Brian Ch. 19

Dani Daniels

Suzy woke after feeling of a kiss on her forehead. When she opened her eyes she saw Brian rising up from kissing her. Behind him he saw Brooke hugging Beth. “Mmm, hi, babe. When did you get in? What time is it?”

“Hello, my love. It is 11pm and we just got in.” Brian looked down at her and then sat next to her. She hugged him and held him close.

“Mmm, it is good to have you home. How was your trip?” She turned over her shoulder to speak to Brooke. “Brooke, did you have fun? Did you do or see anything interesting?”

“Oh, mom, I had a blast. I saw and did lots of things. And I mean, lots,” she said and place accent on lots and raised her eyebrows twice. “But I am going to go upstairs. I am hurting. I must be getting ready to start.”

Suzy and Beth started laughing out loud. Brian and Brooke looked at them bewildered. Suzy told Brian, “I will explain later.”

“Mom, harem effect is in full swing,” Beth called over her shoulder as she and Brooke headed to bed.

“Come on, honey. The plane ride was long and the trip was tiring. I didn’t sleep well last night,” Brian said as he pulled Suzy to her feet to go upstairs. “Actually, I didn’t sleep at all thanks to Brooke. She liked to have fucked me to death,” he thought.

Brian and Suzy went the stairs holding hands. They heard nothing form Dylan’s room and again nothing when the passed Brooke and Beth’s room. They headed down the hall to their room in silence. “Honey, I just want you to hold me tonight. Mother Nature is calling now, not like that ever stopped us before. But I just want to be held tonight,” she whispered to Brian over her shoulder.

Dylan never heard his parents as they walked past his room. He had gone to bed right after his father and sister had returned. He helped them bring in their luggage and then went to his room. He thought about the events of the day and had gone to bed unusually tired. He fell asleep with his radio headphones blasting music in ears. The music was wild and loud in the earphones. It was a good thing his parents didn’t open his door to check on him. If they had they would found him lying naked on the covers gently stroking his hard cock. His hard cock was slick with baby oil he found in the bathroom and had coated it to make it slick. He was gently pumping his cock and as he came he lifted his hips off the bed, squirting his thick, white cum high into the air. His cum splashed back down on his chest as his parents walked past his door. After wiping his chest with his underwear, he fell fast asleep.

Beth and Brooke got to their room right before their parents started to bed. The reason their parents didn’t hear anything from the girls’ room was that neither of the girls could speak at the moment their parents walked past. It is difficult to speak when one has their tongue in the other’s mouth.

Beth pulled Brooke into the room and quickly shut the door. Once the door was shut and locked, she went to the bathroom door and shut and locked it. Brooke was setting her purse and backpack on the bed when Beth stepped to her. Beth moved in close to her sister and wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her to her chest. Brooke felt being pulled into her sister and wrapped her arms around her waist, resting her hands on the swell of Beth’s hips. She felt her sister’s big tits press against hers and the feeling shot tingles to her pussy.

Beth pulled her face to her sister and quietly whispered, “Book, I missed you so much. Have I got stuff to tell you!”

“Baby, I missed you too. And do I have stuff to tell you,” Brooke replied.

Brooke quickly kissed Beth on the lips and then pulled back to look into her eyes. She saw that Beth stared back and was gently biting her lower lip. Brooke moved in closer and kissed her harder. Her hands pulled her groin against hers and then began to sway back and forth, rubbing their pussy mounds against one another. Brooke became more aggressive and pushed her tongue deep in Beth’s mouth and she felt Beth take it and suck it like a cock.

Brooke placed her hands on the small of Beth’s back and pulled her hard into her body as the kiss became more passionate. The only sound coming from the girl’s mouths was silent moans and sighs as the kiss became more heated. Brooke’s tongue continued to move inside Beth’s mouth as her hands moved down to caress her tight little ass.

Beth’s hands were moved from around Brooke’s neck and moved to her breasts. She took her tits in her hand and gently began to caress them. Brooke sighed when Beth took her long and hard nipples between her fingers and rolled the sensitive flesh back and forth.

“Mmmmm, that feels good, baby. But go easy, they are really tender. I am not sure if it is because I am about to start or if it is because of the workout Daddy gave them last night and this morning. By the way, do they look bigger to you? They don’t fit my bra right and I am not sure. I know I am not pregnant so they can’t be getting bigger from that but I think they are getting bigger,” she Escort asked.

“I am not sure, Book,” Beth replied. “Let me have a better look.” Beth pushed the straps of her dress of her shoulder and step back to let the dress fall to the floor. The dress pooled at Brooke’s feet and Beth placed her hands back on her breasts. “They do seem bigger, I think. My hands used to take most of them but now they are about a quarter size bigger. They do feel very nice though.” She bent down and kissed each of them and then sucked her hard nipple into her mouth and then gently bit down on her nipple and flicked her tongue across the trapped bud.

“Yes, that feels so good. Baby, let’s get in the bed and I will tell you about my night away with Daddy.” Brooke stepped back and moved to her side of the bed and pulled the covers back to get in. As she stood up she turned to look at her body in the standup mirror by the wall. “Baby, my boobs are getting bigger. They never looked like this before. They used to be smaller but now they are bigger. Maybe because I am about to start but they are bigger. I hope they don’t go down. I like them bigger.”

Beth pulled the covers back on her side and quickly removed her clothes and slid into the bed and under the covers. “Book, I like your tits the way they were. But I won’t lie to you, I like them big like that. If they don’t get bigger, that is fine. But I like your tits bigger. Ever thought of getting a boob job?”

“Yeah, I thought about it. But I am not sure. I wish my tits were bigger like yours. I love your tits. Of course, I love to lick, suck and bite them, but that is another story. Whatever it is, I like the look.” Brooke was turning left and right watching her breasts sway with her movements. She brought her hands up and cupped her breasts, lifting their fullness. She reached up and pulled on her nipples, stretching the hard rubbery tissue. The sensation caused her pussy to get hot and she turned and jumped in bed with Beth.

She slid close to Beth and rolled her body onto her sister and kissed her passionately. Her tongue pushed its way inside and they dueled in a heated kiss. When they separated, the both snuggled to each other.

“Ok, who goes first?” Beth asked.

“You go first. I want to hear all about what happened while I was gone. Then I will tell you of my time. You aren’t going to believe it,” Brooke said as she slid one arm under the head and pillow of Beth and used the other hand to pull Beth’s leg up on her hip. In this position she could stroke Beth’s thigh and her tight ass cheek.

“Ok, I will tell you first. Mmm, your hand feels nice on my ass. Anyway, where was I, oh yes. While you were gone, I nailed Dylan. I told you about watching him and mom going at it in the bathroom and then how he had mom pee on him. Well, yesterday I set him up. And then I fucked him silly. And then he fucked me in the ass. Oh, baby, if you have never had it up the ass, you don’t know what you are missing.” Beth then went on to tell the story of the workout and then the other workout Dylan gave her pussy and ass. By the time she finished, she was breathing heavily and her nipples and clit were aching for Brooke’s touch.

“And then before I went to sleep mom came in to see me. We had talked earlier before I came up to bed and she was hinting about sex. She held my hand and stroked it. Then later when I got in bed she came up to check on me. Then she moved closer and touched me. She kissed me and touched my tits and then ran her hand up my thigh. Then, baby, she began to touch my pussy and clit. She was playing with me and then I started playing with her the same way. We stroked and kissed each other until we both came. Book, I want to eat her. I want to have her eat me and eat you. I want us to eat her and fuck her silly. Baby, I am so fucking horny right now I can’t stand it. I need to cum so bad right now. Play with my clit please,” Beth told her and rolled over on her back. She pushed her hands down between her legs and started to touch her clit.

Brooke listened to Beth’s story and felt herself becoming hornier with each passing moment. When Beth rolled on her back, her big tits poked straight up at Brooke’s face. Brooke looked down at her sister’s big melons and then leaned forward to take the closest nipple into her mouth. She heard her moan when she gently bit into her tender nub. Brooke slid her hand down her flat stomach until he reached her bald pussy mound. She heard another moan as her hands moved slowly over the mound. Beth arched her back into Brooke’s mouth when she felt the fingers on her mound.

Brooke continued to palm her sister’s mound and then moved her fingers onto her pussy slit and clit. She slid her hand down and felt the wetness and warmth emanating from her hot pussy. As her fingers moved down she felt the soft string sticking out of her pussy and knew she had started her period. Brooke moved her fingers up and found her clit and began to rub it slowly in small circles. Beth was moaning and squirming Escort Bayan on the bed as Brooke continued to stroke her clit and suckle her big tits.

Beth moved her hands down and began to rub the back of Brooke, continuing down until she was rubbing her finger up and down the crack at the top of her ass. Her fingers moved lower and lower as she felt Brooke bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Her squirming was becoming more and more as Brooke pushed her towards her orgasm. Beth felt Brooke move on the bed until she was lying between her outstretched legs. “Book, I have started. You might not want to do that.”

“Let me worry about that. I just want to suck on your clit,” Brooke said looking up between her tits big tits.

Brooke lowered her tongue and touched Beth’s swollen clit. Beth placed her hands on the back of Brooke’s head as she felt the hot tongue begin to swirl around her excited clit. Beth jumped and began to jerk with an orgasm when she felt Brooke bite into her swollen clit and flicked it with her tongue. Her small body arched and then bucked as Brooke pushed her over the edge and started to cum in her mouth.

Brooke tasted the sweet tangy cum from Beth’s pussy as she came in her mouth. She was rapidly flicking her clit while she had it trapped between her teeth. She felt the pressure of Beth’s hands on her head forcing her mouth more on her hot pussy. She knew Beth was coming hard due to the amount of pressure she put on her head.

When Beth came down she released Brooke’s head and relaxed. Beth felt Brooke continue to kiss her pussy lips and would occasionally touch her clit, causing her to jump. Her orgasm slowly brought her back down to earth and then she pulled Brooke up her body and when her lips were next to hers, kissed her hard. She tasted her pussy cream on Brooke’s lips and the taste had a slightly different flavor. The taste didn’t bother her, but it was different.

“Book, that was so good. I needed you so bad. I love you with all my heart,” Beth said quietly, holding Brooke tightly against her. Her hard nipples rubbed against the erect nipples of Brooke and it sent shivers from her nipples to her pussy as they rubbed together.

“I love you too. And that was great. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,” she replied.

“Book, that was awesome. Very special,” Beth answered.

“Now that should hold you for a little while. Let me tell you about my trip. It was great. I am sore from everything. Of course I think I hurt from getting ready to start but I am sore because Daddy’s big dick was in there most of the time.

“We left the house that morning and headed to the airport. I knew that I was going to have a good time with Daddy but I knew I was going to tease him in the process. My plan was to drive him crazy during the trip. Once we got in the car I put my plan into process. By the time we reached the highway I had put my hand on his thigh and started to gently stroke it. I didn’t look at him or anything; I just rested my hand there and would occasionally stroke it. I felt his cock start to harden under his pants but I didn’t touch it, just making sure my hand stayed below his cock head.”

“I made sure he stayed hard all the way to the airport. When we pulled in the gate, I still had my hand on his thigh. When we pulled into the parking lot, I made sure my hand was on his thigh as he was getting the ticket. When Daddy rolled down the window to take the parking ticket, I reached up and laid my hand on his cock and gently squeezed it. Daddy almost dropped the ticket when guy handed it to him. I am sure the guy saw my hand stroking his cock.”

Brooke looked over at Beth and then ran her hands over her sister’s large breast. She gently pinched her nipples to keep her on edge during the story. Beth moved her hands over to gently stroke Brooke’s hip. She moved her down and then moved her hands between Brooke’s legs and cupped her pussy. Brooke moaned as she felt Beth’s fingers stroke her large clit.

“Once we parked the car, we got our bags out of the back and headed toward the building. Baby, it was funny to watch Daddy stop and move his cock around so he would walk. As we entered the building Daddy was in front. When I thought no one was looking, yeah right, I moved my hand up and stroked his ass. It was hilarious because he let out a little yell when my hand grabbed his buns. Then he looked around and saw everyone staring at him. My hand was already off his butt and I just looked at him like he was crazy. He looked back at me and told me that if I did it again, he would paddle my ass. I just smiled at him and asked it that was a threat or promise. He just smiled back at me.”

Beth continued to stroke Brooke’s clit and felt the heat and wetness on her fingers. She leaned forward and kissed Brooke on the lips and pushed her tongue into her mouth. Beth broke the kiss and moved forward until she was tit to tit with Brooke. Her hands continued to stroke Brooke’s swelling clit.

“Baby, Bayan Escort if you keep that up I will never get through this story. Of course, I could stop and we could continue it later if you want,” she quietly whispered to Beth.

“No, no. I want you to continue the story. After it is over, I am going to make you scream. I just wanted to get your attention,” she replied with a wicked smile. “Please continue, my love.”

Beth slid down in the bed and rested her head in the palm of her hand as she leaned on her bent arm. Her other hand reached out and gently cupped the swelling mound of Brooke’s tit. Her fingers found her hard nipple and she began to lightly pinch it, watching it harden under her touch. As she squeezed it she heard a moan come from Brooke as she continued her story.

“Once we got on the plane, we settled into our seats. We were in the first class section and I purposely got the window seat so no one would be able to see what I was about to do. I found a blanket and as soon as I was buckled in, I covered myself with the blanket. Of course I made sure it covered part of Daddy also. I pretended to watch out the window as the crews were doing things to the plane. While the ground crews did their thing, I did mine.”

I slid my hand over under that blanket and put it on Daddy’s cock. He was still rock hard. I just rested my hand on his cock and left it there. I didn’t stroke it or anything, just rested it there. I knew he was hot, I could feel it through the pants material. I would look around the plane and at everyone like there was nothing going on and would look at him. He was sweating bullets. I tried to keep from smiling but I couldn’t help it.”

“Once the plane started moving, I let the movement of the plane bounce my hand on his cock. He was trying not to moan but the rocking motion of the plane made my hand gently stroke him. But when the plane took off, I gripped his cock hard and lucky for him it was loud in the plane because it covered up his moaning. Baby, it was hilarious. I tried not to laugh but I sort of got the giggles. I had to remove my hand or he was going to cum in his pants.”

Once the plane leveled off, I put the next part of the plan into action. I told Daddy I needed to go to the rest room. Well, I did, but I had other plans while in there. As I was moving past him, I was going to fake falling toward him and pushing my tits into his face, but just as I started to do it, we hit turbulence and I actually did fall into his face. His face went right between my tits. But since he was there, I wiggled them back and forth, bouncing them off his face as I pulled back.”

Beth squeezed Brooke’s nipple hard when she heard that part of the story. Brooke jumped and arched her back into her sister’s hand and fingers. “Baby, if you keep that up, I am going to have to stop telling the story. You feel so good right now, even though they are tender and sore,” she told Beth.

“No, Book, please don’t mind me. Continue your story. But I am telling you that I am getting horny again.”

“Baby, I have even started with the good part yet,” she told her. Then Brooke leaned over and kissed her quickly on the lips, letting her tongue gently brush her lips.

“I went to the bathroom and removed my thong. I looked down at the crotch of my panties and they were soaked. Baby, my pussy was creaming like it is now. I was soaked. Of course, I knew that I was just as turned on as Daddy. I gently touched my clit and I almost came on the spot. Then I decided that I would tease Daddy just a bit more. Plus I needed to cum right then or I was going to go and attacked Daddy in the first class section.”

“I leaned against the counter and put one foot on the toilet. My pussy spread wide-open right then and I started to finger myself. I was so hot and wet. I was rubbing my clit and then pushed two, then three fingers inside me. I pumped I swear about three times and came hard. I had pussy juice all of over my fingers. I brought them to my mouth and I sucked the juice off. Then I pushed them back in deep and coated my fingers with my juice again. I was going to take Daddy a present.”

“When I finished, I opened the door and there was this old guy standing there with a huge smile on his face. He just looked at me and smiled. I guess I made more noise in there than I thought. I moved past him and on an impulse, I grabbed his cock as I past. He moaned and I think he blew his wad right there in his pants. I just laughed and moved back to my seat.”

“Did a repeat of the ‘boobs in the face’ trick with Daddy. Then I got in the seat and made sure I didn’t touch anything with my hand so I would make sure that I had as much juice as possible still on my fingers. Once I got in the seat, I looked at Daddy and whispered to him that I had a present for him. When he smiled, I pushed my panties into his hand. The look on his face was hilarious. His eyes got wide and then I could see him trying to adjust his cock. Then I asked him to lean over to me and then I presented him with my fingers. He could smell my juice on my fingers. I asked him if he wanted a taste. He gently nodded his head and I pushed my fingers into his mouth. He quickly licked them clean. Then I pushed them in my mouth to finish the job.”

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