Bryan… More Is What I Get


Bryan Calls for More…More is What I get

Paul was still away on business, but he had called me from his business trip, and with a bit of apprehension, I told him about my encounter with Bryan. Paul had been my first male lover, and I was worried he may be hurt that I had been with another man so soon, but thought it best I was honest.

I told him what had happened with Bryan- in explicit detail. I found myself aroused again as I told Paul about that wonderful experience with Bryan. It wasn’t planned, it just sorta happened, I explained. I told him about how nervous I was (after all, Paul was my first and only until then; he showed me the beauty of man love).

I asked him if I had disappointed him, if he felt I was “cheating”. I don’t know that I owed him any loyalty, or that he even expected it, but I felt like I was his, ’cause he was my wonderful first. If he was hurt, he didn’t say so. When we ended the call, we agreed we missed each other and would get together when he got back.

Several weeks had gone by since that wonderful evening with Bryan. We both had been busy with work, and although we had exchanged numbers after our hot night, we hadn’t spoken.

Coming home after work one Monday, there was a message on my machine. Bryan would be hosting some friends for a party this weekend, and he had invited me.

I returned his call. We spoke briefly, the basic “How are you, I had fun the other night,”(and other small talk), and I ended with “Yes, I’d love to come to the party.” I found it difficult to hide the excitement in my voice as we spoke. I spent the next two days with a perpetual hard-on because I was so looking forward to seeing him again. Leading up to the weekend, I would remember our evening together while I lie in bed, stroking myself until my body spasmed and spilled cum onto my belly.

I arrived at Bryan’s apartment a little after 10pm. Jim, his roommate, greeted and hugged me; a bit uncomfortably I remembered him and his boyfriend watch me masturbate for Bryan. Looking around, it appeared there were about twenty men gathered, and after sticking a drink in my hand, Jim pushed me out to the living area. “Go mingle,” he urged.

I looked around the room, but I didn’t see Bryan. A lot of eyes were on me, I could feel them, but that was to be expected I guess, being the new guy. The men were in various degrees of dress; some wore only jeans, some had on muscle shirts, others wore shorts. Others still wore only cotton pajama bottoms. I made my way around the room, politely saying ‘hello’ to many of the guests. I sensed perhaps some of the guys were speaking about me as I passed- when I would look, I received smiling nods of approval. It seemed a friendly group, to say the least.

It was a large three-bedroom apartment, and I made my way through it in search of Bryan. I snickered to myself when I saw the glass coffee table, and remembered the show I had put on several weeks ago, lying with my back on the cold glass, masturbating as three men watched. I moved down the hallway that led to the bedrooms. I had not been back here before; our encounter on my first visit had taken place entirely in the living room.

The door to the first room was closed over, but not shut. I listened for a moment, and could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. The first thought I had was to leave these two to their privacy, but then I heard Bryan’s voice. I pushed the door open gently and peeked into the room.

First I saw Bryan. He was in pajama bottoms with no top. I could see the bulge in the pajama bottom where is dick was semi-erect. He had a video camera, and was filming something else in the room. I pushed the door ever so slightly more to get a better look at what was going on. There were two guys on the bed, embraced in a 69, savoring each other’s manhood. I felt my cock stir against the denim of my jeans. (I hadn’t worn briefs, thinking of the convenience it might add if Bryan was keen for me again). Bryan saw me and winked. He waved me in. The guys on the bed seemed oblivious to my entrance.

I sat in a chair at the end of the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off the two guys loving each other. I could feel my cock straining against my jeans. Bryan was moving the camera around, filming from different angles and distances. “I’m so glad you made it,” Bryan whispered as he passed by me.

The smell of male sex permeated the room. The guys were moaning as they licked and sucked each other’s tools. It was such an unusual situation I found myself in, and so arousing, watching these two enjoy themselves so much while Bryan filmed them. I fought the urge to pull out my cock and masturbate while I watched.

Suddenly the guy on top stopped sucking bottom and began moaning loudly. Clearly he was cumming, the look on his face described the euphoria he was feeling. It was very arousing, and I unconsciously started rubbing the bulge that was developing in my crotch.

After a few moments escort kayaşehir the guy on top moved to a position between bottom’s legs, and began sucking furiously on his cock, making him squirm and groan. Then, with me rubbing my jeans, bottom moaned and I saw cum leaking from top’s lips. He let bottom ride out the wave of orgasm, then they both lie back on the bed. I resisted the urge to applaud the two lovers. Bryan stopped filming, set the camera on a table, and came over to sit on the arm of the chair I was in.

“That was pretty hot, eh?” he asked.

“Oh, my god, yes it was,” I replied. Bryan introduced me to the guys I had just watched. They were Sam and Derek. Sam would be any easy name to remember.

“You ever been filmed?” Sam asked me.

“No, I haven’t,” I said.

“I’m surprised,” said Derek, “Bryan says you can put on a show when you want to.”

I assumed the reference was to my coffee-table show on my last visit. Derek picked up the camera and walked towards Bryan and me. “Wanna see what you look like on film?”

Bryan suddenly got up off the arm of the chair and stood in front of me, with the gorgeous bulge barely hiding what lie beneath his jammies. “What do you say?” Bryan asked. I was so horny, and I badly wanted Bryan’s cock, whether they filmed me or not.

Derek came over beside us as I reached up and gingerly cupped Bryan’s bulge. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” he said as he brought the camera to his eye. I saw the red light come on and knew that must mean we were ‘recording’. The exhibitionist in me took over my better judgment.

I slid to the end of the seat, and kissed Bryan’s cock through the cotton. Then I reached through the opening in the front, and lifted his half-erect tool out. I kissed the tip, then began running my tongue around the helmet. It quickly thickened and stood to attention. He has a beautiful cock, with a beautiful head. I looked into the camera lens and smiled, then began running my tongue and lips up and down the bottom of the shaft. “That’s it,” Derek said, “Give us a show.”

I undid the button of his pajama bottom and it dropped to the floor. I cupped his balls in one hand and his shaft in the other, and lowered my lips back to his stiff cock. I licked my lips, opened my mouth, and took his head in. Gently I sucked the swollen head back and forth across my lips, making Bryan moan. With his cock in my mouth, I reached around and grabbed his butt cheeks, squeezing them firmly as I moved my mouth across him. Then I took his shaft in my hand again. “I had hoped to taste your cock tonight, but didn’t know there’d be an audience,” I said, then took him back I my mouth. Derek was slowly moving around us with the camera, getting different angles. I saw Sam sitting on the end of the bed, massaging his cock while he watched me lick and suck Bryan.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of Bryan’s rigidness on my tongue, the rippled feel of his warm, silky skin as I worked his swollen member in and out of my mouth. I undid the button and opened the zipper of my jeans in an attempt to alleviate the pressure of my own swelled member. Sam came over, and with his help, I slipped out of my jeans with minimal interruption to the lip-lock I had on Bryan. I noticed a couple of other guys in the doorway watching the action, both rubbing their crotches through their clothes. I finally accepted it; I like being watched.

I slid off the chair and onto my knees in front of Bryan, and I began gently stroking myself while continuing to pleasure him. “Oh, man, you look so hot!” Derek said as he continued to film. Sam was behind me, watching the action up close. “That’s the way, man, suck him good,” Sam was talking dirty. “Be a slut for the camera.” I switched periodically between long, deep, sensual strokes that sent Bryan’s cock to the back of my mouth, and quick ‘bobbing’ strokes, using my hand on his shaft to help stimulate pleasure. I sensed someone with Sam beside me, and I could tell whoever it was, he was masturbating.

“I’m gonna cum,” Bryan said bluntly, and Derek moved in close beside my face with the camera. I knew what they wanted on film. I tipped my head back, opened my mouth and stuck out my cupped tongue in a begging fashion as Bryan pumped his cock in his fist for the camera. Suddenly Bryan groaned loudly and began releasing streams of cum across my face and into my mouth; he deposited delicious white sauce onto my tongue and lips. I sucked Bryan’s cum-soaked cock back into my mouth, sucking and licking his head as his orgasm began to wane. “Yummy,” I said, licking his helmet and my lips, winking to the camera.

Bryan stepped away, and the guy who had been masturbating beside me quickly stepped in his place, stroking his cock, the tip only inches from my mouth. This was very, very new to me. As I looked up at him, he simply smiled and said “Me too please.” I sensed the camera’s eye watching me, and decided to play along. “What’s your name?” I asked escort anadolu yakası as my hand replaced his on his shaft. “Mike,” he responded. “Hi, Mike,” I said, and then closed my mouth over his cockhead. He sighed as I began bobbing on his delicious cock. “Mmmmike,” I thought to myself.

As I alternated between sucking and stroking Mike’s cock, I noticed more guys had entered the room. Most had their cocks out and were stroking themselves. I looked at each of them as best I could from my vantage point, until Mike twitched hard.

“Oh man I’m gonna cum!” Mike said suddenly, pulled his cock from my lips, and pointing it at my open mouth, pumped it hard and fast in his palm. He groaned long and deep as he fired wet streams of cum across my face and tongue. I licked my lips again, then suddenly felt two strong bodies lift me up from my knees, guiding me onto a small stool that was being placed under my naked ass. My cock pointed straight up from between my legs as my balls pressed against the vinyl surface.

As soon as I was seated from the stool two more cocks were being offered to me; one was long and slender, with a rounded ruby head, the other was short and fat with a lengthy head. Both were being attentively stroked by their owners. I looked a round the room at a bevy of smiling faces and realized that I was the party. No point in getting everyone’s name anymore, I wasn’t going to remember anyway.

I took stubby into my mouth and immediately deep throated him, burying my nose in his bush as my tongue bathed the underside of his shaft. I held my head still and cradled his balls in my hand, allowing him to fuck my mouth for several long moments, before turning to the other lad who patiently awaited my attention. I ran my tongue around his head and pressed it into his cockslit as I jacked his long slender shaft. I took him into my mouth- only the top section, and working in concert with my hand, I sucked him hard while I continued to jack stubby’s cock. Both men were breathing deeply and getting close to climax. “Oh yeah, here I cum” I heard stubby call out and he sprayed cum into my hair and down the side of my face before I could get to him. A little late, I turned and sucked him into my mouth, milking the remaining fluid from his shaft, then went back to slender, who was pumping his cock fast and furious. Stubby had turned away as slender grunted and erupted, sending heavy cum running like white lava from the tip of his deeply purpled cockhead down the underside of his shaft. I turned my head sideways and ran my mouth up his shaft from his balls, taking in the ropy, thick pearly-white cream before closing my mouth over the tip and allowing him to finish his orgasm on my tongue. I smiled up at him as I savoured the richness of his cum; it coated the inside of my mouth and seemed to almost cling to my tongue before I swallowed deeply and felt it glide down my throat. What a tasty treat this young man’s seed had been. “Thank you,” I said to him, and I kissed the tip of his cock before letting him go. His cum had been rich and delicious.

I could hear Sam masturbating beside me- he sounded very near orgasm. “Let me help you,” I think I said. I turned to face him, and took his cock in my hand, resuming the tempo he was using on himself. His dick was slender, and about 6 inches, and lighter than Bryan’s, as was his complexion. It almost had a pinkish tinge to it, especially where the helmet rose from the shaft. “Did you like watching me?” I asked as I masturbated him. He leaned forward, moaned an affirmative, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. “Cum on me.” My words were muffled in our kiss, before he straightened back up, my hand rhythmically pumping him. Derek was catching everything on film and Sam suddenly leaned in a bit, moaned and fired cum across my hand and onto my chest. His earlier orgasm had drained most of the usual whiteness from his cum, so I instead got sprayed with a loose translucent liquid that splattered across my chest that ended in short little streams running downward towards my belly.

“That was beautiful, guys!” Derek exclaimed from behind the camera, his erection making it impossible for him to hide his excitement. Bryan took the camera from Derek.

Derek took me by the hand, and pointing to one of the nearby young men to join us, led us to the bed. Bryan followed with the camera rolling. Derek lie on his back on the bed, his erection resting against his belly. I stared at his cock. It was about 6.5 inches long, ‘flatter’ looking than Bryan’s, and indeed thick. Very thick. “Would you care to join him?” Bryan asked me from behind the camera. I had Derek smiling invitingly from the bed, and new stud beside me using an overhand grip to squeeze his cock. New stud noticed me looking at his cock, and with his freehand reached over and squeezed my buttock, making my cock ache. “My name is Steve,” he said to me softly, “I’m working something up just for you.” The total freedom from inhibitions escort avrupa yakası that we were all sharing was a new thing to me, and I was euphoric and exhilarated. Steve slapped my ass hard as I crawled on to the bed beside Derek, who immediately drew me close. We kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues. I lightly stroked the underside of his erection with my fingertips as Derek licked the man-drippings from my face. I couldn’t believe the erotic situation I found myself in; everything seemed so surreal and unbelievable. We kissed again hard.

Still fondling Derek’s pole, I slid down, licking his chest and running my tongue across a nipple. I got on top of him, squatting over his thighs with our groins resting together. I took both our cocks and pressed them against each other in my right hand while I ran my tongue across his chest. My stiffy was only a little bit shorter than his hard-on, but he was much wider. The heat of his erection against mine was thrilling, and I held them together for a few moments. Then I slid down more, running my tongue across his abdomen to his navel and the tip of his penis. I used my tongue on the underside of his helmet to press it against his belly, then ran my lips down his shaft. I used my hands to part his thighs, putting his legs on either side of my body. I was on my knees, crouched over with my face in his lap, my feet dangling off the end of the bed.

I took Derek’s hard-on in my hand, and smiling to him, I opened wide and slowly slid my mouth over it. The thickness filled my mouth, and I was being careful to not drag my teeth across him. As I began to suck him I felt his hands on the top of my head. His shaft glistened with wet as it would glide across my lips, and I took my time, savoring every feeling, every texture as this new wonderful tool moved across my tongue and lips.

Bryan was ever present with the camera. I moaned pleasurably as I sucked Derek, not just for the camera, but to express the satisfaction that I was getting from the whole situation. Bryan began to ask me questions from behind the camera. “Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked. “Uh huh,” I mumbled, with my mouth full of Derek. “You like performing for the camera, don’t you?” “Mmm…” I muffled again.

I sensed Steve behind me just before I felt his wet tongue press against my anus. I raised my butt against his face, letting him know I was welcoming his attention. Bryan moved back to film Steve’s exploration and I groaned loudly when he pressed a wet finger past my sphincter. He didn’t go for depth, instead slowly moving the finger around, helping to relax the muscle. Several times he switched from his finger back to his tongue, running them around and sometimes just inside the muscle. As I continued to gorge myself on Derek, the subtle sensation of Steve rimming me was driving me wild with desire. Ohhhhh, this felt so good! Several moments of mixed tongue and fingering glory, then he stopped.

Steve took my hips, and I stopped sucking Derek; oddly perhaps, I looked to Bryan for approval. I wanted this badly, but I wanted to know Bryan would be okay with it too. I think I was seeing Bryan as Paul, my first male lover, who had been so good and kind. Steve noticed my brief hesitation and also looked to Bryan, who noticing my desire to be fucked, nodded ‘yes’ to Steve.

Holding Derek’s tool in my hand, I closed my eyes and tried to relax my breathing so I could prepare for what was coming next. I felt Steve squeeze my cheeks as he moved in close. I felt his shaft, wet with a cold lube as he rubbed it across my ass crack. I felt the pressure against my butthole, downward first to open the muscle, then inward, and I carefully pressed back against him. Steve was using his hand to part my asscheeks and help ply the muscle to relaxation as his head entered me. Bryan stepped back so that he could get the images of ecstasy on my face and still continue film Steve’s entry. I grunted every time Steve sank a little more into me. “Ohhh…” I moaned to the camera as his cock slowly filled me. “Mmmm…” I gripped the sheets tightly in my hand as his cock disappeared deep into my ass, then a hissed “Ohh yesss” as he started to fuck me.

For a few moments I was motionless as Steve screwed me. My head was lying on Derek’s waist, the sheets clenched in my fists, and muffled grunts escaping me with each inward thrust. Then Derek took his dick in his hand and pointed it to my lips. I rose to my elbows, almost trembling with excitement; I could barely hold myself up but found a way to start sucking him again. The scent of his arousal and earlier orgasm filled my nostrils when my nose was in his bush, the texture of his thick shaft against my tongue and lips combined with the incredible feelings in my anus only made me hungrier and hornier.

I was in an incredible state of arousal. It was an incredible feeling, servicing two cocks at once. Steve was rhythmically fucking my ass, withdrawing almost all the way and then pushing back into me, holding my hips while he fucked me. Derek has his hands on my head as I fucked his cock with my mouth. I was moaning loudly, erotically, as Bryan continued to film us, alternately getting close-ups of Derek’s cock gliding across my lips, and Steve’s tool filling my ass.

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