Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 10

Big Tits

Melissa thought back over the past few days

She had been stunned when her husband George had announced

“He was coming out.”

“What do you mean coming out.” she demanded.

I’m gay. I’m coming out of the closet and declaring my love for Charles,

No more secrecy. No more sham marriage. I want everyone to know that I’m gay, and proud of it.

“What about our 14 year old son? What about him? What about me? She had shouted.

George just ignored her questions slamming the door as he left.

She didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, finally ringing Darlene who rushed over to console her.

Darlene held her in her arms stroking and caressing her, encouraging her to forget the bastard. “I won’t be able to show my face in public” Melissa cried “it’s so humiliating to be dumped for a 50 year old man.”

“I’ll be treated as a joke.”

“You’re no bloody joke” Darlene assured her.

I’ll ring Jackie, by the time we’ve finished with you every male in this city will be saying, “George is a fuckwit.”

Darlene explained to Jackie, “George has come out and good riddance to him, now Melissa’s going to come out from behind that mousy image that suited George’s wife.”

Over a 24 hour period they changed Melissa from a mousy housewife to what Jackie described as a “hot item.”

They had stripped her, while checking her out. “Good tits.” Jackie exclaimed as she slipped Melissa’s blouse away. Jackie hands wandered from the blouse to stroke and pinch the long brown nipples.

“My god they’re beautiful, look at the way they stand out” Darlene cried, as she lent down and sucked one in her mouth.

Melissa cried out pushing her away “For god’s sake Darlene I’m not gay”

Darlene responded “neither am I but like to suck a good tit.”

They bathed her, changed her hair colour, massaged her, oiled her, and shaved her, leaving what Jackie described as a thin landing strip.

Jackie organised Manicures, pedicures and facials. They went through her wardrobe discarding clothes shoes and underwear.

They decided her best features were her flat hard tummy and her magnificent arse.

“Hipster jeans are the best way to display tummy and arse,” Jackie said.

Darlene over rode them, “we want them cut lower, they must be skin tight, she should never wear flat heels, all shoes must have heels to show those long legs. I would wear six inch stilettos.”

When they were satisfied, Darlene lit a smoke as she sipped a coffee, ‘We are doing another make over tomorrow. Young Richard needs updating to suit our new image; come along it will be fun.”

Jackie, Darlene and Melissa told a Boy Scout Mothers meeting “it was time Richard’s wardrobe was updated in keeping with his new found standing in the community.

My protests, that my clothes suited me, were brushed aside.

Three lively ladies took me shopping.

They escorted me to an expensive men’s outfitter. It was in an area where I never shopped. The upmarket boutique was well out of the reach of my personal finances. “Don’t worry we’ll pay” Jackie said when I complained. “It’s not every day we get to dress a young dude.”

My escorts were full of fun. Their clothes were impeccably cut to show off their fine figures. Lots of suntanned brown skin was on display. Skirts were short, jeans tight, tops cut low.

They created a sensation. Men turned to eye them off as they passed. The ladies loved it.

So did I.

This was the first time I had been out with Melissa.

I was captivated.

It was obvious she wore no bra under the tiny top that hung from her nipples. The top finished so short it barely covered her perky tits. A large diamond stud shone in her belly button.

Her jeans were cut low on her hips exposing a stretch of perfect flesh.

The material in her jeans was stretched so tight, they appeared to be moulded to her gorgeous ass and legs

I stood staring, she turned and caught me, “what are you staring at boy.”

Before becoming involved with the mums, I would have blushed and ran for cover. Now I grinned, licked my lips, and replied.

“I am staring at your long legs and your tight ass

“You couldn’t possibly be wearing anything under those jeans; they’re moulded to your pussy.”

She laughed, “You’re a cheeky young bastard aren’t you.”

Darlene winked at Melissa, “I warned you about him now you know what I said was true.”

I asked “what did she tell you.”

Melissa gave me a shove. ”That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Richard looked over at Melissa, who was staring nişantaşı escort off into space thinking of George. He stretched his hand out to touch her “you were miles away; I would like to be the guy in that dream.”

“I am sure you wouldn’t” she answered quickly.

Moments later her mood changed, as the ladies inspected Richard’s outfit.

‘We have got to get him out of those daggy jeans,” they agreed as we entered a cool cavern of shining stainless steel and neon lights.

The sales person was overwhelmed by my three beautiful fast talking escorts. He retreated to watch as they took over his job, sitting me down, pulling off my shoes, top and jeans, leaving me sitting in the middle of the showroom in my boxer shorts and nothing else.

I looked up to see two young female assistants peering around a display stand. My prick stirred with interest.

Jackie pushed me into a changing room.

The three joined me, making it very intimate and crowded, especially as my boxers were quickly removed and discarded.

Melissa left to gather more clothes.

Jackie was barking out instructions, “Only the top brand names please.” As she spoke her hands caressed my prick.

Laughter spread from the changing room to the sales assistants outside when they loudly discussed for all to hear whether my prick should hang to the right or left.

Reaching no consensus Darlene then demanded that there be no pockets, “so there would be nothing to distract from the primary object.” They settled on “no underwear.”

Jackie finally adding she would get me a “pouch” at an adult shop.

I had to struggle to get in an out of the tight fitting gear. Melissa pointed out that “his over excited member is the problem.”

“You mean his dick that’s no problem,” Jackie said.

Dropping to her knees, she proceeded to vigorously suck my prick deep into her mouth, massaging my balls until I came.

Jackie then called for a cloth and sponged me. “We can’t have cum stains on the new gear.” she explained

My horn diminished, but not quick enough for Darlene who had came back with a glass of ice water, she sucked two or three small ice cubes into her mouth and wrapped her mouth around my prick. That produced the greatest downer of all times as my prick disappeared back into its foreskin.

I left the store resplendent in a new outfit. It had cost a small fortune, more than I had ever spent on clothes before.

Melissa carried bags of shirts slacks and other gear. They dumped the outfit I had worn in a charity bin.

Jackie announced loudly “Now, off to an adult shop to buy him a thong for his dong.”

The adult shop was another riot. Jackie and Darlene spent most of the time obscenely playing with dildos of all shapes and sizes.

Melissa brought the house down when she called out

“These are not husband sizes, where is the little soft dribbly one like my husbands.”

When they thought I wasn’t watching the three made purchases

To the delight of the shop assistants and one elderly customer, they announced, I was to be fitted with a pouch. Each of my shopping partners then took a personal interest, in my measurements.

They asked one another should they fit the pouch when I was bold or cold, or as a giggling Melissa put it, was it made to fit both blimp and wimp.

All this time Darlene with my prick in her hands was trying to lift her skirt, preferring to see it was snug and comfortable

After much touching pushing pinching and measuring, I stood with my pants around my ankles, wearing my first pouch.

As we left Melissa said “I have never been in one of those shops before.

I would never have the courage to go there on my own.”

I responded “I think its ok! but a lot of funny characters hang around this area, it’s probably better if you take someone with you especially at night.”

“I think it’s quite safe.” Darlene said with a laugh, “The dirty old men hanging around are all wankers.”

“Don’t worry your husband won’t find out, husbands don’t take their wives there because they might run into their girlfriends.” Jackie added.

Melissa coloured as she sighed “what about their boy friends.”

Darlene broke the silence, “The underclothing if that’s the word to describe some of it, is designed to display a woman’s figure in the most erotic fashion.”

Jackie became enthusiastic,” They are the only shops, that have truly erotic women’s clothes, some of it is so beautiful that you feel sexy just thinking of wearing it,”

It’s designed to turn men on.” I find it really turns me on.” şişli escort

“You should check it out Melissa.”

“You don’t have to go on your own. Richard can take you.” Jackie added.

I looked at Melissa, she licked her full sensual lips, gave me a funny look replying,” I might just do that.”

Late in the afternoon the by now very warm and cuddly escorts drove me home

Darlene and Jackie called on Melissa after dropping Richard home. “You were a “wow” today. Richard couldn’t keep his eyes off you.” Darlene told her.

“Yes you were hot, what you need now is a long nights loving,” Jackie added.

“Richard has been fucking both of us for weeks. He thinks each of us doesn’t know about the other. He’d be surprised at what we know.”

“He’s a great fuck, young and virile with a horn that keeps coming back for more. What he lacks in experience he makes up in vigour and enthusiasm. He’s just what you need to make you forget George.”

Melissa started to object, but they waved away her objections, “look it’s up to you, give him a ring tomorrow, and ask him to take you shopping.”

“We can assure you the young bastard’s discreet.”

The next day whilst I was having lunch in the college cafeteria, Melissa rang. It took less than a minute for me to dump my evening at the gym and agree to pick her up at seven and take her shopping.

Melissa stepped out of the bath, smiling as she recalled the fun she had had with Richard and the girls yesterday.

“What a difference a day makes” she murmured as she caressed her slim brown body with the warm towel.

She couldn’t believe that she had asked Richard to take her shopping especially after what Darlene and Jackie had told her.

She turned to the mirror letting the towel drop away. Not bad for a 38 year old she mused.

She watched her reflection as she ran her hands over her hips and up to her breasts, pushing up to rub the nipples between thumb and finger.

“Yes, oh yes” she whispered, “I want to be loved.”

Wandering naked around the house wearing only the new six inch high stilettos for practice, she poured herself one, then two, stiff scotch and sodas.

Moving into her bedroom she slumped on her bed, thinking of Richard.

Slowly she ran her finger down past her belly button and the new sparkling diamond stud until her finger entered her pussy.

“Yes I want to be loved, oh Richard, I hope you will want me,” she cried, as her finger entered her wet pussy.

Richard arrived right on seven to find Melissa waiting for him.

He whistled, when she opened the door “My god Melissa, you are fantastic, I wish I had my camera so I could capture how beautiful you look standing there.”

Her low cut silk hipsters defied description; they fitted her like a glove moulding her magnificent ass.

Her top was cut very low to reveal her magnificent cleavage. He couldn’t take his eyes off those mouth watering nipples

His adoring look made her nipples tingle.

As he followed Melissa into the hall, he studied the swing of her ass, made all the more tantalising by her stiletto heels.

I’d like to fuck that tonight he murmured to himself

Once inside Melissa turned asking? “do you want a drink or will we leave it to later.”

Richard, who was unaware of her discussions with Darlene and Jackie, much to her disappointment said “let’s go shopping first.”

Behind the wheel he drove straight to the adult shop. “Where are we?” Melissa asked,

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, “I’m sorry, I thought that you had rang me to keep Jackie’s promise that I would bring you back here.”

“We don’t have to go in if you don’t want to” he added blushing furiously.

She grabbed him by the arm “let’s go”

“I’m anxious to see the nightwear that Jackie said turned her on when she was only thinking of wearing it.”

They were met by a young blonde Hostess, who looked them over before suggesting a private room.

Seating Richard on a lush red couch, she told Melissa,

“We have many items designed to tease and titillate your partner, hundreds of styles that will show off your most exciting attributes, every colour imaginable to highlight your natural beauty, materials from furs and leather to silk and cotton, you name it we have it. We pride ourselves that we can provide everything to help you add to the enjoyment of your body.”

“Look around, find your size, try things on, and make up your mind at your leisure, if you need any thing ring that little bell.”

I hope our clothes will stimulate both you and your partner to greater sexual satisfaction.” mecidiyeköy escort She said as she hung an “in use,” sign on the door, pointed to a mini bar and its charges and left.

I broke the stunned silence, by going to the mini bar and pouring two quite heavy scotches, before returning to sit beside Melissa.

To break the ice, I pointed to an item on the wall “is that the cat and nine tails?” Melissa giggled “if it is you are not using that on me.”

We strolled around drinking and looking at the displays. Gaining some courage from the alcohol, I slipped my arm around her, pulling her close, “Why don’t you try something on?”

She looked at me grinning, “Not those ugly crutch less panties,”

Spying a presentation box that said Indian maid, I gave it to her. “With your new jet black hair you’d look good in an Indian outfit.” I suggested.

She took the box, and moved behind a screen.

I was taking a swig at my scotch when she eased back into the room. I gulped in surprise, my scotch went down the wrong way leaving me spluttering and coughing as I stared at the most fucking fantastic sight.

The Indian outfit consisted of a top made of a one inch tape with only a mini fringe in front that allowed her magnificent nipples to poke through;

The bottom was a skirt six inches in depth if it was that, it had a wide open area on each side, allowing my eyes to study her from the side with only two one inch straps at breast and waist level to impede my view.

The closer I looked the smaller it seemed, in reality it was just two pieces of material covered in Indian signs, that hung like flaps front and back.

“Turn around” I cried through my splutters.

As she swirled around, her pert brown ass came into view, followed by her pussy. I looked again, yes, and it was bare except for a small strip of hair.

I fumbled with my slacks as my enlarging prick became entangled.

I dropped my glass, took her by the hand and pulled her to me. Our lips collided as my hands moved up under the fringe to tease her cold nipples.

Looking into her eyes I realised she was scared.

I kissed those scared eyes shut holding her tight.

“Love me, oh please love me, she moaned.

I led her over and laid her on the couch, “don’t be scared I won’t hurt you.”

I’m going to love you, yes love you, until you scream for mercy,”

“I’ll scream for more” she whispered with a little laugh.

She was right, she kept asking for more, more of my prick in her mouth, more of my tongue in her pussy, more of my prick in her arse, in fact she was still asking for more, when hours later the hostess knocked on the door to tell us they were ready to close.

My god Melissa said. “What will we do, we have only tried one outfit.

“Keep it on I want you to wear it home.” I whispered as I bent once more to nibble her bottom lip, while my hands caressed her nipples

Down at the cash register I explained “Only one item, and my sweethearts wearing it.”

Our blonde hostess grinned knowingly, “It’s done its job by the look of it.”

When we reached the jeep I opened the door to lift her in. She bent over as she stepped up and her sweet brown arsehole came into sight. I quickly leant forward and licked its rim pushing my tongue in as far as she would let me.

She swung around kissing me, wrapping her legs around my waist.

I fumbled around until she took my prick and fed it into her sopping wet pussy.

There in the car park we started again, my moans turning to groans as her finger nails clawed my back, ripping my thin silk shirt.

My balls were slapping against her arse as I stood on the ground besides the jeep, when the blonde hostess drove past tooting the horn. “Come back again soon,” she called with a laugh.”

Three times on the way home we stopped to complete fucks that had become impossible when driving.

At some time in the early hours of the morning, I remember lying on the driving seat, my legs hanging out the door, my fingers working her arse while she licked me clean.

A car load of college kids sped past, then circled back to drive closer and slower, when they spied what we were doing. We didn’t stop to listen to their suggestions.

“Come on we have got to get home so I cam fuck you in privacy” I cried as the last of my cum dribbled from her mouth down her chin.

The milkman stared, when as the sun came up, he spied me escorting Melissa, wearing six inch stilettos and nothing much else to her door.

Melissa, who he had called mousy Melissa just days ago, stumbled, “I’m fucked” she said loud enough for him to hear.

I picked her up in my arms, “the day’s just beginning you will be fucked as soon as I get you in the door.”

He spilt the milk. I wondered what else he spilt later.

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