Breast Friend Ch. 08


–SESSION 13– Amber, Gia, Kelsey and Vera

Peter wanted to get somewhat creative for this next one. He was chugging along efficiently through his new gang of “Breast Friends”, as he referred to them, but he still had big, big plans. This time, he wanted to summon the four girls in the group who were all older than him—Amber, Gia, Kelsey and Vera. At different points in knowing these girls, he had developed a separate crush on each of them. After all, why not? Each was prettier than the last, and they all had particularly large tits even before the drug-induced transformation began.

“Amber, Gia, Kelsey and Vera: modeling/striptease. Kelsey and Vera’s apartment. Two hours. Your clothes are in a box I left outside the door.”

He had stayed up late the night before, engaged in the exciting task of picking a sexy little outfit for each young woman, tailored to showcase her body perfectly—until he ordered them to take them off, of course. In addition, the outfits would not exactly fit. Like the sports bras worn by his other girls the day before, each costume was at least a few sizes too small in the torso and chest. Peter made certain of that.

Upon his arrival to Kelsey and Vera’s apartment, he was about to knock when he saw a small Post-It note on the door.

“Peter: come on in and sit on the couch :)”

Peter smiled to himself and turned the knob. He entered the apartment, which had been thoroughly cleaned, and approached the living room couch. A lovely red carpet extended backward from the couch into the hallway where Kelsey and Vera’s bedrooms were located, and he was pleased thus far with the effort put into this show. Suddenly, his attention was captured by a sultry voice wafting from one of the bedrooms.

“Hi, Peter!”

It was Vera.

“Hey, there.” he responded.

“Are you ready for an extra-special private show?” Kelsea’s voice joined in.

“I sure am.”

“These outfits are way too small.” Gia said.

It was not a complaint; she said it with an intended sexiness, like she was teasing him. However, Peter was in no position to be teased. He knew he was going to get exactly what he wanted, precisely when he wanted it. That was the cardinal rule of his Kingdom, after all.

“I know they are, Gia.” Peter answered, “That’s why I picked them out for your massive boobs.”

“Oh…” Amber giggled, still unseen, “You mean…these massive boobs?”

With that, the girls began to play an sexy, bass-filled tune over Vera’s Bluetooth speaker; the kind of song that was perfect to dance or strip to. As Peter soon discovered, his girls intended on doing both. The others must have told him about the competition element of their deal. That would explain the unprecedented effort that had gone into this presentation.

Amber was first. She danced out of the hallway and into the living room, swaying her hips rhythmically. She wore the outfit he had hand-picked for her: a miniscule orange bikini. He had thought the sports bras on his previous quartet were small—Amber might Ankara escort as well have been topless already. The bikini top did little more than cover her nipples, as her breasts were now easily FFF cups—the same size the triplets’ had been when they smothered him. He drooled, not just at the sexy sight before him, but even daring to think how big the triplets’ breasts had gotten by now…

Of course, Amber soon commanded Peter’s full attention. She turned her back to him and bent at the knees, wiggling her half-exposed ass in his lap. Peter did not identify as an ass man, but he liked what he saw, so he reached out and smacked her right butt cheek.

“Ooh!” Amber yelped playfully.

She turned, her face now all business, and presented Peter with a front-row view of her absolutely enormous new and improved rack. It wobbled, it jiggled, it bounced with an energy that rivaled Bridget’s or Faith’s. She knew it was all he could possibly think about.

“You like these, big boy?” she asked innocently.

“Hell yeah.”

“Want a closer look?” she inquired, biting her lip.

“Oh, yeah.”

Amber took hold of the back of Peter’s head and began to gently guide it toward her cleavage. Peter took a deep breath, knowing that he would need it for this trip, but his attention—and Amber’s—were grabbed by the next entrant into the living room.

Kelsey brazenly strode into the room, titties leading the way. Peter’s jaw dropped when he saw how she looked in her outfit; it was even better than he had imagined, and he had masturbated several times to the mental image alone. Kelsey was wearing a cheerleader’s uniform, which contrasted beautifully with her dark hair and “scene kid” exterior. She was an indie chick with a huge pair of breasts, and he wanted the focus to be on the latter, so he dressed her in a bubbly little skirt and a tiny top for which he had cut the neckline himself. She also held a pair of cute little pom-poms that were so grossly out of character for Kelsey that it was undeniably erotic.

“Don’t you think we should give him a choice, Amber, darling?” Kelsey asked, “Maybe he wants to be buried in my titties, instead!”

Peter gawked at Kelsey’s boobs. They were also FFF cups, and he was extraordinarily glad that he cut the neckline the way he did. It was extremely low, but somewhat narrow, meaning that her the inner half of each melon was virtually entirely exposed. He licked his lips at the thought of being smushed between those jugs, and knowing that it was within his rights. He also knew that these were an impressive spectacle, because he briefly forgot about the prospect of being smothered in the Heaven that laid between Amber’s pillowy clouds.

Kelsey aggressively pushed Amber aside so that she could monopolize Peter’s attention. She bent over in front of him, allowing him a generous view into her cleavage, while wiggling her hips behind her. He could only imagine how great the view was from behind.

“I hear you may be minimizing your friend group, Peter.” she remarked in a low Ankara escort bayan tone.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about it.” Peter replied, doing his best to maintain power.

“I just want to let you know that I’ll do anything to make the cut.” Kelsey divulged, “And I mean anything. In fact…let me show you what I can give you that’s even better than what Amber can do.”

“You bitch.” Amber rolled her eyes and bounced tits in her hands in an effort to re-attract Peter’s attention.

Kelsey ignored Amber, and began pulling Peter’s head toward her breasts. He felt the warmth emanating from them, and decided he would let himself be completely and utterly smothered for a while.

“Come here, baby. Let me take good care of you.” Kelsey whispered.

“Not so fast!”

Gia’s voice echoed into the room, preceding her body by about a second. The music was still playing, and Gia took full advantage of it. She moved at double the speed of the first two girls, though, knowing that she had to burst onto the scene to keep Peter from being smothered by Kelsey. If he got smothered by Kelsey, she knew that he would get lost in her boobs and wouldn’t come out for quite a while. It lowered her chances of being selected to remain one of his Breast Friends, and she had to fight back—with her two greatest weapons.

Peter did not know how else these girls could blow his mind with each and every new outfit and entrance, but Gia managed to do so. She wore a teeny-tiny pink lingerie that was sheer throughout, allowing Peter a glance at her nipples through the fabric. It also pushed her breasts upward and inward, forming the third amazing line of cleavage he had seen that evening. Gia was always one of those girls with incredible boobs before the transformation, so it was utterly breathtaking to see her now dancing and jiggling exclusively for his enjoyment. He was the King of this living room, and he had three (almost four) busty subjects practically pleading for his attention.

“So, you like big tits, huh, Peter?” Gia asked as she gently yet firmly shoved Kelsey aside.

“You know I do.” Peter responded, gazing lovingly at Gia’s rack.

“You like them right in your face?”


“You want these babies all over your face?”


“Say it.”

Peter’s mouth was dry.

“I want your tits all over my face.”

“What about mine?” Kelsey insisted, feeling slighted.

“And mine?” Amber asked, squeezing in next to Peter on the couch.

“There will be plenty of time for you girls.” Gia assured her companions, “Right after me.”

She turned to Peter and placed a hand on the back of his head, right by the nape of his neck.

“One pair of huge titties, coming right up…”


It was not a plea; it was an order. It was uttered with so much confidence and poise that Gia, Kelsey and Amber froze right there. Along with Peter, they turned to see that Vera had already entered the room.

The music was off.

Vera was a Catholic schoolgirl, Escort Ankara and she looked positively stunning. Her pleated skirt was shorter and flouncier than Kelsey’s cheerleading skirt, and her white button-up was barely buttoned at all. If it had been any more buttoned than it was, then it simply would have burst open under the pressure from her humongous melons pushing against it. Her hair was in pigtails, and she wore a thick layer of makeup, including some shiny, hot pink lipstick that sparkled under the ceiling lights.

“Holy shit.” Peter managed to rasp.

“Out of my way, ladies.” Vera insisted, marching over to the couch, “I know exactly what our baby needs.”

Vera elbowed past Gia and straddled Peter. Without hesitation, her knockers made a beeline for his face. Peter barely had time to take in a breath before his eyes, mouth and nose were surrounded by glorious, heaving titflesh. His ears were relatively uncovered, so he could hear what Vera was saying.

“You like being buried in breasts, don’t you? Yeah, you do. Don’t worry. I’m gonna take good care of you. All you have to do is keep me in your friend group, and this is all yours. Whenever you want.”

She pushed his head even further into her cleavage to clarify her point.

“All yours…”

“Mmmph…” Peter moaned, although it was barely audible.

He felt Vera kiss him tenderly on the head, but soon after, her boobs were removed from his face and replaced by another pair: Gia’s.

“What about these? You could have these, Peter. Feel how big and soft they are?”

“Mmm!” Peter exclaimed, saving the feeling of tits in his face.

As quickly as it began, Gia’s smothered ceased. Kelsey took her place abruptly, shoving her endowments into his visage mercilessly.

“You like your little cheerleader, Peter? You like her huge boobies in your face? Yeah? You fit so perfectly in there. Like my rack was made to cradle your face and make you feel nice and safe…are you comfy in there?”

“Mmmph…” Peter could barely sustain his erection any longer.

“My turn, bitches.”

It was Amber who had spoken. Peter was pulled out of his third cleavage and placed immediately in a fourth, but this one was somehow different. Amber had a lot to compete with. She was the fourth breast smother, and she had to outdo all the others. She was desperate. Her generous jugs overflowed Peter’s face and even started to form a seal over his chin and hairline. This smother was one for the books.

“You can live in there, Peter.”

He heard her say it, but was still surprised.

“That’s right. You can live in there. For hours on end. Nothing but titties. Think of them as your own personal pillows.”

Peter remained in Amber’s cleavage for several minutes, sneaking a small breath every once in a while, but otherwise just basking in his newfound privilege. He knew that opportunity was not limited to just Amber, but that all the girls would allow the same. After a while, he removed his face and took a deep inhale. Amber, Gia, Kelsey and Vera were all in front of him, wearing their designated outfits, and a big smile crossed Peter’s face until he was smiling from ear to ear.

It had truly been a wonderful day, but he had plenty more ideas.

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