Breeders Ch. 02


It was the last Sunday of August – Auction Day. CJ was nervous, scared of what might happen. Scared of what might not happen. She opened her eyes before sunrise, rolled up the mat she slept on, and set it carefully in the corner of the tent she shared with the other girls; unsure if she would need it again, unsure if she should take it with her or if it would be presented to another girl when she did not return. She stepped into the already warm and humid morning air and took several deep breaths. She straightened the thin white cotton shift that she wore. At the well she splashed water on her face and ran wet fingers through her hair. At the dining hall she got coffee and toast; butter and marmalade; one soft boiled egg and a sausage. Marie waved to her from a far table and she headed over to join her friend for breakfast.

CJ set her tray down across from Marie. Then set her butt down on the bench seat looking at her friend.

She sat gently, quietly, tentatively, “I guess today’s the day, huh?” She ran her eyes down the front of Marie’s cotton shift, and paused to appreciate the darkness of her nipples showing through, smiling at the pokies straining against the fabric.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Marie replied, she sipped her juice. “Do you think we’ll ever see each other again?” she asked and then quickly looked down at her breakfast plate.

“I hope so.”

The girls sat eating in silence until CJ broke the reverie, “My hair appointment is for ten o’clock, makeup is right after Ümraniye Escort that. Then, a new dress; if everything is running on schedule I should step on the block at twelve fifteen.”

“Yeah,” Marie said, “I’m supposed to be on the block at three. They say these things never run on time though.” She sighed. “I heard that Citizen Bronson and Congressman Raeburn are both coming today to bid. Maybe one of them will buy both of us.”

“Congressman Raeburn? CJ asked, “Isn’t he old. I heard he’s over fifty!”

“Old – yes, but rich too.” Marie offered.

“Well he’s probably very discriminating when it comes to breeders then. He’ll certainly be taken by you, Marie, but I doubt he’ll give me even a second look. There’s nothing special about me.”

“Not true, CJ. You’re the most beautiful girl in the camp.”

“In your eyes maybe, but I doubt that would be true in the eyes of an old man. Especially if he’s a rich old man; one who can have his pick of breeding stock.”

“CJ, it’s not yet seven o’clock. That’s three hours until your hair appointment. Come lie with me on the mesa one last time. Let me taste your sex.”

“I would love that.” She stood and stepped up on the bench seat then onto the table top and down to the other side where Marie was watching her with wide eyes. The girls clasped hands and together they skipped out the door of the dining hall and headed towards the flat topped mountain.

They stopped at the well where Ümraniye Escort Bayan CJ poured an entire bucket of water over the front of her dress. The material was all but transparent when it was wet.

Marie clapped her hands and did the same. Then she slapped her friend on the ass and took off running towards the mesa, “Race ya!” she laughed.

At the top, the laughter slowly died down Marie put her hand on the side of CJ’s face and leaned in close. Their lips touched and CJ opened her mouth to nip Marie and bring the girls even closer. They probed one another with their tongues, taking turns, exploring, sucking gently, tasting. CJ stepped back and reached down. She grasped the hem of her shift, peeling it off her skin and over her head. The girls stood like that for awhile, staring at one another, memorizing the details of each other’s lines, curves, shapes. One was wearing a thin white cotton dress; simply made and unadorned, a uniform of sorts. The other as naked as the day she was born. Marie then pulled her shift over her shoulders and pushed it down around her ankles. They continued to stare.

“You’ve shaved,” CJ said.

“You haven’t. I thought it would be a good idea to shave. I thought it might make me look younger, or more wanton. Make me look more desirable.”

“It looks good,” CJ informed her, “all labia, I like it. I should have thought of doing that.”

“No, you’re perfect; trimmed, shaped. The dark colour of your hair pulls Escort Ümraniye my eye to your pussy. I think it empowers you, it makes you stronger.”

The girls embraced, kissed slowly, passionately; nipping and licking until sinking to the ground, arms and legs entwined. Marie, with her eyes closed relying on all senses except sight; CJ with her eyes open exercising all five senses and wishing for a thousand more. She cupped Marie’s breast and pinched a nipple. For her part Marie put both her eager hands on CJ’s ass, squeezed and pulled the cheeks apart. The thumb of her right hand rubbed gently on the other girl’s anus. They became one, they became lovers; pleasuring each other over and over again until they lay exhausted, head to feet in the mid-morning sun.

CJ finally looked at the sky. She noted the position of the sun and the length of the shadows.

“I have to go, Marie. I must get my hair done or I’ll be whipped.” She stood, gathered her dress, and pulled it over her head. As she smoothed the garment, she gazed down at her friend and lover sitting naked in the dust and whispered, “I love you.” Then, without waiting for a reply, she turned and ran barefoot down the mesa to the camp. She had a big day to prepare for.

Marie stood and watched Clarissa running down the hill. She raised her hand in a farewell salute to her friend and said aloud, “I love you too. I’ll miss you.” She watched CJ running until she disappeared from sight behind a low mound at the base of the mesa. Marie gathered her clothes and dressed. She saw CJ’s sandals abandoned where they had lain. She picked up the shoes and began to walk. She felt as though it might be her final walk as a child. The weight of the world was suddenly placed on her back and her shoulders slumped even as her pace slowed.

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