Breeding Journal


December 19th, 2017

I don’t recall my exact age first time I saw a pregnant woman but I remember it so vividly. She must have been fifteen months with how big her belly was. “Daddy, that woman is fat,” I said tugging on my father’s hand as we walked through the bread aisle in the grocery store.

I think the woman heard me because she smirked. “She isn’t fat, honey. She’s pregnant,” my daddy told me after he apologized to the lady.

In the car ride home, my daddy explained what “pregnant” meant. I had so many questions, but the biggest one was, “When can I be pregnant?”

Most of my childhood I loved playing with dolls. I used to ball them up and put them in my shirt so I could imagine what it would be like when I was grown and carrying a baby. Sometimes I’d even put two in there and imagine I was having twins. Daddy always assured me that when I was ready – when I was old enough – I’d get everything I wanted.

I have long blonde hair. I’m thin with soft perky b-cup breasts, and I always catch the boys at school staring at me. I don’t exactly dress like a nun. I wear tight tank-tops and very short shorts, most of the time. So, I understood why all those horny boys can’t take their eyes off me. While I get a kick out of flirting with them, I know they have nothing to offer. I’ve been saving myself. I wanted to be pure and perfect for the man who would fill me with his seed. I wanted to make sure that no part of me had ever been touched. I don’t know why this mattered so much. It just did. It made my dreams of becoming a mother seem so much more sacred like my body was this perfect unsoiled vessel to be owned and used by the only man who has ever mattered to me.

Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday. And as luck or maybe fate would have it, I happened to be ovulating on that very day. I could feel it. My breasts were a little tender. I had a heightened sense of smell. And, most of all, my pussy was gushing wet the second I woke up.

I wanted to open my eyes to my daddy thrusting his cock inside me, but that wasn’t the case. He’s too good for that. Even though my horny teen body needed him more than anything, he’s so patient and strong. Instead, he took me out to breakfast to our favorite spot. We sat there like any normal day in our regular both, me sitting inside and my daddy sitting next to me reading the paper and sipping his coffee. He had on the cologne I grew up smelling. Every time he flipped the page his scent wafted over towards me making me even wetter. I sat there with my legs crossed using my thighs to rub my clit. Every so often, daddy reached over and patted my head, or touched my face — once he even massaged my thigh. Each time he touched me I’d let out a little whimper and he’d just smile. “Daddy, I need you,” I whispered. “Haven’t you’ve made me wait long enough.”

Daddy glanced around the restaurant before whispering back, “This is a very special day, little girl.” Then he leaned in and kissed my forehead. “I want to make sure you remember it for the rest of your life.”

On the car ride home, his hand rested on my thigh. His strong fingers massaged my soft tender flesh. I slid my fingers between his and moved his hand up my leg. Inch by inch he grew closer to that place I desperately needed him to touch. Would he tease me and pull away, something he always did when I was about to get my way, like the time when I turned sixteen and he bought me a car? He held the keys above my head and made me jump over and over again to get it. I was so worried this was another one of his games. Finally, his hand pressed against my tight denim shorts. Daddy diligently watched the road as I ground my hips against him. “Can you feel how wet I am through my shorts, daddy?”

“I can, honey,” he answered as he made a left turn.

I ground harder and bit into my lip, staring at the man I loved my whole life. He’s so handsome with that gray in his stubble and Ankara bayan escort speckled throughout his dark hair. I unbuttoned my shorts thinking there was no way daddy was going to touch me, but I was able to move his hand deep under my lace panties. His thick rough fingers gently massaged my little clit around and around. Oh my god! Applying just a little bit of pressure he had control of my entire body at the tip of his finger. “Britany, you’re soaked,” he said without looking at me.

“It’s because of you, daddy,” I answered as I pushed up into his finger, feeling it part my lips and ease inside me.

When he turned into our driveway, I lifted his hand to my mouth. He watched me lick my glistening juices off his skin. Gazing right into my eyes, he asked, “What am I going to do with you, little girl?”

I smiled and answered, “Whatever you want.”

He took me by the hand and led me into the house, up the stairs, and into his bedroom. He sat me down on the edge of his bed. “I want you to know something, Britany,” he started as he brushed strands of my blonde hair back behind my ears. “I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become. I really am. I know today is the day you officially become kind of a grown-up, but you’ll always be my little girl. I’m sorry if that embarrasses you or makes you feel like I don’t see you as you are. It’s just how it will always be, I think.”

“No, daddy. That’s how I want it to be, forever. I never want to be anything other than your little girl.” Daddy smiled and then leaned in closer. I sat up straight to meet him. His lips skimmed across mine as he kissed me like he had done so many times before, but this time he lingered and kissed me again, and again, and again. Slowly, kiss after kiss, our mouths opened a little wider, and then a little more. His hands moved up the sides of my body along my arms to my neck until he cradled my face. For the first time in my life, I felt his tongue press against mine, just for an instant before he pulled away.

“I love you so much, honey.” He said and then opened wide as he dove back in. Our tongues swirled inside each other’s mouths. He hugged me so tight if he hugged any tighter, he might have hurt me. But he knew, he knew exactly what I needed. We broke the connection just long enough for him to pull my tank-top over my head. His hands moved up my back and unhooked my bra. “It feels so good, daddy — to have your hands on my body. Your hands are the only hands I ever want to touch me.”

Daddy pulled away and he took me in, looking at my naked chest. “Honey, you’re all I want.”

He fell into the nook of my neck and kissed. His rough stubble scrapped against my skin as he moved lower over my collarbone. His big strong hand massaged one breast as his wet lips pressed on the nipple of my other. I felt him tug and suck at the same time stretching my skin. My head snapped back and I moaned.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“No, daddy it feels so good. Do it again.”

He did, but this time he sucked and tugged with more vigor. With his hand, he pinched and twisted. I had never felt anything like it. It sent energy all the way through my body like all my switches were being turned on at the same time. I reached into my shorts to rub my clit as daddy bit down into one nipple and pulled. Then he bit down into the other. “Yes please, daddy. Do that. Bite harder.”

Sucking, kissing, licking, pulling biting, daddy swapped between each breast. I ran my free hand through his hair and grabbed hold. “Your mother used to really love it when I did this to her, too.” He said from between my breasts. “She didn’t want me to stop until I left hickeys all over her.”

“Yes!” I cried out, pushing daddy back into me. “Do that. Suck all over them until they’re covered in hickeys.”

The harder he sucked on my breasts the faster I rubbed my little clitty. It was the first time I had any kind of sexual experience Escort bayan Ankara in my entire life and I didn’t want it to stop. I could feel daddy’s saliva all over. Goosebumps formed everywhere except where his mouth was. Just when I thought maybe he had had enough he bit harder, making my body squirm, forcing me back into the present. And then I’d drift away again as he gently kissed and sucked. Finally, when I looked down, I saw what he had done. Some hickeys were darker than others, some were bluer and purple, others were tinted yellow. Even at that moment, I knew later I would look at them in the mirror and touch myself. For days that followed I’d be sitting somewhere, maybe in school, and it would dawn on me that my chest had all this evidence that my daddy loved me.

“I love them, daddy. They’re so pretty.

Daddy pushed me back onto the bed and then he pulled off my shorts and panties. He picked up my feet to his mouth and kissed them. “Do you understand that when we’re done here, you’ll belong to me for as long as I live?” He asked very softly before kissing my calves.

I nodded.

“Do you understand that I’m the only man you’ll ever have, that you’ll be completely devoted to me in every way. In return, I’ll always make sure you’re taken care of?” He asked before kissing down to my thighs.

“I can’t even imagine thinking about another man, daddy. I need to belong to you.” He slid his body between my legs and rested my ankles on his shoulders. I continued, “I need your love and strength. I want to devote my life, my mind, and my body to serve you.” He gave tender kisses along my thigh. “You could ask anything of me and I’ll give it to you, daddy. I mean anything. I don’t ever want to say ‘no.’ I want to unlearn the word. Better yet, I want it to have never existed.”

His lips kissed along the edges of my pussy. All he had to do was move a couple centimeters one way or the other and he’d be right where I wanted him to be. I tried moving my hips but his hands gripped hard and held me in place. “I’m yours, daddy. I’m all yours.”

Somehow, he got even closer without kissing my pussy. I squirmed and his hands dug into me. “Daddy!” I whined. “I will prove it to you. I want you to use my body over and over again. I want you to keep filling me with your cum until you’ve marked me- marked me permanently. Claim your property by making me pregnant. Put a baby in your little girl so for the rest of my life I’ll always have a part of you with me.”

And with that, he buried his tongue deep inside me. I felt it part my lips and enter my tight little pussy. He licked up to my clit and my whole body shimmied up the bed, but he pulled me back into his waiting mouth. My heels dug into his back as I thrust hard into his face. “Yes, daddy! Oh my god! Your tongue feels amazing. I love it. I’ve never felt anything like this!”

He licked around and around, slow, then fast. It felt like every part of me was attached to the tip of his tongue. If he applied pressure one way, I felt it in my chest. If he applied pressure the other way, I felt it in the tips of my fingers. “That’s it, daddy! Oh my god! Keep fucking me with your tongue.”

I ground so hard against his face as this pressure built in my stomach and radiated out over the rest of my body like ripples in a still-glassed lake. But instead of the ripples getting smaller as they moved outwards, inside me they grew until ever one of my cells were in perfect disorder. With both my hands I gripped daddy by his hair and pushed him into me. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Daddy. I think I it’s happening! I’m having my very first orgasm!”

For an instant, my body felt suspended and then I came crashing down into the bed. I twisted and turned. I convulsed. I squealed. I needed to get away from daddy’s tongue at the same time I needed more of it. “Daddy, I’m cumming!”

I felt liquid gush from my slit, and out of nowhere, Bayan escort Ankara daddy climbed up on top of me. He kissed me with my sweet cum still all over and inside his mouth. Then he pulled his shirt off over his head and unbuckled his belt like his clothes were filled with fire ants. “Are you ready, little girl? Are you ready for your father’s cock?”

“I am, daddy. I hope you like my pussy.”

I was still cumming a little from daddy licking my pussy when he guided his member into me. He was so thick and hard like he was fucking me with bone. “Oh my god, daddy. I can’t believe you’re inside me. I can’t believe you’re fucking your virgin daughter for the first time.”

I wrapped my legs tight around his hips as our pelvises ground together. “Am I hurting you, honey?”

“No, daddy. I love having you inside me. I can take it. Fuck your little girl harder. Fuck me as hard as you want.” and with that, he pulled back almost all the way to the point his head slipped out. Then he came crashing down, pushing me into the bed.

“Yes, daddy!”

He pulled all the way out again only to slam back into my little hole. “Daddy, I exist to be yours. You always promised I’d get everything I want, and all I want is to belong to you forever.”

I dug my nails into daddy’s back as he pounded my tight young pussy over and over again. Our bodies slapped together. Sweat formed on our skin. “I want you. I want your seed. Please give it to me. Please breed your daughter.”

The more I talked the harder daddy gave it to me. I love that he bit into my neck and squeezed my breasts. I love that he kissed me even as he fucked me. He knew exactly when I wanted him to slow down. He knew exactly when I wanted him to pound me. I felt his cock growing inside me. I felt his head pressed against my insides. “I promise I’ll always be your good girl. I don’t want to go away to college. I don’t want to go out and party. All I want is to serve you. I want you to come home from work and find me standing in the kitchen with dinner almost ready. I want you to kiss my neck and put your hands on my big pregnant belly.”

“I want that, too, honey. That will be a perfect life,” daddy groaned before kissing me, sliding his tongue deep into my mouth.

I pushed daddy’s head into my neck and held him so tight. “Breed me, daddy. Breed your little girl. Come on. I can feel it. Breed your one and only daughter. I know I’m ovulating. My body is ready for you to make me complete. I want to have a daughter for you. Better yet, I want twin daughters. All you have to do is fill your little girl with your seed.”

Daddy groaned and gave one final deep thrust. I felt his cock pulse. “I can feel it, daddy.” Oh my God! When all that warm liquid filled me up, I knew this was what I was meant for. “That’s it, daddy. Don’t stop. Push all that cum deep inside your daughter. Spray your seed all you’re your little girl’s cervix.”

Daddy’s lips rested on my neck, kissing me, still unloading more cum. Each time his cock pulsed it sent tingles all over my nervous system. “Don’t pull out. Keep it inside me. I don’t want to lose a drop. I want this to last forever.”

We laid there until my daddy went limp. After a while, he rolled off of me and I held my legs up in the air, trying to use gravity to let his seed fall deeper into me. Daddy, barely lucid, groaned, “I really hope my little girl is going to have my baby. I’m going to keep filling you over and over again until it takes.”

“Do you promise to keep using my body even when I’m big and pregnant, daddy.”

“I promise to never stop using your body- ever.”

And with that, I snuggled up next to daddy and he held me so tight with his hand resting on my belly. I already knew that his sperm was swimming towards my ovaries. I knew that I was going to be pregnant from the first time my father fucked me. Daddy began to snore, and I whispered to myself, “This is what I was born for. This is how I want to spend the rest of my life.”

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