Breast Suggestions Ch. 15


A man uses a special Powder of Suggestion on his well-endowed neighbor. Please use the CONTACT tab on my profile for comments. I need them to know where/how to continue.

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Chapter 15: Teasing Daddy, Finally

So Barbie and Becky were finally all dressed up waiting for their dad to come and stay over for the weekend at Becky’s house. They were programmed by me to tease, seduce and titillate their father until he came in his pants, ran to the bathroom or, perhaps, fucked them silly. They had it all figured out between them. They were going to play “good cop/bad cop” with Barbie being the good cop; the nice Christian daughter, and Becky playing the carefree seductress with loose morals. It would take some work to seduce their handsome loving conservative father, but they were sure they could win him over in the end.

Barbie was dressed in a conservative black skirt, black jacket and a white cotton shirt. Barbie’s bursting bosoms hadn’t been milked in days so her tits were rather rock hard and yearning for attention; her nipples dying for some forceful sucking. The skirt was a little bit tighter than her father had remembered her ever wearing but it did show off nicely her fabulously round ass. Even with her shirt and jacket on, her nipples ever so slightly telegraphed through to suggest their presence.

All in all, her daddy didn’t notice anything different about her when he saw her. He did think of her as his young precious daughter who was growing into womanhood. Something subliminal about her look made him feel a bit horny and happy, but he had no idea quite why.

“Hi Muffin. Sooo nice to see you darling” her dad said as he scooped her up into his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He didn’t notice anything specific about her but she did seem somehow all grown up now. She was 18 years old, working at the church gift shop and she had her own apartment. Her large breasts did press against his chest when they hugged, but he was used to that, what with a busty wife and having raised two bountiful daughters. Still, he noticed something womanly about her.

He then turned to see Becky dressed in a thin white, almost see-through leotard that was surprisingly low cut. He couldn’t see all of that however because her top was, thankfully, covered by a white cotton shirt tied at the waist. He was surprised at her showing so much cleavage. That wasn’t like his ‘Becks’ at all, he thought.

She also had on a white pleated tennis skirt that was far too short for his liking. It stopped below her butt but should have been closer to her knees, in his opinion. “How are you honey-bunch. So nice to see you sweetheart” he said.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek but only a brief hug. “You should put some clothes on,” he said in a low voice, half joking and half serious. “Why I’m just relaxing daddy. It’s my house after all. I finally got my own house daddy and I’m loving it!” she squealed.

Well, her dad could not resist her joy and certainly couldn’t disagree with her. After all, he was very proud of his daughter being so young, only 22 years old, and already having a house of her own. He loved how happy the two girls were and what good friends they had become. “What’s for dinner and how’s your jobs going girls?” he asked.

Both of them started chatting away about the good business at the gift shop and about how many “friends” Becky was making at the library. He had no idea what kind of “friends” Becky was making at the library. She had been taking deposits of more than books. She had been taking boatloads of cum right down her young throat and deep inside her young pussy.

“In fact” Becky said, “My boss simply loves me.” Becky’s thoughts of course drifted to her tall, handsome boss sucking on her double-D hooters just the other day and how he fucked her in her tight ass. Her dad, of course, thought something completely different. He thought of her sitting at her desk completing some task or assignment in record time. He was happy to hear all of this from his two young girls. He was so proud.

Keith, their daddy, was a happily married man about 6′-2″ tall and quite handsome for his age and in his early 50’s. He still had a full head of hair and was in fine physical shape. He loved his wife but, like most middle-aged men, he suffered from a somewhat active sex drive while his wife’s desire had sadly dwindled. She was always willing to be his sexual play toy, but she almost never instigated it. Still, he felt he had done all he ever wanted to do in life. He married well, had a great job and two adorable, if not extremely attractive, daughters. What’s not to like?

Noticing the deep amount of cleavage his 22-year-old daughter was displaying and also the rather large mounds of her very full chest, he simply had to ask her again. “You really should put some more clothes on Becks, don’t you think so?”

“Why daddy?” she replied. “I just feel so comfortable at home. I love it here and work is just so….so….so Fulya Escort stuffy” she said as she placed her palm on the nape of her neck, compressing the roundness of her right breast in the process and shrugging her shoulders to display the mounds of her large double-D’s. She knew she was lying, but that was all part of her plan anyway.

“Can I fix you your favorite drink, a White Russian daddy?” she asked. “Why sure Becks, that’d be great” he replied.

Becky did fix him up a stiff one, an extra strong drink just the way he liked. She wanted to get him to relax and loosen up. She also loosened the knot of her blouse a bit so more of her leotard would come into view.

“Here you go daddy,” she said as she bent over to him while he sat on the couch. He didn’t want to, but his eyes were greeted with a full view right down her shirt and into her thin leotard. He could see far more cleavage than he ever had seen her show before. Her breasts had form. They were full and firm and their skin was so young and soft. The last he knew, his daughter was a young girl. Now she had grown into a very full figured, busty young woman but he didn’t want to think of her that way. She was still his little ‘Becks’.

Keith was very proud of his daughter and what a pious life she had been living. That was all the more reason why he was surprised she was dressed so liberally, so improperly to his way of thinking. “Was something going wrong?” he thought.

Still, he couldn’t help but get the image of the size of her mounds that he saw bulging in her leotard, of her fully developed bosoms. They reminded him ever so briefly of Charley Atwell, that busty boastful British porn star tart, except his darling daughter had a much thinner waist than her. Little did he know but she had much thicker nipples too! Oh yes Charlie, that porn model he had masturbated to just a scant few days ago. She was a hottie indeed.

Keith tried for so many years to avoid masturbation, but the years of marriage had taken their toll on him and through his sexual frustration he had fallen into the world of free porn that so many of his male friends had also succumbed to. He was fixated on Charley and her wonderful accent but mostly he was fixated on the perfectly round globes of her firm young bosoms; her jutting tits, and his daughter had almost the same build. Yet his daughter had the thinnest of all possible waists crowning wonderfully round hips. He had to get these thoughts out of his mind. He had never thought of his daughters in that way before. He had to stop it.

“No” he thought and he quickly averted his glance. As he took a sip of his drink, he was about to talk with her more about her attire but Becky beat him to it. “Daddy-dads” as she liked to call him, “I have something I’m worried about” she said.

“What is it Becks dear?” he replied. “Well daddy, I am sooo, so happy that I have this fantastic house to live in daddy-dads, but…..I don’t have anyone to share it with. I really don’t have a boyfriend and things are just so lonely here,” she pouted. As she explained this she was sure to jiggle her chest a bit to make the large mounds of her tits even more apparent to his eyes.

“Well Becks, things like that take time you know. I’m sure you will find your knight in shinning armor. There are plenty of fine young men at the church you know. You should stop in and see your sister there more often perhaps.”

So Becky plopped down cross-legged on a chair next to him. Her skirt revealed an awful lot of her long thin legs though it wasn’t obscene, just a bit suggestive. Her legs were bare and she had no stockings on too.

“I just can’t seem to find a boyfriend daddy. I don’t really understand it. I have read so many books in my life and I’m sure I am an interesting person. Don’t you think so daddy?” she asked. “Of course Becky Becks,” he said. “I’ve spoken to you about so many things and you are very bright and a wonderful girl dear”

“That’s just it daddy. You still think of me as a girl. I think all the guys must think of me as a girl too. I’m a woman now daddy and….well…..a woman has needs. A woman has thoughts daddy.”

At this point he was beginning to sweat a bit. He wished his wife was here to talk about this stuff but she couldn’t come this weekend. He didn’t know how to counsel a young woman. Heck, he had barely gotten used to dealing with two young girls and now they were, like it or not, two young beautiful women.

Becky straightened her back and jutted her chest out a bit. “Do you think I’m pretty daddy-dads? I feel like I am blossoming into a…..into a real woman daddy,” she said. “Why of course you are,” he replied. “You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman Becks.”

Becky then held both her hands on her tummy, pushing her shirt slightly open while her breasts thrust outward, straining against her leotard. “Why don’t men like me daddy. I have developed rather full…round…womanly assets you know. Men are supposed to like them aren’t they daddy? They sure do bounce around a lot and I’ve seen men looking at them. Especially if I don’t wear a bra like today, Fulya Escort Bayan they really are kind of obvious. Don’t you think daddy?”

Keith knew what ‘womanly assets’ meant. She was talking about her big breasts and he had no idea how to talk to her about them. He felt quite uncomfortable in fact. Big breasts. Womanly assets. He couldn’t get them out of his mind on a normal basis but now it was like she was turning the heat up. She was right in front of him and dressed, well, dressed kind of a like a slutty woman.

Just walking down the street for him was hard enough sometimes yet here he was in front of his busty daughter with a thin sexy leotard on. Images of breasts on skinny women flooded his head.

“Um, well, of course men like you darling. Of course they notice, um….you,” he replied.

Feeling like now was as good a time as any to kick the temperature up a bit, Becky flicked the knot open quite a bit more on her shirt and held it open while pushing her tits out hard against her thin, semi-transparent leotard. “Are my breasts big enough daddy? Are my tits big enough to attract a man? I have big tits, don’t I daddy?” she asked.

Well, that was about as much as her daddy could take. He was gazing at some very firm double-D tits with the shadow of her dark areola and big jutting nipples poking out at him. He was staring at some large hooters; some big smooth young glorious mounds right in front of his eyes!

Keith stood up and insisted, “Becky Becks you simply must dress yourself. You cannot carry on this way. You will certainly find yourself a husband” and he forced himself to walk away into the other room.

Inside her head, Becky giggled at what a show she had put on for him. It was obvious he was flustered with her brief little innocent show. She would do it again many more times through the weekend if need be. She wanted him to fondle her with his big manly hands. She wanted him to grovel in her flesh if she could. Becky retied her blouse over her tits, but not before giving one of her nipples a brief, but firm, squeeze.

Keith then went to the kitchen to chat with Barbie. Barbie was helping make the meatloaf for dinner. She took off her black suit jacket so she wouldn’t get it dirty and the round curves of her full bosom were rather evident to her daddy. He always had overlooked this in the past, but there was something about the conversation and the display that Becky had just given him and then of course there was the slightly tight clothing Barbie was wearing that signaled lust to him.

Barbie’s blouse was quite proper, but her thin brassiere beneath it certainly allowed her firm nipples to telegraph through, in a suggestive kind of way.

“I have to knead this meat together daddy. I think I’m doing it right”, she said. As her body worked the dough, her tits did jiggle a little bit. They made it clear how firm and beautifully shaped they were as they jiggled up a bit, and down a bit. As she formed the loaf, they jiggled from side to side a bit also.

“There, I think I’ve got it right daddy. Could you pass me some towels? I have to wipe off my greasy hands,” she asked. As he passed them to her she was sure to whack his hand a bit with the side of one of her tits. “Thanks daddy” she said.

She then explained to him how sales were up quite a bit at the gift shop. That she was starting to model a bit of the jewelry and some of the clothing and it seemed this really was increasing interest in her wares. Her father, of course, thought that was a fine and proper approach to merchandising. Barbie thought, of course, of all the wonderful nipple nursing she was offering her customers and all the yummy sperm she had been sucking out of different men. She missed Tommy too, her neighbor boy who she had played with in a wonderfully carnal sort of way.

“I sure do miss our neighbor boy Tommy Daddy. He used to help out at the church but for some reason the pastor sent him off to work elsewhere. Do you think you could speak with him and get him sent back? I really like him I thought that maybe, well, um, maybe he could be my boyfriend some day” she asked.

Oh gosh, he thought, another question about boyfriends and womanhood. What was he to do? “Sure pumpkin, I’ll talk to the pastor about him. I always liked him too.”

“Daddy, do you think I could be a model some day?” she asked. “Maybe I don’t have the right, ummm, figure for it but it seems men do like it if I model some of my clothing or jewelry. What do you think daddy?” He just stuttered. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to say the slightest thing that might suggest she didn’t have a good figure because, with her thin waist and arms, she certainly did. He didn’t want to suggest she go into modeling either because he knew how short-lived that profession was and how shallow it could be. Why some men would just promise her all sorts of things just so they could violate her virgin body.

“No pumpkin. I don’t think that’s a good idea at all” he replied. “So you think I’m a fatty daddy? You don’t think I could be a model daddy?” she said as she, in turn, stroked Escort Fulya her waist to hold her blouse more tightly against her thin hips; her tight flat stomach and making her large jutting milk jugs seem even more pronounced.

Her daddy quickly looked away. “No dear, it’s just that modeling is not a good profession at all pumpkin. It’s not something a proper woman should do. You can sell merchandise all you want but modeling is full of corruption and only destined for immorality.”

Well, that was the end of that. Barbie didn’t think it was good idea to continue the subject with her daddy. He didn’t think she should go into modeling, but then, he didn’t know just what sort of modeling she had recently been doing. Ha, ha.

Becky then came in and helped with the rest of the supper. She bid her daddy-dads to finish his drink in the living room. All these uncomfortable conversations gave him quite a thirst and he wasn’t sure at all what to do about it so having a good drink seemed to be an excellent idea.

While they were preparing the food, Becky got the great inspiration to have Barbie express some of her magic milk into his next round of White Russians. They both knew that her milk gave men a sort of natural Viagra. It made them insanely horny and able to have multiple erections and huge ejaculations when they came. They were both determined to drive their daddy crazy with lust. Even if he thought she was a fatty, he was their handsome hunk of a father and they loved him, they even lusted after him.

Barbie and Becky both scooted over into the bathroom and Becky was quick at work unbuttoning Barbie’s blouse. She liked the feel of Barbie’s rock hard round hooters. She was even a bit jealous that she didn’t have any milk in hers. There was something about her sister that she found more and more attractive and even sexy. She then slid her sister’s thin bra downward and released her rock hard tits. “Maybe I should get one started quick,” she said. And with that she latched her lips onto Barbie’s left tit and started sucking hard and lustfully. Becky had grown to appreciate the beauty of her sisters firm, milk-laden tits. They had a different shape and profile to her own, but they were just as spectacularly beautiful. She really liked her breasts, her sister’s breasts, heck she liked any breasts at this point. What natural seducers and comforters a woman’s breasts were, she thought.

Soon enough Barbie’s left tit started leaking her delicious special nectar and Becky held a glass up to it and squeezed and squeezed it, stretching the nipple and squeezing her thin soft tit flesh until her nipple was simply flowing like a faucet. “Oh God you’re so sexy Barbie” she said. Once the glass was about half full she pulled it away and latched onto her nipple again, for just one last time. She couldn’t’ resist her sister’s warm sweet nectar.

Then, both girls looked into each other’s eyes and giggled. Quickly they left the bathroom and Becky added ice to the glass, the Kahlua and vodka would make a nice, sexy tasting White Russian. Her dad had no idea what he was in store for…..

“Here you go daddy. Here’s another drink for you daddy,” Becky said. “Thanks Becks. You’re such a dear. It’s been a hard week at the office.” Within a couple of minutes he surprised them and said, “Wow, this is the most delicious White Russian I’ve ever had! What did you put in it Becky Becks?”

Both girls giggled. “Oh nothing special, just the right proportions” she replied. They were both thinking about their fantastic ‘proportions’, their measurements. Barbie was 5′-2″ with a firm set of 32 DD’s and Becky was 5′-4″ also with a firm set of spectacularly shaped 34 DD’s and a 24″ waist and nice round 36″ hips to boot. Those were the kinds of ‘proportions’ they were thinking of. Poor daddy, he was thinking about the proportions of what goes into one of these drinks and how did they make it taste so good. Ha, ha. So funny.

“Oopsies, I got some sauce on my blouse” Becky said as she patted her chest over and over again with a dishcloth, straining her leotard against her jutting hooters. I better go change,” Becky said from the kitchen and she quickly disappeared upstairs to put something else on. Something that would make her daddy tremble and avert his eyes all meal long.

Meanwhile, Barbie sat down with her daddy and had a nice glass of white wine on the couch. She kept her jacket off and her large breasts pressed nicely against her blouse continuing the display of the unnerving bumps of her thick, yearning nipples. She didn’t want to push things more than that. She was the good cop, after all.

She and her dad talked about what she might study in college and where she might go after this year she was taking off from school. They talked about all sorts of things and Barbie made sure she bent over to reach for things and stretched as much as she could to show off her full chest to him. Often as they spoke, she would hold her palm against the nape of her chest or touch it with her fingertips, as if she was trying to make her point more clearly. This only served to tighten her blouse against her chest, showing off her mountainous bosoms all the more. She would even stoke her tit once in a while as a seemingly mindless gesture. That sort of thing sure caught her daddy’s attention. Her daddy-dads had to avert his eyes more than once to avoid from staring at her.

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