Body Over Mind


I opened one eye hoping not to see what I thought I would. I did. I was in a strange bedroom. But thinking back, it wasn’t strange last night.”Fuck, fuck, fuck! Tell me I didn’t do it!” I yelled before turning to see if there was anyone else in the bed with me. “Good fucking thing.”What the fuck did you do, you jerk. You just blew a perfect relationship for a drunken night of sexual fun. At least I hoped I had fun because I don’t remember much of it.Let’s bursa escort think back. I left the house to go out with Gail for a couple of drinks. At the club, we drank and danced with each other until a guy, ah, Bob cut in and we started dancing.Then back to the table, drink, and back dancing. Rinse and repeat, a few times. Then things got blurry. I don’t remember Gail leaving. I do remember Bob telling me that he would drive me home.I didn’t go bursa escort bayan home though. I ended up at his place. This place. I do remember Bob was good-looking and a charming bastard. He talked me right out of my clothes, in the car, with two other men. Oh, FUCK! I am so fucked.Now the hard part. What the fuck did I do with three men and little ole me. No, I couldn’t have done that. With all three? Let me feel my… OH, I am so fucked! Is that escort bursa what I think is on my finger? It smells like. It looks like… Oh, fuck! It’s cum. And I don’t cum out of my ass, so it’s got to be… I am so fucked.Ok, calm down. When I get home, my husband will forgive me for a night of being a total slut for three men that I just met, wait. I only met one, the other two came along but I fucked them too. FUCK ME! I am so fucked.Oh, my, he is handsome. Why is he getting in bed? No, he’s not going to… “Oh, that feels good.” He’s going for my nipples. Oh, fuck, does he know how my nipples are… Fuck, he knows! “Oh, shit that… no… don’t…” Fuck, he’s pinching them.

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