Breaking Barriers


It was not their fault that they were spotted by him while pleasuring themselves shamelessly. Nor was it his fault – he had not planned on spying on the young housewife that was his tenant.

Either way, as Narain slowly climbed down the metal stairway he saw and was transfixed by the sight of Shanthi, his tenant’s young wife, pinching her own nipples and mauling her breasts while a woman had her head busy between the her legs.

He was over 70 years and he had cursed his luck for having to climb to the third floor to where the water tanks were. There was no place left to dry his clothes and no one to help him either. He had slowly climbed one step at a time, hung out his clothes to dry and was climbing down, wrapped in only a thin bathing towel.

Since few ever came to the rooftop and still fewer climbed that metal ladder to the third roof, the women had thought themselves safe from discovery so long as the room door was shut.

But the elevation of the stairway allowed Narain a full view through the ventilation window. The woman who he considered young enough to be his daughter was opened out and in a sexual position he did not know could exist, certainly not between two women as far as he knew.

For that matter, neither had Shanthi planned this encounter. It was a most unexpected turn of events. She had no clue till just a short while ago that one woman could pleasure another one like this.

As most Indian housewives do, Shanthi had asked her maid Maniamma to give her a massage. This is almost a routine act in most middle class houses in India. It happens in millions of homes all over India, every afternoon.

Maniamma, her maid knelt at the foot of the bed and grabbed Shanthi’s ankles. Inadvertently Shanthi’s legs had shifted and she had given a view of her silken, beautiful fair legs to Maniamma. Initially, Maniamma was merely captivated by the fair and smooth complexion of her madam, which compared favorably with her own sun-roughed skin and dark complexion.

As a Tamilian woman Maniamma was a chocolatey dark. The cultural obsession with fairness merely led her to admire Shanthi akka’s skin. (She called her Shanthi akka, which meant elder sister.)

But it was the smoothness of the skin that made her slide her hand further up those curvaceous legs. That was fine with Shanthi for she needed the strong woman’s hands to ease the stress and aches she felt after the daily chores.

But Maniamma did not expect to feel the frisson of pleasure she felt today when she moved up those silken legs. In one instant the massage ceased to be a chore and her body responded with pleasure at the opportunity to touch Shanthi akka.

She leaned back on her haunches as she worked the toes and then forward to rub the legs. And with each successive reach forward she moved up a little further. Soon, her hands were deep inside the folds of Shanthi’s saree and up to and beyond her knees.

It was only when Maniamma reached her thighs that Shanthi felt the sexual overtone in Maniamma’s touch. She had no way of knowing it, but by then Maniamma was wet between her legs. Apart from the pleasure of caressing Shanthi akka’s smooth, silken legs, the rocking back and forth mimicked to a great extent the act of riding a man, a sumptuous, throbbing cock sliding in and out of a gaping, wet, grabbing cunt.

Maniamma’s mind played tricks and she was wet, flowing and flushed from her private, sexually intense thoughts. She had enough and more men on call and she could go to any of them for a quick bout of pleasure taking. All of them openly lusted her for she was a sexual live-wire. It was there in the strength of her body but also in her demeanor.

In her working class community, relationships were more fluid and boundary-less than in Shanthi’s middle class community. The men and the women, older and younger were a constantly shifting population. They shuttled between village and city on various agendas. So even though she was married, Maniamma found herself in a different place than her husband on enough number of occasions. And she took her pleasure where she could get it depending on who was in town.

Sometimes she did find herself fucking someone else even though her own husband was in town. It might be someone whose wife was away and he was in need. It was part of the support system of their community to meet each other’s need. She could not only be asking; she also had to give. It was the same whether it was money, stocks of goods, a retailing spot, a house that had to be covered because someone needed a day off – or someone without spouse needed sex.

Over time, favorites emerged. And within her circle in which this tacit understanding existed she was almost everyone’s favorite. It did lead to a simmering jealousy amongst the other women and sometimes manifested in fights over turf or other trivial things. The sexual jealousy caused more fury and it was more sustained than any other kind of fight.

It was the fact that Maniamma Escort was in her early forties that made her such a favorite with the men. She had the sensitivity to spot a particular need. And the skill to fill it.

For instance there was the time when Sekhar came to her with the need to be animal. She had knelt on all fours and allowed him to maul her and treat her like a bitch. On another occasion Velu had need comforting and she had mothered him, holding him to her breasts and rocking him gently as his emotions bubbled up along with his orgasm.

She knew how to treat men as per their moods and needs and an expertise to match that – and they knew it. Some even wished for their wives to travel or Maniamma’s husband to go away for a bit so they could have more of her.

But never before had she been sexual with a woman. And she found this attraction to her mistress intriguing. She thought she needed to later go find one of the men to satiate her desire. But she was not done with caressing Shanthi akka today.

She called her akka. It was the manner in which the working classes were meant to address their masters. In fact, Shanthi was younger than her. She was twenty-two and had been married just for a couple of years. Shanthi’s husband was a couple of years older than her. He was eager for sex as young men are prone to being but he was still learning the art of pleasuring a woman, having been a virgin on his wedding day.

Their sex life was full and active with her husband fucking her every night and often in the morning before heading out to work. There were a few occasions when he came by in the afternoon and could not have been bothered about making excuses to Maniamma. He had ushered the maid out of the room and shutting the door fucked his wife with the vigor and zest Shanthi had come to accept and expect.

Maniamma had smiled and voyeuristically enjoyed listening to the moans and squeals that filled the house on those occasions. Shanthi always came out in a very business like fashion and drove Maniamma to do more chores to cover her own embarrassment at her husband’s brazen behavior.

And yet, the vigor and stamina her husband displayed had not been matched by any imaginativeness. Fortunately, Shanthi was as new to sex and did not know much beyond the obvious and the straightforward.

And therefore the stirrings of pleasure from the touch of a woman were new to both the lady of the house and her servant. There was a certain shamelessness about lust with Maniamma and she relished the discovery of a possible new pleasure. She wondered about all the ways in which she would now touch Shanthi akka so long as akka allowed her to.

It was not so with Shanthi who stiffened as the rough, calloused fingers massaged her thighs. The places being touched had been touched by Maniamma before. But never so tenderly, never with such lingering hands. But it was not only the places. It was also the roughness of those hands. Maniamma usually gripped her to massage her. At that, the texture of her fingers and palm was never felt. Today when she ran them gently up her thighs, she felt the friction and that was what made her shiver.

Shanthi drew in her breath but said nothing. Her first thought was that the pleasure she felt was her own fault. She did not want to alert Maniamma to her pleasure. She tried to control what she felt and hoped it would pass.

However, continuing in the progression from ankles thus far, Maniamma progressed to areas that left no scope for doubt. She was dangerously near Shanthi’s crotch. The pleasure Shanthi felt made her gasp loudly and neither could have been in doubt about what had just happened.

Shanthi went red from embarrassment but was determined not to invite attention to her own predicament by asking Maniamma to go easy. This was just as well for Maniamma was in no mood to slow down. Searching further she rubbed down harder with the balls of her thumbs, pushing energy towards Shanthi’s pussy. The nerves tingled, the wave transmitted through flesh and Shanti shook in a tremor as she felt herself react to the touch of the experienced woman.

This was insane! Did a woman get such pleasure from another woman? Was she losing her mind? She wanted it to stop.

But boy, was she glad when Maniamma reached up again this time touching her pussy with both her thumbs, pushing the cloth of her panties to wedge between the lips.

“Maniamma!” gasped Shanthi. “What are you doing?” she asked rhetorically, in a voice trembling with passion.

“Let it be,” whispered back Maniamma soothingly. It left Shanthi in no doubt that Maniamma knew what she was doing.

In fact, Maniamma did not anything more than what her natural sexual instincts impelled her to do.

“I only asked you to massage me,” Shanthi said complainingly, her hands stroking her own face and neck.

This time Maniamma allowed her hand to run all the way up the aching body and cupped the younger woman’s breasts in her hands. Escort Bayan She leaned over her and brought her face to mistress’s face.

“That is all that I am doing,” she whispered. Shanthi felt Maniamma’s paan scented breath on her face. She looked into Maniamma’s eyes in panic as she felt the older woman’s hands kneading her breasts – those breasts that had been touched by only her husband so far.

“What are you doing?” she stammered. Her mind whirled as she thought of Maniamma being older and therefore knowing about worldly matters.

Maniamma’s natural, innocent reaction was to laugh. “Like everyday I am just doing whatever occurs to me,” she said by way of explanation. She did not tell her mistress that her own breasts were now throbbing and she had this sudden urge to suck on the young lady’s breasts the way men sucked her own breasts.

She was now back working the toes, then ankles, then the calf. But now each touch made Shanthi twitch and writhe in pleasure.

She sat up and grabbed Maniamma’s hands to stop her. “No, stop it!” she commanded.

And she regretted having commanded so, for the maid stopped what she was doing as she was used to obeying. “Massage me, but not like that,” whispered Shanthi, her face reddening to a crimson, feeling the need to feel that woman’s hands on her.

“Like what?” murmured Maniamma, brushing her face close to Shanthi akka’s. “I am only doing what I do everyday and it is you who is feeling it differently,” she lied, letting her hands on Shanthi’s soft young breasts. She ached to touch them for if the legs were so silky how soft and tender would those breasts be!

Maniamma was on her knees as she had been all through the massage. Shanthi was sitting up, her knees at her chin. The women were alongside each other, Shanthi to Maniamma’s right. Maniamma’s thumb searched for Shanthi’s nipple. Shanthi froze, not withdrawing. Having thumbed its target, the hand moved down her side and Maniamma caressed Shanthi’s hip, thigh and went as far down as her ankle.

Shanthi shivered at the tight grip on her ankle. Maybe Maniamma was correct. Maybe it was she. How else could she explain the pleasure she felt at the tight grip on her ankle. The only time her husband had held her there and like that was to spread her apart so he could plunge into her.

From there the hand slid within her saree back to Shanthi’s crotch. For the first time in her life, Maniamma felt a hot, woman’s crotch against her palm. It was as if the panty was not there at all – so intense was the heat and so saturating was the wetness. It was the first time Shanthi had felt the gentleness of a woman lover touching her. Her husband’s eagerness always made him animal while handling her. She loved that animalness; but this tender, gentle caress of her tender, budding lips was beautiful, too!

Maniamma rubbed again with her palm and Shanthi involuntarily, gratefully, spread her legs. She rubbed the crotch again and Shanthi brought her mouth to Maniamma’s ear. Senseless with the pleasure coursing through her Shanthi brushed her lips against Maniamma’s ear. Her lips were parted and her was breathing was ragged.

Shanthi’s hands involuntarily gripped Maniamma’s arms. She was no longer able to resist or even think of controlling what Maniamma was doing to her. She did not seem to realize that her hips were actually grinding against the rubbing palm and she was herself taking pleasure from the older woman’s actions.

The younger woman had no idea that a woman’s hand could arouse her so much; all her growing up years she had only thought of men as sexual partners. Here was a woman, clearly more experienced than her in such matters. Her hands played magically on her body. Intense needs arose inside her and especially in her cunt.

She wanted this woman’s rough hands on her. But she suddenly realized she also wanted her husband – actually any cock. She felt the urge desperately and had no idea of how the huge vacantness between her legs would be filled. Hungry for whatever pleasure she could get she gently fucked her hips against that palm desperately hoping Maniamma knew how to pleasure a woman fully.

Maniamma did not. In fact, her own needs were soaring. Her pussy seemed to burn while her breasts seemed swollen and ready to burst for the want of being touched. And she still had not felt the silken, delicate breasts of her mistress.

She withdrew her hand from Shanthi akka’s crotch leaving her squirming. The mistress rubbed her thighs together and squirmed shamelessly. But Maniamma’s attention had shifted to Shanthi’s breasts. With one hand holding her firmly, she searched for Shanthi’s breasts with the other hand. She slid the pallo off her shoulder and pressed her palm against Shanthi’s breast and then waited to see if she met any resistance.

Shanthi was maddened by the absence of Maniamma’s firm palm against her crotch. Her hips continued to thrust as if in search for something she could take between Bayan Escort her legs. “Oh fuck!” she thought. “I so need my man, any man!”

Maniamma slid her hand under Shanthi’s blouse and bra and cupped the breast in her hand. The breast felt warm and inviting. The nipple unfurled into her palm as Shanthi’s natural sexual responses continued unchecked and involuntary. It felt soft but Maniamma could not caress and feel the silken softness enough.

She withdrew her hand. Now Shanthi was wild with unmet, raging needs. Suddenly she wanted Maniamma to bring her full sexual skills to bear on her own pleasure. Meanwhile, unmindful of what she was doing Maniamma tugged at the blouse hard enough to have the hooks give way. The roughness of this action matched for Shanthi some of the occasions on which her husband had been impatient in undressing her.

Maniamma laid Shanthi akka back and was careful enough to unhook the bra. She had always admired Shanthi akka’s lacy, racy bras and hoped one day she could own one of her own. Those flimsy garments were sexy. She had gently fingered one of them while doing the washing and let it linger in her face. She was sure she could madden a lover or two by encasing her own large breasts in such beautiful frilly stuff. But she could not afford that kind of bra. So she was careful in handling it.

She wanted to gaze at her mistress’s lovely breasts in their frilly encasement more – but she also wanted to touch, feel and pleasure. She pushed aside the blouse and the bra. She stared in wonderment at the soft, small breasts. The right breast already had an erect nipple topping it. The other one felt the air touch it and puckered up under Maniamma’s intent gaze.

Shanthi continued to rub her thighs together and reached for Maniamma’s hand to bring it back to her crotch. “Continue to massage me!” she pleaded. Suddenly, she did not sound like a mistress. She was begging and whimpering to be pleasured. She was ready to be enslaved.

Maniamma was used to doing Shanthi akka’s bidding. But for now she focused on her own desire to feel those lovely, tender, young breasts. With both hands she gently brushed fingertips on the nipples. The other nipple rose magnificently, hard, strong … and both the tips were now paired in their throbbing to be sucked and sucked hard.

But Maniamma was so tender and gradual in her loving. She kissed those breasts very lightly, hands caressing the small mounds. The softness and tenderness of the breasts and her touch on them contrasted with her own large breasts, the wide areole and thick nipples; and also contrasted with the wild sucking and mauling she received from men who hungered for them. Men licked, bit, gobbled and chewed on her. If teeth hurt her that too was pleasurable.

She on the other hand was gentle with Shanthi’s breasts. She felt them, weighed them and kneaded them, taking care to tug those nipples as far as they could be made to lengthen.

And then she kneeled forward and sucked in all of the breast and rotated the nipple with her tongue.

Shanthi grabbed Maniamma’s head and gasped, “Yes! Do that!” she encouraged Maniamma.

When she sucked gently on the nipple Shanthi felt her body arching up towards Maniamma’s face, trying to feed herself to Maniamma. Maniamma had taught her a lot about cooking and maintaining the house from when she was a new housewife. Now she ached for Maniamma to teach her about the pleasure between women. She felt new at this, too.

As Maniamma slid the nipples alternately in and out of her mouth, she felt as if she was fucking Shanthi. It was as if she the woman, her mouth a bubbling vulva was on top of a man – and each of Shanthi’s nipples a male organ . Her own pussy was now bubbling with desire and she found herself wondering about how she was going to take and give pleasure between the legs.

Both of them needed a man. But the urgency and need of the moment was immediate.

She remembered times when she had used a thick cucumber for pleasure. But she was not inclined to leave Shanthi alone and go looking lest the moment was lost.

She then remembered a time when one of the men had gone down on her and kissed and tongued her pussy till she came. She remembered how his lips had felt on her pussy and where all that tongue had traversed.

Maniamma slid down bringing her face to Shanthi akka’s crotch. One hand remained toying with the breasts for she could not bring herself to let go of those silken, soft mounds of pleasure.

With her other hand she quickly pulled up Shanthi’s petticoat. Soon the young woman found herself bared to the older woman. Her body felt aflame and she shivered as she felt herself open and defenseless to Maniamma’s attention.

“What is she going to do?” wondered Shanthi. From her limited experience a fully erect male member was desperately needed and nothing less would do.

Maniamma kissed her on her pubic triangle.

Shanthi akka quaked with pleasure. She was being kissed down there! One hand flew to Maniamma’s head more to track what was happening rather than to guide her. She was incapable of guiding her. The only thing she seemed able to do was taking whatever pleasure Maniamma offered her.

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