Bred by the Hive Chapter 6


Even as she accepted her adult son as her lover, Elizabeth still tried as hard as she could to keep Greg from finding out. Greg knew that Rudy had a rider on his back now, but didn’t know what Elizabeth was doing to help his rider reach maturity. Elizabeth was careful to only make love to Rudy when Greg was occupied with Joy Montana.But Greg was starting to figure things out on his own. The morning after Rudy got his rider, Greg anxiously had a talk with his only son. “Rudy, I understand you have… one of those things…. on your back now,” he said. It was hard for him to say “rider” in the context of his son; the concept of his beloved son under the control of the Hive was almost more than he could stomach.”Yeah,” said Rudy, eating cereal without a pause. Elizabeth, working at the kitchen counter behind them, tried to be invisible.”How are you… how are you holding up, son?” Greg asked timidly. His own son had an alien rider on his back. But Rudy’s answer startled him.”Fine,” said Rudy.”Fine?” Greg frowned.”Mom’s helping me through it,” Rudy grinned.There was something in Rudy’s answer and Rudy’s smile that Greg didn’t like. “What does that mean?” Greg asked, glancing at Elizabeth.Elizabeth dropped a spoon with a clatter. As she bent over to pick it up, she said, “I’m consoling him, Greg. Talking him through it, through the emotional shock of joining the Hive.””Oh,” said Greg, looking from Elizabeth’s mortified face to Rudy’s lazy grin.Rudy certainly didn’t make it easy to keep their relationship quiet. He often snaked an arm around Elizabeth’s waist, or squeezed her ass or even one of her tits in the kitchen or the hallway.”Not here,” she would hiss, pushing him away. “Tonight,” she hissed at him, as he squeezed her titties. Rudy grinned and winked and swaggered back to his bedroom.Elizabeth turned and saw Darlene watching them with an amused smile. “What did you do to him?” she asked Darlene.”We have unshackled his sexuality,” said Darlene. “While you are training him, he is also in a sense training you. We call that mutual reinforcement, Mom.”Elizabeth looked at her daughter in horror.********And then, several days later, the inevitable happened.Rudy and Elizabeth were resting in bed after making love. Suddenly Rudy sat upright and said, “Mom!””What is it?””My rider… it loves me.”Elizabeth knew what that meant. Rudy’s rider had achieved its first level of maturity.They went to the mirror and looked at the golden circle on the edge of their riders. Elizabeth’s was more mature, since she had already gotten her first band several days earlier. Elizabeth Maltepe Escort looked at Rudy’s rider. It was smaller than hers, but the new brand was bright and shiny, freshly minted. Elizabeth traced the edges of it with her fingers. Rudy started to get sexually aroused. Very quickly Elizabeth learned she could bring him to orgasm by fondling his rider. She started to touch it, and pet it, as if she were stimulating a penis.Rudy’s eyes rolled into his head and he grabbed her legs from behind him and moaned. “Yes, Mom, touch it more like that, with the tip of your fingers, only the tip,” he whispered. It felt like she was touching the tip of his penis. Elizabeth complied, smiling, working to make Rudy feel good.Rudy felt a buildup in his organ. “Yes, Mom, faster now, faster.”Elizabeth touched his rider with more rapid touches. Rudy groaned, panted, and cried out, as a spray of ejaculate soared out of the tip of his penis into the air.”That was good, Mom, so good,” said Rudy. He gave her a passionate kiss. Elizabeth embraced her son. We are Hiveflesh.”Now let me do you,” said Rudy.Elizabeth smiled and obediently turned around, all hesitation gone.Meanwhile, Greg and Joy started to be more open about their relationship. They started to kiss in the kitchen, tentatively at first, a peck on the lips, but as Greg saw that Elizabeth didn’t object, they started to kiss passionately. Elizabeth responded by taking Rudy in her arms and kissing him on the lips. She enjoyed the hurt look she saw in Greg’s eyes.He took her aside one evening. “What are you doing with Rudy?” he hissed.”The same thing you’re doing with Joy,” she said.”Rudy is our son!””And I am your wife,” said Elizabeth.The Hive had an agenda. It wanted to split Elizabeth and Greg apart, to reinforce the Hive’s control over them. Joy felt her rider encouraging her to seduce Greg in the living room. She started to hug and kiss him there.It took Joy only a little persuading to get Greg to be more public with their affection. Her rider wanted her to help sever the connection between Greg and Elizabeth. Slaves should only be connected through the Hive. Joy whispered in Greg’s ear, and tried to get him to kiss her, but he resisted.They were kissing and touching on one of the couches in the living room. Then Joy started to open his pants. She pulled out his penis. “No, Joy,” Greg said, as she lowered her head.”Why not?” Joy asked.Greg started to smell Joy’s scent again, and common sense once again went out the window. He found himself kissing and fondling Joy wherever Maltepe Escort Bayan she wanted it. “We shouldn’t be doing this here,” he said, as he found himself kissing her on the living room couch. “Let’s take it into the bedroom.” But Joy only responded with a cynical smile, as she removed her shirt, and unclipped her bra. Her large breasts flopped around as they were released, finally laying over her thickening belly. She held up one of her breasts. “But we’re already here, Greg. Don’t you want to suck me?”The smell of Joy’s natural scent was deep in his lungs. Greg stared at her large areolas, and erect nipples. He leaned forward and started sucking. Joy moaned with pleasure. Her rider was pleased. She undressed them both as they continued to fool around. In moments they were both nude.”Put it in me, Greg,” she whispered, rubbing his penis against her clit.”Not here, not the living room,” Greg hissed. “Elizabeth could see!”Joy smiled, and inserted himself into her.She felt so good! Greg’s resistance immediately evaporated. He started fucking her hard, oblivious to the consequences.Darlene, seeing what was developing in the living room, sauntered into the kitchen. “Hey, Mom! Come here! You’ve got to see this!” She dragged her mother by the arm to the living room. Elizabeth watched in shock as Greg shamelessly fucked a very pregnant Joy in the living room.”Greg! What are you doing?” she cried.Greg turned red, looking deeply ashamed.”Don’t… don’t stop,” Joy gasped, her breasts bouncing as Greg thrust into her.”I’m sorry, Elizabeth,” said Greg, continuing to pound into Joy’s vagina. “I can’t help it!”Tears started to well in Elizabeth’s eyes as Darlene, standing behind her, smiled.Without saying another single word, Elizabeth went to Rudy’s room and took him by the hand to the living room. In short order Greg was plowing between Joy’s legs on one couch while Elizabeth was bouncing up and down on Rudy’s penis on the other. From time to time Greg looked up at Elizabeth, who was having sexual intercourse with their son. Elizabeth would give Greg a mocking look, even as she rode up and down on Rudy’s penis.Soon Greg saw Rudy stiffen, and cry out, as he filled Elizabeth with his cum. To his horror, Greg saw Elizabeth smile and moan. Her own son had given his wife an orgasm right in front of him. But his reluctance didn’t affect his own performance, and moments later he was coming inside of Joy, who groaned with pleasure.When it was done, Darlene, looking extremely smug, gave them a round of applause. “Now you Escort Maltepe all understand. Your former family associations mean nothing. You are now part of one big family, and one family only: the Hive.” And she stood there and watched as the four of them, without skipping a beat, started to pleasure each other anew.********Joy gave birth seven days later, in the basement, to a small greenish pod that had glowed. Elizabeth watched, biting her lip, as Joy, her legs brightly spread, squeezed out a slimy green pod from her vagina. Greg held her hand and encouraged her, reminding her of how he had been there for her when Rudy had been born. But now Greg was at the side of another woman, another woman he had impregnated. Elizabeth’s rider told her this was all healthy and good, but she was still uncomfortable watching.Greg was pleased, disturbed, and puzzled to see the green pod emerging from Joy’s vagina. He hugged and kissed and congratulated her but wasn’t really sure what she had given birth to. All he had been told was that their baby would emerge from the pod a week after delivery.In only a week! And yet, the pod grew rapidly. Each day they went downstairs and marveled as it grew, bigger and taller into a glowing vertical cocoon.”What will the baby look like?” Rudy asked enthusiastically, as he stared at the tall green oval. By the third day, it was already nearly three feet tall.”I don’t know,” said Joy. She remembered what the last one had looked like: her husband, Tom. It had his face and his body and his voice. Then it had proceeded to take Tom’s memories and strangle him. She knew this new baby would look like someone, but she didn’t know who.And then there was the question of whether it would have ESPer powers. That was the whole purpose of this experiment. Joy felt more than a bit of anxiety at what would emerge from the cocoon.What if the baby were born in the form of Elizabeth? If it were, that would be fine by Joy. The creature would eliminate Elizabeth, and Joy would have Greg all to herself. For Joy, this was obviously a very guilty thought. She liked Elizabeth and even sympathized with her predicament. But more and more she was wanting Greg for herself, and wondering if that was the aliens’ plan for them; weren’t they a perfect breeding pair? Something in her hoped so. When she looked through the cocoon on the fifth day, she saw the clear outlines of breasts. It was going to be a female for sure. Would it be Elizabeth? She saw Elizabeth looking at the cocoon with a puzzled look on her face. She had no idea what was in store for her.The newborn emerged from the cocoon on the morning of the seventh day. By then the pod was nearly six feet tall. They could see the shape of a fully formed, fully sexually mature woman inside. They were all waiting in the basement when they saw the cocoon crack, and the green liquid splashed at their feet.

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