushed down, he could feel the walls of her vagina contract around him. He thrusted up to meet each of her pushes. The speed of the their movements increased. Aaron felt the pressure building in his balls. He reach down and with his thumbs began to rub Beth’s clit as they gyrated together. She screamed, bent forward clutching his hands, and grinding her pussy into his pelvis. Aaron exploded in a rapid series of spurts. Beth collapsed onto his chest. “Aaron,” she gasped. “Aaron, I want to spend a lot of time with you…a month… a year…Oh my God…You are so very good to me,” she gasped and collapsed onto his chest.“Stay as long as you want…” he managed between breathes.

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