Business Trip


As a professional couple, we often need to travel on business, and this happened on one such occasion. Karen was working as a senior manager with a government agency at a weeklong media conference. She was away for four nights and, as usual, in one of her moods. It is worth explaining what we mean when I say in a “mood.” There are times, and regularly she is in a mood, and at this time, she loves to have sex, and I mean a lot. She is willing to have sex with just about anyone she finds attractive tall more the merrier.

On this trip, it was the second night away, and the group she was with had decided to have a few drinks at a high-class bar. Karen was flirtatious and was looking to see if she could tempt one or more guys into some fun. She had a group of guys from a visiting hockey team in a conversation at the bar, and one of the guys was tall and powerfully built; Karen was making the right moves, and after a while, he suggested they go outside for some privacy. So they went out onto the balcony

They started kissing and feeling each other under the clothes. Karen loved the way he ran his hand over her breast, as he kissed with wet open kisses. She could feel the warmth between her legs. As they continued to kiss, guiding his hand between her legs, pushing his hand against her throbbing pussy. They held each, raising her skirt, his fingers on the outside of the material of her panties. He slid the fabric to one side, exposing her shaved pussy to the cool night air. Her wetness made it easy for his fingers to slide between her lips and into her. She slights bent her knees opening herself and lowering onto his fingers. He was feeling her and moaning with pleasure, exploring her.

She looked up and noticed another guy standing a few meters away watching them. Karen lent back against the railing, opening her legs a little wider. His fingers now working on her pussy lips, she closed her eyes and allowed the sensation sweep through her, exposed on a public balcony, a married woman with a random guy fingering her, and a young guy in the shadows watching. Karen came thrusting her hips onto his fingers, looking over his shoulder at the young guy as she came. Then, recovering and pulling her dress down, they decided to head back to his apartment across the road.

As they were walking back, she phoned me telling me she had met a cute young guy and hoped I didn’t mind, but she had been fingering her while some random guy watched and was going to have some fun. When they entered, his apartment was two stories with an open plan, the living area and the minor bedrooms on the ground floor, and the main bedroom on the first floor overlooking the living room. She said they didn’t waste any time going up to the main bedroom, kissing and undressing each other along the way. She quickly realized this guy was huge. As she was stroking him as they kissed, she felt herself get wetter with anticipation and excitement.

They made their way to the bed, where she laid him on his back, and she climbed over him, kissing and feeling his strong hand exploring her. His large hard cock pressed against her stomach. As she moved up his body and rested against him, she could feel him against the soft flesh on the inside of her thighs. She said that she felt the head of his cock brushing the lips of her vagina as it was now slowly pressing against Escort her. She said she was so wet and slowly sat down on his cock, she could feel it open her, and the heat of his cock filled her. Then, as she felt the head of his cock move slowly deep within her and then move out and back into her tight wet pussy, the feeling made her gasp from the pressure and the excitement building in her.

She was now riding up and down his cock moving deeper with every thrust. She was excited and horny and wished I could see how this turned her on. She could feel her orgasm build and see he was close, and she loved the idea she could ride him and make him cum in her. As she could see he was losing control as he groaned and pumped himself into her, Karen felt the immense sticky warmth and slippery feeling inside her, as she too came moaning loudly, and she continued to ride him slowly, moaning, and she collapsed against his chest.

She lay there, her legs wide open, as his cock slowly slipped out of her. The feeling of his cum dribbling down her lips made her want to fuck him or anyone again.

They were lying on the bed for a while, and this guy being young and fit, didn’t take long to recover. Karen said he climbed onto her, kissing her passionately again, his large cock, again pressing between her legs. He slid in with the same full-filling she had experienced before. So, she sat up on her elbows, watching see this enormous member fuck her, as she held her knees up high and wide and tipped her hips up, wanting another good fucking. As they continued fucking she watched as his wet cock, slid in and out. Knowing it would turn me on watching, biting her bottom lip, telling him to fuck her and how hot it was, she heard the door open as the rest of the hockey team came back to the apartment.

At first, she thought he might stop, as they were making plenty of noise with the bed bouncing, slapping slippery flesh. Then, moans of excitement and passion, when she realized he was not going to stop, so Karen continued moaning loud enough for them to hear, the bed bouncing as this young guy was fucking a married woman. It didn’t take long before they were getting comments from downstairs, and knowing they were listening, maybe watching, she had another powerful, loud orgasm and made sure all could hear as another load of semen filled her. This guy had substantial cum loads as she could feel it running between the cheeks of her bum.

She lay back on the bed as he went to the balcony leaning over, laugher and talking were his mates. She played with her puffy wet pussy, facing the stairway hoping someone would come and watch. She lay there fingering her wet pussy, and she rested back on her elbows, opened her legs so somebody could watch her fingering her vagina. She was willing to fuck them as well. As she thought of how hot it would be to be tagged teamed, or gangbang she masturbated to another orgasm.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the bliss of the several orgasms she had on her back with her hand still between her thighs. It must have been several minutes. She thought how lucky she was to have fun with these guys and be married when she felt someone climb onto the bed. At first, she thought her new lover was ready again. She opened her legs prepared to welcome him back, but when she opened her eyes, it was the young guy that had Escort Bayan been watching earlier on. He was naked and climbed between her open legs.

She smiled and asked if he liked the show. As they kissed, he slid into her with one deep thrust making her moan. She told him to fuck her and fill her up as she raced towards an orgasm. Her hands were on his chest, her legs wide and hips tilted to feel his deep thrusts. She came with loud moans as she noticed the diamonds on her wedding ring glisten in the light. A second random guy fucked her tonight, pumping her hard, filling her with his cum.

She climbed out of the bed as the sheets were covered in semen and juices of the fucking she had just enjoyed. She wrapped a towel around herself and went downstairs to the toilet to clean up. As she walked back to the stairs, six guys watched sport on TV, including the two she had already fucked. One of the guys grabbed Karen by the hand and asked her to sit on his knee on a big wide lounge chair. She sat down on his knee, and they started kissing.

She was excited by the opportunity that she might she would get fucked again. He slowly raised his hand under the towel as they kissed, exposing her to the guys watching. He asked if she minded if he removed the towel, and she said no. Now she was laying back in his arm, her head to on side kissing and him. His finger brushed over her nipple and slowly moved towards her mound. He again asked if she minded if he played with her while the others watched. Karen loved the idea. She knew this part would arouse me as well, and she remembered when we were staying in a hotel, she masturbated on the balcony for a group of young guys. I watched as she played with her clit, and fingered herself with two fingers until she came.

She lay there as he slowly fingered her wet lips, opening them so the guys could see how damp wind open she had become. Next, his slippery fingers stroked her clit, as she opened her legs wider and moaned for him not to stop. She enjoyed having her nipples tweaked and clit fingered in front of these young guys. Finally, she guided his hand and encouraged him to slide two fingers into her, with her legs wide open so the guys could watch.

He then leaned over the side of the chair and presented an empty beer bottle to Karen. May I, he asked, as he lowered it towards her pussy. The bottle was a typical beer bottle with a short neck and tapering out quickly. She opened her lips to make it easy for him. He lowered the bottle and placed the neck against her open lips. The bottle was cool against her hot puffy lips, and she felt the smooth glass slide into her, and the expanding neck of the bottle fill her. He held the bottle against her filling her with the cool smooth glass. She sat up slightly and could see the bottle’s neck was all the way in and the edge of the bottle stretching the flesh of her vagina. She could feel the stretching as he held the bottle firm.

Karen looked into the eyes of the audience, burning with lust. The tight flesh and moisture the aroma of her as he had her legs wide, placed her hand over the guy’s hand and helped control the pressure. She pushed the bottle a little deeper, relaxed, and pushed again. He started pumping her with the bottle, and as she felt herself getting more excited, she thrust the bottle deep into her pussy. Bayan Escort She looked down; only the edge of the bottle was visible. She lay there, her hips rocking gently to take in the sensation of the full stretched feeling and cool glass.

One of the guys was kneeling between her legs. He placed his mouth over her clit, his tongue working her clit.

The contrast between the coolness of the bottle and the heat of his tongue was striking. Other guys were now running their hand over her body, pinching her nipples, kissing her, fingering her full pussy. She felt the bottle slide out of her. Her inside felt stretched and open. As she relaxed, the guy underneath slid his erect cock deep inside her. He immediately started fucking her as Karen moaned with the thick warm cock now in her. Another guy now knelt on the edge of the chair, one leg above her hip the other below, rubbed his massive erect cock against her clit. She knew what she wanted and motioned for the new guy to double penetrate her. At the edge of the chair, the second guy now worked his cock into her. She could feel her inside stretch again, but this time the two cocks were hot, long, and moving around inside her.

They were fucking her hard and deep, and all she could say was fuck yes. As one of the guys placed his cock against her mouth, she started to suck on him, but within a few minutes, he shot his semen into her mouth, spilling over onto her chin and neck. She looked up in time to see another guy shoot a load over her neck and breasts. The salty hot wet aroma of semen was filling her senses as her orgasm exploded. Both guys fucking her grabbed her and fucked her deeper.

With her head back opening her body to the deep, intense penetrations, another guy aimed his load into her face and neck. She could taste it on her lips, and she sucked him, taking the last few loads into her mouth. The two guys, now we’re getting close. She could feel them harden within her, and she begged them to fuck her and fill her with semen. As if in unison they came, filling her, the convulsions seemed to go on forever as they slowly pulled out. Loads of cum running onto the guy underneath and over the couch.

For the next several hours, they took turns, bent over the lounge chair as they fucked her hard from behind. She loved being continuously taken, her orgasms coming hard and fast. She eventually went back upstairs to bed with two guys, and she had sex with them again.

They fell asleep, around 2:00 am, and early that morning, as the guys were packing to catch a plane, she tempted one of the guys to fuck her again, this time leaning over the balcony, his hard cock pounding her from behind, naked legs wide apart, so the guys downstairs could see. She came in front of them, and it was one of the quickest and most exciting fucks she had ever had. As she kissed her lover goodbye, they headed out the door, Karen standing there naked with his semen now dripping on the floor between her legs, and as she looked around, the sheets were stained, as were the dribble marks on the floor.

She went downstairs for a shower and prepared for another day at the conference, walking around the apartment naked and showering with the doors and windows open, hoping someone might see. After the shower, she went out on the balcony with only a towel over her hair to feel the cool air of her skin. She contemplated masturbating but realized she was late for breakfast, and the conference decided to think about that again tonight.

I heard all about this adventure that night over the phone and again at home that weekend.

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