Breaking and Entering- Ch. 3

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Breaking and Entering- Ch. 3———————————————————————–The saga continues… The third chapter in the tale… As with my Literotica posts, I retain copyright. Please enjoy!———————————————————————–The summer was in full-swing, and all the k**s had the days off. The hot weather lasted all day, and well into the night, making evening time a wonderful time to cool off, and the adults would gather with friends, and talk about the days’ events, plan for the weekend, or just plain socialize. It was during the few times I was actually allowed to attend one of these adult gossip sessions that I learned a bit more about Jewan and his family. They were from New York, and Jewan was the oldest of three boys. They evidently had some money behind them, because they had a couple of nice cars and the word had it Jewan was going to get one, too! They family kept pretty much to themselves, but had visitors coming and going at different hours. The knowing neighbors all surmised that the visitors were all either part of their family, or d**g dealers. Heads nodded all around at that proclamation, and the conversation took a different direction.During the days, I began to work on my tan in the backyard, and since the neighbors were off at work, I had the naughty thought of getting an “all-over” tan. So I did. I laid out my beach towel, took off my bathing suit, and spent the late mornings just baking the sun into my body. After several days, I even gave up wearing a bathing suit outside. I just took my towel out and took in the tan, turning every so often to keep my tan even. Listening to the radio, I would let my mind wander. Sometimes I would think about college, sometimes about high-school and my friends. But I spent a lot of time thinking about Jewan.We had been getting together two or three times a week now, with most of the time during the middle of the day. We would make love two or even three times in the few hours we had together, trying new things, like different positions, different places in his house, things like that. The days there were no cars at his house were the ones I knew I could have Jewan, and those days when cars were there, Jewan was unavailable to me. Those days were the ones I knew would be longest. I would see the cars out front, and sigh, then go back outside and start on my tan. Of course, my 18 year-old body was not ready to wait for Jewan to please me, so I would take matters into my own hands, or fingers, more precisely.The very thought of Jewan standing over me, my body bare to his gaze was enough to get my heart racing. I would fantasize his naked body standing there, his cock fully erect and throbbing as he knelt between my legs and slowly introduced his manhood to my body, filling me as only he could. The faster his cock thrust inside me, as my fantasies went, the faster my fingers would go, as my body went. I am sure the neighbors would have loved to see me laying on the ground, legs apart, my French-manicured türbanlı hatay escort nails furiously circling my clit as I gasped in the pleasure only a girl can give herself. My climaxes had to be stifled, so the whole neighborhood would not hear me, once biting my lower lip so hard that I left a bruise in my mouth!I was in the middle of one of these fantasy sessions, when the phone rang. It scared me so much I could have given myself whiplash! It was Jewan, telling me to come over, that he had a friend he wanted me to meet. I wanted to look good, so I took a quick shower and put on one of my short sundresses and sandals, brushing my hair out fully, and strode over. I knocked on the door, and Jewan was there, smiling. He let me in, and kissed me fully on the lips, not the tongue kind of kiss, but lingering. My heart leapt at the thought that Jewan was going to screw me today! As he kissed me, his hand roved over my butt, and felt my panties. “Take them off!” he commanded. Not harshly, but still an order. I smiled as I willingly complied, thinking this was going to be a new game for us. I held them up to him, and he took them, throwing them in the corner.Braless, and now panty-less, Jewan took my hand, and led me into the back of the house, by now much neater than when I first entered his home. He turned to me as we stepped and said, “Never wear panties here again, got it?” I merely smiled in response.“Look at who I got!” he exclaimed, as I entered the room.My eyebrows raised when I realized we were not alone, and as I entered the room, I saw the fattest black man I had ever seen. He looked like he must weigh four hundred pounds! Jewan introduced him to me as his cousin Malik, and I was introduced as Jewan’s girlfriend. I held my hand out to shake, and Malik lumbered up and took it, gripping it firmly. Then he sat down again, only he did not release my hand, so I was pulled down to the sofa on top of him!“Hey!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing?”“Whatever he wants to!” came the reply behind me. I turned to see Jewan’s evil-looking grin, and his standard black shorts pulled down to expose his stiffening cock. Jewan took a couple of steps towards us, and I started to tell him I didn’t want to do this. Malik held onto my hand, then grasped the front of my dress with the other, pulling me over to him, his face leaning forward to kiss me. His lips were greasy with sweat as they mashed against mine, and his tongue pushed against my lips to part them. I don’t know why, but I yielded to his kiss, and let his tongue rush in to massage mine, his heavy breathing loud through his nose. At the same time, Jewan was lifting my skirt, his hardened shaft poking into my crotch. I couldn’t help but moan as Jewan pushed himself inside me while Malik groped and squeezed my breasts.Jewan began to thrust in me as I felt hands removing my dress, lifting it up over my shoulders as Malik broke our kiss to disrobe me. My breasts were full and my nipples ripe for the plucking. I felt türbanlı hatay escort bayan Jewan’s hands on my hips, pulling me onto my feet, bent over as he slowly sent his shaft back in to claim my pussy. Each thrust felt so long, so delicious, so satisfying, I momentarily forgot that there was another man in the room, watching us. As it turns out, he was not just watching! As Jewan continued to use me, Malik struggled to his feet in front of me, then dropped his own shorts, showing me considerable layers of flab, as well as his cock, which was growing with every beat of his heart.“Noo!” I moanedJewan simply thrust into me, moving his cock inside me. “Yes!” He replied. “You gonna’ do him!”With that, Jewan grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling me upright as Malik sat back down on the couch. I was pushed forward by Jewan’s body, until Malik could reach out and grasp my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingers. I winced at the burning sensation as my nipples were flattened between Malik’s stubby fingers as I was pulled onto him. Jewan withdrew from me, and used his hands to guide my hips over Malik’s crotch.“Please, Jewan! Only you!” I begged. The only response I got was Jewan’s hands forcing my body lower as Malik lifted his hips to push his now throbbing black manhood towards my body. It was no real contest as I let myself be lowered to Malik, and his cock came into contact with my already opened vagina, my juices ready to lubricate him. He entered me as I lay against his massive body, unable to penetrate me nearly as far as Jewan had. Malik then began to convulse wildly, driving his cock in me as far as he could, but certainly not giving me the pleasure Jewan did.Malik shifted his hands to my hips, and drove me down as hard as he could, filling me a fraction more, then he held me down. My eyes popped wide open as I felt Jewan rub his pole around my butt, before lining it up with my exit. I screamed as Jewan forced his tool to enter me, forcing me open like he did that first night, only much more painfully. Once he had forced me open, he continued in one long push, the juices of my vagina help him slide into my rear. They both began to buck their hips, thrusting both cocks in me, my chest heaving from the pain, exertion, and panic. My eyes watered at the pain as Jewan pumped me and Malik twisted my nipples to the point I thought they would rip off!Time slowed to an eternity as I felt nothing from Malik, but pain from Jewan, although I had to admit that the pain began to subside after a bit. They thrusted, bumped, and grunted as they took me from both holes, without any real rhythm or pace, only that to gain their own satisfaction. Malik climaxed first, and Jewan was pile driving me, giving me no hope of avoiding Malik’s semen in my womb. As Malik finished, Jewan again grabbed my hair and pulled me upright until I was standing on my tip-toes, with his cock in my ass. My breasts bounced with every thrust as I gasped for air.I soon felt my first tingle türbanlı escort hatay of pleasure as Jewan reached around to my crotch, his finger rapidly circling my clit. His pace slowed somewhat as he still used my butt, but his fingers flew as I became lost in the pleasures of his touch.“Whose slut are you?” He demanded. When I didn’t answer, his fingers flicked my clit more, sending a crash of passion through me. Then he repeated his question.”Whose slut are you?” he demanded.I answered the only way my body would allow me. “Yours.” I said softly.With that, he bucked harder ad few times, and sent his load into my butt, my voice crying out in fear and pain as his cock ravaged my ass. I caught the leering gaze of Malik as Jewan finished with me, his knowing smirk telling me my day was not over. Jewan withdrew, and I all but passed out on the floor as Jewan took stock. “Shit, Bitch! You bled on me!” he declared, and I was sure my rear had been either ripped out of my body, or at least ripped apart. “I’m gonna’ shower. She’s all yours, if you want!” he declared to Malik as he bounded upstairs, his cock swinging from side to side with each step.I turned to see Malik already in motion, grabbing my wrist as he closed on me. His grip was surprisingly strong, and I was flat on the floor on my back in a second, Malik’s folds of flab enveloping me as he lay on top of my prostrate form. I tried to struggle from under him as my legs lay flat on the floor, wide apart, but his form was just too big, his body too heavy. Malik shifted and wriggled until his cock was pointing at me, then he grunted as I felt the second contact of his cock and my pussy.I was gasping for breath again, under Malik as he thrust in me, but again, it was less from pleasure than it was from being suffocated by his form. I stared up at the stairway, silently pleading for Jewan to come, to rescue me from this fat, greasy slob who was r****g me. Jewan finally came down stairs as Malik finished his climax, messily spreading his seed as he fell out of me on his final thrust. Malik lay on me for a moment, then rolled off, relieving the ten-ton pressure off my poor, exhausted body. His seed smeared on my crotch, as well as the floor.I lay there, gasping as Jewan tossed his wet towel at me. “Get cleaned up. Your Papa will be home soon, and I don’t want you to get caught”. Taking the towel, I gingerly stepped to the bathroom near the front door, and took stock of my poor, battered body. My vagina was sopped with semen, but no trauma. My breasts were red from Malik’s groping them, and I feared they might bruise. My biggest fear was my butt. I used the towel to clean myself, and a small smear of blood showed that I had torn something. Amazingly, the pain was no longer there, although I was a bit sore. I exited the bathroom, and Jewan was standing there, holding my dress in his fingers. He held it out to me, and as I pulled it over my head, he asked if I remembered what he told me. I told him I did not, and he reminded me that I was to never appear with panties on again! I nodded in remembrance, and made my own term. My butt was off limits. I would never again let a man take me that way. If he did, I would simply tell my Daddy that Jewan gave me d**gs and ****d me. I got a grudging acknowledgment from Jewan. “A’ight” he said. Then he opened the door, and I went home, thinking about the change in my life.

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