Boyd and Me


“So what happened?” I asked anxiously as Mom and Aunt Lynda helped Boyd through the door.

“I told you on the phone, he pulled his back on the tennis court. Just dropped like a rock, umph,” Mom grunted holding my step-dad under his arm as he unsteadily lumbered toward the sofa.

“Why is he all bandaged?”

“His knee and elbow hit the court pretty hard,” Aunt Lynda volunteered. “He’s had a CAT scan, and everything looks ok, so nothing’s broken. But the doc gave him a pretty strong muscle relaxer, so he’s about to go out like a light.”

“He doesn’t look like he’s hurting much,” I piped.

“You should have seen him in the CAT scan! It was hilarious!” Aunt Lynda giggled.

“LYNDA!” Mom scolded, and Aunt Lynda was silent. I knew better than to ask what happened in the CAT scan.

Instead I switched gears, “And what about Grandma?”

“Your aunt and I are planning to go to Wysdale as soon as we can. Her hip’s not broken, but she’s in a bad way.’

“Wait!” I yell, “Who’s staying here with me?”

“Well, Boyd’s not going anywhere. The doctor shot him full of meds and told us to get him home as soon as we could.” Mom replied. “If he does wake up just give him some of these.” She held up a small bottle.

“He can have three at a time if he needs it. Lyn, we need to get going. Let me pack a few things.” Mom said as she hurried out the room.

“Pack? How long are you going to stay at Grandmas? And Gabe was going to come over tonight?” I cried.

“Lisa, listen,” Mom turned and looked at me sternly. “You know your grandmother is very sick, and I have no idea what we’ll have to do. Now I don’t want to have to worry about you, and I told you that Gabe cannot be here when nobody’s home.”

I turned sideways and waved my hand at Boyd laying motionless on the sofa, “I’m not exactly alone, am I?”

“You know what I mean,” she said in a huff. “I need to change him into something more comfortable. Those shorts are going to cut off his circulation.”

I heard Aunt Lynda giggle a little bit, and when Mom left the room she walked over to me.

“I’m telling you, he put on a show in radiology,” she sort of whispered to me.

“What do you mean?” I looked at her puzzled.

“Well, he was already shot up pretty good with what looked like good meds because he was feeling no pain. And then he had gave him this injection when he was on the CAT scan table and told him that he might be a little stimulated. I know your Mom didn’t understand what he said but I sure did because I remember when I had my CAT scan last year. Sure enough his cute little white pants started getting pretty tight.”

“What?” I tried to comprehend.

“He got excited!”

“Oh, gross! Don’t tell me anymore,” I yelled walking away from her. But she just loved to tease me.

“Oh, it was massive! Look, it still is!” she laughed gesturing to poor unconscious Boyd.

I didn’t look. I really was grossed out. But I know Aunt Lynda looked! Oh she looked all right.

Mom and Dad divorced around the same time Aunt Lynda and Uncle Will got divorced. Mom met Boyd just a few months later, and Aunt Lynda was very jealous. Aunt Lynda’s a few years younger than Mom and Boyd is a few years younger than Aunt Lynda! So yeah, Mom got the young stud, and Aunt Lynda’s still playing the field. I know more than a few times I saw Aunt Lynda trying to come on to Boyd before he and Mom married.

But once they tied the knot she gave up on him completely. At least I think she did. Now she’s being a voyeur, and I think it’s sick.

Then I started thinking about my boyfriend, Gabe. We were supposed to go out tonight, but now I have to call him and explain things.

Mom came back in the room with her bags and a robe, and she asked us to leave the room while she changed Boyd. I was happy to, but Aunt Lynda asked if she needed any help.

“Not your kind of help,” Mom laughed, and she shoo’ed us away.

“I’m serious,” Aunt Lynda tells me in the kitchen, “I just wanted to help.”

“Well, I sure don’t,” I pouted.

“When you grow up you will,” Aunt Lynda said somewhat seriously.

“OK, you can come back in,” we heard Mom yell at us.

We both walked into the living room, and Boyd was now curled up on the sofa in a robe.

“What’s under the robe?” joked my aunt.

“LYNDA!” shouted my mother.

Aunt Lynda just laughed.

I did not want to know what was under the robe. In fact if I had a TV in my room I wouldn’t have stayed in the living room. Then I looked around.

“Hey, why don’t you just put him your bedroom?” I asked. “He’s all over the sofa, and I want to watch TV.”

“Just sit in his chair,” replied Mom.

“You can’t see it good from his chair, and your chair is way over there,” I said pointing to the other side of the room. No, Boyd was sleeping in prime TV watching area.

“Oh come on, there’s room for you on the sofa. He’s not taking up everything,” Mom reprimanded me.

“But still, why can’t he sleep in his own bed?” I whined again.

“You want to drag Escort him to his bed?” Mom shouted putting an end to the argument.

I huffed, crossed my arms and dropped on the sofa. Mom walked into the laundry room with the pile of clothes in her arms.

She came back in the room, leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. “Be a good girl. I’ll tell Grandma you said hi. And please call me if you have any problems at all with him. He should sleep for the next 12 to 14 hours the doctors said. He’ll probably be in pain, too, so don’t forget the pills. You know the routine. Cookie jar.”

She picked up her bags and she and Aunt Lynda walked out the door.

Cookie jar. That’s where Mom kept money for pizza and stuff when I stayed home alone.

Now it was just me and a half-dead guy watching TV in the living room. My life sucks.

I finally grabbed my cell phone and texted Gabe what was going on.

I almost jumped out of my skin when my phone rang! It was Gabe.

“Hi, Baby,” I sang into the phone.

“Your step-dad’s home? What do you mean?” Gabe sounded pissed.

“It’s like I said, Baby,” I tried cooing, “He hurt himself so he’s asleep on the couch. But you can still come over. Pleeeeeeeease?”

“Oh yeah,” he sniped, “Me and you and your old man ought to have a nice time. I’ll think about it and let you know.”

He hung up.

I was upset because he sounded upset. Gabe had been away at the baseball tournament since Thursday, and I missed him soooo much. Tonight was supposed to be our special “reunion” evening. I got wet just thinking about it! I felt that tingle in between my legs when I woke up this morning knowing I would see him tonight! But I didn’t dare touch myself! I wanted Gabe to do that!

Now it looks like I’ll be unsatisfied for a little while longer, and I was mad.

I looked at Boyd just laying like a lump next to me. I punched him on the shoulder yelling “Go to your own bed!” hoping he would wake up. He didn’t react at all. It made me even madder.

I watched a little bit of Project Runway that I DVRed, but I really wasn’t paying too much attention. I was thinking about Gabe, and I have to admit that I was getting horny.

When the doorbell range my first thought was “pizza’s here,” but then I remembered I hadn’t even ordered any pizza. So I was puzzled about who was there.

When I looked through the peephole my stomach did a flip! It was Gabe!

I flung the door open and jumped into his arms kissing him all over. He tried kissing me back, but I was too fast and he couldn’t keep up with me.

“Ohhhhh, I missed you sooo much,” I was almost crying.

He just laughed and said “I can see that!”

“Come on inside,” I said grabbing him by the arm. We got as far as the end of the foyer when he stopped.

“I can’t do nothin’ with your step-dad in there,” he said.

“But he’s out like a light,” I replied rubbing his chest and unbuttoning a button.

“No, really,” he said, “there’s no way, Lees.”

“Oh come on! I really need you,” and I grabbed for his crotch, but he was right because he was still soft.

“Oh shit, Gabe, baby, please. I want it so bad, Darling,” I whined.

He put his hand between my legs, and it felt like a lightening bolt straight to my heart.

“Listen, we need to do a rain check. I promise I’ll make it up to you. And I’m really, really tired right now. I promise I’ll call you tomorrow,” and he kissed me.

I tried sticking my tongue between his lips but he broke off the kiss too quickly. He ran his hand again under my crotch, and I almost doubled over from the intensity.

Like that he walked out the door leaving me a hot mess! I was at the same time very angry with him and horny as hell.

I think I was more pissed off than horny though because I let out a very loud huff and spun and marched back to the sofa.

Dropping back on the sofa I didn’t care if I sat on Boyd’s stupid head or not. I was just so mad at Gabe now I was about to text him something bad.

I had left my phone in the foyer, so I just let it go.

I unpaused the DVR and watched a little more of my show, but I really had no idea of what was going on nor any interest in it anymore. After a little while my anger subsided, but that’s a bad thing, because then I started feeling horny again.

Grabbing the remote I started flipping through the channels. Yeah, up to the thousands, that’s where they are. All the light porn stuff was listed and I started reading the titles. Each title was a little raunchier than the one before it, and now I was in full blown horny.

I finally picked one, but I don’t remember which. Didn’t matter. They were about to have sex, and my eyes were glued on the tv set.

It felt like there was a fire between my legs, and I glanced over at Boyd seeing him asleep, and I just lightly touched myself under my jean skirt. My panties were already beginning to get soaked.

As the action on the screen got hotter, so did I! Uh oh, now I was starting to smell up the place! I glanced Escort Bayan at Boyd again. He stirred just slightly, but he was still asleep.

I got braver and hiked up my skirt just a bit so I could play just inside the hem of my panties. The couple on tv was doing it for me, and I was flowing like a river. It smelled like sex in here now!

And that’s when I froze solid! Boyd moved. Shit! I am so busted! I need to come up with an excuse, and I quickly reached for the remote and shut off the tv.

I stayed completely still to see what he would do. Actually, it was just his left arm that moved. He was still laying on his right side, and I was sitting near his head to the right of him.

Suddenly, a thought came to me. I picked up the remote and turned the tv back on. I changed the channel back to HGTV in case somebody turned on the tv after me. Good thinking I complimented myself.

When I put the remote back down I let out a little squeal because Boyd had put his hand on my leg!

Now I was getting a little worried, so I called his name.

“Boyd? Boyd, you awake?” I shook him, “Boyd, do you want to go to bed? Boyd!”

There was no response from the guy. His hand draped over my thigh, a little higher than comfortable, too. But because I hiked my skirt up he touched bare skin. I would be lying if I said it didn’t tingle because it did.

Sitting completely still and quiet I waited for him to readjust himself and move his hand. I told myself that I would move it in 30 seconds if he did.

A minute came and went and his hand was still there. And so was my horniness. What was I thinking?

I jumped slightly when his hand moved again, but this time it moved higher up my thigh.

“Oh shit,” I thought to myself, “what is he doing? No, he’s not doing that. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

His hand came to rest at the top of my thigh near my hip, and his fingers were just barely touching my panties.

The battle in my brain was going to kill me! The little girl inside said get out of there now!! But Miss Pussy said don’t you dare move one inch!

I have to say Miss Pussy put up a pretty good argument, too! And I was starting to agree with her.

Everything screamed at me that I was wrong to be sitting there, but what was really wrong is what I was thinking: how can I move to make him really touch me there?

I’m serious, those thoughts were running through my head.

Unconscious or not, he must have read my thoughts because his fingers started moving, and I felt myself literally gush. It felt like I was peeing in my panties I had become so wet. And it began to smell even stronger. I could smell me all over!

Those fingers on the thin fabric were driving me wild, but his movements were so slow it was excruciating! I adjusted myself so the contact was right where I wanted it to be.

All of a sudden I became very nervous, and I began to shake Boyd again. His fingers stopped their movement.

“Boyd! Boyd! Wake up, dammit! You don’t know what you’re doing!” I yelled loudly at him.

No reaction. Not a single hint he could hear me.

Now I was facing a conundrum: I was hornier than ever but having a moral dilema about having my unconscious step-father bring me off with his fingers.

Miss Pussy won another round.

When I sat still he began to move his fingers a little harder this time. Whatever moral objections I had were slowly beginning to dissolve as his motions became more determined.

I felt him pushing at the fabric, and in my hazy logic I decided to cross a line.

Trying not to disturb his hand motions I squirmed until I could lift my butt enough to remove my panties. Yep, I was tired of trying to feel him through the material.

Something in my head exploded behind my eyeballs when I felt his fingers again this time on the bare lips of my labia.

“Shit!” I screamed when his finger entered the folds and began to stroke my clitoris.

“Shit” I screamed again when I felt his finger enter me.

This was too good to be true! And I was writhing in ecstasy as he rubbed me up and down in his dreams. I was dreaming, too, that it was Gabe doing all of this to me, but truth be told, I just didn’t care at this point. I knew what was coming.

The speed was still so slow it was agonizing and I tried to position myself for maximum pressure in just the right spots.

All of a sudden I felt those familiar feelings coming from deep within, and I began to moan, lower at first but getting higher.

The feeling shot down my legs curling my toes and then hitting my brain almost making me lose consciousness, and then everything met right in the middle of my clit, and I screamed so loudly I knew the neighbors could hear me down the block!

I couldn’t give a shit if they could or not! I just rode wave after wave of the most monster orgasm I have ever had in my life!

After a couple of minutes I started feeling raw, so I had to grab his hand to make him stop. He followed my orders, and I laid back Bayan Escort on the sofa trying to catch my breath and hoping I recuperate quickly to do it again.

He pulled his hand back, and I felt both relief and a little sadness. Relief in that I wouldn’t have to keep him from touching me but sadness in that this might be the end of my fun.

There was no time to react. His left hand pushed down on the sofa, and Boyd lifted himself up.

Again, my mind quickly tried to rationalize why I was laying there with my skirt above my waist and my bottom exposed for the world to see.

But before I knew what was really happening Boyd slipped off the sofa and quickly moved himself on top of me. I didn’t even have time to scream.

What I did have time to do was to look down and see his robe parted, and I took special note of the long thick shadow between us.

My mind reeled and said this cannot be happening. But the minute I felt it hit me square between my legs I knew it was very real. His erect penis had penetrated the folds of my labia, and I could feel him forcing himself in me.

I screamed for real this time! I screamed at the top of my lungs and punched his shoulders and head as I felt him enter me slowly and deliberately.

“BOYD! BOYD! WAKE UP, GODDAMIT! WAKE UP! BOYD!” I screamed over and over.

I hit him everywhere, and tried kicking him away. I was completely powerless to stop him.

And he was huge! I mean huge! It took me a moment just to realize how big he was. If I were a virgin I would have been literally torn up inside. If I hadn’t have been so wet I would have been in extreme pain.

It felt like a fist driving into me, and I could not imagine how any woman could derive pleasure from this.

He wasn’t grunting or breathing hard. I was doing enough for both of us. It was about then that I realized that it would probably be over soon and I would be free.

I just kept thinking that I’m being raped by my own step-father. How sick can that be?

In and out, he just kept pumping. The pressure was so intense that I had lost any sense of being erotic. I just wanted him to finish so I could go clean off.

Strangely enough, I began to thank heavens that I was on the pill, but still I was worried if he had any diseases. Then I remember he does this to my Mom. And that’s when I felt really sick. He does this to my Mom and now he does this to me! That is so gross. And how can she stand it?

I really started having sick thoughts, but then I felt him slow down, and I waited being completely still.

Still not a sound escaped his lips as I felt him push deeply into me and I knew he was having an orgasm. I could feel his huge shaft throb. Then I felt him shiver.

He became very still, and I waited for him to withdraw. I waited for over three minutes, and he stayed right where he was.

I figured I would have to remove myself if I wanted to be separated from him. Strangely enough, he was still hard inside of me. I knew he had cum because I could feel it leaking out. But yet he was still very much erect and as big as ever.

Still I had to get away, so I began to wiggle away from him. When he popped out of me I felt a string of cum land on my hips and onto my skirt. I felt his hardness on my leg. I looked down between us and finally saw it in the light.

Holy shit! Boyd is part fucking horse! I cannot believe that thing got inside of me! My stomach started to turn flips again just looking at it.

A penis is not attractive to me at all, but this one was so big it actually looked angry. It was very red on the end, like a small apple, and it was full of veins and muscles. Like I said, scary.

Finally, I managed to slip under him and I felt him slide up my waist over my left breast and against my cheek. There was probably a slime trail all the way up, too.

I grabbed my skirt to keep everything inside of me, and I dashed to the downstairs bathroom. I sat on the toilet letting everything leak out. Crap, how much did he cum? Feels like a gallon!

Sitting on the toilet I began to think about what just happened. What should I do? Should I tell Mom? Tell the cops? I mean what’s the story? Did he rip off my panties? What?

I decided I’m not going to tell anyone, but I would probably write about it later. Hell, who would believe me?

I used the wet washcloth to remove the semen from my pubic hair. I wondered if my smell triggered something in him? That must be it, right? I was horny, I began to leak, he smelled me, and well, there you go.

Right? Shit, I don’t know.

But one thing I did know is that I was dwelling on that huge cock in the living room and what it did to me. I cannot honestly say that it felt good at all. But there was something about it. And it was still in there and probably still very hard.

Surprisingly, I was leaking again. Yes, just thinking about it was making me horny again. I rubbed myself, afraid that I was sore. But I really wasn’t. In fact, it felt great. Shit, I was going to make myself cum again!

Stupid idea time. Why should I do it myself when there’s a perfectly good dick out there still in fucking mode?

Miss Pussy had taken over all of my brain about now, and I left the bathroom thinking about how I was going to carry this out.

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