Brotherly Love Part Three


I hardly slept at all that night, visions of my wife, naked in bed with my brother kept flashing through my mind. Imagining her falling to sleep, holding his cock was so exciting to me. Knowing that he’d touched her tits and pussy, and even had his finger inside her; kept me hard all night.At five o’clock the following morning, I went up to check on my father, he was still sleeping like a baby. I listened at Brian’s bedroom door and it was all silent, I went down and made a pot of coffee and gulped two cups down. I went to the guest bathroom and worked myself off for the fifth time, I kept wishing the clock would reach six o’clock so I could make them their coffee.I was excited to take their coffee to them and see my naked wife in bed with my brother.Finally, the clock struck six and my heart started beating fast. I poured two cups of coffee and headed for the stairs, my cock was leaking as I approached Brian’s bedroom door.I listened outside while I got the courage to enter, it was silent. I put the coffee cups on the small table that was in the hallway, I silently opened the door a little.I collected the coffee cups and eased the door open with my foot, my heart was beating like crazy. The sun was just starting to shine through the thin blinds on his bedroom window, I got my first glimpse of my wife in his bed.I slowly walked to the bed, she was laying on her right side, away from him. He was pushing very close to her back, his cock must have been firmly pushing against her cheeks. I got closer and saw that she had her left arm out of the covers, and it was resting on his side. The covers were pulled down to just above her nipples, I got to about three feet from her when I saw that his hand was covering her left breast. I softly called her name and she opened her eyes, she smiled at me. I looked down at his hand on her breast and smiled. She looked down at his hand before looking back at me, she smiled and motioned with her lips, “I love you.””I’ve brought you both a cup of coffee,” I said softly.Brian stirred and half-opened his eyes.”Good morning, Brian,” I said, slightly louder this time.”Morning, Stevie.”Amanda moved her arm and gently went to move his hand from her left breast. The cover moved down and, I could see that her breast was completely engulfed in his hand.She tried to move his hand but, he gripped tighter, he looked at me and saw me smiling.”If your brother would let go of my boob,” Amanda joked, “I could sit up and drink my coffee.”He released her breast and moved his hand down her tummy, she sat up and I handed her coffee to her. Suddenly, she tensed up and her eyes got very big, Ankara escort I assumed that his hand had made it’s way down to her pussy; she looked at him and he grinned.I was hoping that she didn’t forget my instructions about going to the bathroom, I prompted her.”I suppose you need the bathroom like you usually do when you wake up,” I said, raising my eyebrow.”Yes, I do,” she answered and started to pull the covers down.She pulled her right leg out of the bed and, I saw his hand in between her legs! Not just resting in between her legs, it was cupping her shaved pussy! She looked at me and smiled before pulling his hand away.”Brrr, it’s cold,” she said as she stood up, “I’m running to the bathroom, I’ll kiss you when I come back.”I saw her naked in front of my brother! I watched Brian’s eyes follow her as she quickly walked to the bathroom.”She has a nice ass, doesn’t she?” I asked.”She sure does,” Brian replied, “All of her is beautiful!”He sat up and took his coffee from me.”Did you sleep okay?” I asked.”Perfect, it was nice having her in my bed.”Amanda came from the bathroom and hurried to the bed, I was now sitting on the side of the bed and, as she passed me; I grabbed her hand.”My good-morning kiss?” I asked.She bent forward and kissed me, I grabbed her right breast as we kissed; I gently squeezed her nipple. We had two kisses before she announced that she was cold and, needed to get back into bed.She took her coffee from the night-stand and took a sip, the covers were down at her waist, her tits looked amazing as she sat in bed with my brother.Brain drank the last of his and said, “Where’s my good-morning kiss then?””Oh sorry,” she replied, she turned her head to kiss him.His left hand came across her front and held her right breast, in front of me!She gave him a quick kiss and went to pull away, I saw his hand grip her breast tighter as he said, “That’s not how we kiss now, we agreed last night that our kisses should be more personal, remember?””Sorry,” she repeated, turning to face him once again.This kiss lasted about twenty seconds and although there were no tongues involved, it certainly was sensual. His hand was squeezing her nipple and when their mouths parted, they rejoined for three more, shorter kisses.”Good morning, sweetheart,” Brain said.”Good morning!” Amanda panted. His hand was now stroking her breast.”I’ll go and make more coffee,” I said, “Do you want me to bring you both a cup?””I’ll come down for mine,” he answered, “I need to get ready for work, I’ll be down after I brush my teeth.””I’ll be down after I shower,” Amanda said, still trying Ankara escort bayan to regain her composure.She moved his hand from her breast before getting out of bed. She went to her suitcase and pulled a tiny red bra, and thong from it. Being nude in front of my brother seemed like second nature to her now, she didn’t care at all.She placed her bra, and thong, on the bed and went to shower, I took their cups and left the room. Brian joined me in the kitchen about ten minutes later, I had the coffee made and poured him a cup.”Is she still showering?” I asked.”Yes.””I’m going to check on dad,” I told him as I walked up the stairs. Dad was still sound asleep so, I went to Brian’s bedroom. Amanda was sitting on the bed, naked.”Why aren’t you getting dressed, babe?” I asked.”Your brother asked me to stay nude,” she smiled, “He wants me nude when he comes to kiss me good-bye!”I chuckled, “I’d better leave you alone then, he’s getting ready to leave now.”I went back to my father’s room and heard Brian walking up the stairs. I came out of dad’s room, he was just about to go into his room.”Is she still showering?” I asked, pretending that I didn’t know she was sitting in the nude, waiting for him.”Probably.”He entered his room, I listened at the closed door.”That’s a good girl,” Brian said, “This is how I like to see you, naked.””I’m freezing sitting here like this, waiting for you,” she replied.I heard kissing and sigh’s coming from my wife.”It’s nice and wet,” Brain said softly.”What do you expect?” Amanda sighed, “I’m standing here in the nude, with a man who’s not my husband. I’ve been wet since last night!””We’ll have to do something about that tonight then,” Brian answered.”Please kiss me!” my wife cried.I heard her sigh before I heard the distinctive sound of kissing.I was dying to see, I needed to see, I was at the point of shooting my load, I pushed the door open. They were kissing, I couldn’t see any tongues but, he was holding her ass tightly, so tightly that, she was on tiptoe!They heard me open the door and Amanda looked directly at me, their mouths were still locked together, I knew that I had to say something.”Put her down,” I joked, “At least wait till I’ve gone home.”They broke from their kiss, Amanda blushed a little.”She said that I can kiss her anytime,” Brian giggled, “So, I am.””I’m teasing,” I joked, kiss whenever you like. I told you, I don’t care what you both do.”He released his grip on her ass and kissed her gently one more time.”See you tonight,” he said to my wife, “Have a safe drive home, Stevie.””Look after my wife while she’s here,” Escort Ankara I answered.Amanda had put on her tiny red, bra, and thong.”Gorgeous,” Brian said as he playfully slapped her ass.”Go to work!” she shouted playfully.We waited till we heard his truck drive away, she pulled off her thong and ordered me to fuck her!! Of course, I did; I lasted a good three minutes before I filled her with my juice.I had to ask, I needed to know; I asked if he fucked her last night?”No, we just touched each other,” she informed me, “He licked my boobs and put his finger inside me but, I told him to stop.””Why?” I asked.”Steve, I couldn’t have sex with him while you were downstairs,” she answered, “It just isn’t right.””Did you suck him?””No, only touched him.””Did you cum while he was fingering you?””Yes, a lot!””I won’t be here tonight,” I smiled, “So you can have sex with him.””I know, are you sure that you want me to?” Amanda asked.”Yes!” I said loudly, “Do you want to?””Yes I do!” she stuttered, “He teases me like crazy, you saw him holding my boob in front of you when you brought the coffee to us earlier.””That was so sexy!” I panted.”Just now, before you came in, he was rubbing my pussy!” she gasped, “He commented about how wet I was. He said that tonight, he’ll do something about that!””Perfect,” I smiled, “Fuck him at every opportunity that you get, babe.””Yes, sir!” Amanda replied excitedly, “I think he can be quite assertive. This morning, he told me not to dress till he came to kiss me good-bye.””Good!” I smiled.”And he made me say the words, cock, pussy and clitty, last night,” she told me.”Maybe tonight, before you go to bed, we can have a video chat?” I asked.”That would be great!””Or maybe, when you’re in bed?” I teased, “Maybe I’ll see him holding your boob again.””Whatever you want Steve,” she answered.”Maybe get him to tease me,” I stuttered, “While you’re nude in bed with him. Get him to show me what he’s doing to my beautiful wife?””I’d better get dressed and check on your dad,” she replied, “What time are you heading home?””Well, in about an hour, I can drive back on Friday evening though,” I answered, “And stay till Sunday afternoon.””That would be amazing!” Amanda said with excitement, “But, we will get a hotel for those two nights.””No we won’t,” I answered, “You’ll still sleep with Brian! And in the nude!” “Okay, okay,” she responded, “I just thought that you might like me to sleep with you at the weekend.””I understand but, I want you to sleep with him,” I replied, “I want you to sleep with him as much as you can, babe.””Okay, I just thought that you’d prefer it if I slept with you at the weekend,” she replied, “I’d be naked for you.””I’d prefer it if you slept with Brian,” I replied, “I want you to sleep with him.””Okay then, I will.”My father was awake and Amanda fed him some breakfast, I chatted with him for thirty minutes before telling him that I was going back home.

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