Bus Ride – Part 1


This is a fictional story that does include violence and rape. If this type of material offends please do not read on.

None of my stories are intended to offend and I welcome all comments both positive and negative. Feel free to leave comments or if you prefer email me direct on p[email protected] with comments or ideas for stories.

This story is for Gaby who inspired me through her emails and fantasies.

Bus Ride – Part 1

This bus is horrible, Gaby thought to herself as she sat in the cab of the No. 57. It seemed to chug and squeak at every turn and had no vah vah voom at all. Just a typical day! Gaby had only passed her bus driver test in the last few months and was still trying to get to grips with the job but she seemed to be consistently given the worst busses in the depot. A typical guy thing, she assumed, since she was the only female driver on duty this week. It just seemed to Gaby that the men at the depot just seemed to look down on her. And that was in a sexist way rather than sexual. But she caught her boss recently looking down on her in a slightly different way as his eyes delved deep into her cleavage.

Sexist pigs, she thought to herself as the bus chugged again pulling into a stop. Three men in their twenties got on and dropped some coins into the machine. They were mean looking, dirty and expressionless. They didn’t even seem to notice the plump brown haired Gaby behind the wheel of the bus. She dutifully issued the tickets and one man grunted what sounded like a ‘thanks’ but she couldn’t be sure. Checking her mirrors she indicated and pulled back out onto the main road and the bus chugged again as it attempted to get up the steep hill.

Gaby glanced at the clock in her cab which indicated 1121pm. She was pleased that this was the last run of the night. And with only 2 more stops until she returned to the depot she was looking forward to her two day break from work. The thought of the hot bath back to her house and since she was off work, a nice cold glass of wine made her smile. She was thinking of what she might want to do on her day off as she drove past an empty bus-stop. One down and one to go, she smiled. Gaby was so caught up in her own thoughts that she hardly noticed one of the men moving forwards towards the front of the bus.

At the last minute she did see him in her mirror and thought about the approaching stop where she would need to pull in to let him off. He came alongside the cab and glanced at her, noticing her tight uniform. It appeared too small for her body, the buttons pushing out and almost popping. Glancing up briefly and smiling at the man politely Gaby started to indicate to pull in. But this action was met by his voice.
“Just keep driving!” He said in what sounded like an order. “I’ll tell you when to stop!”
“Sorry? What?” Gaby was confused. That was her last stop prior to her return to the depot. “You wanna go back to the depot?” She asked glancing up at him again.
“I said just keep fucking driving!” He now said aggressively and Gaby turned again to see a knife in his hand shining against the sheet of plastic between her and the man.

Gaby froze and suddenly turned to concentrate on the road ahead. “Please don’t hurt me!” Gaby said in a frightened voice. “I have money in my bag that you can have but the bus fare container is sealed and that can only be removed at the depot!”
“Shut Escort the fuck up you silly bitch!” Came the firm reply. “We don’t want your fucking money!”
Gaby cautiously stole another glance at the man who was playing with the knife.
“Turn left here!” He suddenly said and without thinking Gaby turned the bus, realising that the road she was now on headed out of town and in the opposite direction to the depot.

The road got quieter as the bus left the area of the town and went out into the countryside and Gaby could feel her legs trembling as she wondered what might happen next. What did these people want? They could take the bus, the worst bus in the depot!

“Turn here!” Came another gruff command and Gaby obediently turned the bus into a country track that led away from the road and towards a woodland. The bus entered under the trees and seemed to weave its way down into a valley. “Now stop!”
Gaby pulled the bus to a stop.
“Put off the engine!”
She complied waiting nervously.
“Open the cab!”
Gaby started to tremble now. As much as it was only a plastic partition between her and her assailant the cab was her only protection from him, and the others, and the knife.
“I said open the fucking cab you fat cunt!” The man almost spat the words out as he spoke and Gaby turned to see the anger in his face. She clicked open the lock and the cab door popped open between her and the man with the knife. Almost immediately he pushed his hand in and grabbing her arm literally dragged Gaby out of the cab and into the main seating area. Her legs felt like jelly as she tried to stand and he forced her back into a seat as she heard the other two men walk from the back of the bus to where she was now sitting.

“Looky here!” Said one of the men as he approached. “This is a nice present you’ve got for us Tom!”
“Not too fat for you I hope?” Replied the man with the knife.
“Oh no!” Came a chorus of replies from the other two men. “Love em big and busty and she is just that!”
Gaby suddenly felt a tear roll down her cheek as the knife was place at the open neck of her uniform shirt and slashed down. The motion of the knife cut through the front of the shirt exposing Gaby’s over-full black bra and the shirt now gaped open right down to her waist. Tears flowed down her face now spoiling the little makeup she had used today. She looked up trembling and noticed they were all big men, with big sturdy bodies and all close to six feet tall.
“Stand up bitch!” Came the next command and Gaby complied standing on her trembling legs. She immediately felt a hand go to the back of her skirt and felt the button and zipper being ripped open. Another tear rolled down her cheek as she felt her skirt fall to the floor exposing her panties and tights leading down her legs to her flat shoes.

Seconds later she felt her arms being grabbed and her hands pinned behind her back. In spite of her struggles she felt one of the other men tie her wrists together tightly.
“Please don’t hurt me” Gaby begged.
“Shut the fuck up!” Came the firm reply, then. “Blindfold her too!”
Gaby’s was suddenly plunged into darkness as a blindfold was placed over her eyes and tied tightly at the back of her head. Her tears now welled up and soaked into the thin material.

She felt the coldness of the knife being slid over her plump tummy and was terrified, shaking and unable to say anything Escort Bayan other than to murmur gently in fear. The three men now gathered around her and their hands roamed over her body. She felt her bra being cut off and the tights and panties were next. And then she felt the fingers pinching and probing as she trembled. She could feel the heat of the men and as they pressed close to her she felt the familiar hardening maleness of her assailants against her naked body. And they all felt huge as Gaby’s fear grew.

“Put her on the floor!” Barked another command. And Gaby felt herself being forced onto her back on the dirty floor of the bus. Her legs were gripped and held wide apart as the biggest of the men dropped his trousers. His cock sprang free and hard, standing straight out from his groin. He lowered himself to her helplessly exposed pussy and worked his shaft into her immediately forcing his way in. She gasped and let out a cry as she shook her head from side to side unable to move. The man simply forced deeper and finally filled her completely as he sank it into her right to the hilt. Gaby let out another cry.

He began to pump in and out aggressively, faster and faster, harder with each stroke. The other two men still held her legs spread wide with one hand each. They were using their free hands to manhandle her large soft tits, pinching and pulling the nipples. Despite her protests and fighting against them the effect this was having was not what Gaby wanted. The aching hardness of her nipples, as the man kneaded the flesh of her tits mercilessly and the fact that she was being ruthlessly fucked was sending all the wrong signals around her body. She hated this, liking the feelings she was having, but hating the experience. And she knew this was only the beginning; the other two would take their turn with her when the one fucking her was done. He was really hammering her and she felt her body starting to respond against her will. It felt like he was growing even bigger as he gave her two especially hard deep thrusts and filled her with his hot cum.

The man on her left was already out of his trousers and rock hard, ready to take her as soon as his friend moved out of the way. He didn’t hesitate and rammed into her in one long push. With her cunt now lubricated and full of male cum, he easily slipped his hips forward until they slammed against hers as he filled her. At the same time his balls slapped into the crack between her bum cheeks as her cunt was again filled with a huge hard prick. He was as brutish as the first had been, quickly speeding his strokes until she was again being pummeled. The last man positioned himself at her face and between moans and protests she felt a large hot shaft being pushed against her lips. She tried to move her head from side to side but felt strong hands holding her hair and her nose being held closed. As she opened her lips and gasped for air she felt the cock head being pushed into her mouth. The third man was now face fucking her, forcing her to take half his length in short sharp jabs to the back of her throat.

And suddenly Gaby realized she was meeting them stroke for stroke as her body became completely aroused. This wasn’t what she wanted and hated being raped in this way but the treatment she was receiving now was giving her a heightened lust she had never known before. Suddenly the man in her throbbing pussy Bayan Escort pressed close and she felt him spasm and jerk as he filled her with his own hot cum. The man in Gaby’s mouth pulled away as her pussy was left vacant again. In her darkness she felt rough hands flipping her onto her tummy, her big breasts now squashed against the floor of the bus. The man pushed her legs under her so that her whole backside was in the air, vulnerable to whatever the men wanted to do to her.

She felt hands grab her hips and hold her tightly as the head of the third hard cock prodded at the tiny opening of her arsehole. She tried to squirm away, but the hands held her motionless as he stretched her arse with his invading cock. She screamed as the enormous cock head pushed farther into her, feeling as if it would come out her throat. Her latest assailant started drilling in and out, picking up speed as she adjusted to his intrusion. At each forward thrust his balls slapped her dripping pussy while his cock mercilessly tunneled into her anal canal. And with rough hands he reached around and grabbed her swinging breasts and began to roll the nipples between his fingers. Gaby felt his cock grow bigger inside her as he drove into her to the hilt time after time. And then with a loud grunt he pushed into her as far as he could and she felt his cock explode spurting his hot cum into her ravished arsehole.

Gaby knew it wasn’t over as she felt her ankles being tied and a piece of tape stuck over her mouth. She lay on the floor of the bus naked, trembling with fear and cold as she heard the men chatting and opening beer cans. And she was right as she heard her bag being opened and emptied onto the floor.

“What the fuck do we have here?” Said a male voice and Gaby suddenly realised what the men had come across. She never should have done it, she wanted it so badly but why today? Why the fuck had she got it today! Aswell as being cold and wet inside and terrified she was now mortified as she thought of the big vibrating dildo that she purchased earlier in the day, to play with on her days off. She heard the packet of batteries being opened and the men laughing at what they had found then she felt her legs being pulled apart again. One of her assailants took the vibrator and shoved it straight into her pussy, setting it on high and leaving it buried inside her. “That should keep you happy until we’re ready again he said as he pinched one of her nipples hard.

And Gaby was! She lost all track of time and tried to hide her muffled cries as her orgasms approached and waned over and over again. And she felt it being removed and her gaga removed as they took turns fucking her in the mouth, the pussy, and her arse until she passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Gaby didn’t know how long she had slept but awoke to silence in the bus. She struggled but her wrists and ankles were still tied.
“Hello?” She said almost timidly fearful of who might reply.
“Hello!” Came a deep dirty whisper of a reply. “So you’re my new plaything are you?”
Gaby felt her blindfold being untied and she blinked in the light to see an older man with a grey beard looking down at her smiling through broken teeth.
“Can you help me please?” Gaby asked innocently, tears rolling down her cheeks.
The man smiled again a kindly smile before turning to the back of the bus. “Get her in the van boys!” He said. “We’re going home!”

Gaby watched out of the back of the van as the bus burned in the forest not knowing where she was going or what was going to happen when she got there!

To be continued……………..

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