It was almost a year since I’d seen my sister, Brandi, not since the last major summer College break, and boy, had she changed in that time! She seemed to have grown and matured in all the right places! Not that she was ever a slouch, she’d always been pretty and vivacious and eye catching, but now .. well, she was absolutely stunning!

I remembered that last summer break so well, I had the usual cross break assignment to do for my Photography major, a process I always resented slightly, as I felt the summer break should have been for total relaxation. On this occasion the subject of the assignment had been Glam Photography, and I’d managed to persuade a few of my friends to pose for me in a variety of chic fashion outfits, even getting one of my ex girlfriends who worked at the local beauty salon to do some special Glam make up for people.

I can recall being a little irritated when my little sister badgered me incessantly to be in the ‘shoot’. It wasn’t that she was that little, heck she was 19 at the time, but she was my sister, and sisters are always a pain in the butt – or always seemed to be to a young man trying hard to appear sophisticated! I mean, she knew all those grubby little childhood secrets and took great delight in parading them out at inappropriate moments! I remember catching her with a girl I was desperately trying to impress, showing her pictures of me as a snotty 5 year old, stark naked, throwing a tantrum … every time the girl looked at me after that she broke into hysterical laughter! I owed sis one for that!

Anyway, more for the sake of a peaceful life, I’d agreed that she could be in the shoot, so imagine my surprise when her pictures turned out to be the stars of the whole folio! Back at College my classmates – and even my rather aging tutor – literally drooled over her pictures, demanding to know where I’d found this gorgeous, sexy creature! … sexy! damn, I nearly died laughing the first time one of them said that, and laughed even louder seeing the look of disbelief, and then jealousy, that came over their faces after I told them it was my kid sister.

Eventually, however, the response was so overwhelming that I really had to sit back and take a fresh look at the pictures, trying to disassociate the word sister from the person modeling, and make a detached assessment. The end result just about blew my mind! I got THE most massive, throbbing erection I had ever known, one that refused to go down for hours afterwards! And even then only went down when I fisted it to a glorious, spurting climax all over one of her pictures! A picture of her half curled up on a number of floral cushions, dressed in a short, sleek, black number with a rainbow stripe just below her young, firm breasts. It seemed strategically placed to draw your attention to those breasts – and it certainly drew mine that day!

Her shortish brown/blonde hair framed her beautiful face, which wore a slightly sultry expression – or was that just my suddenly over active imagination?. She was posed in a position that twisted her body slightly at the waist, her left leg crossed over her right, and bent slightly. Her left hand rested on her hip/upper thigh area, just where the material of the dress ended and her gorgeous legs began. It was just like she was drawing my eyes to the succulent expanse of flesh that was her tight, sexy ass!

And I sat on my bed, half groaning as I stared fixedly at that ass and pumped my cock into volcanic eruptions! Lucky I could nip into the developing lab and whip up some more copies, because I totally ruined that one! I grinned to myself as I remembered also how much extra cash I’d made selling copies of some of her pictures to the drooling hoards on the campus! perhaps I’d paid her back for that incident with the prospective girlfriend by making her one of the hottest masturbation fantasies of the bulk of the male population of the college!

All those thoughts flashed through my mind as I stood at the kitchen window nursing my cool drink and watching Brandi climb from the pool, her bikini clad body glistening provocatively in the sun. Well, I half chuckled, I guess you could call it a bikini! You could also call it a postage stamp, it was that small! barely covering those glorious high, tight breasts, and that equally glorious tight ass. I felt my cock jump and swell and reached down to brush my hand over it, fondling it momentarily before snatching my hand away as I heard mom come into the kitchen.

Damn, I almost wished I had that same Glam photo assignment to do over again. Mmm, perhaps I could con Brandi into believing I had?No, I sighed, she was too damn smart for that. At that moment I could have throttled the tutor for giving me the assignment of ‘stark contrasts’! I was supposed to come up with a folio of pictures that clearly demonstrated ‘differences’, age differences, style differences, even ethnic or racial differences. He showed me pictures of two carpet cleaners, one old and bulky, the other modern and sleek as an example of what he required, and almost snarled as he said, Ankara bayan escort “Let me see you make something sexy out of that!” – damn, I knew I shouldn’t have refused to sell him some of Brandi’s pictures! But hell, he was OLD, and the thought of him drooling over my sister was kind of sickening! so I was stuck with this particularly stupid assignment.

My musing was interrupted as another figure emerged from the pool, and I grinned, Uncle David, good old Uncle David, the black sheep of the family, the man who never seemed to conform, the man who took off at a whim and rang weeks later from some remote part of the world, and then turned up weeks later with exotic gifts and a tan you would have died for! he’d been a bit of a financial whiz in his early years and had made a bundle on the stock market and ‘retired’ in his mid thirties to ‘live life to the full’, as he used to declare when ever mom and dad railed at him about being ‘responsible’, and settling down.

He was very much a cult hero to us kids as we grew up, and even now, at 45, cut quite a dashing figure. I laughed as he chased Brandi around the pool, her screaming and pretending to be scared, but obviously loving it, and him doing all sorts of silly jigs and jumps as he strove valiantly NOT to catch her up! and I couldn’t blame him, as he ran a few yards behind her he was getting the most glorious view of her sweet ass and her bobbing breasts, and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it.

It was as Brandi made an inglorious dive into the pool with Uncle David close behind that the idea hit me! an idea so wild, but … wow! …if only. I could hardly contain my excitement as I worked things out in my mind. ‘Stark contrasts’ didn’t need to be as dull as the Tutor had tried to make it out to be! What was a bigger contrast than ‘youth’ and ‘age’? I could put Brandi and Uncle David together in all sorts of situations and create a whole folio based on their contrasts! .. wow… what a sensational idea! And it would mean I had a legitimate excuse to take some more pics of Brandi .. grin .. perhaps even a few of her in that ‘almost’ bikini, wow!, wouldn’t that blow some minds back at College!

I rushed back to my room and put some ideas down on paper, trying to place them in situations where their age differences would contrast most vividly, after all, getting the idea was one thing, selling the both of them on it was another matter, Mmm, yes, it might be a little delicate approaching Uncle David and not offending him my making him think I saw him as really old or anything. I shrugged, well, all I could do was make it as businesslike as possible and hope it appealed to his sense of adventure. Somehow I didn’t think I’d have to talk Brandi into it too hard, she’d absolutely come alive in the photo session last year, couldn’t seem to get enough of the camera lens, oh no, sis lapped up that camera alright, which is probably why she came out looking so sexy, it was like she was flirting with it the whole time .. damn .. I felt myself getting hard just thinking about it again, I’d have to control that!! I pumped myself dry into a tissue once again!

I was surprised how easy it was to put the whole thing together. As soon as I explained my assignment and the ‘age difference’ concept that I’d come up with, Brandi lit up like a Christmas tree, and seeing that, Uncle David just couldn’t refuse. He just grinned rather wryly and said “Oh yes, I think I’d make the perfect dissipated, aging lothario, after all, it’s what your mom and dad have been telling me I am for years! And as for Brandi, well, I haven’t seen anyone so young and beautiful in a long, long time”

Yeah, Uncle David sure had a smooth tongue, and Brandi literally preened at the compliment, thrusting out her young breasts and blushing in pretend embarrassment. I’d worked out a few scenarios, and laid then out and asked for any other idea. Brandi actually came up with a couple of real good ones, one of Uncle David, dressed older as Santa, and Brandi dressed younger as a ‘child’ sitting on his knee that fired my imagination – and from the wide grin on his face, Uncle David’s too – there was something about the vision of Brandi dressed ‘young’ with her delightfully full grown body that set me alight. So much so, that I made it the first shot of the folio session.

We hired a Santa costume, and Brandi went out and collected up an outfit to wear that she wouldn’t let us see until the actual shoot, which we scheduled for mid afternoon in the lounge room when we knew mom and dad would be well out of the way. Uncle David got dressed in his Santa gear, and re arranged a chair to look a little like a throne, set right against a Christmas tree that we rescued for the shed, then we waited for Brandi. When she made her grand entrance I don’t know who’s jaw hit the floor first, or who’s tongue jumped out the furthest, mine or uncle David’s! she had on a very short school dress and had her hair done up in pigtails, and she bounced in like a precocious school child .. but what child! It was immediately clear to both of us that Escort bayan Ankara she wasn’t wearing a bra! Her nipples were almost bursting through the slightly frayed, threadbare fabric of the dress/ She saw our stunned expression and thought she’d done something wrong, “Oh. Does it look terrible?” she asked, “I remembered I still had it from my early days and you did say you wanted me to look young, is it too much?”

Well, it WAS too much, but not for the reason’s she thought!, she looked as hot and horny as any woman I had ever seen, she fairly sizzled! “No!” I finally managed to say in a strangled voice, “It’s absolutely perfect, isn’t it uncle?” Uncle David seemed incapable of speech, he just nodded mutely and grinned idiotically. Then she landed on his lap and squirmed around like all good children do, and I saw him turn bright red! the perfect red faced look that all Santa’s seem to have! I grabbed one of my camera’s and started to snap away like crazy, moving from side to side getting all sorts of angles, but it was Brandi that took charge, squirming this way and that, throwing her head back, nearly butting Uncle David in the face, twisting and turning, crossing and uncrossing her legs, and I knew damn well that some of these shots were going to show lots of underwear .. I groaned at the very thought, but kept on snapping.

At one point she scolded Uncle David for not ‘holding’ her like a Santa did, and promptly wrapped one of his arms round her, his hand slipping under her raised arm and coming to rest on her left breast! I saw him try to draw it back quickly, but she seemed to clamp her arm down and trap it there, and he couldn’t just flap it around, so with an audible groan that he tried to cover up with a falsely jovial “Ho, Ho, Ho”, he cupped his hand around her tight, firm breast. I could have sworn that Brandi grinned triumphantly, she certainly seemed to light up even more, and she continued to move, posing in this position and then that as I snapped away.

Her constant movement had the effect of shifting Uncle David’s hand around on her left breasts, almost as if he was caressing it, and perhaps after a short while he was, because I noticed that when she lifted her arm above her head to really thrust her breasts forward – the same arm she’d used to trap his hand – he made no attempt to draw his hand away, in fact I was almost certain that I saw his fingers slide around her protruding nipple and rub it sensually. Damn but this was soo hot!

Then Brandi jumped off Uncle David’s lap, grinning widely, “Well, is that enough?, did you get some good shots?” she exclaimed. I was so turned on, all I could do was grin back at her and nod, not trusting myself to speak. With a squeal she turned around and threw her arms around uncle David, “Oh thank you, that was super” she gushed … and I groaned … because as she bent over him, that threadbare school dress rode up and I found myself staring at an almost naked ass! She was wearing thongs instead of panties, and the thin strap had crept into her ass crack, giving the appearance of her having nothing on, damn, some of these pictures were going to be even hotter than I thought!

She finally let a very red faced Uncle David go and bounced out of the room, stopping only once to bend down and pick up a discarded film packet that had fallen off my table, and I heard the deep groan come from Uncle David, and knew that he was getting that same glorious ass view that I’d had moments ago. When she’d finally disappeared, there was absolute silence, so much so that I could hear Uncle David’s rasping breathing, and it was obvious he was trying to bring himself back under control. “Damn!” he muttered finally in a strangled voice, “They sure didn’t have babe’s like that when I was at school” then he looked at me and burst out laughing, “Damned if I’m not going to do what your mom and dad have always said I should, settle down and get a real job .. uh .. where do I apply for Santa’s job?” he said I joined him laughing , almost crying, as we each released the tension that had built up.

Brandi wanted to know what was so funny when she came back into the room, dressed normally again, I told her Uncle David was seriously thinking of settling down and becoming a regular Santa, and she laughed too, then walked over and leaned close to Uncle David and whispered in his ear. I’m not sure if I was intended to hear, but I did anyway, She whispered “If you really want to be a proper Santa, you’ll have to stop making your lap so lumpy and bumpy!”, then she scooted out of the door.

I looked at Uncle David, expecting him to be angry or embarrassed, but he was neither, he grinned widely, “Damn little vixen! She’s too damn smart by half … and such a tease!” he said. Then he looked at me and a pensive expression came over his face, “This was fun, and I’m sure you got some great shots” he said, “But I can’t help thinking that it misses the real point of contrast between older people and younger people, I mean it’s a situation contrast, not a real one, the real one is in bodies that are young Bayan escort Ankara and bodies that are old. If you’d been to some of the remote villages that I’ve been to you’d understand, when you see people that have spent their lifetime in the sun and are all weather beaten, gnarled , and wrinkled and then see a child or a young boy or girl come up to them, that’s when you see the contrast, the real contrast”

His words were incredibly evocative, and I understood completely what he was talking about, “Yeah” I said, “But there isn’t any such village hereabouts, and I sure as hell can’t afford to go to Africa or Asia”

“Yeah, I know, I was just making a point” he said.

“What point?” said Brandi, coming back in from the kitchen. I explained what Uncle David had said, and she nodded, “Mmmm, I see, but we don’t really need a village, do we?, I mean you have Uncle and you have me, oh, I’m not suggesting that you’re really old and wrinkled Uncle” she said, laughing, “But I think we’d make enough of a contrast, don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and neither, I think could Uncle David. He stared at her for a long, long moment, and I saw the tension come into his face, “Young lady” he said, almost sternly, “I was talking about the contrast between bodies, you’re not suggesting that we should pose naked for this young man, are you?”. I found myself holding my breath, staring wide eyed at Brandi. She seemed totally unfazed by Uncle David’s question, or the almost growling tone he’d asked it in.

She smiled, “Well there’s always the forest up by the lake, we could set up a little camp and pretend to be these natives you talked about” she said.

I thought Uncle David was going to explode, he got so red, “But … But…damn it!, in those villages they didn’t wear clothes!”, he almost shouted.

She grinned, and nodded, “I Know” she responded, then turned to me, “Well, what do you think?, could we make it work out there?”

I gaped, “You mean? .. you’d … go naked?” I stammered.

Her grin widened, “Of course, it would need that wouldn’t it, and I’m not scared, I’m sure you and Uncle David would take good care of me” she said, then turned and grinned, “Wouldn’t you ,uncle David”” she asked.

His answer was a low groan as his head fell into his hands, and she walked out of the room giggling.

I still thought she was joking, kidding around, but later that day she came to me and asked when I’d want to do the session, as she had to organize her other activities around it. “Oh …Oh…Uh…how about tomorrow?” I said.

She grinned, “Oh yeah, that would be perfect, don’t want to give uncle David time to get scared and disappear, do we?” she said, laughing, “I’ll be ready by nine … then she stared deep into my eyes … do you want me to bring my bikini so you can get some “Glam Nature” shots?, sort of ease into the nudity bit?” she asked, and I gulped, and nodded, her grin widened, “Mmmm, I thought you might, uh, but there’s just one condition on all this”

I groaned, oh damn, here it comes, the pay off.

She reached out and pinched my cheek and laughed, “If I’m going to be naked, you have to be naked too!!” she said, then rushed out of the room. Leaving me red faced, and with a massive erection yet again!

Uncle David seemed subdued when I told him it was on for the following day, just looked pensive, nodded, then went out for a walk, I hoped he wouldn’t just up and disappear on us, suddenly the thought of what we were going to be doing was like a fire burning inside me!

The next day came and we all met up at nine, each of us seeming a little nervous, but Uncle seemed to come good on the trip out to the lake, regaling us with tall stories of some of his adventures, and when we arrived, it was he that went out and found a suitable area, one with sufficient privacy, yet plenty of light for the pictures. He’d brought some bits and pieces with him and preceded to set the area up to look something like a native encampment.

Brandi stood around watching, and a couple of times I caught her biting on her lips and I thought she was having second thoughts about the whole venture, but as soon as Uncle David said he was finished and quite satisfied with the effect, she turned to me with a half grin and said, “Ok, let’s do it!” ,and promptly stripped down to her very brief bikini. Two sharp intakes of breath sounded almost as one as we both gazed with awe at her lithe figure, then I shook myself out of it and started snapping away, Brandi again taking the lead, posing. walking, standing against a tree. lying over a fallen log, all the usual things you see in those men’s magazine, and I had to admit that she did it beautifully.

I glanced at Uncle David from time to time, and he was watching Brandi carefully, a slight flush on his face. I stopped to change film in two of the camera’s, and heard Brandi say, “Come on Uncle David, it’s almost time for you now” She was standing a few feet from him, hands on hips, smiling radiantly, loving every minute of this posing. I saw Uncle David shrug, then slowly disrobe to his bathers, Brandi watching him like a hawk, “Mmmm, I’m not sure this will work entirely” she murmured, “You’re hardly old and wrinkled, in fact … you’re quite a hunk” she said, causing Uncle David to go totally red.

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