Bree 8 – The Reunion


Bree 8



June 2010

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84 pages

Trevor, Cindy, Katie and Kate had been extremely close friends since the first years of elementary school – one guy (Trevor) and three girls, with the exception of Kate whom Trevor had known since the first day of kindergarten and actually lived on the same block. All four attended the same elementary, junior high and high schools and even college. Ever since childhood, the four always preferred being together and doing things together the majority of time rather than with others despite their popularity and many friends. As seniors in high school, Katie was the head cheerleader and all three women were listed in the yearbook as “Most Beautiful”. The girl’s popularity did not diminish during their college years, as they were all outgoing and very actively involved in campus activities. The three women had experimented with their sexuality with each other off and on as they grew up, this continued into college especially during some of the wilder moments from heavy partying as a means of achieving a sexual release during these peak hormone years. Even years after college it had still continued…

After graduate school for all of them, three of them moved from their hometown and all embarked on highly successful but stressful careers – especially Trevor.

The four best friends did not see each other as often as they liked due to their careers but stayed in frequent telephone contact and occasional visits several times during the year when one or more of them were in the same area or in Trevor’s case, country. Rarely could everyone be together at the same time.

TREVOR got married to BECKY, a therapist and marriage counselor, a specialist in psychopharmacology and they settled in the Western Texas Hill Country on a large working ranch on the headwaters of the Guadalupe River. Becky had met Trevor and the other three women while they were at the same university during graduate school and had become close friends with the three women as well. Since college, Becky had become their best friend and a sister as well, who excelled at listening, understanding, comforting and counseling due to her education and profession. Becky is open, non-judgmental, loving with an instant keen intuition of people, knowing if they were good and then easily accepting of them.

Trevor was more often gone than at the ranch due to his work around the world responding to natural and man-made disasters. After a short few years Becky had a thriving highly referred practice with a partnership in another office in New Mexico were she went one week out of every month. Couples that needed intense therapy she brought to the ranch. This became so lucrative with the patients coming to the ranch that they built a large open space concept guest house with floor to ceiling glass walls to take advantage of the scenery, a hot tub setup on a secluded patio and a huge indoor fireplace and outdoor fireplace. The guesthouse was set far apart and out of sight of the main ranch house to give patients the idea they were on the ranch alone. It was paid for within two years just with the patients that came to the ranch.

KATE had stayed in the hometown, got married, and then divorced within a few years. Kate had realized even before her marriage that she had missed out on marrying her real love – someone that she already known and had been extremely close with since kindergarten… Even now as the years had passed, a deep heart tug of intense regret and longing frequently resurfaced. There were two times of particular intensity when this happened – just before her wedding day and then during her divorce. Kate remained single all this time without even the semblance of a steady boyfriend but was highly respective of the marriage of others and had come to accept she would only be able to have a very close mutual supportive relationship with the married couple.

KATIE had gotten married and moved to the Del Rio area, however, there was discord in the marriage as her husband started doing more year-round “guy” things with his hunting and fishing buddies soon after they got married and had remained this way for years – and it was clearly stated this was “guys time” and no wives were preferred. As a result both had grown distant and a permanent separation was ahead.

CINDY also had moved from the hometown and lived in a lake house who had stayed single for a number of years and now was on a five year going on six years on again/off again engagement that she was growing weary of. Cindy is one of the most vibrant and exuberant people you had ever met with the energy of three people.

Subconsciously, over the years, Kate, Katie and Cindy had compared each guy they ever met against Trevor and all of them found their measure seriously lacking when compared to Trevor. Even when they got married or engaged, their subconscious would not let them forget that their “significant” other did not measure up to the most dearest friend they had known for years and deeply cared for and loved, which, over the years, continuously led to failed relationships for the three women.

As if Fate had decreed “it is not time yet”…

Partly due to the high stress of their very successful careers, the four women each participated in a strenuous exercise program that was a continuation of what they started in high school and modified over the years to include yoga, martial arts, weight training as well as jogging. As a result, all had lean hard bodies and tanned skin tones that were better than what they had back in college and could proudly wear with confidence the barest of bikinis that women twenty years their junior envied and men of all ages gave appreciative looks. The four women looked like they were swimsuit/lingerie models! All four were blessed with great genes with statuesque physiques – they all were tall, ranging from 5’7 to 5’10, with firm and full medium large to large perky breasts that very well complimented their lingerie model appearances and bodies. Nor were they averse to having “enhancements or corrections” done if they were ever needed! Tired of shaving and waxing, they all had undergone laser hair removal that included their entire pubic areas except for a very small fanciful design just above their pussy.

Their stressful careers also induced in all of them to completely unwind and let their selves be carefree and welcomed any alcoholic or pharmaceutical assistance they could get. This would only occur when they got together and they would throw care to the wind fully turning loose; having loving and trusted each other for years knowing they will take full care of each other no matter what.

This included the available access they had to Ecstasy and high-grade marijuana extracts. All the women were not in any way averse to taking Ecstasy when available when they were staying in – loving the way it revved up their feelings, sensitivities, emotions, released their inhibitions and especially increased their desires. Plus, Becky was an expert in psychotropic drugs and closely watched their administration.

Katie living near Del Rio had extensive friends and business associates on both sides of the border, with easy access to pharmaceuticals that were either not commonly available or easily accessible in the U.S. Becky, being a prescribing psycho pharmacologist in New Mexico had plenty of free drug samples that the drug sales representatives were generous with as they pushed their products.

Cindy’s brother lived in California and actually had a very prosperous legal cannabis nursery farm that specialized in the raising of Indica and Sativa as well as a very successful chain of upscale holistic marijuana boutiques for prescription users, since 14 states now allowed prescription marijuana usage with California the longest at 15 years. Being a trained chemist by education and profession, he had become quite adept in developing proprietary processes for dehydrating, grinding and compressing marijuana into concentrated pill form as well as the extraction, distillation, purification and concentration of the cannabis compounds of THC & CBD into a liquid oral administration which he supplied to pharmaceutical companies for further processing and distribution in Canada and Europe, in the process becoming quite wealthy. Cindy received a generous supply from her brother for their get-togethers.


Friends and acquaintances over the years and during the reunions had asked Trevor what he did for a living and Trevor would give a general non-specific response about doing emergency response and relief work for various governments around the world. He never, nor would he ever, reveal it was the US and foreign governments that sought him out for the worst disasters and he was on the “First Call” list of many emergency management government agencies and relief agencies around the world. It was routine that he had to jump from one crisis to another. While he retained a life long shyness around women, even around his best friends Kate, Cindy and Katie, in his career he was known for his outstanding leadership, drive and bravery. Trevor was the type of person who gave everything and expected nothing back except loyalty.

The lost of his sister ten years ago just before the fifteen-year high school reunion along with passing away of several classmates began the first crack in Trevor’s stalwart fortitude. With the passing of so many classmates – quite a few of them good friends, and in Kate, Katie and Cindy’s cases of not having a loving spouse or an indifferent spouse, it instilled and fortified the desire in all five of them, including Trevor’s wife Becky – who had grown just as close to the other three women, to retain and hold on to old dear friendships. During this reunion Trevor and the girls had decided to firmly renew a close loving friendship they all previously had and vowed to all get together once a quarter in addition to when one or more of them were in the same area when traveling or just to came up for a visit.

Soon all became like family instead of best friends…

It was the second time after the regular quarterly get-togethers started when Katie’s husband and Cindy’s on again/off again fiancé’ started declining invitations to attend so they could have a guy’s get together with their respective friends and similar interests. Selfishly, both had their own interests that over the years seemed to become more important than a good marriage or in Cindy’s case, engagement. They did not mind Trevor attending as the only male; they all got along great and acknowledged that Trevor and the girls have been lifelong friends since childhood. But the fact was that while the guys got along well with Trevor and vice versa, it was an instinctive sense that most men have about other men and knew that Trevor had selfishly done and accomplished more in his life at his age than they ever would or anyone else they knew – the two guys alone once privately remarked he was like a quiet, reserved John Wayne.

Then came back-to-back long deployment disasters around the world for Trevor – the biggest being the December 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake/Tsunami, then Trevor had to respond to Hurricane Katrina, then two months later the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake.

These back-to-back episodes exhausted Trevor’s great well of fortitude and mental reserves. Still only in his mid-thirties, Trevor was mentally and physically worn having responded to all of the world’s biggest natural and man-made crises that had occurred in recent history. After he got back from the months-long response to the 2006 Indonesian earthquake, Trevor took early retirement to the ranch on the banks of the Upper Guadalupe River to be a full time rancher and cowboy and just did occasional consulting work. But Becky could clearly tell, he was not quite the same personable person nor could he talk about his feelings having spent a lifetime of being a reserved person and containing his emotions, partly which his job demanded him to do in order to effectively carryout out what was needed to help others. As a mental health professional and therapist, Becky knew and could recognize an acute case of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and knew he needed treatment and even if a person was far removed in place and time from the cause of the stress, that it would linger and fester. But Trevor was one of those intently private persons who could never open up to a stranger and discuss his issues, not even with Becky. Trevor had for a long time laboriously built up strong invisible emotional walls, which he had started at an early age with the passing of his parents when he was young that imparted an early sense of abandonment, then almost the rest of the his immediate family passing by the time he was in his early twenties. His shyness even with his best friends was due to this as well.

From his years of working in most of the world’s worst war-torn and natural disaster conditions and his work ethic, Trevor stood a lean and rangy six foot four, broad shoulders with hardened ropy muscles and a corded stomach, with bright sparkling blue eyes and mirth lines around his eyes. His face had a deep permanent tan and his hair was brownish blonde. With his rugged good looks, he would have made a most excellent Marlboro Man except he did not smoke. Trevor is an accomplished 12 string guitar player with a gifted voice and the girls always pestered him to play his guitar, serenading them with old cowboy and western songs plus a few funny ones he liked to pen. On the ranch, he was a borderline workaholic, driving himself in an effort to forget the ghosts. But more and more frequently Becky observed the cracks appearing and her concern grew exponentially.

The women all usually showed up on Thursday evenings and it was now just the girls at Trevor’s and Becky’s large ranch near Hunt which had the shallow and clear Guadalupe River flowing across the exposed limestone bed through the secluded property. By now, Katie had gotten a divorce and Cindy had permanently broken off the engagement. Even though Cindy lived in a lake house and Kate had a vacation beach house, the three women preferred going out to Trevor and Becky’s beautiful multi-thousand acre ranch set in the rolling scrub-oak hills with abundant wildlife, horses and cattle. There were numerous springs on the property with large hidden shaded grottos where springs flowed over in small waterfalls into clear shallow pools that then flowed into the river, the grottos covered with moss and hanging fern with the scent of wild mint growing leading a faint fragrance in the more sheltered grottos. A set of large springs is situated on the bank of the river near the very large rambling one story rock ranch house with the house situated on a sloping terraced bluff with flagstone steps cut down to the riverbed. The 7000 square foot house was a combination of that unique Texas Hill Country architecture that combined native limestone and timber materials, German stone construction and large modern floor to ceiling vast expanses of glass windows, even in all the bedrooms and bathrooms, to overlook the river and surrounding hills. Even the large bathrooms had clear glass walk-in showers so you could see out while taking a shower. The back of the house was the main focal and gathering point with a large covered flagstone veranda, 72 inch outdoor LCD HD television, outdoor speakers and outdoor kitchen area with a large hot tub built into one of the step down terraces toward the river for the cooler months.
All three women found it very difficult to leave when the times came, as if the ranch and especially the two owners were subliminally telling them this was home…

Besides cattle, Trevor and Becky raised and bred a few prize Arabian stallions as well as three prize miniature horses and collected semen for sale for artificial insemination, which was fairly lucrative for them considering the bloodlines they had.

Becky and Trevor also had their beloved Enno, an extremely large Rottweiler that they had purchased from a specialty breeder back East who raised a champion strain of Rottweiler’s for competition weight sled pulling. While most Rotty’s stood 27 to 30 inches at the shoulder, Enno was 35 inches and was a firm muscular 190 pounds and was outstanding in looks and conformation. He went everywhere with Trevor and still retained his herding instincts to help Trevor work cattle. When Trevor was not around, he was always with Becky. Enno also commanded top stud fees. As protective and loving as Enno was for Becky and Trevor, this also extended to Kate, Cindy and Katie – instinctively recognizing these women were part of his family as well.

After lunch the plan was to ride horses that afternoon then come back and jump in the river and cool off. The Upper Guadalupe River flowed over a wide limestone bed and most places just a foot to a few feet deep with an occasional narrow cut or deep hole in the riverbed. There was a narrow cut in the stream bed that the water rushed through that led into a series of wide shallow clear pools of about 5 feet depth right below the house, almost like a water chute from where it started and ended in the pools.

Trevor had gone down to the horse barn to call the horses in so they all could go for an afternoon ride: two Arabian studs for Becky and he, an Arabian mare and two Paint geldings.

Becky and the girls had stayed behind to change and get beer for the ride. Becky had come to a conclusion that she needed help to keep from what she feared of Trevor further withdrawing into himself and/or have an actual breakdown due to what she knew as years of an acute case of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. In addition, she had uncovered some very unsettling and heart breaking information while moving some file boxes to storage – that Trevor’s work involved quite more than what he publicly and privately let on, even to her, not to even mention the physical and mental scars that had resulted from this work. To protect Trevor and his distressed emotions and his increasing desire for his oldest and closest friends to remain close, Becky took the opportunity to quietly reveal the details of Trevor’s career to Kate, Cindy and Katie.

The three women were his closest and longest friends and Becky had professionally concluded that these three would be the only ones to be able to help her break through his shell. Becky had thought long and hard on what to do. On a personal and professional level she had gauged their three friends and their ability to help, more so, she had been doing it for years now – never having seen or read in her professional journals and her research about such a tight loving bonded friendship as these three women and Trevor exhibited with each other, even being out of contact with each other for extended periods. The only analogy she could think of – it was like twins that had a physic and physical bond to each other. That Kate, Cindy and Katie had included her as well shortly after they all meet back in college – as if some unseen and unspoken group judgment and acceptance had occurred, that realized the five of them had a group synergy benefit of being together.

Becky’s realization over the years that she, as a spouse, had never once been jealous of their close relationships despite how extremely beautiful and engaging all three women were, even when they outrageously flirted with Trevor and their actual lack of immodesty around him. Trevor had even told her of the numerous times they all crashed in his king-sized bed during college after heavy partying with nary a stitch on! Back when they all first met in college, Becky quickly accepted the girl’s nonchalant behavior walking around or sitting in just skimpy lounging attire, even in bras and panties/thongs with Trevor and her present, even strolling from room to room topless that continued to this day. But they only did this around Trevor and not when other guys were present. She even enjoyed Trevor’s reaction, startled and embarrassed each time one of them did this, plus Becky herself enjoyed and appreciated seeing them like this with their lingerie model appearance especially since she herself did not have any outdated sexual more hang-ups! Endlessly teasing Trevor that one of these days, all of them were going to jump him with her participating as well!

For years she had known the three women deeply loved each other and also were very highly sexed and it had not dimensioned. But curiously it only appeared when they were together, in fact, they always had been extremely selective in their dating of men and she recalled each of them only had two or at the most three boyfriends during college including graduate school despite being extremely popular in college, and that with long periods in-between of not having a boyfriend. Becky knew they had on/off again sexual relations with each other during college and after college, they made no secrets about it, even witnessing them teasing Trevor about it. Shortly after she was accepted into their tight knit group, there were thinly veiled open suggestions that she could be included as well…

In fact one night during college after all five of them had come back to Trevor’s off-campus house all very drunk and high, they were lounging around on the thick carpet with throw pillows watching a funny XXX cartoon parody. They had really embarrassed Trevor by talking about it openly in front of him – explaining that is was just a sexual release and then asked if he wanted to watch as they started in on each other! All five of them were close to each other, then Kate reached over and pulled Becky to her, leaning Becky over Trevor and toward her as she caressed Trevor’s arm lightly, asking if it would upset him if she kissed Becky! Trevor with a blushing face said in a quiet voice Nooo, but only if Becky wanted to… In response, it was Becky that leaned in and started French kissing Kate deeply and long as each other’s hands sensuously caressed the swells of each other’s breasts as fingers undid buttons to gain unfettered access. This went on for several minutes as both women continued leaning over Trevor as they continued kissing that included ears, napes and hands that were busy completely undoing blouses and releasing the front-clasp bras both wore and hands roaming freely. Respirations and arousals increasing with both women as two sets of firm, very large and perfect hard nipple bare breasts danced and were fondled directly over Trevor, Trevor becoming more unsure how far this would go and his shyness of two gorgeous half-naked women heavily making out while leaning over him dangling their large perfect bare breasts as they caressed each other and tweaked the other’s nipples and alternately sucking on them was clearly evident. Kate slowly pulled away from Becky, breathing heavily, and trailed a hand slowly down Trevor’s broad chiseled and sculpted chest and in a sexy husky voice said to Becky

“You better go take care of him before I or one of the others do!”

Becky started laughing as did the others, then Becky, topless, stood up and pulled Trevor up and lead him into the bedroom. Just before Becky closed the door, she turned around and gave a long slow whimsical smile to Kate and then fucked Trevor silly half the night!

. While not fully participating in a full sexual relationship with any of the three since that night in college, she did participate in deep intimate kisses and caressing with each of them individually and as a group that still continues to this day…

Becky recognized that this was a coincidental and fortunate coming together at this point in time for Kate, Katie and Cindy – of their separate personal unattached relationships. Examining her own emotions and acceptance of her own proposal that was to be made to them and the long-term consequences. But the true test would be if the three women would instinctively and intuitively grasp and then embrace what Becky initially would not outright verbally propose but only insinuate with thinly veiled suggestions and physical actions- that would be the true clinical test and only this would the proof of acceptance. That this was the course all of them had decided to undertake as well as leave an outlet if one chose not to take this path. Then Becky could verbally and physically show all four of them her wholehearted approval.

The turning point was recent. Becky silently coming upon Trevor in the darkened study, his back to the door as he gazed out the large window, Becky could see his face reflected in the window – tears streaming down his face as the television, turned down low, broadcasted the latest terrible disaster or the death of another service member. Then there were the times when she had awakened feeling hot tears on her arm from Trevor. Trevor she knew, more than other men, locked away things in a pretense to handle the pain and he had over ten intense years of worldwide pain and suffering, including childhood pain, locked up threatening to burst out and overwhelm him. She recalled his dedication at volunteering at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio with wounded soldiers with very difficult recovery and rehabilitation, helping wounded soldiers who were not as fortunate to have family close, bringing them to the ranch to assist their emotional and physical healing. Becky realized with all her education and training and experience she could not help Trevor by herself and she needed the help of his closest friends.

Becky took the girls into Trevor’s study and slid apart a concealing wall panel showing a world map that had over 60 pins in it of places where Trevor had responded. Then she showed them the closet that had several file boxes that were filled with US and International aid agencies and government citations, commendations and awards – none of them ever framed and put up on a “Ego Wall” like most accomplished people do, just tossed into a box and forgotten. She then mentioned the unusual scars on his body that he had accumulated over time, several quite terrible, and how he had casually explained it away with no forthcoming details as a “few too many accidents due to the nature of his work”. Becky showed them a file she had found buried deep in one of the boxes she had moved to storage containing a detailed military report that was heavily redacted – of a time when Trevor was out of contact for three weeks and then she was notified he was in a military hospital being treated for unspecified injuries. The report ended with a United Nations War Crimes Investigation Committee commendation for saving people in a remote village. Trevor had come home from that incident very withdrawn and with severe weight loss – with new terrible scars, more horrific than he had ever received, on his chest, back and legs with three round puckered scars on his torso and weeks long physical therapy. Becky revealed the depth and scope of his career, shocking them to their core foundations, then pulled out a photo that Trevor thought that Becky did not know of: – showing him in a setting and a situation that would greatly upset even the most emotionally hardened person, which brought them all to free-flowing streaming tears and heavy sobbing. The most sensitive caring and loving man they knew and would ever know, their life-long childhood friend – had driven himself selfishly to ease the suffering in almost every worst disaster from dangerous war ravaged and war-crime countries to natural disasters the world had ever experienced in recent years and had come close to be killed several times. Years of pent up stress, losing his sister after a seven year fight with cancer and helping wounded soldiers in their recovery efforts. Back to back responses to major disasters were the final emotional breaking point that first started with the loss of his parents and most of his immediate relatives at an early age. Becky explained that even now, she would catch him with glistening eyes at the news of some new tragedy or major world disaster, knowing from past experience the phone would soon ring, and Trevor never said no, could not say no…

Becky elicited, and with an overwhelming show of whole hearted love, received from the three women their affirmation of their deep loving friendship and whole hearted support for Trevor and Becky, all of them saying they knew that the sweet highly intelligent caring boy they knew in school would have a very successful career, but none of them had known all these years that Trevor had selflessly and with outstanding bravery at the risk of his own life, over and over again, quietly done more with his life to help and save people than most anybody. The girls told Becky they too had noticed he was not the same outgoing fun-loving personable boy they knew growing up, who was easily embarrassed by a girls attention, and at one time or the other they all had recurring deep crushes on him that never seem to totally go away but repeatedly resurrected again, even now… to this day they loved him more dearly than anyone they ever had loved, that started back to when they were all in grade school. Each told Becky they had hoped to marry Trevor but circumstances never seemed to align but all of them were thrilled when they first met her and knew Becky would be the one. They were all so glad to renew their old close friendships and how Becky fit in with them so well when they all first met and how they considered her a best friend and a sister as well and loved her as much as they deeply loved each other. They had also noted that Trevor was withdrawn at times, more reflective and quiet, still retaining his outgoing personality when required but it was obviously forced. Now, he was mostly reserved and they wanted the old Trevor back – at least when he was around them. They swore to each other they would bring back the kid-at-heart they knew was still buried somewhere deep inside, whatever it took.

Becky felt her own emotional dam break and suddenly burst out crying into unabashed body wracking sobs. Kate, Cindy and Katie immediately and instinctively protectively enveloped Becky in a long tight embrace, repeatedly kissing away her hot tears and stroking her hair to calm her, each amazed on how unselfish and giving Becky was of herself. The Kate held Becky’s tear streaked face in her hands and said

“Becky, we all love you just as much as we love Trevor, we would do ANYTHING for each other, and we are all in this together, forever, just like our love”.

A final tight and long group hug followed as Becky hotly whispered into each one’s ear to always have that crush on Trevor and to think long and hard what it would be like, in spirit, to be married to Trevor… to all of them committed to each other, as one loving family…

Each had a similar reaction hearing the whispered words – a deep audible intake of breath with a widening of the eyes, a thundering rush thru the core of their body with a suddenly pounding heart, a bright nova exploding with sudden realization what Becky’s thinly veiled suggestion meant!

Of a long held unfulfilled desire held dear to each of them that could now be filled…!

With moist lingering lip and cheek kisses all around and wiping away of still free-flowing tears, they went to change clothes to go riding. They came out wearing old/comfortable snap button low rise jeans, boots and a mixture of old and very short cropped tee shirts and tank tops that in combination with their very low rise jeans, showed off a vast expanse of their bare muscular midriffs; just the styles varied: cropped scalloped tank top, cropped racerback lacy tee-shirt, cropped deeply scalloped lacy tee-shirt and a cropped ribbed athletic (beater) tee-shirt since it was so hot. Every shirt was worn to the point of being semi-sheer, frayed and tattered. None of them had worn any panties knowing from experience how easy it was to get sweaty when it was this hot and then chafe from horseback riding. By unspoken agreement, none of the women bothered wearing bras because it was so hot despite the very revealing sheer tops all wore. They seldom wore bras anyway when they were all together, enjoying Trevor’s frequent discomfort – unintentional and intentional!

When they came out, Becky spoke her approval in their decision not to wear bras due to the heat but also kept her unspoken approval to herself that related to their just recent conversation and that it clearly resulted in what they were now wearing and not wearing. That Kate, Katie and Cindy instantly and intuitively knew what Becky had whisperingly insinuated as only close loving long-time friends intimately could know each other, their recent group hug and most importantly their unabashed kissing of moist parted lips with all four of them – all now as close and supportive of each other as only loving accepting spouses can be, an unspoken glimmer of hope beginning to dawn within all four, not only for Trevor but for all of them…together… Then, with high spirits soaring and plenty of laughing and playing grab ass (and tits!) with each other and passing around Visine to clear the redness out of their eyes, they loaded up on beer to take with them and climbed into the old topless ranch jeep for the ride over to the horse stable.


Trevor had just finished tending the horses hooves and brushing them out and had just thrown on the first saddle when the girls pulled up outside the corral in a thick swirl of dust. As the dust started clearing the girls started striding over. Due to wearing cowboy boots infrequently except for Becky, they had an exaggerated stride causing their unrestrained firm and full breasts to slowly flounce with each stride – faint hints of nipple and breast outlines clearly seen on all four beautiful statuesque women thru the almost sheer worn tops they barely wore. With the very short-cropped tops and the low rise hip hugger jeans, vast expanses of exposed flat muscular tanned midriff showed on each of them.

As they walked up, Katie judging by his expression and his stillness, coyly asked”

“Like what you see?”

Causing Trevor to obviously blush even with his darkly tanned face and mumble under his breath then he quickly bent over to raise a hoof to double-check it.

Seeing Trevor bend over in his chaps, Kate let out a low wolf whistle and loudly stated

“You always had the cutest butt but those chaps really accent it!”

Trevor looked out from under the brim of his old gray sweat stained Stetson and shyly grinned back at Kate saying “thanks, you always were telling me that, glad I still got it!”

At this Katie laughingly said with emphasis

“We are too!”

When Trevor rose, he asked Becky to help with some equipment in the tack room.

Hearing his spurs jingle, Cindy quipped

“Hey cowboy, you always wear those spurs?”

Before Trevor could reply, Becky spoke out cracking them all up as she playfully smacked Trevor’s butt

“There is only one place he doesn’t wear them but I sure as hell do!”

When they got inside, Trevor turned to her and asked:

“What the Hell?
None of y’all are wearing a bra and I can see thru everything y’all have on!”

Becky replied:

“You know it is too damn hot to be wearing a bra, we go riding all the time with me not wearing one when it’s this hot, so it’s no big deal.
You need to chill!

Hell, you have known these women since grade school, you should feel like they are your sisters and if you can’t feel like they are, then relax and enjoy the view! They certainly were very appreciative of the startled look you gave them and I loved seeing your reaction!”

With this Becky leaned against his arm firmly with her breasts as she gave him a quick kiss, then as she turned away to strut back out, gave him a coquettish look as he muttered to himself

“They are not my sisters damn it!
It’s bad enough with just you getting me riled up!

Becky pretended she did not hear…

Trevor stayed where he was trying to get his emotions under control. Sure, numerous times over the years he had seen them just lounging around in skimpy lingerie, short thin robes, even just bras and panties when visiting and at one time or another over the years had seen their bare breasts or more thru some happenstance. Numerous times during college they had all gone out together to party and then drunkenly crashed at his off-campus residence in his king-sized bed with not much on. Ever since junior high school when they started “developing” they had openly flirted with him that continued to this day with words and actions including unabashed immodesty around him. Then, starting when they all resolved to see more of each other, he realized he was catching more and more inadvertent glimpses of skin like they did to him back in college and knew some of it was blatantly intentional because they kidded him about it to get a rise out of him with Becky enthusiastically joining in and sometimes provoking it! Not to even think of the kind of intimate roughhouse horseplay and wrestling and sexual innuendos they hurled at each other in front of and at him! But this right now! All four of them never before at one time been this blatant showing their breasts to him – barely concealed as they were with what they wore, except when they were drunk! Hell! He could clearly see the firm swell and outline of each large breast and nipple thru the mostly sheer tops they were wearing!
And they were sober!

Trevor went over to the stable refrigerator, reached in and then opened and slammed back a beer.

As Becky exited the tack room, she heard Cindy make some lewd comments about the dangling horse cocks, which tend to let down when it is hot to help dissipate the internal heat or they are relaxed. Remarking that the horse cocks looked like long giant human cocks, which made the women crackup.

Kate called out:

“Cindy, only you would think of taking something that size on!”

Cindy riposted back:

“I think we ALL would have Sooo much fun trying!
If not the Arabians, for sure those cute stud ponies!”

Trevor hearing this, a brief visual image popped into his head, then he had to stay inside just a while longer to make sure his flush was gone away before going back and joining them, however the girls still noticed!

Later, in hindsight as he reflected, this was the starting point of the girls always wearing extreme casual clothing around him or the lack of. Overt sexual displays and openly flirting with him, as well as with Becky and each other like they had done back in college! Of the four women openly displaying their affection and love for each other caressing each other bodies and French kissing in front of him, trying to draw him in…
And Becky’s obvious encouragement and coaching!
He had to admit, at least to himself, it was damn hot watching them do this, especially when Becky aggressively initiated things!
He knew that Becky and he were secure in their marriage as well as trust, besides he trusted and loved Kate, Cindy and Katie as if he was married to them as well and knew they felt the same way about him and Becky.
He knew the four of them deeply loved each other and always have, and since Becky came along, her as well.

The girls wandered into the horse stable to look at the other prize stud Arabian horse and the three prize miniature horses while Trevor was finishing saddling. As they came into the main area they saw a strange contraption and Kate asked what is was. Becky replied that it is a Breeding Phantom or horse-breeding mount used for the collection of the horse semen. They used it when the Arabians were too rowdy to be done by hand and of course the miniatures they always did by hand. Katie remarked it looked almost like a gym pommel horse except with a fuller roundness, thick padding, a fleece cover and adjustable legs for slanting the rear end.

Cindy vaulted onto the breeding phantom and laid down on her stomach and yelled out “Come on, bring on the studs! They all started laughing hysterically, with Katie looking a bit longer at Cindy to see if she really was joking before she joined in with the laughter…

The look did not go unnoticed…

The other three laughed telling Cindy how sexy she looked laying on top with her legs dangling to either side but nothing was going to happen with all her clothes on!

Becky pointed out another smaller breeding phantom they had earlier purchased for the miniatures when they first got in the breeding and semen sales business. It looked just like a low slung padded rounded weight bench but was adjustable so it could slope, Becky explaining they did not have to use it since they miniatures were fairly docile and could be done by hand and never got around to selling it. They heard Trevor let out a piercing whistle and they went back out to mount up. Cindy being the last one out turned and gave one last look at the miniature breeding phantom…

Once all the horses were saddled, the girls and Trevor filled each one of the saddlebags with beer fitting at least a six-pack or better to each horse, then he gave his doctoring bag to Becky to hang on her saddle. Kate asked what the bag was for and Trevor replied:

This is not just a pleasure ride, this is a working ranch and y’all are going to work!

Trevor explained he had a few half grown calves that needed doctoring in two different pastures. The girls watched Trevor and Enno cut the calves out and lasso them; each time Trevor’s horse would put a strain on the rope while the calf tried pulling away and Trevor would dismount and then throw the calf. He instructed the girls for one to lay on the neck, two others would grab a leg each, bend and hold it and then the fourth would lay across the calf to ensure it would not move too much while he doctored the wounds and/or gave antibiotic injections. On one point Trevor jabbed the needle in the fleshy part between his thumb and forefinger being highly distracted looking at Katie laying against the neck of a calf holding its head, while her cropped tee-shirt had rucked up to the point (not that it had to go far in the first place!) where the bottom of her breasts were broadly exposed, all the women laughed at his exclamation clearly knowing what the distraction was. After six calves were treated, the girls were all sweaty with dirty sweaty shirts (and dirty bare stomachs) along with dust and sweat smudged faces.

After about two hours riding, working calves and drinking lukewarm beer, the girls were getting rowdy not to mention already sweaty with fabric starting to cling and becoming even more transparent. By this time Trevor had viewed numerous times vast bare expanses of barely covered breasts of all four women while they were throwing and holding down calves. They arrived back at the river and rode through it to cool the horses off and letting them drink, the horses kicking up big splashes with each step spraying water on the bunched up riders. Their shirts were all thoroughly wet now and clung tightly to their very generous firm swells – the wet transparent fabric leaving nothing to the imagination! As they rode out of the river and into the field Becky started a slow lope with her horse which the others joined as Trevor, rode mesmerized, as he appreciatively looked on at the slow motion flouncing of full firm hard nipple breasts and tightly clinging transparent fabric, and more than frequent views of the bottoms of bare breasts showing as the cropped shirts kept rising getting rucked up by the lope, Trevor having to adjust himself in the saddle several times to get comfortable.

“Shit” Trevor thought, “they might as well be not be wearing tops at all!”


When they got back to the stable, Becky said the horses had gotten lathered up pretty well so they all needed washing and it would help cool them off, plus they were pretty dirty. Trevor said he had to drive in to go to the feed store, as they were getting low on feed and left the girls to it. They all got another beer out of the refrigerator that was in the barn as Becky got the bathing supplies. As she passed by the schedule board, she noted the stud horse she had rode was due for semen collection for a customer who had requested and a shipping due date of tomorrow.

Becky loudly muttered DAMN IT! Which caught the other’s attention. Not understanding what the schedule board was for, she had to explain it. You do remember you are on a stud horse ranch? Becky let that dangle there a moment as comprehension overtook their faces and the three of them started to blush

Cindy laughingly said out loud
“So we get to watch you jerk off a horse!” as the others laughed as well.
Becky paused, then said, Noooo, y’all are going to do it!
This is how we make some our money and it is quite lucrative.
Y’all have to work for your keep you know!

I can’t do this by myself, how else do you think we collect the sperm, besides, it just like whacking off a guy till he cums instead it will be a horse, y’all know by now that a horse penis looks just like a human penis except much longer and much thicker!

At this they all started giggling and then burst out laughing that soon turned into a taunting contest on whom could get the horse off the fastest based on their past experiences and their talents at hand jobs.

They finished washing the horses and turned them out to pasture except for the stud horse that Becky had ridden and all grab more beers. At this point all of them had much more than a good alcoholic buzz going…

Becky led the horse and the three women to the area that was constructed for the semen collection, insemination and breeding area. This area was spotlessly clean and had a soft, thick rubber tiled floor so the horse’s hooves would not skid and tied the stud off.

Becky instructed that while she kept the horse calm by grooming them and talking softly, the first thing they would have to do was to wash his penis, then apply some lube, then whack him off to do the collection. Becky did not tell them she really did not need to stand by the horse to keep him calm, he was champion sire and went through this process twice a week, it just gave her a better way to observe her friends interactions at a standoff distance”.

With a lot of giggling and laughter they drew a bucket of warm water, in the process slightly splashing Cindy, Cindy in turn started flinging water at the others. If their shirts were not already wet and see-thru from washing the horses, they surely were now! After they settled down a bit, they added the disinfectant soap and Becky told them to get a loofah sponge and start washing the underbelly, the sheath and when the penis starts emerging to gently wash it, when the penis got slightly stiff they were to stop.

As they prepared to do this they started cutting up again. Soon they were again flinging water at each other with the loofah sponges out of the pail.

A lot of ribald comments were made about the size of the horse penis compared to a human penis they got even more graphic as the full length dropped and then started stiffening

Becky paid close attention to the comments they were making as they were encouraging each other and the occasional taunt or boasting, their actions and reactions, the washing and the stroking: if they were doing it mechanically or… if they were doing it with a conscious thoughtful purpose – whacking off the horse penis just like one of their ex-husbands or past boyfriends!

Becky told them wash time was over, they were getting more water on them than the horse. Becky then told them to go back over to the sink and look for a bottle labeled J-Lube and for each of them squeeze a small amount of powder J-Lube lubricant in their hands, add a little water and rub their hands together to mix it and after this they could add additional water to get the consistency they preferred.

They all commented on the J-Lube and that except for the clear color, it sure looks like cum except slicker and stringy and they have never felt anything so slick before. Becky said that J-Lube was an obstetrics powder and is also used for the slime used in movie special effects; this product was used to make the slime in the Ghostbuster movies. That small bottle can make two to six gallons depending on how you like the consistency.

Katie quipped, “sounds better than being in a wading pool with jello!”

All three started caressing the dangling penis, still cutting up with each other with the occasional taunt and insult indicating “you must never have whacked off a boyfriend or lover, how in hell can you get your own self off with that kind of technique!” As the penis started stiffening and then become engorged from the manipulations, slowly the taunts and jiving dwindled off to breathy comments like, “Wow, look at it, it is so hard, so massive, feel the heat from it. It does look like a human penis, the pink head is so pretty, feel how massive it is when you wrap your hands around it, jeez, I cannot even get my hand to close around it or even the shaft!”

Becky could clearly see it was very obvious that all of them were very enthralled and fascinated at feeling for the first time such a powerful and massive male sexual organ. The massive shaft was throbbing – swelling and contracting as they attempted to encircle their fingers of one hand around the shaft but failing to do so as it reached twenty-two inches in length. Kate could see their encircling fingers actually spreading apart 11/2 inches each time the massive shaft throbbed and swelled.

Becky could see their naked sexual emotions clearly showing upon their faces.
. Becky could visibly see the girls become excited, their nipples were all hard, and their respirations had increased – their breasts visibly moving under the clinging wet see thru tops from their deep breathing, they were all focused with sensually coordinating their hands sliding up and down the shaft; their comments were soft and exclamatory. This went on for a few minutes because the horse was use to being serviced frequently.

Cindy seemed to momentarily break out of her revere when she suddenly grabbed Katie’s crotch with one hand and loudly quipped

“Looks like it just might fit!”
with a gleam in her eye and a leering look at the others.

Katie shot right back with
“It would be a tight fit but I believe you are right!”

Becky and Kate made and momentarily held eye contact hearing the remarks from Cindy and Katie.

Then Becky stated
“You will rethink the definition of “tight” when that cock head flares inside you when he orgasms and you are actually stuck on the end of that huge cock and then feel as if a fire hose was turned on inside of you with hot water blasting out!”

They all looked at Becky with puzzled looks and Becky explained “the head swells and then flares just before the orgasm and during the orgasm, briefly wedging the penis inside the uterus ensuring with a powerful ejaculation that the majority of the sperm is forced into the uterus, that this was an evolution mechanism due to the large predators that preyed on the horses and this had ensured the rapid delivery of the most amount of sperm directly into the uterus”.

Pretending innocence, Cindy inquired on how Becky seemed to know how it feels when the horse orgasms inside… then Cindy started laughing along with the others but it was Kate that again made eye contact with Becky and held it…

The insinuation and most of all the insight briefly stunned Becky and Kate saw it.
Then with a face beet red, Becky picked up a soaking wet sponge out of the washing pail and threw it at Cindy hitting her full on in the face causing Cindy to sputter as water got in her mouth and all four of them cracked up laughing.

Now look at what y’all have done, Becky pointed and noted the horse had gotten distracted with all the laughter and was no longer fully hard. The three women resumed their ministrations with an enthusiastic effort, coordinating their caressing and manipulations with their inhibitions shucked and long forgotten…

They languidly stroked the cock up and down the entire length going slowly building up to a faster stroking action. Cindy and Katie both said at the same time “I can feel his shaft swell and it looks like the cock head is getting bigger! Alternately and at the same time, all three spoke some variation of “this feels incredible, it is getting so big!

Becky told Kate to quickly grab the semen collection jar because he was fixing to orgasm and told them all to be sure to keep stroking until he finishes ejaculating

Then the ejaculation occurred when Cindy was actually caressing the penis head. Cindy had said OH WOW! I can feel his head swell, I think he is fixing to cum, she then placed both hands around the now largely swollen head as Kate quickly positioned and held the collection jar under the Escort cock. Then the head suddenly flared and shot a powerful stream of cum into the collection jar with such force that initially a lot of it blew back out and partially onto the barely covered breasts of the three women, the force of it almost knocked the jar from Kate’s hand!

There was a hush of silence from all of them as they were mesmerized by the powerful thick stream erupting with explosive force and filling the jar, Katie finally whispered Wow, look at that bastard cum! I did not know horses could cum so much or so powerfully, there must be over two pints in the jar already and he is still cumming!” Cindy then quietly said “you should have felt his head swell up just before he came, it must have increased twice in size, then it flared! As Cindy said this, her hands had moved over the tip of the head, cum covering her hands from the dimensioning stream, Cindy said Damn! His cum is Sooo Hot as she slowly caressed the head. Kate said come feel the jar; it feels like it is full of hot water. All three had still been continuously slowly stroking the shaft and now their hands slowly slid lower to where Kate’s hands were holding the jar to feel for themselves…

All of them were reacting to that hugely powerful male smell combined with becoming incredibly horny while stroking that huge penis – so human in appearance yet so beastly huge, doing something to each of them on a basic primal level, imagining something so outside of culture and society, so basic to reproductive life, that their heads spun with that scent, and, something beyond their control coursed that scent to their brains which reacted and made their clits start to ache and throb and that inner hole start to feel starving to be stuffed, just absolutely painfully starving.  Imaging what exactly did it feel like with a huge monster member inside their pussy like the one they were stroking…? .

Imaging she’s being pumped by that huge cock. Feeling that hard cock trying to get in but it is so huge and your pussy is sooo tight and it just barely creeps in. Your impatient hot pussy wanting to enclose itself around the cock. Squeeze it. Pull it deep inside. You thrust up against the cock encouraging more to go in. Your pussy exploding in lubrication feeling his massive cock start to slide in easier and then the actual thrusting begins that rapidly builds up to a crescendo of hard pounding thrusts – driving deep, deeper and bigger than anything before experienced, your body violently jostling with each thrust, then feeling the flare…
The huge expansion of that cock head, turning from soft to rock hard–momentarily completely swelling inside almost to the point of pain, the feeling of that huge, enormous, unbelievable beast of a cock filling her pussy till she burst, the force and power and oh, YES, the masculinity of the beast, filling you up so your stomach swells out, so you scream in simultaneous pleasure and almost pain, because it is literally both at the very same time, and then he’s done , but you are not. Far from it. The head is still flared out, trapped inside your womb as you mindlessly thrust back with overwhelming primal fuck lust, all you can think of is the vibrations inside you, feeling the hot voluminous cum swelling your womb and then spreading your legs and see that cum dripping down. But then putting them together, squeezing to hold it and to milk it, gyrating your hips feeling that massive cock still in you. One powerful thought overriding everything else. You want your pussy stuffed.  Closing your eyes and imagining that monster cock in you right now…fucking you…

Kate looked down at her deeply scalloped and still wet see-thru tee shirt and saw a long stream of stringy semen running across and down the cleavage of her breasts. She saw the other two likewise had some combination on their exposed breasts and in Cindy’s case also running down the flat expanse of her stomach starting from the bottom of her breasts where it had run completely down her cleavage and then running down into her navel. She also noted all of them had diamond hard nipples… As if the spell was broken, Kate said, “Damn, look at us, we are a mess, we need to get cleaned up and get another drink or two!” Cindy then said “yeah, especially Katie!” as Cindy plunged two lubed and cum covered hands up Katie’s cropped tanktop and rubbed her hands all over her hard-nippled breasts before Katie laughingly shrieking was able to pull away!

But the high jinks were not over…

Kate had turned her back to Cindy to hand the collection jar to Becky, Cindy threw an arm around Kate’s waist to hold her and with her other hand was easily able to quickly plunge a slick hand all the way down the back of Kate’s low rise snap button jeans, past her small tight curvy ass and to her pussy causing Kate to shriek and leap up which also facilitated Cindy thoroughly goosing her with a plunging lube and cum covered finger into her pussy! Cindy instantly realized that with the ease her finger sank in to the hilt, that Kate had been aroused just like she had been and suspected Katie as well and Kate’s hot slick wet pussy was clear proof!

Kate laughingly shrieked at Cindy

“Oh My God!
I can’t believe you just shoved horse cum up inside me!”

Cindy replied
“You sure seemed to like it, you were wet enough!”

A combination Cindy’s and Kate’s physical actions had resulted in two of the three snap buttons of Kate’s jeans to become unsnapped parting in a V revealing Kate’s flat muscular lower abdomen.

Suddenly, Cindy grabbed Kate and started to yank her pants down and yelled at Katie to come help her get Kate’s jeans off, then Cindy yelled at Becky to bring another stud so Kate could really feel what is was like having a huge cock shoot off into her!

Kate shrieked and rolled as two sets of hands tugged at her low rise jeans and remaining snap button, then started frantically rolling, thrashing and wrestling with the three women as she felt her jeans come loose and suddenly slipping down past her hips and then further down…

A searing fantasy sizzled through Kate’s mind of her dearest friends forcibly holding her and forcibly facilitating her fucking a cock of these massive proportions – thrusting deeper than any man or dildo had ever gone before – stretching and filling her like she had never before experienced, imaging a hot massive explosive ejaculation deep inside and of such massive quantities, triggering the most intense repeated orgasms she had ever experienced!

This was also occurring to the other three women imaging Kate doing it as well as each of them. Again, each imagined like they had just fantasized about minutes ago, of each of them getting massively and thoroughly intensely fucked, vividly imaging the sensation, given a tremendous boost by the huge human looking cock that was just recently in their hands and reinforced just now by forcibly stripping Kate of her jeans – all of which subconsciously added fuel and then more fuel to their actions and imaginations!

A still rational part of Becky’s mind clicked into clinical analysis. None of it was malicious; they were all too close and loved each other too much to ever hurt another or forcibly coerce doing something they did not want to do. Some women entertained rape fantasies, some with variations of friends forcibly holding friends – this appeared to be just another variation of the rape fantasy.

The three were going all-out, no hold barred unrestrained playing and wrestling – laughing hysterically with tears streaming down their faces yanking on each other’s jeans, experiencing an alcoholic reaction of much lowered inhibitions and high libidos. Actions/reactions just kept going and going…with all four of them hysterically laughing and shrieking as Kate, Cindy and Katie wrestled with each other trying to pull each other’s clothing off…

Becky knew from a professional standpoint every normal woman with a healthy libido often fantasized what it would it would be like to be fucked by a really big cock and also to feel a huge ejaculation erupt within her. It was quite obvious their fantasies must have been given a tremendous boost by the huge cock that was just in their hands!

Overwhelming and undeniable surges of arousal flooded thru each of four upon the thought, each getting profusely wet as their hotly naked sexual emotions showed upon their faces as well as their bodies blatantly and clearly exhibiting their heightened state of arousal…

With a start, Becky had a sudden realization that something else triggered what she was now seeing beyond just the numerous beers they all had and their high libidos and she knew what it was! She remembered reading about this in some research articles that another psychiatrist and couples sex therapy friend of her’s had steered her to. She lived near Fredericksburg and had a horse breeding ranch, her name also Kate.

A majority of women that ride horses become sexually aroused due to a combination of the motion of the horse, the way the saddle is designed or especially from riding bareback, the rocking of their pelvic areas and their breasts slowly heaving up and down in rhythm with the riding. Besides, a woman looks just damned sexy riding a horse and erotic visual stimulation was often just as great as physical stimulation. She herself had become aroused many times when riding, especially bareback. During today’s ride, she had numerous times thought how sexy and erotic Cindy, Kate and Katie looked in their skimpy riding attire, even when they were all dirty from wrestling with calves and Becky found herself aroused more than once during the ride. A healthy libido could only find fertile imagination from the stimulus they received from riding that could lead to indulgent fantasies and desires… and in this case that were tremendously boosted by jacking off the horse – their actions were clear and blatant proof of this! Being a combination of being so hot while riding, alcoholic buzz, high libidos, only wearing old thin jeans and no panties that she knew herself affected her own heightened sensation, how sexy and erotic they all looked with their skimpy sheer cropped tops and unrestrained braless breasts. But she gave a lot of the credit to what they had talked about in helping Trevor…

Kate alternated in trying to grasp her jeans from being pulled completely off to forcibly grasping and tugging hard at Katie’s and Cindy’s own snap button low rise jeans to get the buttons to snap open as hers so easily did and was succeeding….

Not that is was hard to do, the jeans were old, worn and comfortably distressed, with only three to four snap buttons and none of the low-rise jeans had much more than a four inch rise…

Becky watched as Cindy and Kate playfully and maybe not so playfully tried to get Kate’s pants completely off and slowly succeeding while Becky watched with mounting intense arousal as breasts were bared on all three women from the wrestling and thrashing with Kate’s now bare tight ass and pussy showing, then Katie and Cindy managed to get one of Kate’s legs completely free of her jeans and then they forcibly spread and held Kate’s legs apart…

Then Cindy easily again plunged a finger deep into Kate and started fucking her finger rapidly in and out of her with Kate loudly shrieking and frantically trying to get away from Cindy and Katie’s fondling grips.

Becky hardly believe what she was seeing but quickly came to the conclusion that she was more than right in suspecting all three still were clearly intimate with each other. Her hopes had a much better chance of succeeding now that she had confirmation!

Then Cindy and Katie grabbed Kate behind each of her knees and simultaneously spread her knees widely apart as they lifted her legs up by her knees yelling at Becky to bring the stud, that Kate was ready!

Becky was totally emotionally and lustily involved with what was happening and as carried away with the almost come-to life fantasy – as were the three women. Inadvertently and unconsciously, Becky stumbled a foot toward the three women jerking the horse forward before barely catching herself with the sudden realization she just now may had inadvertently revealed something. Seemingly, all three simultaneously collapsed still hysterically laughing in drunken physical and emotional exhaustion as all three laid there with bare heaving breasts, unbuttoned low rise jeans partially down past the hips on two of them and all the way down and partly off on Kate and tears streaming down faces.

Becky had a searing image burned in to her mind.
Of the wide spread V of Kate’s parted legs, of her denuded pussy tilted up as her knees/legs were held up by Cindy and Katie directly in Becky’s direction! Kate’s pussy very visible aroused as evidenced by her swollen parted labia, a glistening sheen upon her pussy and surrounding area from the lubrication and cum that was placed there by Cindy’s hand. Becky looked farther up Kate’s torso, seeing the sweat glistening on her long well-defined ripped muscular tanned torso, further up to see the bottom of Kate’s large firm breasts totally exposed with her short cropped racerback lacy tee-shirt rucked up past her hard nipples, then seeing Kate looking intently at her while Kate was still laughing. The Kate slowly winked at her…!

Becky walked over to Kate and pulled her to her feet and then helped Kate pull her jeans up, in the process “accidentally” but firmly sliding the length of the heel of her hand against Kate’s slick lube and cum covered aroused pussy, feeling her hard clit… As Kate slowly buttoned her jeans, she and Becky held each other’s eyes for a long time and then both smiled and tightly embraced each other, as Kate pulled away, she momentarily kissed Becky and Becky felt a small hard pointed hot tongue dart between her lips and Becky had time to catch it with her own as the tips entwined and swirled around each other…

Becky then turned around and in a fake stern voice said to Cindy and Katie
“You two better watch out, one of these days Kate and I will catch y’all with your guard down and the next thing you will know y’all will be finding yourselves strapped naked on a Breeding Phantom and a horse or pony fixing to fuck you silly!”

All four of them burst out laughing that grew hysterical when Cindy cried out she wouldn’t need to be strapped down!

Becky said “all right, let me turn loose this big guy into the pasture before y’all get any more ideas. From the looks of it, he is already getting hard again from smelling horny women! Each cracked up laughing again then started hysterically shrieking when Cindy got on all fours with her jeans still pulled down then shook her lovely naked ass seductively at the horse yelling

“Come Fuck Me!!!

It took awhile for them all to settle down somewhat, images and fantasies still racing thru their minds, of a perception that with a bit more encouragement and a bit more alcohol, fantasies mayhap have had become real! With this thought solidifying in each of their minds, the three looked at each other, grinned and started laughing again. Becky hearing them all the way out to the fence gate as similar thoughts coursed thru her mind with anticipation, for all of them!

Becky came back and told them to go on over to the sink and wash up and then they could watch her check for sperm motility and then watch a sample be frozen with nitrogen and prepare it for shipping. Then we will go get changed, get some drinks and go down to the river to swim and cool off.

Kate lingered with Becky in the preparation/packaging room as the other two left.
Kate leaned in close to Becky and whispered hotly into her ear

“soooo, what does it really feel like?!!!

Becky’s reaction was physical visible – it was like a steel band snapping into tension and Kate noticed and smiled a hidden smile as she beamed inside, her suspicions confirmed!

Becky could not say anything in response

“Oh Damn, Damn, Damn!”
Repeated over and over in Becky’s mind as she turned her furiously blushing face away from Kate. Kate kissed Becky on her hot blushing neck and gave her a gentle caress and then walked out to join Cindy and Katie…


Trevor came back in the late afternoon before supper. When he got out of his truck he heard AC/DC blaring from the cranked up outside speakers and knew the girls were down by the river. He walked into the house to look out the back windows and as he neared he was stopped in his tracks: all four of them were topless, with just brief string bikini bottoms on! More so, Cindy, Kate and Katie were laughing and dancing with each other while Becky was lying in the lounge chair clapping her hands and laughing as well. Watching, he saw the three dancing get close to each other and take turns deliberately just brushing their tan contrasted breasts repeatedly against each other in exaggerated moves as they tightly held each other’s hips and ground pubic areas against each other!!! They did this a few times still laughing and doing some sexy dance moves, then Kate and Cindy went over to Becky and each one grabbed one of Becky’s hands pulling her to her feet then Becky joined in with the dancing doing the same thing with each of them, in doing so showing off some real down and dirty bump and grind dancing with each of them as she held them tightly by the hips!

Becky had taken 12 years of dance while growing up in Houston with Patsy Swazye, the mother of the late actor Patrick Swazye, star of the movie Dirty Dancing.
Becky seemed to take special delight in tormenting Trevor with her dancing and seeing him get sorely embarrassed, then teaching the other girls some of the more sexy, sultry erotic moves in front of Trevor who would practically melt into the sofa or get up and splash cold water in his face with them laughing and teasing him. Anticipating his reaction when this would happen, he would become flabbergasted when they would block him from leaving and box him in and dance all around and up against him. They thought he was so cute he could still get this way even after knowing them so long. Since Becky was the most experienced dancer and even after being married all these years, she could still deeply embarrass him by her dirty dancing moves and she was teaching it to the others!

With astonishment he watch as Becky then grabbed Kate from behind as Kate sinuously danced and watched Becky slide both hands deep into the front of Kate’s low rise bikini bottom as Kate pressed back up against Becky with her head thrown back against Becky’s shoulder and Kate’s beautiful firm large hard nipple beasts thrust toward the sky! Trevor looked closer and could clearly see that Becky’s hands were not just holding Kate but very obvious moving! But Trevor was in for further astonishment as Cindy and then Katie got in line with Kate and Becky, forming what he could only think of as a sensuous Conga line, and then watched as Cindy slid both of her hands deep into the front of Becky’s bikini bottom and Katie’s hands into Cindy’s as all four started slowly and sinuously dancing together in one line…

Trevor stood there awhile watching them with an incredible painful hard-on he thought he had not had since college, they all looked so beautiful and erotic dancing and very obviously more than just fondling each other, especially in a natural setting by the river, their deeply tanned bodies glistening and shinning in the sunlight from the tanning oil and sweat, their tanned breasts were very well contrasted with the small white peaks of their perky breasts.

They did this when they were all in college and single! More than once they had crashed at his house and they all slept in his king-sized bed together but never went any further despite how drunk and naked they were. He knew Cindy, Kate and Katie had sexual relations with each other on/off in the past and from what he was observing right now, still continued! In fact one night during college they really embarrassed him by talking about it openly in front of him – explaining that is was just a sexual release and then asked if he wanted to watch as they started in on each other! Becky was there at the time and by then she was already very close to them all, then Kate and Becky started making out while leaning over him and baring and fondling the other’s breasts before laughingly, Becky had pulled Trevor into the bedroom and savaged him half the night!

Trevor did not mind that they now included Becky in what was more than just French kissing. He knew how worked up they all got when together and how free they were expressing it with each other. If they wanted to get each other off in the heat of the moment he was not going to object – especially if it was similar to what he was now watching! Judging by their topless actions, sensuous sexy dancing and busy hands they definitely were!

Again, he reminded himself that he knew that Becky and he were secure in their marriage as well as trust, besides he trusted these three as if he was married to each of them and knew they felt the same way about him and Becky. He knew that all of them deeply loved each other. There were no known limits what they would do for each other.

Watching them, it was as if a light bulb went off!
He suddenly realized that what he thought back in high school and college were just high levels of free-flowing sex hormones between three extremely attractive women who had long been best friends and their on/off sexual relations – it had been more than just seeking a sexual release…!

But what about their now complete lack of immodesty and blatant display of flesh around him, the sexual innuendos and openly flirting with Becky present and Becky encouraging it and telling him to relax and enjoy the attention. He had noticed that over the last year it just got more and more openly blatant with overt serious intentions, not that they had ever been even remotely modest around him since junior high! What the hell were they thinking and doing? Were all four of them wanting to have a group sex fling with him and why now and not back in the college days – Hell Again! With their long lean ripped golden-tanned bodies and beautiful large firm breasts, they still looked like they did when in college. NO! Even Better due to their long hardcore dedication to fitness! What would happen if he did, he could not bear the thought that this possibly could end disastrously, he could not bear losing anyone of them, he loved them as dearly as he loved Becky! Trevor noticed them slowing down a little and decided now was the time to go back out to the truck and blow the horn pretending he had just arrived.

Waiting a few minutes to compose himself and quickly slamming back a beer and grabbing another to take down with him, he walked out back and then down to join them.
There were several empty beer cans around them. The bikini tops (what they were of them they were so small) were now back on but very poorly tied and hard nipples poked up on every one of them. String bikini bottoms as well were not properly placed on tan lines and a couple looked quite loose as if they would fall down if they stood up. Trevor also noted they all had flush faces and chests with sheens of perspiration all over, with some deep labored breathing going on.

“Y’all being keeping yourselves busy while I have been gone?” Trevor asked

They all chipped in they have been having a blast rocking out and dancing to AC/DC.

Looking at each of them, Trevor then remarked with a slight grin

“Y’all need to be careful you do not get too much sun with all the reflection off the water, especially on areas that may not usually get much sun…”

After a moment of silence all five of them burst out laughing, Trevor with a grin so big it hurt.


Another quarter passed since Becky told them about Trevor and it was late summer and they were at Kate’s beach house for an extended holiday weekend. Overtime, Trevor noticed the girls becoming more casual and then extremely casual that went into the risqué in their clothing while they were lounging around and being nonchalant at the amount of womanly curve’s or intimate areas being exposed to him, let alone to each other, that went far beyond what they did in college while around him. This became very alarming when they physically started playing and kidding around with each other with overt sexual connotations, Becky included. The second day at the beach, all the girls came out wearing revealing Brazilian style low-rise bottom string bikinis that tied on the sides that left the entire area of the hips bare between the small front and rear panels, the backsides had just barely a bit more coverage than an average thong and the micro tops were two very small string-linked sliding triangular patches of cloth, each covering at the most maybe one-third of a firm full breast depending on who it was, with the breast sides totally uncovered on all four women as if they planned it. Trevor observed from their tan lines that these were what they wore only when they went to the tanning salons and not in public. Kate’s property included a restricted access beach. The girls silently enjoyed Trevor’s appreciative looks when he thought they were not looking, but being who they are and what they were doing did not remain silent for long – intent on teasing and getting a rise out of him whenever an opportunity presented itself.

By now this evolved in the girls wearing old cropped T-shirts/tanktops during the day similar to what they wore riding horses while lounging around with no bra, some quite straining the old and very thin somewhat sheer fabric or other types of revealing blouses that were deeply cut, scalloped or severely unbuttoned. Trevor was becoming perturbed and not only because Becky did this when they were home alone but she too indulging in this with the girls, feeling completely relaxed, natural and comfortable with the other women who were her best friends as well. They all had become more touchy feely and huggy with him as well as with each other.

Trevor, being an early riser, knew they all slept in the nude from passing open bedrooms in the morning as did he and Becky and lost count of the number of times he got quite an eyeful, especially with their tan-contrasted bodies drawing the eye like a flashing beacon! Sometimes he would see two or all three of them in the same bedroom where they had stumbled into the first bedroom available and then passed out which gave rise to all kinds of hidden and suppressed fantasies, especially knowing how Cindy’s brother’s medical grade potent marijuana extracts affected their libidos along with the E they took! Becky, fully partaking of the drugs and alcohol as the others, would ravish him every night when they were all together, heedless of how loud her orgasmic cries were, Becky intentionally would only partially close the bedroom door when they entered, leaving it half way open.

Trevor being the only male at the get-togethers was struggling mightily to keep his mental and physical attraction to his three closest friends suppressed least he be caught by a physical showing or an unguarded look. Despite what Becky had told him more than once to chill and enjoy being with his best friends, that they enjoyed his appreciative looks as she herself did. However, he was unsure what her reaction would be if she knew his lustful thoughts, despite Becky apparently fully participating with the revealing clothing, drinking, drugs and the sexual antics the girls cut up with each other with. At times this was quite difficult during the really hot weather as they sat outside while Trevor barbequed and they all had drink after drink and at often times, sweat would mold the shirts tightly to their unrestrained full swells and become somewhat transparent.

They known Trevor for a long while now, grew up with him through all their awkward phases, thoroughly knew him as only a perceptive woman and best friend could, especially one who grew up with him and knew how difficult it was for him to conceal his emotions, and the women (especially when the four women were drinking or downright intoxicated, stoned and/or high with highly charged and enhanced libidos and Trevor being the only male around to pick on!) mercilessly teased him when one or all of them caught him looking or trying to disguise his physical signs of arousal. Several times when caught, one of them inevitably would get up and saucily walk up to Trevor with direct eye contact the whole time and then give him a big body hug saying they were sorry for inadvertently teasing him yet with their body positioned allowing Trevor to see down their deeply plunging V cut or scalloped shirts at their unrestrained breasts, then they would breakout laughing with Becky being one of the loudest seeing her husband’s embarrassed and stammering state.

Becky would occasionally caress him openly in front of the others embarrassing him while the girls smiled sexily, or openly and suggestively flirted while Becky grinned at them and verbally egged them on, knowing all three women and his wife have had some type of sexual relationship going on with each other for awhile. However, he suspected it had to be more than sexual, he knew all four women loved each other. For years, he had heard them tell they loved each other in his presence but the way they “now” stated it – it was more than just, well, more than friends, more than sisterly love, he could not adequately describe it except as how two loving spouses tell each other, and they spoke the same way to him, often with lingering caressing hands.

After a few times of this it dawned on Trevor that he was being deliberately set up, with his wife apparently in collusion by being so relaxed and casual in their company. Trevor tried to force being nonchalant about it but failed miserably. The women observing Trevor trying to be nonchalant but very obviously affected, continued to see how much they could cause him grief, and how far they could push this for their amusement. With the all the drinking they all did especially at night with some medicinal help from herbs and pharmaceuticals it got pretty risqué even raunchy and lewd at times as only women can do with each other!

Damn! He was confused.
Trevor’s shyness and mental state inhibiting any further action despite the love they showed him and blinding him to the open invitation that his three best friends were offering with Becky’s full wholehearted support and participation.

The four women were likewise getting frustrated, they done everything they could think of just short of walking out naked and jumping him!

Becky had a long conversation with them, she was becoming very alarmed because Trevor’s mental state was not improving, and she thought their overt sexual advances were adding additional mental stress. Becky told them they could not just come right out and state their intentions or it could push him over the edge, he had to be able to slowly wrap his mind around a perceived concept of what they all wanted and insinuated and most important of all – his acceptance of it.

Trevor’s mind was either blocked by the emotional isolation walls he had built up or too afraid something would happen to their lifelong friendship and could not bear that thought and Becky knew this would definitely cause Trevor to breakdown. Trevor did not yet realize their true loving intentions – for all five to be together for the rest of their lives, “Sister Wives”…

They came to a consensus and decided they had to step it up…!


The friends no longer waited three months until they got together again. Now it was monthly. For Kate, Katie and Cindy, it felt as if they were coming home from a long trip to be back at the ranch. Each could barely wait until they were all together again.

The girls began getting extremely casual: in the evenings when they were sitting out on the deck or patio, or when the weather was cooler inside by the fireplace and they were getting down to some serious drinking and partying, the women started lounging around in skimpy sexy lingerie: semi-transparent lacy camisoles & short high-slit tanga panties, semi-transparent high slit or flyaway baby dolls or in high slit semi-transparent sexy sleep shirts with plunging neck lines while they partied, explaining with the all the drinking and partying they did they needed all the help they could get to stay cool!

With their very intimate attire and casual way as if not bothering/noticing he was a guy until they teased him, it was difficult for him to be around these friends he dearly loved. Trevor recalled with the last few get-togethers; with the girls taken to wearing skimpy Brazilian string bikinis that he knew they only wore to the tanning salon, the sexy revealing lingerie in the evening obstinately to keep cool while they have been drinking and getting stoned, knowing the alcohol and the combination of drugs supercharged their libidos with no signs of inhibitions around him that had disappeared years in the past due to their ages-long best friends relationship. He also knew all three of them and Becky had sexual relations with each other, especially Becky and Kate, and still was not sure what this meant in the long term and if he should feel threatened but could not see how this could threaten what he and Becky had – they loved each other too much, and all five of them loved each other very much. It became extremely difficult for him in fear of letting something slip during his own inebriated state or even one of the girls playfully slipping him something that would possibly irrevocably damage his marriage to Becky and their relationship with the other women. Trevor actually brought up the subject with Becky. Becky had responded by stating:

“I as well as Cindy, Kate and Katie know that you have some extremely difficult issues and emotions tearing at you that you keep contained inside while you present a stalwart and I must add typical male attitude of always being strong, and refuse to seek professional help or accept help from me or from your dearest closest friends. However, you are not like the majority of people on this planet nor have you had typical life experiences and careers like most people. I also know that you have a very difficult time opening up even unto me due to the way you are, the others know this as well having grown up with you. We all love you dearly, are very concerned and want to help you no matter what or form it takes!

My love and my hope for you know no bounds!
Cindy, Kate and Katie feel the same way – about you, about me, and certainly for each other, as you well know – and I feel the same way about them!
We all are totally committed to you as well as to each other, forever!
I know you are too”.

Trevor was rocked by the emphasis that Becky placed on these statements.
His mind started to go slightly out of reality as he tried to grasp what Becky was saying.

Becky saw this and reached out and gently gripped his arm to bring him back.

To try to lighten things up Becky continued with a wink and a sexy smile:

“You need to remember I am a very respected and sought out marriage counselor and therapist and as far as I’m concerned what happens in the family stays in the family and the girls are family!”

With that Becky said she is going down to the horse stable, leaving Trevor totally confused…

The girls had driven over to Fredericksburg on Saturday to meet Becky’s other best friend Kate for lunch, whom I mentioned earlier, is in the same profession as Becky but is a psychiatrist and a couple’s sex therapist. Kate and her husband Rick had a large beautiful horse ranch outside Fredericksburg situated on the Perdernales River and after lunch the girls went to the ranch for a tour and to see their horses (SEE BREE STORIES 1 THRU 6 BY RODEOTEXAS FOR BACKGROUND). They got back in time to eat and change clothes to go to Crider’s near Hunt for the weekend rodeo and outdoors dance. While eating dinner they commented on how much fun they had at Kate and Rick’s ranch and just loved the both of them and before they left all the girls talked about getting together some time either at Trevor and Becky’s ranch or Kate and Rick’s ranch.

Trevor thought when he heard this:

“Just great!
These wildcats get together and get souped up and Rick and I will not survive the experience!”

They danced until just after 10PM, hardly ever giving Trevor a chance to sit down because he was an excellent dancer, all the while the girls drinking beer and cutting up with each other which grew increasing boisterous as well as the dancing, causing plenty of laughter with the younger crowd and envious looks from the older ones. Trevor realized they must have popped some THC or E (or both he suspected by the way they were acting) and judging by Becky’s antics, she as well.

They drove back to the ranch; Trevor hoping some sheriff’s deputy would not be way out their way, the girls having the windows down, the stereo cranked up in the Suburban and just as wildly, if not more so, cutting up with each other.

Once back at the ranch, they gave orders to Trevor to make a couple of big pitchers of Mojitos telling him the night was still young and they all went to take showers and changed into lingerie. Once Trevor was done with the Mojitos he went to take a shower as well. By the time he was done and put on a clean pair of jeans and a tee shirt, the girls were in the main living room already having made a sizeable dent in one large pitcher of Mojitos while a bottle of Appleton Blue rum was near at hand with several shot glasses that had recently been used.

Cindy brought a couple of the classic sci-fi comedy porn movies including the remastered “Flesh Gordon”, along with some more high definition harder core ones she had not told them about yet, the first time (but not the last) anyone had brought a porn movie to these get-togethers with mixed gender present! Plus Trevor & Becky had just installed one of the just released 103 inch HDTV 3-D plasma televisions and Blu-Ray DVD player that was coupled to their mega-watt seven channel Yamaha surround sound stereo system.

Trevor had gone into the kitchen to make a few more pitchers of Mojitos for the girls but they each knocked back a few of shots while waiting. Cindy was wearing a thin camisette plunging top with lace-up details which was very loosely laced, very loose low rise ruffled tanga panties with thigh-baring high slit sides and was slouched down in the sofa with her feet propped up on the coffee table eating chips. Ever the moocher, Enno had gotten between her legs and had laid his head up and over her stomach and onto her chest eying every chip and occasionally getting one. As Cindy held one up above her head Enno lunged up to get it and then Cindy loudly squealed out

“I felt his thingy on my leg!”

Causing all the others to crackup.

Becky laughingly said, I apologize, I should have warned you and the others earlier that we already accidentally had a similar incident with Enno doing the same thing you were just doing feeding Enno chips.

This peaked everyone’s interest and they pestered Becky until she told them the story.

Trevor had gone out to Ft. Davis to help a friend work some cattle and she had invited one of her best friends, Caroline, for the weekend. Like they all were doing now, they were drinking and watching movies.

We had earlier taken showers and were stretched out on the couch wearing just mid-thigh short summer robes and nothing else at all. Caroline had brought a few movies: “Sleeping Dogs Lie”, “The 40 year Old Virgin” and “Good Luck Chuck”. We both were pretty drunk and had the munchies and were eating popcorn. Caroline had her feet way out in front like Cindy is doing, propped up on the table. Enno got between her legs and put his head on her lap looking for a handout. He did this a lot and had a habit of reaching up as far as he could, even putting his head between my breasts if I would let him. Caroline knowing he did this also let him do it, so basically he was standing on just his hind legs and resting his upper body on Caroline’s chest with his front legs on either side of her hips on the couch

Caroline had raised a kernel up above her head teasing Enno and he lunged up to get it. Caroline let out a shriek and froze with shock as she felt Enno’s cock slip into her pussy. From the speed that all this initially transpired – just a couple of seconds, evidently Enno instantly realized his cock had partially slipped into something warm, tight and damn wonderful and then he gripped Caroline tightly around the waist with his paws and pushed up hard, and drove his cock deep into her causing Caroline to shoot out her legs! Caroline finally let out an explosive gasp


I was so surprised by this I just sat there shocked and could not move but apparently not as shocked as Caroline was with the expression that was showing on her face as she felt all of his cock driven right up into her, feeling his cock getting harder and deeper. He was driving and pounding into her as fast as he could! His hips were a blur! The belt on her robe had come loose and slide aside completely exposing her breasts, her chest was heaving and her nipples were hard!

It was all happening so fast but yet Caroline had not made a move to get away, I stood up and tried to pull Enno away but his grip around her waist was like a vise and all I did was pull them both back causing Caroline to slouch even further down onto the couch helping her get better fucked in this position!

Caroline moaned out “No leave him alone, it’s no use, he is too strong”, so I kneeled down beside her and held her hand as she tightly gripped mine. Again she moaned and it was with what I thought unbelievably was with a lustful moan and then she gripped my hand really hard and says

This feels so good his huge cock madly pumping into me!
I can feel his cock getting larger and his knot forming and I can feel it as it plunges in and out of my pussy!
I can feel my pussy responding
Oh My Gawd!
I can feel an orgasm coming!!!”

This last bit, Becky told them, Caroline had screamed out!

During the entire telling of the story Becky closely observed the others to see if there was any indication at any point in the story that they objected to the story content or of her telling such a story so she would stop, but in fact, she noted they appeared to be hanging on every word she spoke. To test her observation, at this point in the story she paused and said, “maybe I better stop telling this, I mean this is interspecies sex I’m talking about it”. They all chorused a loud “NO!” and pleaded with her to continue as they found it fascinating and she could not possibly stop it at this point! Kate had placed her hand on Becky’s leg during her own emphasis to keep telling the story and kept it there and absently caressed her leg and upper thigh as Becky continued with the telling:

“Then with shock I watched Caroline open her legs wide and Enno rammed himself so hard into her I could hear his balls slapping against her ass, I was kneeling down beside her and I looked under her and could see her pussy streaming with his pre-cum, and I could hear squishy sounds as he madly pumped away. I have to admit it did look pretty damn hot, with her robe parted on either side of her breasts that were heaving with exertion and to the rhythm of the pounding fucking she was getting, I saw beads of sweat pop out on her forehead.

Then Caroline moaned out loudly “I can feel his prick really knot up, it’s getting too big to plunge into me and then I watched as she raised her legs up and crossed them behind Enno and pull him into her! Caroline let out a loud gasp as her knees shot open wide as his huge knot plunged into her and locked in and she came in a screaming orgasm!

Caroline later told me as she laid there locked with Enno that this was the greatest thing she had ever felt, his cock had actually gone up past her cervix into her uterus it was so huge and deep, she had a mind blowing climax as she took all of his cock deep into her pussy as she ground her hips down on him and closed her pussy around his fantastic knot and locked her heels behind him and into her, saying she could feel his massive hot cock pumping into her, feeling like a fire hose squirting a hot powerful stream. Caroline said she could feel Enno cumming and cumming without stop. Every time he pulsed she could feel her climax building from her G spot, she held Enno into her and as deep as she could as he rubbed and pulsed hard against her G spot, Caroline said she climaxed again and again until she thought she would pass out with sheer bliss. The entire time she told me this she was tightly holding on to my hand as I gazed at them locked together. I could not help myself feeling aroused and then with a shock realized to the extent that I had become very wet and horny myself! I gently put my hand between Enno and Caroline and I could feel Enno’s cock where it went up her pussy, I reached up around and felt Caroline’s hard clit and slowly rubbed it causing her to climax again. Caroline was moaning and grinding her pussy against my hand and Enno’s cock. Her robe had become parted and had fallen away to her sides – a sheen of perspiration all over her face and heaving breasts and stomach. I mean we had to study this for my counseling & therapy degrees and through the years for continuing education credits for my practice, and over the years had actually seen a few films and read some stories but never in person, and despite what people may think, it was really hot!“ Becky finished the story with this last part:

“Caroline then reached over and as she looked at me and caressed my hair said in a low voice “never have I been so thoroughly fucked so hard and so fast nor had I ever came so hard or so often, it felt like one long rolling orgasm they came right on top of each other!”

The girls were totally infatuated with the story and Becky caught Katie & Kate exchange looks, Becky also realized she had become aroused telling the story and as she glanced back at Kate and Katie, noticed their hard nipples and was well assured they were aroused as well and not disgusted, as their rapt attention to the story attested, their demand for more details and their physical reactions. Then Cindy broke the spell because as Enno was still in the same position, she started exaggeratedly gyrating her hips around under Enno cooing “Oh baby, baby, let me feel what you got!” causing everyone to laugh uproarishly.

Becky got up, feeling flush from the telling and said she is going in the kitchen to help Trevor.

As she walked away the other three looked at each other with big grins on their faces. Cindy gave one last exaggerated upward thrust of her hips causing the three to giggle loudly and then Cindy let Enno down, Katie and Kate called him over and told him he was a good boy and such a lucky fella.

(Not till much later did Cindy tell the others that when she gave that last playful thrust upwards she had not realized that her early playful gyrations had scooted her loose short tanga panties off to the side, nor did she know, that with Enno in this position, his cock was slightly sticking out of it’s sheath. So when she gave that last playful thrust upwards, she suddenly felt Enno’s startling hot slick cock quickly snake across her bare pussy then felt the tip bang against the entrance to her pussy with the hot tip just barely slipping in! She remarked how lucky she was it did not slide in farther considering she was horny and wet from the story and Enno had not had enough time to forcibly react to the feeling! The others laughingly responded it was a good thing too because we would have held you there so you could have gotten your brains fucked out! Cindy riposted back ‘wait until ya’ll get ambushed by Enno and see who is laughing or thrashing and moaning!

When Becky walked into the kitchen, Trevor noticed she had a flushed face and asked what’s being going on, remarking it got real quiet in there and then hysterical laughing.

Becky replied

“Oh not much, I just told the girls of Caroline’s incident with Enno.

Trevor let out a loud gasp and said

“You Didn’t!!!”

Becky with a sexy grin replied

“Oh yes I did, they even wanted more details and they loved it!
Can’t you tell by their laughter!

Trevor went to splash cold water on his face…


As the evening wore on the girls went on a real tear with an even more than usual heavy indulgence of drinking and taking both Ecstasy and oral THC before the movie and they were quite intoxicated and stoned but the movie just seemed to fire them up into extreme silliness and no appearance backing down on their behavior or drinking as evident by their ever increasing ribald and lewd suggestive comments and aggressive physical lewd actions with each other.

After they very obviously and intently had gotten into the funny movie they started play acting some the scenes with the girls cutting up with each other and teasing Trevor about being Ming or Flesh Gordon. They broke out in hysterics when Dale (the female actress) was being molested then sexually assaulted by the octopus looking alien.

Now their risqué and lewd acting with what they were wearing, gave him and the others frequent opportunities to see uninhibited broad expanses of intimate areas for extended periods of time and his dear loving wife Becky as bad as the rest of them!

Trevor’s concern was at fever pitch – all the girls were very obviously on a tear between all the alcohol and drugs, and the porn movies were clearly adding fuel to their libido and very obvious arousals. Becky and he have long watched porn movies and liked the ones with an actual fantasy theme or story including the sci-fi ones; the alien and monster/creature ones in particular were very funny.

He knew the girls themselves have watched them many times before with each other and with their spouses/lovers as well as with him over the years – the last year or so even more so it seemed… They always found them amusing with the bad acting and cheap special effects with them cutting up and acting out the scenes with each other especially when they were all drunk or silly high. Since they started watching the movies together back in high school, frequently they would wear evening lounging attire and lingerie – but not like they had recently started wearing in the past year- extremely revealing sexy erotic lingerie and their displaying overt serious sexual as well as physical intentions toward each other. He damn well knew that they were aware that guys were stimulated visually more so than women. Watching porn movies with them especially during the high school and college years was especially difficult; he could only imagine each one of them and not the porn actress! And he still did! Between the movies and their own individual lingerie model looks – all four would put the hottest porn stars to shame; he thought his painful erection would burst from his pants! First the skimpy outfits or non-outfits, then to top it off, Becky had told them the story about Caroline getting fucked by Enno and the girls had loved it! From their actions, he could tell all their libidos were on hyper drive and had gotten themselves horny with each other as well as from the movies! With great delight and to his great discomfort and embarrassment, the four women noticed his hardness and made plenty of suggestive teasing comments even finding opportunities to accidentally brush against him with Becky actually physically facilitating the “chance” physical encounters!

Cindy must have planned this out since she was the one to bring the movie, because just as the classic threatening movie line was uttered by Ming to Dale “Prepare To Get Ming’d!” Cindy reached beneath the sofa and pulled out a very long and very thick 22 inch long double headed anthropomorphic fantasy dildo and started threatened the others with it causing them to jump up and start running from Cindy, Cindy chasing the girls around the large room and when she got close thrusting it at unprotected asses, Enno excitedly chasing, barking and getting in everyone’s way at times allowing Cindy to get within range. Katie and Kate were especially alluring as Katie was wearing a semi-transparent silk kimono robe that came just below her buttocks and Kate was wearing a semi-transparent fishnet flyaway baby doll with lace open front thong panty. As Cindy chased Katie, Katie’s robe was flung about by the air passage exposing Katie’s lovely ass and her fish net mesh micro G-string panty, her silken sash became loose allowing a great expanse of breast to be shown as she tried to elude Cindy’s assault with the dildo.

Stunned first by the appearance of the dildo, then the sexy erotic sight of the scantily clad women laughing and running from the thrusting dildo wielded by Cindy. Cindy got close to Becky, who was wearing a thin cropped tee shirt and V backed low rise Tanga panties and thrust the dildo at her as she dodged Enno but then stumbled over the ottoman, the dildo briefly landed between her upper inner thighs causing Becky to squeal as she rolled away from it. Turning, Cindy again started chasing Katie. Becky and Kate both figured the safe way to protect themselves from the thrusting dildo was to sit on the couch and they tumbled together onto the couch and held each other as they laughed at the Escort Bayan continuing chase.

Then it happened to Trevor’s shock and disbelief that Cindy would carry things this far with the others assisting and him looking! Katie running trying to get away from Cindy neared the couch and got tripped up by Enno, then fell onto the armrest, ass up and head down and then Kate and Becky each grabbed an arm and held her there!

Cindy caught up to her, placed her leg between Katie’s legs forcing her to spread hers wide as she firmly placed another hand on the small of her back ensuring Katie could not rise no matter. Trevor had a perfect view of Katie’s upturned bare firm ass and forcibly spread legs with only a very thin wisp of mesh material just barely covering her widely exposed most intimate areas and then watched Cindy pretend thrust the dildo in-between her upper inner thighs and then between her parted ass cheeks causing Katie to laugh hysterically, along with the others as Trevor watched the incredible erotic scene.

Katie started squealing when she felt Enno started lasciviously laving the insides of her upper inner thighs with his long powerful hot tongue then her ass cheeks, her squeals rising in pitch and volume as she felt the powerful tongue laving closer to then onto her most intimate areas, the large hit of THC that she had earlier ingested causing every sensation to be hyper sensitized and feeling as if a dragon’s tongue was ravishing her most intimate areas. Trevor observed Cindy’s lustful grin grow as she let Enno do his thing unimpeded – then her grin got even bigger as Cindy moved the dildo down to where the barest wisp of mesh material that did not even barely cover Katie’s pussy and gave little thrusts, while Enno continued lavishing his powerful tongue, trying to work his tongue behind the tiny little bit of material covering her pussy, both actions turning Katie’s hysterical squealing into a fever pitch.

Trevor saw Cindy pause and look intently at what she was doing for a couple seconds and then Trevor saw what Cindy did – the thin wisp of panty mesh material had ridden up onto and then behind the head of the dildo and the dildo head was now perfectly placed against the unprotected entrance into Katie’s pussy – also allowing Enno’s tongue to now directly lick her denuded naked pussy! Katie’s squeal had turned into a low guttural moan as she felt Enno’s powerful hot tongue repeatedly swipe up her labial lips parting them then across her tight anus then back again as she struggled weakly but not strenuously against both of the invaders. Cindy grinned at the girls still holding Katie as they watched mesmerized what Enno was doing and then turned back to see if Trevor was watching. Seeing the disbelief and the clearly aroused Trevor, Cindy gave him a sexy grin as she pushed the dildo slowly forward and it smoothly slid in for at least three inches causing Katie’s eyes to open wide as she sucked in a deep breath and then let out with a loud squeal as Cindy started fucking her with it!

Trevor was astounded!
He could not believe he saw Cindy actually thrust the dildo into Katie’s pussy and was now fucking it in and out with him watching! And to top it off, Cindy was also allowing Enno to lick all around Kate’s pussy where the dildo was being thrust in and out and Becky and Kate were sitting there tightly holding Katie’s hands and arms so she could not get up and watching Enno as Katie thrashed around!

Becky was also surprised the pretend play thrusting turned into an actual thrust and fuck and then Enno’s licking! But instantly thought it was sexy as hell combined with her sudden realization she was incredibly horny from the drugs, movie, acting out and the chase. Becky did not realize she had released her grip due to her slight shock and distraction of watching Cindy actually fuck Katie with a dildo while Enno was evidently doing a damn good job of licking her pussy. Katie rolled off the armrest, her tight pussy pulling the dildo out of Cindy’s hand. Trevor got another eyeful as he watched Katie on hands and knees with her ass still pointed at him as he watched the dildo slowly slide out of her pussy, the material pressing against the dildo slowing the withdrawal.

Katie got real still as she remembered who was behind her and looked and saw Trevor’s astounded look. Katie then gave an embarrassed grin as she started laughing hard as she blew a kiss toward Trevor and got up to collapse between Becky and Katy pulling Cindy down on top of them with everyone laughing again as Enno tried to lick their faces and dart his nose into highly aroused crotches as the women forcefully tried to spread each other’s legs to help him with the end result a tangle of giggling, thrashing and laughing hysterical women as each tried to keep their crotches from being invaded and only partially succeeding!. Trevor’s laughter somewhat dimmed as he realized that in order for the large dildo to initially go in that far and that smoothly then Katie must have been pretty highly aroused from all the shenanigans and her pussy must have been very well lubricated! He was also astounded at the extent of Becky’s participation -how she fully participated even to the point of preventing Katie from rising, watching intently as Cindy thrust the dildo into Katie and started fucking her with it and not preventing Enno from licking her.

In their highly inebriated and stoned condition as well as their hypersensitive emotionally charged state they all were winded, flushed and sweaty, Trevor was still laughing with tears while trying to conceal a rather obvious very large erection, and then Cindy rose and went over to him and saucily thrust out a hip, and said

“Careful, boy, this could be for you as well!”

Causing the others to hysterically laugh even more as Trevor laughingly replied he did not swing that way.

Cindy gave him a slow sly sexy grin and then said

“There are four of us and only one of you and we could take you down and make you do anything or do anything to you we want…”

As the half serious threat was sensually uttered as other three intently and now silently looked on as they lay against each other.

Trevor looked at the others then back to Cindy as she stood there in front of him slowly twirling the dildo with her hand, then looked at Becky and saw no quarter there and instantly decided he better remove himself. He thought Cindy/they were still being silly and kidding around but now he was not quite so sure especially since Cindy had actually thrust the dildo into Katie and fucked her with it. Trevor looked at Cindy again still standing in front of him with legs spread as he noticed a deepening saucy grin developing as she continued to closely stand and look at him, Trevor zeroing in on her hard nipples clearly showing through the sweat damped thin camisole top – the material now clearly transparent and clinging tightly to her generous full firm breasts. Knowing what seriously drunk & very stoned women that were fired up and emotionally charged as they were now can do, especially observing Cindy chasing the others and her obvious concentrated intentions to thrust and hit her targets, it could get very difficult or even get mean for him quickly if they decided to continue to have their fun with him…

Seeking escape Trevor rose and stated

“You girls are too much!
Y’all put on a much better and hotter act than any expensive high-class strip club or porn movie!

I’m going to go take a cold shower”.

After Trevor left, Becky waited a few moments until he got out of hearing range then stated with a big grin as she rose pulling her cropped tee shirt off at the same time:

“I better go give him some relief or he might turn into a werewolf and start rampaging”.

This brought on catcalls and wolf whistles with ribald suggestive comments about ravishing the local women doggy style or maybe the other way around!

Becky laughed and saucily started walking across the large room to see about, and to see to Trevor. Cindy called after Becky:

“You need any help?!”

Becky turned and stopped, sexily thrust out a hip with a hand on it and paused before speaking as if to give it some thought and then said with a husky sexy laugh

“Not all of us at once the first time, it would be too much of a shock, we want to help him, not kill him!”

With that Becky blew a kiss across the room to them as she turned and started back toward the hallway.

The girls looked at each other giggling then Kate and Katie noticed Cindy was looking at them speculatively as the dildo still swung in her hand…


The next day during the hottest part of the afternoon, they were sitting in the lounge chairs that they had set up on the rock bottom of the shallow clear river. With them they had a large cooler of Mojitos & beer sitting in ice near them. Kate had worn a stunning, unlined slightly sheer white Brazilian micro-bikini that had a deep V cut front that dipped daringly low that tied at the sides that left the entire hips bare as well as the front of the legs. The bottom backside had a slight resemblance to a butterfly. He had not seen this one before and she looked spectacularly ravishing in it. From the thinness of the material he could easily tell it was unlined, he could also tell that when wet it would be completely sheer and transparent. Kate had sat down next to Trevor with Katie on the other side, Becky and Cindy flanking them. All the women commented how well it and she looked and how sexy it was and where they could order one. Trevor said how beautiful she looked which caught the attention of the others and he quickly added, “You all look very beautiful” as Becky leaned solidly against Kate and punched Trevor causing them to laugh and Trevor to flush.

Due to a lack of breeze, it was not long before all were perspiring heavily. A cooling breeze stirred snapping and tangling Kate’s hair around her head. She had removed her sunglasses and had turned her face into the wind with eyes closed. Her mouth parted slightly, as if tasting the air. Trevor watched a bead of sweat roll down her cheek then dangle on the edge before falling onto the swell of her full still perfectly formed tanned breast and watched it roll slowly till it merged with the saturated very tiny micro triangle bikini top which had turned translucent. The wind had caused Kate’s small nipples to harden, straining against the sheer tight fabric, clearly outlined and revealed by the moisture saturated and now sheer top. He noticed another drop of sweat emerge from between the deep cleavage of her breasts and watched it slowly roll down the middle of her flat muscular stomach until it plunged into her sweat filled navel.
Lower still he cast his eyes and found her tight micro-bikini bottom in a similar saturated state, pressed tightly against her hairless mons pubis, every bulge, fold and plunging crease clearly outlined and visible thru the now sheer fabric. Her beauty again struck Trevor as it had so many times over the years and felt the familiar heartache of knowing but not ever having known her. As if sensing his emotion, her eyes slowly opened and noticed him gazing at her, a quirky little grin developed on her mouth as she gazed back at him and gave him a slow wink and reached over and gave his arm one long slow caress. As she reached his hand she clasped and squeezed it, holding it for quite some time before slowly letting go.

This little incident did not go by unobserved…

Toward late afternoon, the others had gone into the house to fix a snack while Cindy and Trevor stayed on the river a while longer, having a good buzz going on and not ready to make the hike up the hillside to the house.

Cindy gently and slowly drew her nails down Trevor’s arm.

“Uh Oh” Trevor thought, she is up to something and then Cindy said

“Trevor, I want to ask you a question and I don’t want you to clam up on me or be embarrassed, we all know how shy you are. I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable in anyway. I and the others have been wondering something for a long while and you know by now you are very dear to us as well as Becky”.

Trevor still felt this might be a ruse. After all, this was Cindy asking a serious question, the fun loving energetic Cindy who never seemed serious or upset. Kate and Katie he would expect a serious question. Guardedly, Trevor replied, “ask away” as he reached for his beer to conceal his anxiety.

“Trevor, back when we were in school why didn’t you ever ask any of us out on a real date, instead of just hanging with each other and having fun?”

With this Trevor spewed beer and turned every imaginable shade of red causing Cindy to burst out laughing.

Cindy added:

“Ever since junior high, high school and college we were all hoping that you would get serious with at least one of us and marry, we even took turns betting on who it might be. You ought to know that we all fell in love with you way back in grade school, and you know what the one unchanging constant has been all these years? We never stopped loving and caring deeply about you and none of us ever will!”

After a few moments of trying to get composed, Trevor looked at Cindy and asked her in a stammering voice if she was really serious. Cindy laid her hand on his arm and in a low voice said “Yes, all these years we wondered why you never asked”.

Trevor replied: “all during high school and college you each had boyfriends and I girlfriends, but it never seemed to work out when two of us were not dating someone and one of us was free to ask the other out or showed interest in dating. At times each of you for long periods seemed to be not interested in dating. Plus, y’all had all your school activities and after school activities and the other things we did. You three were the most popular girls in high school and then college. I thought about it more than once but imagined I was way in the back of the line of guys who wanted to take you out. In addition since we had known each other since grade school before we got to dating age, I thought y’all preferred to just having a great time hanging out with each other as best friends and with our dates, I had no clue and I do not remember any of y’all giving me a clue that you were interested in more than just being best friends, I thought the flirting y’all did with me was just in jest that best friends of the opposite sex did with each other. I would have been very happy married to any one of you if I had known it. I’m not implying that Becky and I do not have a wonderful marriage, we have an outstanding one, she is my best friend, lover and companion and we look forward to growing old with each other”.

Then with a pause and with a slow strong emphasis he added in a clearly strained voice: “and also with y’all as our dearest friends whom we love deeply”. Then in a low voice he added, “y’all know I was quite shy with the women”.

Cindy was quiet for a moment reflecting on what Trevor had just said then replied:

“You know what? You are still shy!
You are also the most dedicated, sweetest, accomplished and most thoughtful man I had ever known!
The others think so as well”.


Trevor in a soft voice replied:
“I was sweet on all of y’all but there was one I did have particular stronger feelings for…”

Cindy whispered “Kate”

Cindy almost laughed at the instantly shocked reaction by Trevor.

Trevor hesitated then replied in a choked voice, “you’ve noticed” which was more of a statement than a question.

Cindy looked at him and said, “We ALL noticed, even back when!”

Trevor continued: “I thought it had faded when I met and married Becky but at the ten year reunion, when Kate first saw me she came running up and hugged me tightly for a long time and kissed the corner of my mouth. Then with me in the middle, Becky, Kate and I walked around all holding hands for the longest time. I had a heartache then and for quite some time afterwards and still do when I get to see her, but I feel like I’m betraying Becky with these lingering feelings I have for Kate and I do love Becky with all my heart and would not think of ever hurting her” and after a pause “and that goes for all of you as well”.

Cindy replied: “you do not have to feel uncomfortable, you know we all love you and we know how much Becky loves you as we love her, besides, Becky is aware of it too and she is okay with it! You have to remember we are better than best friends – we are a family!”

Stunned again in less than five minutes, hearing familiar words he had heard from Becky, Trevor watched but not really seeing as Cindy rose up from the lounge chair and slowly adjusted the tiny sliding triangle string bikini top which a breast threatened to completely escape from and then her bottoms, as she pulled the fabric edges away and then replaced it exactly on the tan lines. Cindy noticed his distraction despite her best intentions to draw his gaze.

Cindy stood over and ran her fingers slowly through his hair and leaned over and gave Trevor a lingering kiss on the corner of his mouth, her tongue tip lightly darting and swirling at the corner inviting invitation but Trevor was still distracted by his thoughts, trying to gain some semblance of elusive comprehension She stood back up and stood there looking at him and true to her mischievous self stated:

“I think besides your looks, intelligence and your shyness, your wonderfully personality and sweetness was always your major attraction. Despite your shyness you had more dates/girlfriends than any other person we knew and never was a spiteful thing heard by any of us by those you dated. I and the others know how you got your nickname and no other guy we had ever heard of ever came close to your ability let alone stop dating someone without at least one person saying something ugly about the other. In fact the opposite happened, none of the girls you ever dated never gossiped about what sex was like or how big you were like most girls talk about when they get together. The only things they did mention were 1 – they would probably never be filled to that extent again in their life, 2 – your endurance and 3 – your talented tongue!

Your ability to curl your tongue combined with the length of your tongue puts Gene Simmons to shame! No one in school could best your time and ability at tying knots in cherry stems with their tongues. You were the talk of high school and college, brought up again repeatedly during the high school reunions. We were jealous and disappointed we never got to share that experience with you, us your oldest friends, your oldest girlfriends in actuality. We all had reoccurring crushes on you throughout the years even back in grade school! Why do you think we became such fast and best friends even at that early age? As we matured, our grade school crushes grew into something more than just a crush – it became a deep love and that love still continues. Becky was extremely lucky to get you and more than quite a few of our high school and college girlfriends actually were and still are envious, especially after all these years judging by the continuous talk at the reunions! Come on, let’s go join the others for lunch”.

Trevor replied

“I will be along momentarily.
I think I need to compose myself after I exposed my deep dark secret to you and what you just told me how you and the others feel about me, and about Becky…

Cindy replied

“Ok Energizer Bunny”

Then Cindy gave Trevor a speculative look as the beginnings of a subversive and insidious plan began to emerge and take shape. But first she had to go over it with Becky…

As Cindy walked away, Trevor called out

“You know, I have always loved each one of you as well”

Cindy paused and looked over her shoulder and replied

“Silly, we all knew that way back in grade school!
It’s damn unfortunate that polygamy is outlawed!”

Cindy gave him a wink and slowly started sauntering up the long winding hillside steps; softly she called over her shoulder…

“But we will get around that little issue…!”

Cindy gave Trevor a broad grin as she exaggerated the to and fro sway of her sexy firm ass in her Brazilin cut low rise string bikini as she went up the steps.

Cindy had pulled the trigger and it was as if a gun had gone off as suddenly remembered actions and words from the four women thru the years surfaced – of intentions, wants and desires, that he totally isolated and shielded himself from all these years, each memory quickly emerged and came to the forefront trying to join and string the memories together. Trevor sat there stunned – a jumble of images, of contrived situations, of phrases that the four of them had spoken to him over the years, especially recently, of their purposeful physical actions… his mind could not form a coherent thought. This went on for several minutes, and then in a daze, he rose and stumbled up the steps

As Trevor crested the top of the hill, he could see the girls thru the big picture kitchen window sitting down – all four of them looking at him with a thoughtful look with huge grins etched upon their faces!

Seeing this, Trevor said to himself


I hope Cindy hadn’t told them…”


That evening after eating and cleaning up and watching the sun go down on the porch, they all took showers before joining back in the main living room. As usual, Trevor put on a clean pair of jeans and a tee shirt. As he came to the doorway of the living room he paused as he entered. As has been the girl’s nature the last couple of years, all the girls had on skimpy semi-transparent sexy erotic lingerie. It amazed him he never saw any of them, including Becky, wear the same thing twice. For some reason, what they had on tonight seemed to be extremely sexier, even more revealing and highly erotic than usual, what could only be termed as ”Fuck Me” lingerie! They all looked so damn beautiful and sultry as hell!

Kate was wearing a deep plunging sparkle sheer mesh open front flyaway baby doll that was split up to under her breasts and just barely reached the midway of her hips. She wore matching panties that appeared to be loosely tied in the front with a bow.

Becky was wearing (or not wearing!) a lace mesh criss cross merry widow that met just below her breasts but the tapered points ended just past her navel, the two widely separated halves held together by the criss crossing ribbon. Becky’s taut ripped abdomen enhanced the lingerie especially following her long muscular ripped torso to the matching micro see thru butterfly mesh thong with a wide deep cut front V.

Cindy wore a sheer peek-a-boo criss cross corset with daring cut out cups that left her entire cleavage bare except for a rhinestone clasp that held the crisscross strings that held the two cups together, the sheer cups partially held her breasts and her nipples were clearly visible through the micro fine sheer material. A deep V cut strappy thong complimented that also utilized a rhinestone clasp to hold the V together.

That night the girls were drinking even more heavily than the night before with even more E and THC/CBD. Already their drug enhanced hyper charged libidos were evident by all four women’s overt flirting with each other, playing grab ass and in the process exposing intimate areas. Cindy brought out a fantasy comedy porn movie, even Trevor was drinking more than usual and feeling no pain.

The movie despite being a comedy was a three-set DVD Blue-Ray hard core XXX adult movie set in medieval times that contained a little bit of everything in it including fantasies with werewolves, unicorns and centaurs. By the scene settings, castle, costumes, dialogue, the extremely attractive actors/actresses and the awards it had garnered, it was a high value production movie. The producers actually made pretty realistic looking “live” unicorns and centaurs.

Kate was sitting and leaning against Trevor with Becky reclining against Kate on the larger couch. Cindy and Katy were on the other couch with Trevor wondering thru a more than slight alcohol fog how the hell this seating arrangement happened as well as how Cindy selected this particular movie. It may have been okay if the girls had been dressed casually or at least as casually as they have lately, but they were all in extremely very revealing erotic “Fuck Me” lingerie or there lack of, watching a very hard core fantasy porn movie that had elements to it that were contrary to modern conservative social norms! Certainly he and Becky had no qualms about outdated sexual mores and judging by their actions, neither did the other girls. He would have been temporarily shocked if he knew to what extent the four women were beyond and fantasized about!

With what he thought was an earlier discrete look, with Kate reclining against him with her open face baby doll widely parted and falling off to either side leaving a bare vast expanse of ripped and taut muscular midriff and lower abdomen, he saw that Kate was wearing a deeply scalloped white ribbon lace up panty that was very loosely laced with skin showing with an even looser bow, briefly he wondered how they even stayed on!

Trevor had partaken of a few more beers than usual, and was quite tipsy and did not see Cindy earlier slip in some liquid THC/CBD into one of his beers. Trevor has always maintained some reserve while the women got carried away explaining that he thought one of them has to be somewhat sober while the others partied in case something happened, but unknowingly he had been subverted by a conspiracy of all four women!

Trevor had noticed that Becky had for sometime had a hand casually on Kate’s exposed thigh and was gently caressing her, Kate had responded by her own hand caressing Becky’s thighs. As the movie progressed into the hotter hard core centaur and unicorn scenes, Trevor chanced a glance over to the other couch and saw Cindy and Katie were laying against each other, each with a leg each propped up and were also caressing each other’s inner thighs quite high up and their legs were splayed open giving him an eyeful.

Several extensive scenes played where gorgeous women got ravished by very long and very thick unicorn and centaur cocks – doggy style and missionary style including enthusiastic anal scenes. The cocks actually had the dimensions of miniature horses, then special effects of the cocks shooting at least a quart or more of artificial cum deep into each of the women, overflowing and squirting out of their pussies and asses and then the cocks being slowly and sinuously withdrawn to continue ejaculating all over their breasts, stomachs, asses and backs covering the actresses completely. Becky remarked that they must have purchased several gallons of Bad Dragon Cum Lube, it looked the same, the others agreeing. Trevor briefly wondering how all four of them knew about Bad Dragon, then this got him to thinking then they must know of the anthropomorphic fantasy dildos they made as well! Trevor at one point mentioned that centaurs were Greek mythology of a much earlier period but the comment apparently went unheard as all the women were highly absorbed by these particular scenes, the liberally ingested quantities of THC/CBD intensifying their visual imagery, making everything more vivid and intense.

After one particular hot and intensive scene, Cindy laughingly commenting that maybe they should ALL adjourn out to the horse barn after this! The other three women cut sly or grinning sidewise glances at Cindy hearing this remark as just viewed scenes vividly replayed in their minds and fueled deep seated subconscious fantasies, fantasies that were further stoked of just recent experiences -jacking off a horse, how a horse penis looked just like a human penis just larger, of how it just might fit, how it would feel ejaculating inside, of forcibly spreading Kate’s legs and holding up in the air her naked hotly aroused pussy and yelling at Becky to bring a stud to fuck her, of the hot aroused emotions openly playing on Becky’s face as Becky unconsciously took a step forward leading the horse…, then suddenly, emerging to the surface as they remembered, that not only were there Arabian studs in the stable but also stud ponies…

All four women were intently focused on the movie and caressing each other while Trevor realized he was feeling incredibly horny with no success in suppressing the feeling as well as the large uncomfortable erection between his closed legs. While the movie was exceptional in fantasy and realism with great looking and very talented enthusiastic actresses and obviously very big budget, he realized it was the action of the four extremely beautiful women in the room with him that was having the most effect! He looked down and saw a dark wet spot on his pants leg where the tip of his cock was, hoping Kate or Becky would not see it

Kate caught Trevor’s distracted look over at the other couch and then his look down at his pants leg also seeing the wet spot, very surprised on how far down his pants leg it had emerged She had heard the stories over the years concerning Trevor’s size, had even seen him naked quite a few times having slept platonically in the same king-size bed with him when they all had crashed at his place numerous times during college after too much partying, but seeing flaccid was no clue to a full erection and Trevor’s flaccid size very well disguised his true size once erect. The three had had numerous discussions about his cock size, they all concluded it was about ten inches long in a flaccid state, but numerous guessing games and scheming, especially when they were drinking had occurred, wondering if it would get even longer and thicker when he had an erection and if so, how much? Ultimately, the three women had years of pent-up frustration in not once having seen Trevor with an erection – just barely semi-hard a few times which refueled their fertile imaginations as well as their discussions.

Kate gently took his hand and squeezed it and held on to it as she sidled into Trevor, the Kate positioned one leg down on the floor and raised the other leg up and over and behind Becky then stretched out on the couch against Trevor, legs now openly spread with Becky in-between her legs and now leaning against Trevor. Trevor noticed that Becky’s hand had caressed its way to just below Kate’s barely covered pussy and Kate’s hand likewise was positioned by Becky’s. As he watched, he saw Kate’s fingers caressingly brush up against Becky’s panties then trail lightly back and forth along the edges, across the front, back along the edges and back again but this time firmly against her barely covered pussy.

Trevor looked back at Kate who showed him a very sexy lustful grin. His gaze lingered on down and noticed that one of her firm full breasts was almost completely out of the baby doll, only a small hard nipple caught on the fabric edge prevented it from freeing, a slight further shifting and he knew it would pop out, then his gaze went back to what Kate’s hand was doing on Becky’s upper thigh. His mouth slowly parted as he grew even more still; as he watched Kate’s fingers continue to gently caress Becky’s barely covered pussy then Becky splayed her legs wide to grant better access. Kate’s hand caressed all around the panty edges then sensually rubbed across the mesh fabric and gently pressed against it. Trevor saw Becky shift and press her pussy up against Kate’s fingers. Kate continued the slow meandering wandering of her fingers around the edges and against Becky’s pussy, her circling gradually creeping higher until her hand reached to the deeply cut V front of her thong, her fingers slowly circling and then creeping under the fabric and slowly moving down as Becky let out a low moan.

Becky’s own hand had been doing similar motions to Kate’s barely covered pussy. Trevor watched mesmerized as Becky’s finger tips reached for the ends of the loosely tied bow of Kate’s lace up panties as Kate shifted her hips upward and widely splayed her legs.

Both Becky and Kate looked deep into Trevor’s eyes as he watched, Becky slowly pulled the bow loose and then kept pulling which slowly pulled the thin lace ribbon out as Trevor watched. Kate’s deeply scalloped lace up panties slowly parted wide open and continued opening! Trevor saw the length of the lace ribbon increasing as Becky pulled and the panty part deeper and he suddenly realized that the panty was a lace up style that went from front to rear! In slow motion, Trevor watched Kate’s denuded pussy become completely unrevealed to his sight, her arousal and glistening moisture clearly evident, her labia lips already parting open on their own highly aroused volition, her clitoris clearly exposed and standing out hard and swollen.

By now, Kate’s fingers had generously circled around and teased Becky’s now throbbing hard clit and then began to dip lower, feeling her labia lips swollen and parted. As Becky felt a finger slip into her, Becky slip her own finger into Kate and simultaneously both women started a slow timed rhythm of fingers slowly thrusting in and out, gradually working in deeper. Kate had been caressing Trevor’s lower thigh with her other hand, and as she felt Becky’s finger slip deeper in, raised her hand until it was slowly caressing Trevor’s bulge, sucking in a loud audible breath surprised at how very large it was and then tracing the outline by feel through his pants how long and thick! She previously had only a slight notion having on a few occasions seen him with a semi-erection over the years but this was something else!

Feeling Kate’s hand now on his erection broke his mesmerized stare from what Becky and Kate were doing to each other and he glanced over to the other couch to see Cindy and Katie both now had their panties off and Trevor watched for a few moments as their finger fucking pace slowly picked up and watched Cindy slide a hand against Katie’s breasts baring them as she leaned over to suck on a hard nipple, Katie’s hand going around her head and pulling her close. Then Cindy, leaned over and from under the couch pulled out a very long and thick double-headed anthropomorphic fantasy dildo she had purchased with just this movie in mind. With dawning realization, Trevor recognized it as a double headed equine cock! From somewhere Cindy had also produced a bottle of Bad- Dragon Cum Lube and started poring a long generous silky stringy thick stream of lube onto both ends of the dildo. Mesmerized, he watched as Cindy and Katie each brought the heads of the very large dildo to their pussies and started to make little in and out motions with the tips of the dildo, and gently began easing it in ever gradually with slow short thrusts into their tight pussies. Cindy and Katie both looked at Trevor watching them and both started earnestly fucking the dildo harder as the three continued to watch each other…

Feeling Becky shift brought him back to the right here and now.
Trevor watched as Becky slipped off her panties and sensually slid up onto Kate, slipping one then both of Kate’s breasts free then exposing hers as she leaned into Kate and they started giving little kisses around each other’s lips and then started deeply and passionately kissing. The two women kept kissing each other hungrily, as if they had been waiting all their lives for this, as they brought their hot pussies together and started sliding them together hard, hard nipple breasts rubbing against each other, low but increasing moans escaped from tightly locked lips as Kate’s hand firmly squeezed Trevor’s erection. Becky reached over and tugged at Trevor’s button-up jeans and then started undoing his buttons, once she got them unbuttoned, she gently took hold of Kate’s hand and placed her hand at the opened front of the jeans and gave Kate’s hand a gentle shove.

Kate slipped a hand inside and gave out a startled gasp as she first felt the hot naked massive girth and then started to follow the long and thick throbbing shaft down into his pants leg, trying to reach the end, growing amazed and then alarmed as she slowly caressed and followed each incredible inch and then starting to become concern not only about his thickness but at his length!

Hearing Kate’s gasp which broke off their deep kiss, Becky raised up and grinned, seeing Kate’s look of astonishment, then bent down to suck on another nipple then raised up to begin another deep kiss, tongues entwining as their hot aroused pussies slid faster together, trying to push their throbbing clits into each other as hard as they could..

Even in the midst of their own highly erotically generated passions and drug-enhanced hypersensitivities, feeling their own strong beginnings of mutual shuddering earth shaking orgasms, Becky and Kate were keenly aware of Trevor’s own building lust.

Kate’s hand had stopped further progress before it reached the end of her lustful quest to see how long Trevor’s cock was due to the tightness of his jeans. Feeling Kate’s progress stopped, Becky broke off the kiss and they looked at each other and grinned and then grinned up at Trevor. The two women disentangled themselves and rose up, each grabbing one of Trevor’s hands pulling him to his feet, then they led a stunned Trevor off toward the master bedroom, all stumbling and swaying against each other from the very intense intoxicating effects of the alcohol and the drugs, feeling the horniest any of them had ever before felt.

Cindy and Katie paused just long enough to grin at the retreating trio and then at each other as they moved down to the floor while removing the reminder of their lingerie. Cindy placed the tip of the dildo in her denuded pussy and slid a couple of inches in, then slid on top of Katie, then inserted the other end into Katie’s equally hairless pussy. Katie and Cindy then began a slow rocking back and forth against each other, slowly working the rest of the dildo in until their pussies almost touched and then with some effort pressed down until the full length was inserted and their pussies were tightly pressed against each other, then they began a slow rotational grind and then a slow thrusting back and forth.

Enno padded over to investigate what Cindy and Katie were doing on the floor, his sensitive nose detecting the highly aroused delectable state of both women. He reached out and gave a long tentative swipe of his tongue between Cindy’s naturally parted ass cheeks, causing her to momentarily pause before she resumed her thrusting… as Enno began licking in earnest…


Once inside the bedroom, Becky and Kate slowly removed each other’s remaining lingerie, then while still standing, embraced and exchanged deep passionate kisses as their hands caressed each other’s bodies. Kate pushed her tongue deep into Becky’s mouth and wiggled and curled it against Becky’s, then their darting tongues fenced with each other, then took turns with Trevor with Kate last as Becky caressed Kate and Trevor. Kate was amazed at feeling Trevor’s long powerful flexible tongue entwine hers for the first time in an actual long, deep and most important of all, loving French kiss. It was the most sensual thing she had ever felt plus Trevor was beyond comparison the best kisser she ever had as well. Over the years, it had just been playful kissing, darting her tongue in to try to catch him unawares, shocking him each time, Cindy and Katie played this game with him as well, except what he did not know the three were not really playing…!.

Becky felt Kate’s tongue making a wet path down her shoulders to the front
of her breasts. Kate began nibbling on her flesh just at the swell of her firm full tanned breasts.

“Oh Kate,” Becky moaned. “That feels so good.”

Then Kate’s hot mouth went farther and she was sucking hard on one of
Becky’s hard nipples. Becky felt her nipple painfully harden at the hot,
wet touch of Kate’s lips as Trevor was kissing her throat and shoulders.

“Oh my God, Kate,” Becky moaned.

Kate’s mouth suddenly seemed like it was trying to devour Becky’s
flesh, sucking until she could get no more flesh into her mouth, causing Becky to suck in a shallow hissing breath.

Kate lifted her head.
She had a curious expression of pain and excitement in her face.

“I’m sorry, Becky,” she said. I just can’t help myself.
I’ve waited so long, ever since that night in college”.

Becky couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She grasped Kate’s head and tugged her mouth back to her hard nipple. She felt a delicious tingling as Kate’s mouth covered her nipple once again.

Becky could only close her eyes and listen to the wonderful wet sounds of Kate’s sucking. Becky felt too weak to do anything else.
Kate licked the underside of her breasts sending shivers through her body

“That feels so good, Kate,” Becky moaned. “You make me so hot.”

When the kiss stopped, they both pulled off Trevor’s shirt, then Becky whispered in Kate’s ear and they started kissing his chest and working their way down his rip corded stomach to where his unbuttoned jeans parted and joined into another long kiss. Becky positioned Kate in front of Trevor and had her kneel down with knees spread apart wanting to see her face when the moment came, then kneeled behind Kate. Kate started tugging Trevor’s tight jeans down past his hips while Becky caressed Kate’s back with one hand then moving the hand to caress her breasts while another hand stroke its way lower to her buttocks as Becky nibbled and sucked on her neck and shoulders, then Kate gave one last pull and Trevor’s cock sprang out.

Kate gave a loud gasp and covered her mouth with one hand as she uttered an
“Oh My Gawd!”
as Trevor’s thirteen inch long cock was revealed.
It was not only massively long but also massively thick!
Being about 2.75 inches thick but tapering to an increasing 3 plus inches mid-shaft!

Kate thought to herself “WOW! This is seriously much longer and much thicker than any real cock I ever had, not that I had that many, let alone any of my dildos. It’s the most beautiful cock and cock head I had ever seen!” as she felt one of Becky’s hands slide down her flat stomach in caressing moves then down to her pussy. Becky felt Kate’s hard throbbing clit with her fingertips and gently manipulated the incredibly hypersensitive area as Kate moaned. Kate felt Becky’s other hand slip down to her parted buttocks and gently felt Becky’s fingers slip between her parted cheeks and slowly circle her tight asshole, gauging the tightness with one small fingertip while she felt Becky’s other hand dip lower until one finger easily slipped into her hot dripping pussy and started a slow in and out thrusting.

Kate saw his cock jerk lustfully as though it could escape her ravenous stare and was ready, a tiny drop of dew glistened at the tip where it had emerged.

With a dazed, drugged, dreamy expression on her face, Kate opened her mouth slowly, invitingly, as she stretched her hands up and took the thickly throbbing hardness in her fingers, working them back and forth slowly, then sensuously opening her wet oval lips in eager anticipation, her tongue licked her lips sensually as she guided his huge lust-swollen cock-head into her soft mouth and closed it tightly around the jerking throbbing head. Then she started sucking, very gently at first, but soon with gluttonous passion and obscene abandon as she anticipated being mounted by his huge pussy-stretching impaling cock as Trevor reached down with one hand and began caressing one of her sensuously quaking firm full breasts and small diamond hard nipples as Becky plunged a long finger deep into her wetly excited pussy slowly building up the rhythm while Becky’s other hand caressed and probed her tight anus.

Trevor groaned deeply as he watched and felt her tongue lap hot circles around the large sculpted head of his cock. The smooth pink of her tongue looked and felt beautiful against his circumcised penis as he watched Kate sucking his cock head in and out of her lovely lips, her tongue occasionally probing the opening in the tip, Kate’s actions becoming more frenzied as Becky’s finger thrust deep into Kate’s pussy picking up pace as she felt another of Becky’s fingers probe deep into her ass, the alternating thrusting of it picking up as well.

Trevor gently disengaged his cock from Kate’s hungry eagerly sucking mouth by placing a hand gently under Kate’s chin and caressing it, feeling the hint of an arising orgasm under her expert ministrations, Kate giving Trevor a questioning lustful gaze as he reached both hands out to both women to help them rise up, then they led Trevor over to the king-sized bed that was fitted with 1500 count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Becky paused and opened a bedside table drawer and pulled out a very long and very thick double-headed anthropomorphic fantasy dildo. Seeing what Becky had pulled out, Kate gave her a grin as she pulled Becky tight against her and they exchanged deep kisses as Kate slipped a hand down to Becky’s pussy and rubbed her engorged clit and then slowly thrust a finger deep inside her hot dripping pussy.

Kate laid down and in doing so pulled both of them down on either side of her. They took turns kissing each other and kissing each other’s breasts, then Trevor and Becky both latched onto a nipple and caressed it with swirling tongues as they alternated between sucking and swirling, both of Kate’s hands on their heads pressing them tightly against her breasts.

Trevor and Becky both started kissing down her flat taut muscular stomach, taking turns swirling their tongues in and out of her navel as she moaned from the feeling, then both slowly swirled their tongues down to her widely spread heated loins as Kate felt each of them take a widely splayed tanned heated inner thigh and worked their way up to her highly aroused pussy revealing in the erotic feeling of two tongues pleasuring her. Becky gave one long swipe up her openly parted labia lips, paused briefly to suck on a hard protruding clit then started working her way back up to her breasts. Trevor positioned himself in front of her pussy. His tongue touched her pussy lips and another hot spasm went through her. He pushed his large strong hands underneath her ass and lifted her slightly as Kate hooked her knees over Trevor’s shoulders. Trevor’s long talented tongue rolled out to lick in longing strokes, following each curve of the flesh of her inner lips.

Slowly, and gently Trevor sucked Kate’s swollen clit between his lips, in and out, in and out. His lips felt heavenly on her swollen clit; it felt about to burst then his tongue cleft into the volcanic hole of Kate. The fires erupted and her orgasm started to build boiling up. Trevor swirled his long talented tongue around her clit then lower, teasing the opening passage into her vagina as she felt a long thick finger circle and explore her tightly clenched sensitive anus. His tongue was a fiery dart into her pussy so that she felt like exploding. Her body throbbed as she moved her hips in rhythm to his thrusting tongue, then he pressed his open mouth tightly against her pussy and started a strong suction as he thrust his tongue full length as he swirled his very long and very talented tongue deeply inside, his tongue withdrew and he started sucking her clit hard as his tongue rubbed the sensitive underside faster and faster working it like the Energizer bunny and Kate exploded, pulling against his head so strongly he though he might smother while Kate moaned long and deeply as Becky kissed her deeply as they caressed each others hard nipple breasts.

“Oh, nothing has ever felt like this!
I love your tongue! I love it!
You’re making me so HOT! I can’t stand
Itttttttt aghhhHHHHHH!”

Pulling back slightly, Trevor licked down past the bottom of Kate’s pussy and between her parted ass cheeks to her exposed anus; his tongue tip felt a small, tight ring of pulsing throbbing muscle. He laved and prodded it, working his dexterous tongue tip in, then stiffening his tongue slid it right through the strongly gripping throbbing ring causing Kate to squeal and grasp the hair on his head with both hands as her sphincter bit down on his tongue as she rammed her hips high, then she started humping hard against the huge long probing tongue trying to drive it in as far as possible. Suddenly, almost without warning, the wave of pleasure broke over her and she screamed in pleasure, her pussy clenched and convulsed repeatedly as she came as if a volcano erupting. Trevor felt the strong muscles of her asshole working around his tongue and her hot lava juices flow copiously down her ass onto his lips and still-working tongue, then he paused and thrust his tongue deep inside as he swirled it around causing Kate to loudly squeal and hunch down trying to drive it even deeper and causing another of her and Becky’s many hyper charged drug enhanced orgasms, driving her crazy with the long deeply embedded tongue swirling around and around pressing against all sides.

Kate loudly moaned out:

“ I Need You! I Want You!


as she pulled Trevor’s head up.

Trevor raised up and kneeled before Kate, once again seeing her swollen engorged labia lips that were openly parted and glistening with moisture, her hard clit standing out and totally exposed, the spreading wet spot on the sheets below her. Then he placed his cock-head over her glistening and engorged swollen parted slit and drew it back and forth up and over her throbbing clit, then teasing the entrance to her pussy feeling how tight her pussy entrance was against his large sculpted head.

Kate feeling the massive shaft throbbing against her entrance smiled back at him, unable to speak from the overwhelming pleasure flooding her entire body and could only groan ecstatically in response. Kate’s hips began to gyrate and undulate as soon as his thickly pulsing shaft had slid against her tight entrance, working his cock head, trying to ease it in as he kept it from penetrating to prolong her heated and wanton desires. Kate spread her legs obscenely apart to facilitate the penetration of her tight pussy entrance then she reached down and encircled his shaft where it was against her tight vaginal entrance.
As she rubbed the tip against it as she moaned:

“You’re so fucking HUGE!
I want you to ravish me with that monster and FUCK ME senseless!

Kate still grasping his cock firmly started working his cock head against her tight entrance slowly allowing it to widen to accommodate the size of his swollen plum-size cock head. There was an audible popping slurp as the head of his cock finally slipped in then stopped as Kate gasped loudly and clamped down her vaginal muscles, hearing Trevor sigh as he felt his cock head being tightly clasped by her hot, moist tight muscular passage just behind the head. The Kate started rapidly contracting her vaginal muscles in a butterfly effect, trying to draw him in but the girth of his shaft and her tight vaginal sheath would not allow it.

Kate groaned as Trevor pulled his cock head out of her tight entrance until it just rested in the heat to the entrance to her pussy. Kate humped her pussy entrance up and down against his cock head trying to wedge it back in. Then he slowly pushed against the tight resisting entrance, they both felt the head again slightly hang up in the tight entrance then slowly sink in. Slowly and in very, very shallow thrusting Trevor sank the head back in and back out repeatedly of her tight vaginal entrance, in doing so widening her hot, tight gripping wet hole to slowly allow inch by amazing inch to begin slowly go deeper into her hungry and anticipating depths.

“Uhhh, Uhhh, Huhhh!

Kate gasped as he slowly and shallowly plunged in and out of her tightly squeezing entrance. Hot pussy juice flowed from the edges of her cock-stuffed passage, coating his balls and running down and over her tight asshole to a large spreading wet spot on the sheets.

Becky caressed one end of the erotic fantasy double headed dildo against Kate’s breasts as Becky kneeled over with knees widely parted and started deeply kissing Kate, Kate grasped the dildo and pulled it up to their mouths where Kate and Becky both sensually alternately tongued it and then Kate rubbed the end of the thick dildo against Becky’s pussy slowly working the tip in as Becky’s sensuous kissing and sucking of her mouth, neck and nipples enhanced and overwhelmed all of her senses.

Kate began rolling her head in her wild abandon, her neck exposed and her mouth gaping open, moaning and crying each time Trevor slowly worked to fuck his enormous cock all the way home, feeling Kate’s hot, slippery gripping pussy clamp down and ripple around him as Becky alternated between kissing her, her neck and then her full hard mounded breasts and small diamond hard hypersensitive throbbing nipples, Trevor and Becky inflaming her to depths and passions she had not ever known before.

Kate, being impatient with wanting to feel the full length of Trevor’s massive and long cock fully embedded into her and curious if she could take it all tilted her pussy up into him and thrust upwards driving more cock deep into her, banging the cock head hard against her cervical opening as Kate suddenly and simultaneously thrust a few inches of the dildo into Becky causing Becky to suck harder on a nipple with a sensual-painful suction. Mini-orgasms continuously rocked Kate from the pounding thrusting and clitoral stimulation helping to accommodate his width and length and also helping her cervix to start dilating more from her high state of arousal. As Trevor thrust in again, Kate reached around her ass and was amazed to feel that at least four more inches still Bayan Escort was left to go in!

Trevor fucked her with a slowly but steadily increasing rhythm that drove her wild as her nakedly voluptuous firm and taut body undulated and writhed with each deep fuck; her full firm breasts dancing up and down with an obscene motion while his cum-laden balls slapped up against her exposed ass with louder and more frequent slaps. Muscles she’d never known existed were flexing and puckering around the heavy bulk and length of his cock.

She could feel her pussy clasping Trevor’s hardness, her hot pussy twitched and tightened around Trevor’s deeply fucking shaft, on each withdrawal pulling her pussy outwards on the massive shaft. Sweat poured out of every pore. She writhed and jerked back and forth as he thrust his thickly jerking cock in and out at an increasing pace, her firm muscular ass thrusting up to meet him as with the other hand she was fucking Becky hard with the dildo, pulling out seven or eight inches before slamming it back in.

Kate lifted and squirmed her body beneath him, her legs lifted and her knees bent and clasped his ribs. Her tight pussy tunnel changed position, and his cock slid into her easier now banging against her cervix with every thrust, each thrust causing her cervix to dilate more and more trying to accept the swollen cock head into and past her cervical opening. Kate thrust her ravenous pussy up to absorb the full length of Trevor’s blood-engorged cock as the beginnings of a Deep Spot orgasm rapidly arouse.

Kate tugged on Becky’s leg with a lifting pulling motion. Becky moved over on top of Kate’s head and then leaned forward as Becky held herself partly upright against the headboard positioning her pussy above Kate’s face as Kate latched onto Becky’s hard protruding throbbing clit as she resumed slamming the dildo deep into Becky. Kate’s upturned, firm ass repeatedly and forcefully humped into Trevor’s thrusting cock, and she began to moan continuously as she continued to furiously slam the dildo deep into Becky’s pussy.

Trevor reached one large hand toward his wife’s upturned firm ass engrossed in the scene of Kate sucking Becky’s clit at the same time she slammed a long and thick dildo into Becky’s pussy. Trevor rubbed one long and thick finger against Becky’s pussy lubricating it then gently started probing Becky’s tight ass as he slowing worked the long digit in causing Becky to moan louder and deeper as he went deeper in as she thrust back harder against both the finger and the dildo.

Kate thrust back hard lodging his cock head into her now partially dilated cervical opening bending his cock on each thrust and Kate then repeatedly humped back hard against it to have it pass completely through and then suddenly felt something give way and his cock suddenly surge four inches past the cervical opening up into her uterus – deeper than any cock or dildo had gone before -felt his shaft swell tightly in her tightly convulsing cervical tunnel, then felt his penis glans swell within her uterus, suddenly felt her pussy tighten up and rapidly contract like never before.

Trevor could now simultaneously feel Kate’s tight vaginal entrance; her tight vaginal sheath and then her tight cervical opening grip his cock as he thrust in and out.

He could feel an eruption building deep as he thrust even deeper in Kate he could feel an increasing resistance to his thrust and withdrawals as his cock and cockhead swelled with his impending orgasm

Kate could hear and feel Trevor getting close to orgasm, could feel his shaft and cockhead start to swell even more with his impending release.

All of Kate’s previous orgasms from her entire life faded from her memory as a rumbling began deep inside her. It grew like a fireball in her loins, threatening to rip her apart with its intensity. It was as if her pussy and clit were exploding! Kate’s mind-erupting Deep Spot orgasm slammed into her almost without warning although it had been building relentlessly all through the fucking.


She screamed this so loud it was heard throughout the house as her pussy started to rapidly contract and she started to hump her hips hard and pull on his ass to lodge his cockhead as deep into her uterus as she could. Kate felt his cock head jump two then three times in her as her Deep Spot orgasm continued as a scalding hot powerful eruption exploded directly into the very depths of her womb as she mindlessly repeatedly thrust the dildo 10, 11, 12 inches deep into Becky, not hearing her own or Becky’s screaming orgasms as she forcibly pressed and held her pelvis up against Trevor’s.

Trevor’s thrusting momentarily stopped as Kate’s cervical and vaginal muscles clamped down, almost painfully, around his shaft during the most extreme powerful longest lasting orgasm she ever had experienced. Trevor’s powerful ejaculation was cutoff midstream! He could feel a pressure building up from fluid that had yet to escape, then Kate’s muscles slightly relaxed and Trevor felt a pleasant, almost a sense of relief from the almost painful pressure that had been building up, as a powerful surge flowed seeking an escape as Trevor resumed pounding into Kate pressing into her as hard as he could while only pulling back and inch or two each time, his thrusting limited because his cock head was swollen to the point to where it was stuck in her uterus and the head could not go back out her cervix without causing pain

Kate loudly gasped as he flooded her womb and then her still-rippling cuntal depths with a river of hot cum as he felt her cervix repeatedly convulse around his cock. His cock spurted and spurted, flooding her and then it began running down the length of her tightly filled passage to ooze out around his shaft, the drugs maintaining his hardness.

“OH YEAH! That’s It!

As Kate screamed just as loudly before and thunderously came in another body racking orgasm again. Kate and Trevor kept on fucking and Kate was fucking back hard as she ever had in her life as she keep her pelvis tilted up to allow maximum penetration

His cock felt like no other she had ever had. Kate never felt so full and her pussy was constantly cumming on his monster cock. The sensation of his cock thru her cervix and up into her uterus was indescribable! This was beyond fantastic! She would do anything to keep this feeling going. She reached down to her stomach and she felt the bulge of his cock head above her navel

she moaned long and deeply, feeling his thick, hot cum and her copious secretions sliding down her ass crack and coating her asshole, never before having experienced a Deep Spot orgasm, the deep intensity of which had no comparison to even the most intense G spot or clitoral orgasm!

As she pulled Trevor down to deeply kiss him she whispered to him:

“It was great; I can’t believe I got your whole cock in me. It’s unbelievable, did you see how many times I came; I’ve never done that before.”
“I-I never came that intense before, nor have I ever been fucked so wonderfully.
I don’t want this to ever end!”

Then Kate pulled Becky to her and told them both as she deeply kissed each of them:

“I love you both dearly my loves
I don’t want this to ever end, for any of us!”…”

As Trevor and Becky told her they loved her too…


The long-term intent of their whispered words settled thru the sexual haze and arousal deep into their minds and firmly began to lodge itself never to let go. They rested nestled together and gently caressed each other as their passions and fires renewed and arose as Becky started pressing her body tightly against Kate’s, grinding her pussy against her as she stroked Trevor’s cock, then Becky pulled Kate on top of her as they both inserted a dildo end.

Kate pulled Trevor close and drew his semi-flaccid cock into her mouth and began a powerful sucking and suction to bring him back to full hardness while Becky and Kate slowly rode each other.

Once hard, Kate guided him into position behind her signaling her intention of what she wanted by arching her back lewdly, offering her twin parted ass cheeks and clearly exposed tight anus to Trevor who was kneeling on the bed behind her.

Trevor watched mesmerized at the rear view scene as Kate and Becky rocked against each other thrusting the long massive dildo in and out while their denuded pussies were pressed tightly against each other’s, rotating and thrusting at the same time,

Impatiently, Kate pulled Trevor against her again. Trevor rubbed his cock against her dildo filled pussy, Kate pushing back repeatedly trying to get both in the same hole furtively. Then reaching back, Kate grasped his cock and positioned it between her parted ass cheeks and renewed her thrusting against Becky at the same time causing Trevor’s cock to slide up between her cheeks back and forth lubricating her tight unfilled entrance.

Then Kate slowed her thrusting as again she grasped his hard throbbing cock and placed it into position directly against her tightly puckered little hole, preparing to let his cock go where no man had gone before, not to mention even the size!

Her sphincter was wet and Kate started little thrusting motions against the cock head, slowly getting her sphincter muscle to gradually relax in stages to accept the large cock, Trevor watching intently as he let Kate control the penetration, feeling the increased pressure and then seeing the tightly puckered ring give ground grudgingly and finally accept the very tip, slipping tightly onto it.

From experience he continued to let Kate control the penetration. Kate suddenly leaned down and forcefully and deeply kissed Becky, holding her mouth tightly against hers as the cock slowly started spreading and penetrating her ass, Kate groaned deep in her throat and began to hump her ass in little motions to facilitate the large cock head to slowly ease into her, driving her tongue deeply into Becky as she reeled from the strange pleasure-pain, never before allowing a man to do this except with his fingers or a slim dildo and realizing that she has been missing out on another wonderful experience all these years.

Kate groaned deep into Becky’s mouth as she incrementally hump against the thick cock and felt it’s long length slowly and incrementally slither through her hot, gripping contracting rectum.

Kate’s face was a bright red with an even more lustful appearance as sweat dripped off her forehead as just the cock head totally went inside and stopped. Her asshole was pulsing just behind the head of his cock, her anal muscles had clamped back down tight against his shaft once the cock head got past her sphincter, preventing further penetration, and she feeling his enormous size, knew how much more of that thick, immensely long cock there was yet to come. Kate did some tentative little thrusting, revealing in feeling the cock head just barely start to emerge before she pushed back down on it, after several times of this she managed to relax her tight sphincter. She groaned deep into Becky’s mouth as she incrementally hump against the thick cock and felt it’s long length slowly and incrementally slither through her hot, gripping ass-tunnel.

Aaaggghhh… HUGE!”
Kate moaned loudly
“Throbbing… Soooo Fucking HUUGE!!!…
Fuck My Ass With Your Huge Cock!”

Kate’s clit was stiff and almost painfully hypersensitive as she rubbed it against Becky. Slowly, she began rocking her ass back onto the spearing cock as well as the dildo, wriggling slightly as she felt Trevor’s cock on the outstroke, revealing in the double penetration as Becky timed Kate’s thrusts with her own upward thrusts. Slowly, Kate built up a rhythm and got lost in the feeling letting herself go as she arched her back further as she slid his cock out to the very tip and then slid back onto it, thrusting back and forth with Becky thrusting up into her from below. Trevor watched mesmerized as he let Kate and Becky do all the thrusting while he remained stationary as he watched the tight pink ring of her widespread ass sliding smoothly over his thick shaft stroking it with the velvet tight walls of her rectum, gripping and re-gripping as the tip emerged and Kate drove back down onto it to continue the smooth-sliding ride.

Trevor let Kate and Becky do all the thrusting while he remained stationary as he watched the tight pink ring of Kate’s widely parted small tight ass sliding smoothly over his thick long shaft stroking it with the velvet tight walls of her rapidly contracting rectum, the muscular contractions rippling and massaging as his long shaft slowly went deeper in with each humping action Kate made then she pulled away withdrawing his cock all the way out until Kate’s tight sphincter gripped and re-gripped as the cock tip emerged and Kate drove back down onto it to continue the smooth-sliding ride, ever deeper…

Kate started thrusting back harder as she got lost in the feelings that were deeply embedded in both of her openings, feeling his powerful pulsating cock head opening her, impaling her mightily, stretching her quivering asshole; the anaconda like length snaking in and out filling her eager rectum as her sphincter clamped tightly around his cock, her insides a tight rippling gripping wall of vice-like muscles caressing his entire length of throbbing cock as she thrust back on it, stroking it fully, impaling herself willingly on his hard thirteen plus inch long rod, now repeatedly slamming back against him with ferocious intensity, trying to get more stiff shaft into her tightly clinging ass, tossing her head in building orgasm with loud orgasmic cries as she twisted and turned, arching her tanned back still further. Becky feeling her own orgasm start to be triggered by Kate’s humping and fucking madly against both cock and dildo, Becky increasing her own hard thrusting, pounding the fantasy anthropomorphic dildo deep into both of them.

Kate and Becky came in simultaneous orgasms, Trevor feeling Kate’s pussy and anal muscles repeatedly tightly contracting from her powerful orgasms, caused his own to erupt. Trevor as well as Kate could feel his cock head swell inside against her tight passage just prior to his release, then Kate felt a hot copious stream of cum exploded deep inside her, drenching her bowels and triggering a double orgasm shattering her orgasm into a million swirling lightning bolts of erotic frenzy that screamed through her body with infinite magnitude, sending showers of brilliant sparks cascading before her tightly shut eyes in a kaleidoscope of unending pin-wheels of orgasmic colors, as Kate could feel it flooding her, almost like an enema.

Trevor sighed incredulously. “You both are something else!” as he let himself relax completely, leaning over and supporting his weight as he caressed her back and sides of her breasts, basking in the gentle glow of post-orgasm, alternately caressing Kate and then Becky. Her tight rectum, still slowly convulsing along it’s length, held his very slowly shrinking cock in its firm grasp as he caught his breath, he could feel Kate’s tight sphincter tightly gripping his cock with occasional contractions then Kate augmented the contractions by occasionally tightly squeezing, eliciting small groans of delight from Trevor.

Kate and Becky were still panting from the intensity of their orgasms, Kate feeling Trevor supporting his weight and his comfortable length of cock still deeply embedded in her ass, and very aware of her accomplishment, his long length ensuring his cock would not slip out even after post-orgasm. Trevor kissed and nibbled her lightly on the ear as Becky and Kate exchanged lingering light kisses, their hot wet pussies pressed tightly together.

Kate whispered to them both:

“I’ve, I’ve, never felt anything like that before!”
Remembering the blinding double orgasms that had flashed through her thoroughly fucked ass and pussy as Trevor kissed her tanned shoulder and Becky kissed the hollow of her throat.

Kate felt his cock shift and twitch slightly deep inside, felt his thick cock stir in her tight tunnel as she again tightly clenched down on his cock as he snuggled closer and feeling the dildo as well, perfectly content for Trevor’s cock to remain softly lodged in her ass as they relaxed for those precious few minutes after orgasm in silent contemplation.

She felt the heavy long cock in her ass recede further, shrinking down.
She tightened the muscles of her ass, experimenting with her newfound toy, enjoying his groaning response as she played with his thick long cock, squeezing and releasing it, milking it of every last drop.

He groaned loudly, feeling his cock responding with a surging throb between the tight undulating buttocks and Kate’s repeated clenching, Kate feeling the rebounding surge in girth and length redoubled her efforts. Trevor, realizing his cock may think it may be ready for another round but knowing the rest of his body wasn’t began backing away slowly and began to slide his heavy long cock from her protesting hole, watching as her pink ring gripped and tightly bore down at him trying to prevent his escape, and finally quivered and trembled over his massive cock head and with a loud PLOP! popped out.

Trevor softly but firmly held both of Kate’s sides, then slowly leaned backwards pulling Kate to him as the three listened to the fantasy dildo slither out of both Kate and Becky with loud slurping noises, each had eleven inches embedded into them. Trevor continued to lean backwards until Becky and Kate could feel the dildo come out of them with a loud final SCHLURP! Trevor continued leaning backwards until he was on his back with Kate’s back leaning against his chest, her face toward the ceiling, her legs spread on either side of him. Trevor slowly and gently caressed her breasts, slowly moving his hands ever lower down her long muscular flat torso down to her pussy and gently explored her still hot pussy, She gasped as his fingers gently teased her hard clit, then slowly dipped lower to once again explore her hot wet pussy and then even lower feeling her pulsating anus, the cum still coming out, feeling her tight parted ass checks laying on either side of his cock, his cockhead way past her tailbone, cum dripping down onto his balls from her leaking ass. Kate clenched her ass cheeks squeezing his cock, Trevor and Kate could both feel his cock stir. Becky rose and turned around and took in the view – Kate looking like a spread eagle sacrifice lying on an alter, breasts with still diamond hard nipples still heaving from the recent exertions, her labia still swollen and openly parted, her clit still hard and exposed, her anus still slightly repeatedly contracting, with each contraction a rivulet of cum would emerged.

Becky leaned forward and Kate let out a loud gasp as she felt Becky latch onto her still extremely sensitive clit and started sucking on it. Kate loudly moaned and her body writhed as Becky sucked her clit in and out between her lips. Her writhing further stirred Trevor’s cock. Becky slipped a finger into her tight ass causing Kate to involuntarily buck against it. Becky built up a slow rhythm sliding her finger in and out of Kate’s tight anus as Kate found the rhythm and started bucking against the ass fucking finger as Trevor gently held Kate’s flat muscular stomach and his cock grew harder as Kate slid her parted ass cheeks up and down his shaft with her bucking.

Kate whispered


as she rose her hips slightly up and slightly slid her body further up on Trevor’s, Becky snaked out Trevor’s now hard again long cock from between her ass cheeks and positioned his cockhead at her tight anal entrance.

Kate again controlled entry as she slowly slid backwards in position, the head of Trevor’s cock momentarily pausing at the tight entrance. Kate pushed hard against his cock head, then it quickly slipped past the now exhausted and fatigued sphincter muscles and deeper inside her as Kate gasped with the sensation. Once Becky saw that Kate had worked more than half of Trevor’s cock back into her ass, she reached over and pulled a bottle of Dragon-Cum lube out of the bedside drawer and liberally coated the dildo and then inserted the tip of the bottle inside Kate’s pussy and gave a good squeeze. Slowly Becky stood up and astride Kate and inserted one end of the dildo inside herself, then started the other end of the dildo inside Kate and started to lower herself down with slight humping motions.

Kate loudly groaned with the sensation of two huge cocks once again filling her as she reached out grabbed Becky’s hips and guided her slowly down as she picked up humping against both invaders as Trevor started thrusting in shallow, deeper and deeper, bit by bit as Kate and Becky’s pussies came slowly together. The two women upon feeling their slick lubed pussies’ contact, slowly pressed them tight together. For the moment they were still, savoring the sensation, then started a rhythm against each other with Trevor matching it with his thrusting his cock in and out of Kate’s ass gradually getting deeper.

Kate upon feeling Trevor fully thrust into her with his full length, gripped Becky’s hips tighter and started rocking her back and forth picking up the pace as Trevor increased his thrusting.

It seemed an unbelievable short time later when all three experienced simultaneous orgasms as again Kate felt a hot copious stream of cum exploded deep inside her and triggering a double orgasm in her.

As they laid together gently caressing each other, Becky and Kate started softly talking to Trevor about how much all four of them loved him and each other and how much they all loved being together at the ranch – the barest of whispers of the women earlier discussing wanting to make it a permanent full-time arrangement. The THC strengthen the link between emotional and sexual love, allowing their words to begin to break through his painfully erected barriers and dammed up emotions to penetrate right to his core, feeling free and secure in their love for him and each other and telling him they knew of his pain and sacrifice but for Trevor to know and to realize they have been, for sometime, one family and always will be, free in their overriding love to say these things, and, equally important, he was able to hear them.

Becky, Kate and Trevor fucked into the long night with Trevor never having to pull out because his cock was so big even when it was flaccid. Kate remarked more than once “It’s an amazing feeling to have a cock in you when it’s not hard. It’s real comfortable but still has all the benefits of a cock in your pussy!” Exhausted, they finally feel asleep with Kate spooning Becky and Trevor spooning Kate with his cock in her, he awoke with Kate fucking him again as she and Becky deeply kissed…



Katie and Cindy pestered Kate late the next morning for details but Kate deflected them by saying a girl does not kiss and tell. Then Cindy uttered a threat to go get the double-headed dildo and Kate cryptically replied “yours or Becky’s?”

This really got Cindy and Katie to lay into Kate and she laughingly replied:

“You know the saying Big Hands, Big Feet, you can add very long and extremely talented tongue and HUGE Cock!”

Then Kate stated:

“Oh by the way, Trevor is the most wonderful and talented lover I ever had and more likely ever will, no one ever remotely came close and with Becky fully participating in all of the activities it was just the ““crème on the top””. Becky is also damned talented and made it that much more intense and enjoyable as if that were even possible! My senses were continuously overwhelmed and overloaded with pleasure. There were no openings left barred or unexplored that were not overwhelmingly pleasured – even surprisingly so if you catch my drift…”

Katie’s and Cindy’s eyes widened with this pronouncement as they involuntarily sucked in their breaths as they immediately caught the implicit meaning.

Then with a big grin Kate stated:

“I’m sure we ALL will find out soon”


The girls decided they wanted to watch a movie in the hot tub and requested Trevor make up a large pitcher of his special margaritas, who brought it outside and set it within reach of the hot tub without having to get out. The 72-inch outdoor plasma HD television was mounted nearby on a swivel mounting system for optimal viewing angles.
The hot tub was equipped with an elaborate microcomputer controlled color fiber optic lighting system as well as a scenting module that could release various fragrances. The fiber optic lighting system was connected to the stereo system and was sound responsive. The home theatre Blue-Ray HD-DVD player and stereo system could broadcast to all the televisions in the house and Cindy started the second DVD of the medieval fantasy they had watched the night before, turned up the outdoor speakers and grabbed a couple of full bottles of Porfidio tequila on her way out. The combination of adult movie noises and the hot tub sound responsive lighting system made it really interesting when it particularly keyed into pounding noises, moans and screams. The 500-watt bass speaker was actually mounted under the hot tub to amplify the bass and made for some very interesting sensations and vibrations. The girls were wearing colorful micro string bikinis except Kate was wearing the sheer white one again. Just before Becky got in, Becky poured a special chemical in the water, which made the water so soft it felt like liquid silk.

With slight alarm but rather expecting it from past experiences, the large pitcher of cold margaritas disappeared rapidly. Trevor offered to go make another one but the girls all chorused they had the bottle!

He was having a hard time trying to decide on whether to watch the movie or the antics of the girls with their rambunctious horse play as the bottle of very expensive and smooth Porfidio tequila was frequently passed around and rapidly emptied. He clearly suspected they had some additional chemical help besides the alcohol with all the grab ass and titty grabbing that was going on. Trevor himself was feeling no pain, as having brought out a small ice tub filled with beer but strongly suspected one of the girls having slipped something in his unattended beer while he was making the margaritas or while Cindy was pouring several rounds of shots for everyone while they all were at the bar area as they watch Trevor make his famous margaritas.
In fact he was feeling euphoric!

At one point Katie got up and laid down on the edge of the hot tub and looking Trevor directly in the eye, caressed a hand slowly from her barely covered breasts down across her hard taut muscular mid riff to her barely covered loins as she huskily whispered “got a lime and some salt? Anyone in the mood for some body shots” before she cracked up laughing and Cindy and Kate both pulled her back in and dunking her.

Trevor felt something brush his arm and a flash of color and he grabbed it – one of the girl’s tops! He held it up to see if one of them would take ownership and the others grinned at him so it tossed it out of the tub and went back to watching the movie. About a minute later a brief flash of fabric in the turbulent bubbling water caught his eye and as he grabbed it saw it was another top. Just as he held this one up to see if anyone would claim it he saw another small piece of fabric come floating up and he grabbed this one as well and this one was a bottom! As he looked at them, they wordlessly beamed out sexy leering smiles at Trevor. Suddenly, it was like a washing machine as the remaining bikini micro tops and bottoms came floating up as Kate reached over to turn down the bubbles so the water could become transparent again as she huskily whispered in his ear “it feels Sooo GOOD to be in here naked, it’s Sooo sensual as she breathed this into his ear.”

Becky, as she is want to do, kept reaching up the leg of Trevor’s board swimming trunks as Kate did the same with the other leg as both women caressed his cock to a painful throbbing hardness and teased his sensitive cock head as Trevor used the fingers of both hands sliding between the lips of Becky’s and Kate’s pussies and stroked up and down lightly as their legs parted wide for better access. Becky told Trevor that it was not fair that he was the only one still in the tub with clothes on and then Becky and Kate both suddenly reached down and yanked them off pulling him under!

Trevor, Becky and Kate watched as Katie pulled Cindy to her, floating her easily upward beneath the water until she was on top of Katie kneeling astride and facing her. Trevor watched as Katie reached a hand around her naked ass and then dip low as she began to finger-fuck Cindy as Trevor began to finger-fuck Becky and Kate slowly increasing his speed keeping time with Katie’s finger fucking of Cindy.

Then Katie reached behind her for a now empty tequila bottle and slowly submerged it while she looked at the other three. She readied the bottle at Cindy’s pussy and started to slide it in. Cindy raised her head momentarily to look back at Trevor, Becky and Kate with a mischievous smile on her face that turned to a look of pleasure as Katie stroked the bottle even deeper.

In moments her hips were meeting each of the bottle thrusts halfway, breasts dipped in and out of the water with each stroke.
Katie had positioned herself over a water jet that angled up her pussy, the jet of water alternately shooting inside her and across her clit.

All three were intently watching Katie and Cindy and had almost forgotten about the movie as they concentrated on watching them, feeling Trevor’s long thick fingers thrust deeply into them, with just the loud soundtrack penetrating their consciousness and the vibration of the deep thumping bass thru the water. Becky and Kate’s hands equally increasing their stroking of Trevor’s cock as their arousal deepened. Still somewhat shy and still getting use to just Becky and Kate with him and needlessly thinking possibly uncomfortable performance issues if all four women demanded attention from him at the same time, Trevor slowed his finger-fucking of both pussies.

Now keenly attuned to Trevor’s emotions, Kate floated herself until she straddled Trevor facing him and then kissed him deeply as Becky moved behind Kate and slid a hand around her firm ass checks then started finger-fucking Kate as her other hand caressed her ass cheeks. Kate moaned around their tightly clenched lips as tongues entwined as she began thrusting back onto Becky’s fingers as she slid back and forth against his immensely long hard massive shaft, trying to slide onto it. Feeling she might loose control way too soon, she broke off the kiss and slowly stood and leaned over to thrusts her breasts against Trevor’s mouth. Becky sized the open opportunity of Kate’s standing in a straddled position over Trevor’s legs and her bent over position to push her tongue deep in Kate’s pussy and swirl it around causing Kate to loudly moan as she pressed Trevor’s mouth harder against a nipple. Becky feeling her own unboundrable desires threatening to break lose, pulled her tongue back just for a moment before thrusting it into Kate’s visibly exposed tight anus causing Kate’s knees to buckle as Becky painfully squeezed Trevor’s straining cock with her out of control desires. Hearing Trevor utter Damn! Becky released Kate’s ass just as she was fixing to guide Trevor’s cock into her pussy…

Becky and Kate both heard a loud gasp from Cindy and Katy.
The water had stilled enough that they could now see his erection for the first time.
Their eyes were huge in amazement with the most perfect, obscenely large penis a girl (or girls) could ever wish for!

This thing wasn’t big — it was HUGE. Deliciously HUGE!
Not only very thick but very, very long. They had never seen a more fantastically well-hung and very attractive man in their life including any porn actor. His manhood was simply fantastic – smooth and thick and perfect – 13 inches long and 2.75 inches thick and then started tapering becoming 3 plus inches thick mid-shaft!
It was also absolutely the most beautiful penis they had ever seen in appearance!

Becky and Kate held out their hands and pulled Cindy and Katie over, then gently feeling for the first time his very long and massive hard size, having never felt a human cock that size, only seen something of this size in those “Monster Cock” porn movies as they both pressed their nude bodies against him as they gently caressed him, with naked hungry desire showing on their faces.

Cindy wrapped both hands around his penis and slid them down to the base –she was amazed to find a good 3 inches of penis still exposed beyond her grip, her hands completely dwarfed by his cock

Trevor pulled them in closer with an arm around each of their backs as they leaned in and each started kissing the corners of Trevor’s mouth with their tongue tips teasingly playing at each corner slipping partly in, their hard nippled large firm breasts brushing against his chest as they both continued stroking his cock as uncontrollable wanton lust overwhelmed Cindy and Katie. Cindy and Kate both started thrusting their tongues in as they began kissing Trevor deeply and were pleasantly shocked and pleased at feeling his talented tongue for the first time that they had heard so much of and dreamed about.

Cindy and Katie felt Becky and Kate begin sliding their hands up their inner thighs and both immediately parted their legs widely. Each jumped at the first touch of fingers upon their highly aroused inflamed pussies, their labia already swollen and openly parted, their pussies eagerly already anticipating penetration, their pussies seemed to draw in Becky and Kate’s fingers as they started finger fucking Cindy and Katie.
Katie beat Cindy by being the first to say “help me put it in…”

Becky and Kate pulled Katie onto Trevor’s lap and she straddled him as she slipped her arms around his neck Cindy settled in next to Trevor. The water swirled around them and the bubbles tickled their sexes as she slowly started humping her pussy against his cock while Becky and Kate played with Katie’s tight ass cheeks. Cindy leaned forward and her hand moved beneath the watery surface as she grasped Trevor’s cock and held it firmly as Katie slide her hard clit up and down his hard massive shaft, relishing in it’s length and how long it felt against her flat taut belly. Cindy leaned in closer and kissed Katie deeply “Mmmmmmm,.. Katie moaned

Becky and Kate lifted Katie up by her firm ass and positioned Katie over his cock as Cindy guided his cock to her pussy as Cindy tried readying herself for the longest and thickest cock, real or fake, she ever tried to fuck!

Katie straddled his hips and poised her pussy over the pillar, readying herself for anything.

Katie felt herself being lowered…

and lowered…

And then felt her pussy lips were on the tip, spreading slowly to allow him to enter.

Katie gasped loudly as she felt Trevor’s cockhead begin to slip in, then, hang up in her tight vaginal entrance. With a low drawn out grunt she repeatedly shifted her hips to work the whole head in. Katie froze a moment, feeling her vaginal canal pulsing swiftly, stretching and accommodating him as his plum sized cockhead began to slip past her tight entrance. Katie was surprised already feeling an orgasm triggering and just barely more than his cockhead was in her! Becky and Kate slowly started lifting Kate’s ass up and then down while Cindy held his cock steady slowly inching his cock in. The warm water from the hot tub was displaced and pushed from inside her hot aroused pussy. Her vaginal muscles clenched around his shaft and she bit her lip at the pleasure of it.

“Trevor,” she muttered as he started to slowly lift her up and down on his long cock as she began to slide inch after inch deeper, sensitive nerve-endings grating on his thick shaft as her vaginal sheath was stretched around his cock as tight as possible, the water interfering with her lubrication, shocks ripping through her body as Becky and Kate assisted by holding her firm ass and lifting in unison as her large firm hard nipple breasts rose and fell thru the air/water interface at first generating small waves that progressively grew larger as her breasts submerged and then emerged at a increasing rate.

Soooo Fucking HUUGE!!!…
Katie whispered over and over again

“Yesssss,” he whispered against her ear as he took her higher. He dragged her forward and backward as Kate held Katie’s hips from behind to help with the to and fro motion, his cock slowly working deeper in as the water surface lapped at her hard nipples.

She could feel a finger circling her tight anus, gently probing and realized it was Becky

“Faster baby,” Katie loudly hissed as she clenched and unclenched his cock as he fucked her and felt Becky’s long finger begin to thrust in and out of her ass.

Cindy had withdrawn from participation as she felt a water jet hit her pussy and ass and then had positioned herself directly over the jet as she tightly gripped Trevor’s arm with one hand and her other hand on the rim of the hot tub to center her two highly erogenous zones directly over the jet.

The powerful jet beat against her hard swollen clit and then jetted deep into her pussy eliciting a low drawn out groan from Cindy as she forced her pussy down onto the jet, Then, alternately – moving her vaginal entrance and her anal entrance over the jet, feeling the powerful stream beat against her anal entrance seeking entry, then feeling a small powerful stream began to jet into her rectum. She moved slightly and the small jet became a large powerful jetting stream boring deep within her rectum as the shuddering beginnings of an orgasm began emerging.

Katie’s glazed eyes were barely open, the lids fluttering up and down. She gasped for more. She felt herself rising, the flanged cock-head arousing every inch of pussy that it passed on the way up as she was lifted. Soon the cockhead was all that was left in her and Katie arched her back with lust. The void suddenly left in her pussy longed to be filled, stuffed, crammed full of this massive cock and then Trevor let her free fall downwards until her tightness arrested the slide down his thick cock, several inches still yet waiting outside to plumb her depths. Over and over he fucked her but still he could not penetrate her fully, her tight cervical opening barring the way in combination with the hot tub removing any lubrication. His fingers digging into her hips while his mouth sucked and bit her shoulders and neck. Katie was biting her lip and whimpering faintly by the time she felt being bottomed out, she reached below her and realized that despite having what might have been as much as 10 inches of monstrous cock in her, there was still three plus inches still not in her!

“Do you want more”
he whispered

“Yes! YES YES!
FUCK ME With Your Horse Cock!

Katie’s exclamation caused Cindy, Kate and Becky to grin at each other, knowing how Katie’s fertile imagination came up with that remark as similar visions flash thru their minds as they tried mightily to stifle their giggling!

Trevor held Katie slightly aloft, gliding his length into her again and again, his cock ruthlessly savaging her tight convulsing pussy battering against her cervical opening but failing to gain entry and then he kissed Katie deeply which triggered her orgasms.

Katie broke the deep kiss as she cried out as her body let loose in the most massive organism she had ever experienced. She shook uncontrollably as Trevor’s cock and Becky’s finger continued to thrust into her. Katie came again and then a third time Finally she was shouting No More! No More! As she went limp in his arms, shivering and gasping for breath as Trevor for a little while longer continued slowly fucking his massive cock into her as a fourth orgasm surged thru Katie. Yet in the beginnings of her dimensioning passion, she was frustrated she could not take all of him the first time due to the water of the hot tub. His cock mightily battering her cervical entrance yet failing to gain entry due to the damn water flushing away the lubrication.

Trevor’s cock felt very swollen like he had never felt it before, even slightly painful. His cockhead was throbbing and was the size of a plum. The Ecstasy that Cindy had slipped him delaying his own orgasm but also made his cock swell more than usual during an erection.

Katie looked over at Cindy and then whispered in Trevor’s ear
“She needs you and your cock sweetheart”

Katie slowly floated out of Trevor’s lap his deeply embedded cock acting like tether as it slowly withdrew from the tight confines of Katie’s pussy, his cockhead hung up in her vaginal entrance and Katie just floated there anchored to his cockhead that was trapped just behind her vaginal entrance. Becky and Kate wrapped their arms around her midriff and gently tugged. After three more gentle times if trying to tug her loose they steadily applied a backwards pull and Katie felt the cockhead slowly pull free and as it suddenly popped out, Katie fell into the embrace of Becky and Kate. They both gently floated Katie on her back between them, two hands under her back, two others each holding a firm ass cheek as Becky and Kate each lowered their lips and started sucking her nipples as gentle hands and fingers caressed her ass and gently explored.

Cindy was unbearably aroused watching Trevor and Katie fucking and her deep-seated wanton lust grew exponentially as she watched Katie get hung up on his cock and only freed when Becky and Kate pulled her off – instantly a thought flashed into existence – it was like when a dog knotted your pussy or ass!

Cindy pulled herself into Trevor’s lap and they tightly embraced as Cindy for the first time felt his huge shaft against her hard clit and highly aroused pussy. It was as if she could not help herself, her body of it’s own volition started rubbing her pussy and clit hard up and down Trevor’s massive shaft. She leaned slightly back holding on to his broad shoulders to better angle her parted labia folds against his shaft as she slid up and down, her hard throbbing clit beating against his cockhead, her large firm hard nipple breasts bobbing in the water. She looked deeply into his eyes and then whispered to him

“ Didn’t I tell you how much we always loved you and will forever…”

Then she leaned in and kissed him deep and longingly as she pressed her body tight against him and ground her pussy against his cock. As the kiss ended, she whispered once, twice “I Love You, I Love You”

Then with a grinning leer she loudly said

“Now Come Fuck Me From Behind and Make Me CUM!

Causing the other three to start laughing and sit up and watch

Cindy turned around and leaned against the edge right where the jets of the hot tub are. The water was pummeling her clit as she tilted her ass up. Trevor let his cock rest between her parted ass checks, his long length still jutting way over the small of her back, Cindy thought it felt impossibly long and thick! Then Cindy started rocking her ass back and forth sliding his cock between the parted cleft of her tight muscular ass, Cindy gradually worked his cock lower and paused for a long moment as it came to rest against her tight anal entrance and then gave a few tentative pushes back as if testing the plum size head for size and feeling not the slightest hint of acceptance due to the lack of lubrication. Then she worked his cock toward her pussy just by lowering and raising her ass in increments until the head of Trevor’s massive cock was resting at the entrance of Cindy’s tight pussy! Trevor rubbed the vastly swollen head of his cock against her entrance trying to get her further stimulated to accept the size of his cockhead and shaft, the water of the hot tub not helping as before by removing any lubrication Cindy and he may have been generating.

Slowly he pressed his cock into Cindy’s pussy, Cindy gasped and her eyes grew wide as she felt his cockhead expand and stretch her vaginal opening, slightly hesitate and then slip past her tight vaginal entrance as her vaginal muscles instantly clamped down ion the massive invader trying to prevent further penetration.


as she arched and screamed as waves of pleasure reverberated through her pussy as her first orgasm surprised her with Trevor’s cock barely into her!

Cindy let out a low continuous moan as Trevor slowly fucked his huge cock deeper into her tight hot pussy as she countered his shallow thrusting. Then Trevor ran his finger up and down the crack of her tight ass then teasingly tempted her anus with a gently prodding finger. The Trevor began to slide a long thick finger into her tight ass and she went wild and started forcibly bucking back against it driving his finger deeper as well as his cock in a heated fucking rhythm as Trevor again and again withdrew his monstrously thick hard, club-like cock until it nearly passed out of her pussy lips and then thrust forward again

Cindy’s clit was sticking out hard and swollen and getting a work over by the jets as Cindy’s head slowly started thrashing from side to side as she moaned loudly and her upper body continuously trembled

Slowly he fucked her deeper and picking up the pace, her heavy firm breasts swaying in the water keeping time as she yelped in amazement of his size. Then she felt his cockhead begin to batter at her cervical entrance. But she encountered the same problem as Katie – the water washing away her lubrication and also making the fucking difficult and rough, there was nothing easy about what he was doing to her, the lack of lubrication preventing any further penetration due to the water.

He slid in again, almost shoving past her cervical opening before her cervix involuntarily clamped painfully down onto his cockhead as she screamed. She was drunk, high and horny and loving this huge cock, frustrated she could not get the last four inches in her as she repeatedly thrust back hard onto his cock battering her cervical entrance trying to get his cock to slip past. Suddenly her pussy became wildly spasmodic around his huge monster cock. Repeatedly climaxing, she loudly screamed out her passion and orgasms.

Cindy and Katie were both temporarily exhausted by their passions and multiple orgasms. They sat slouched on either side of Trevor each cuddling a side while Becky and Kate half floated/half kneeled in front of the three caressing them and Trevor’s still hard cock…Trevor still had not orgasmed due to the Ecstasy that Cindy had slipped him earlier…. And there were still two very extremely aroused and horny women still waiting to get off!


Becky and Kate looked at each other and then both stood up, the water cascading off their toned and tanned lingerie model bodies and then pulled Trevor to his feet.
Trevor got out of the hot tub and helped the girls out.

Cindy and Katie were both extremely disappointed that they could not have taken Trevor’s cock all the way in the first time they fucked, especially not being able to feel him explode deep within due to the water of the hot tub. The damn hot tub washed away their lubrication just as fast as they generated it. The fucking was rough not from Trevor but the lack of lubrication and it was Cindy and Katie that actually were doing most of the fucking. Both of them were overcome with the sight of his cock combined with their long-held lust and love for him and when the opportunity presented itself, they were not going to delay taking advantage of it!

Cindy and Katie both pressed their nude wet bodies against him in a tight full contact hug and each took turns deeply kissing Trevor as their hands gently stroked his still swollen erection as Becky and Kate stroked their bodies and kissed their shoulders. Both took turns telling him how much they always had loved him and always will, wishing they could had started doing this back in school and they all had a lot of years to make up!

While the image, sensations and the romantic idea of fucking in a hot tub are sensational, in practicality it is not, especially when you are trying to fuck a cock of Trevor’s size! Both women wished they could have controlled themselves and done it in bed where there was no problem with lubrication and it would have felt slick and sensual and they would have better success at trying to take Trevor all the way within…

Kate looked at Trevor’s very swollen cock and admonished Cindy
“Cindy, next time do not slip Trevor so much Ecstasy!
His cock is so swollen it looks like it might burst!
Becky and I are going to have enough trouble fitting that enraged beast inside us to get him to pop off to relieve that pressure!”

Trevor could not have agreed more with Kate’s assessment. His cock was painfully swollen and he had doubts that it would be able to enter either Becky or Kate’s tight pussies and he had concerns it may be too painful for him as well as Becky and Kate to even try. He had never recalled feeling/seeing his cock this swollen before. It was as if there was a powerful pent-up ejaculation just waiting to explode, the painful pressure increasing, the release feeling just imminent but something was preventing it! Trevor began to wonder if he might have a case of priapism and the embarrassment that would entail going to the hospital emergency room for treatment!

Once everyone was inside, by silent consensus it was now Becky and Kate’s turn since Cindy and Katie had orgasmed repeatedly being fucked by Trevor. They went into separate bedrooms with doors left wide open. Enno silently followed Cindy and Katie back to the guest bedroom with the king-size bed. This time Katie was on top of Cindy as they rocked the double-headed fantasy dildo in and out of each other and Katie only slightly hesitated as she felt Enno leap onto the bed and began earnestly licking both their pussies and asses. Then Katie felt his weight upon her back as his powerful forelegs grabbed her hips. Then Enno started squirting copious hot precum as he began thrusting trying to find entry.
Kate thought it felt like a fire hose started blasting hot fluid against her exposed tight anus and then directly against her denuded double-headed dildo filled pussy.

Katie moaned loudly when she felt the powerful jets of hot fluid squirt against her sensitive areas, felt the copious hot precum repeatedly squirt and then roll down between the cheeks of her parted ass and exposed anus, down across her inflamed pussy and coating the dildo helping it to slid in and out easier, flowing down onto Cindy’s own double-headed dildo filled pussy, when Cindy felt the hot precum flooding her humping pussy, Cindy bucked and ground her pussy up even harder against Katie’s…

Suddenly Katie felt the tip of the tip of Enno’s cock prodding her anus – just the tip sliding in and then back repeatedly just barely going in, felt hot copious powerful jets of precum squirt repeatedly into her rectum, felt her anus started madly pulsing around his hot cock, his cock felt so much hotter in contrast than any man and it just added to the excitement! Then it started to slip deeper into her tight convulsing depths…

Patience, persistence, a lot of Bad-Dragon cum lube and two extremely horny loving women rewarded Becky and Kate the most orgasms they had ever experienced with Kate feeling the biggest and most powerful ejaculation she had ever experienced deep within her as well as her most earth-shattering screaming multiple orgasms she had yet to experience as she felt an immense quantity of cum actually slightly swell her womb!

From the loud multiple screaming orgasmic cries from the other room, it sounded like Katie had too!



When leaving, Cindy gave Trevor a deep long kiss with the others standing nearby watching with approval, causing Trevor to flush deeply. Then with both hands tightly holding his, Cindy stepped back so she could look him hard in the eyes and stated so all could hear

“You do remember that I told you that Kate, Katie and I always had a crush on you.
Well, now you know it was always more than a crush and it was about damned time you realized how much we always have loved you and how we all always wanted to be together, with Becky and you, forever! “

Cindy’s clear pronouncement exploded Trevor’s mental dam and with a rush Trevor remembered the whispered words of Becky and Kate, of the revealing conversation that Cindy and he had down by the river. His subconscious willing immediate acceptance of permanent things to come and felt his internal walls come tumbling down as tears sprang unburdened from his eyes – of the wonderful unselfish love these women had for him and for each other, as all four protectively and comfortingly surrounded Trevor and embraced as one tightly…

As they headed down to their vehicles, Cindy could not resist getting off one more shot at Trevor. Giving him a mischievous look as she turned to go, Cindy fired off a loud parting shot:

“Wait until next time, we all have some long term plans, moving and living arrangements to work out!”

All the women hearing this started laughing.

All five of them did have those plans to work out and they could not wait until they all could live and love together!

The long winding road that led to the ranch entrance went past the horse stable.
As Cindy drove by the stable in her Range Rover, she gazed at it whimsically and said to herself:

“Next Time With or Without Help…!”

But Cindy was already pretty sure she would have plenty of willing help!

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