Brenda’s Misadventure


It has been a dream of Brenda to have her house sided with vinyl siding for the last 6 years. It is during the winter that she had been getting quotes so that the project could start in the spring Brenda has gotten a few quotes for siding that has been in the 10000-dollar range. Brenda as found a contractor that will do the job for a little over 9000.00 dollars, but she still does not have the money for that either she told the Contractor.

Todd the contractor said. “Being that is winter and I don’t have any work in the construction field. Being an artist I supplement my income by commissioning works of art from clients. I am looking for a model for some painting and photography that I am doing. Would you be interested?”

“How much do you pay for a model?” Brenda asked.

“I usually pay the models 25 dollars an hour.” Said Todd.

“For 25 dollars an hour I can model for you.” said Brenda without asking what type of modeling it is.

“Great, I will take it off your bill for the siding job and I can use you for the next week.” Said Todd.

Brenda did not say anything to her husband about the siding. She was going to surprise him, when she gets the money to do the job she will have it done. She was excited that Todd could use her as a model for a week that will be a good start on the project, as she will get 1000 dollars credit toward the job. Making it feasible for her to have their house sided.

Sunday night Todd called to make sure Brenda was going to be his model, he gave her directions to his studio and the time.

After her husband went to work Brenda took a shower, put on some body lotion, then dressed in her best outfit. She started off with a white bra and panty set she got for Christmas. Brenda slipped on the set and looked at herself in the mirror.

“She definitely needs to loose weight.” She thought to herself.

She put on a gold blouse that buttons down the front and a long black skirt, with a slit up the side to within 6″ of the waist. She finished off her outfit with a pair of high-heeled black boots, with thigh high stockings. Striking a pose for the mirror she still looks good for a lady in her late 50s.

At the appointed time Brenda arrived at the studio that happened to be at a private house in Lanesboro. It was a nice neighborhood the houses are on over an acre of land apiece. She parked the car and went to the door marked Studio that was attached to the main house with large windows that faced north and the main road. Brenda knocked on the door and waits for a few minutes.

Todd opens the door saying. “Hi Brenda, glade that you could make it.” he was in his early 30s this made Brenda kind of nervous until he stated that he was looking for a mature woman for this project.

He ushered her into the studio, showing her around. She liked the setup of the studio. There was an area for photography and an area for drawing and painting. The room was large about 32 feet by 32 feet, high ceilings with large windows facing the road. She saw the large windows when she walked up to the door marked studio

After about 15 minutes of small talk to break the ice Todd said. ” Brenda it is time to get started. Let’s start with photos.” He brought her into the photography studio and had her do some standing and sitting photos. She was very stiff to begin with but loosened up after about a half hour of posing.

“You’re doing great Brenda. I like the poses you’re striking. You’re a pretty woman.” He said many times during the first hour of her modeling.

“I am going to like this work. He really knows how to make a şişli escort woman feel good,” Brenda thought as Todd called for a break.

“We are going to take a 15 minute break so I can set up for drawing next.” Said Todd to Brenda.

Brenda sat in a chair facing a window that looked out onto a field that was in the foreground of Greylock Mountain the highest peak in Massachusetts. It was a beautiful sight. She could see deer in the field and hawks flying around the base of the mountain along with other birds. This view was at the front of the studio looking out across the main route going north.

“I am ready to start again now.” Todd called to Brenda.

She went into the studio from the lounge that was there. Brenda checked her make-up while she was on break. She looked good she thought.

“The set of drawings I want to do are erotic. I need you naked for them.” Said Todd in a strained voice.

This surprised Brenda there was no mention until now of any nude modeling.

“I-I was not aware that you would require nude modeling.” Stammered Brenda.

“No problem if you do not want to model nude we can stop now. I will pay you for the first hour and that is it. No hard feelings. Your right I didn’t mention any nude modeling” Apologized Todd.

“I want to get the house sided, but it will be very embarrassing for me to model nude. I don’t like to be naked for my physical exams, besides I don’t think my body is good enough to be modeling nude.” Said Brenda, more to herself than to anyone else.

“You’re the type of woman I want to model for me I have been looking for a lady in her fifties as pretty as you to model for me for a long time. Please model for me.” Pleated Todd his face red with embarrassment I will give you 50 dollars an hour to model nude.

Her husband and her doctor has been the only ones to see her naked, now she will have to undress for Todd if she wants to be paid for her modeling. Brenda started to unbutton her blouse. She turned her back to remove her blouse. Next she unzipped her skirt pulled it down and stepped out of it. She folded her skirt and blouse putting it on the table near her. Brenda stepped out of her shoes, now the only thing between her total humiliation was her bra and panties. Taking a deep breath she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She could feel her face getting red as she let her bra slide down her arms and fall to the floor. Brenda had to take all her strength to hook her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slide them down. Before she knew it her panties were a puddle around her feet. She stepped out of them bent over to pick them up to put them on the pile with the rest of her clothes. She was embarrassed that the gusset of the panties were very wet, so she put them under her dress. Brenda did not realize the show she put on for Todd when she bent over. She gave him a good view of her anus and pussy lips. He smiled a sort of embarrassed smile to himself. She is just the model he was looking for.

Brenda had tears in her eyes she was so humiliated. She turned to Todd holding one arm over her breasts and her hand in front of her pubic hair. Her face was red with embarrassment.

“I don’t think I can do this.” She cried.

“You are just the model that I have been looking for. Please put her hands at your sides so I can admire you beauty” Said Todd.

The last statement made Brenda feel a little better. She put her arms at her side and walked closer to Todd. He took in her body she had a very heavy pubic bush. She did not trim herself. Her breasts were large, sagged a little and mecdiyeköy escort she had a little pot belly. He loved the way her pussy lips hung down as she stood with her shoulders back, arms at her sides and legs spread for balance, as he instructed her, standing in front of him. Brenda’s skin was light and had a beautiful texture to it. Although now she has a red tint to it from her face down to her knees Brenda had her head down. Todd noticed as her nipples starting to get erect he did not say anything to her for about 5 minutes. Todd walked around her looking at her from every angle. He did this so she could get used to being naked in front of him before he started to direct her into poses that he wanted.

“I am going to do some warm up sketches of you first. They will be about 5 minutes each of you standing. I will do 2 of them. The next set of sketches will be 10 minutes each and they will be sitting. After that we will start with the drawing. That will be 15 minutes at a time with a 5 minute break then get into the same pose. I will take a picture of you with a Polaroid camera to make sure you’re in the same pose. Do you have any questions?” Todd said.

Brenda Shook her head no and struck a pose with her legs slightly spread facing Todd. Her labia were just peeking down below her pubic hair. She could not look directly at Todd she was too embarrassed. Her skin tone was red with embarrassment, but she was getting excited at the thought of being naked in front of this man she just met. Brenda could feel more moisture starting to flow to her pussy lips and her nipples getting hard, hoping Todd did not notice her nipples.

Todd watched Brenda very intently while she was getting into her pose. He could see her nipples getting erect and liked her coloring. He started to sketch her taking extra time on her breasts and pubic area. Those are the areas of a woman’s body that he enjoys drawing in great detail.

By the time Todd did the entire warm up sketches Brenda was becoming comfortable in being nude in front of Todd. The red glow was leaving her face and body. She was conversing with Todd while he was drawing. Brenda did not run over and pick up her top to cover herself with during the last break. They sat talking as if she was clothed. Brenda could not get over how well she acclimated herself to nude modeling.

“Now is the time to start the long poses. Please go over to the easy chair and sit down.” Said Todd pointing to the chair in front of the easel Brenda followed his instructions sitting in the chair with her legs modestly crossed in front of her and her arms covering her breasts as she suddenly remembered she was naked in front of a man she just met and her modesty returned.

“Slide forward and put your legs on the seat” said Todd.

As Brenda did this she realized that she was totally exposed to Todd’s view. He could see her womanhood. When he asked her to spread her legs further apart she could feel the cool air on her private parts. This made her more conscience of her moistened state. This embarrassed her to think that Todd may see the moisture coming out of her flower of life as she could feel it running to between her cheeks.

“Let your knees spread open more.” Todd said.

Brenda did as she was told wondering what Todd thought of her womanhood now that she was completely exposed to this man that is about 25 years her junior. Another more embarrassing revelation was that moisture was seeping out of her wide spread vaginal opening. She was surprised when Todd came very close to her wide opened legs and reached between her legs to adjust her pussy lips with his fingers. He was very aware of her moist condition as soon as he inserted his finger in her opening. This almost made her cum when he touched her clitoris. She involuntarily closed her legs as much as she could.

“Please open your legs again and I will have to adjust your womanhood again.” Said Todd.

She opened her legs and Todd could smell her excitement now also. He spent about 5 minutes figuring her flower of life and enjoying her sweet feminine fragrance, until he was satisfied that she was totally exposed to the Polaroid camera and his gaze.

Todd took a picture of Brenda and then started drawing. For the next 4 hours Todd drew and Brenda was immersed in her thoughts. During the breaks Brenda and Todd conversed about everything from world affairs to gardening. She remained nude the whole time, enjoying the freedom that being nude afforded her. He finished the drawing and showed Brenda the finished work. She thought it was great, but she was embarrassed at how exposed she was, realizing that she was nude for almost the whole day today, with someone she just met and she enjoyed it.

“That is enough for today Brenda would you like to see the rest of the house. I just finished remodeling it. I also have some samples of the siding in my office.” Said Todd.

“That would be great.” Said Brenda looking back as she got up she became very humiliated at the large wet spot she left on the couch she was on.

They stood there looking at each other. Brenda did not move to put her clothes on so Todd said. “Follow me for the tour.” Todd thought that would motivate her to get dressed. To his surprise she just followed him in her present state. He showed her every room they talked for a while in each room. Todd brought her to his office and showed her the vinyl siding. Going out the south side of the house to a semi private patio with a hot tub there the weather was warm for March, but Brenda decided to go back inside as it was still winter, but she was intently listening to him out doors completely naked.

Brenda sat down on one of the loungers in the living room and started talking to Todd she had her legs spread and unconsciously rubbing her pubic area and fingering her clit as they were conversing.

Todd asked her if he could examine her flower of life more closely. She spread open more so he kneeled in front of the lounge. Brenda was in heaven with the attention she was getting from Todd.

As if reading his mind Brenda said. “Go ahead and open me up you can look inside of me if you want to. As she slid down and opened herself more for him, he sat down on the end of the lounger and looked at her most private area with amazement that this woman could do this after only a few hours being his model.

Reaching down with the utmost reverence he spread her open. Her opening was nice and pink her lips were engorged. He opened her up enough so he could see her cervix. She was so wet that her nectar started to run down her crack to the lounger.

“You are beautiful.” Sighed Todd.

He spent another half hour just looking at her, when she pleated. “Please make me cum.”

Todd did not need to have her ask twice. He inserted his finger in her vagina and used his other hand on her clit. She came in very short order. When she came back to earth she was alone on the living rom. She got up walked to the studio and found Todd putting things away. She got dressed minus her bra and panties she stuck them in her pocket book.

As she was leaving Todd smiled at her and said. “Call me if you want to model again?”

“I will call next week I can’t wait to do this again.” She smiled as she left the studio.

Please let me know if you want a part 2 to this work of fiction.

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