Susan had been frustrated. She’d split up with her boyfriend 2 months ago. They’d been going out for 6 months. Before him, she’d been a virgin, and although she’d explored her body, she’d never made herself cum, and certainly never been looking for sex. She was an 18 year old innocent school girl back then. Bob had changed all that. By the time they’d split up, she thought she’d become a nymphomaniac.

Soon after their not-so-amicable break-up, she’d felt those familiar urges, that until now, only Bob’s 6 inch monster, (or she thought then), cock could satisfy. Oh, she’d tried to use her fingers. She’d even bought a vibrator. It felt nice, but not the same. She couldn’t get away from the fact it was plastic, and not real live, hard, pulsating, flesh. Mmmm.

Eventually, she turned to porn. She’d had to persuade her dad to let her have an internet connection cabled up to her room. Once done, she was able to better fill her fantasies, whilst using her plastic friend.

Inevitably, her mind started to wander. She started reading stories on . Some of them blew her mind. When she next got a boyfriend, she was definitely going to test some of those new ideas out! She’d been getting a lot of spam lately inviting her to look at explicit video chatrooms. The sort where you can see anyone else who’s showing publicly, and also go private, either with the message or video. It became more & more appealing to her. She decided it couldn’t hurt.

Gone were the days of innocence. She used the nickname ‘Showmeyourcock’. She was inundated with requests for men to show what they had for her. She loved it! Although she didn’t have a cam, most of the blokes were so horny and desperate, they were glad to wank and cum for her. She couldn’t get enough of seeing the cum spurt out of the piss holes of all sizes, shapes and colours. She’d been reluctant to taste Bob’s cum before, but now she regretted not trying it. The next cock she had, she’d definitely try it. To her, it was all about the cock, now. There may have been a man attached to it, but it didn’t really matter right now.

She’d been feeling the need to give something back. Yeah, right! She wanted those horny guys to see her fingering her sopping pussy. If she’d thought more about it, she might’ve thought it was maybe because she wanted to prove she was a woman, not just a bloke pretending to be one. She also missed the compliments about her body. She wanted them to make her feel sexy. It wasn’t enough for her that she could see all the cocks she could ever imagine, (and also more than enough that she wished she could forget — those wrinkly dirty old men — ugh!)

So she bought herself a webcam. It didn’t cost much & was a nightmare to install. She’d done it all herself, though. So noone else knew about it in her family. Her Mum had been telling her to get out more, so she didn’t want to arouse their suspicions anymore than necessary.

She got right into performing for her admirers straight away. She’d decided to set up her own room, to see how many were just watching her. She had over 100 within 5 minutes of showing some cleavage. The board was going crazy & she gave up trying to keep track. She was tempted to block the private messages, but she was getting too carried away with her performance. She’d wanted to tease them, but got lost in the moment & was soon naked & fucking herself with her dildo. Her screen was full of hard cocks. Every time one would explode, she’d send the owner a quick thank you, then move onto another.

She’d meant to only show her body, but ended up showing them her face several times. Who cares? They’re all on the other side of the world. Then she couldn’t stop cumming. The cocks on her screen had all cum by now & closed their cams. She gave up trying to keep track. Her eyes were closed as she savoured the moment. As she came down, she decided that was enough for the night. Hopefully she didn’t make any noise!

She said it was time for her to go on the board. She came out of the room, but stayed online for a short while longer, reading the sexy messages she’d been left, closing them as she went. After about 10 minutes, she was about to disconnect, when she received another message from someone called English_Hunk.

‘That was incredible, Susan’

Any excitement left in her body vanished. Who the fuck was it?

‘Who’s that?’ she said. She wasn’t stupid enough to reveal her identity.

‘Oh, only an admirer.’

‘Ok.’ Must’ve been a lucky guess, she thought.

‘Bob was a fool to dump you.’

Fuck!!! ‘What are you talking about?’ Keep calm.

‘Just that. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.’ Too right, she thought to herself.

‘Will we be seeing you performing on here any time, soon, then?’

Up until a moment ago, she would’ve been tempted to go back the next night. But now everything had changed. She couldn’t let someone who knew her see doing that. She couldn’t let her reputation be tarnished at Escort school!

‘No, I think that was a one-off.’

‘That’s a shame.’ ‘It’s a good job I recorded your 15 minutes of fame, then.’

OH MY GOD!!! ‘You what?’

‘I thought it was such a good performance, someone should keep a record of it.’

Then she lost it. ‘You fucking wanker! If you show that to anyone!’

‘You’ll what?’

She was stunned into silence. What could she threaten him with? He had all the cards. She’d have to play it by his rules for now, until she could find a way of finding out who it was, or better yet, getting the video deleted. ‘What do you want?’

‘Well, for a start, you won’t call me a wanker again. I think you’d better do what I say from now on. It would be a shame if the video was accidentally emailed to your Mum, teachers and friends, wouldn’t it?’

All the blood drained from her head. How could this have happened? & why did it have to happen to her? ‘You’re serious?’

‘I’m just an admirer. That was a great show, Susan. Yes, I am serious, though.’

‘What do you want me to do, then?’

‘That’s more like it.’ ‘This doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s just a bit of fun. You like fun, don’t you?’

Maybe she could go along with it. He’d probably want to have sex with her, but was that so bad? ‘Yeah, I like fun.’

‘Much better.’ ‘I want you to give someone a blowjob. On camera, so I know you’re really doing it.’

She sighed. She knew this was coming. It didn’t make it any easier. ‘Fine. But then that’s it. I want you to delete the video after that. Deal?’

‘You haven’t even asked who it is, yet. I promise that I’ll delete that video once I see you swallow Geoff”s cum.’

Geoff was her younger brother. ‘You’re joking?’

‘No, dead serious.’

‘No way. Anyone but him.’ This nightmare was just getting worse & worse.

‘There is no negotiation. Either you suck him off in the next hour, or I email everyone.’ That was it. She had no choice in the matter.

‘Please! Don’t do this. I’ll do anything else. I’ll fuck you if you want. I’ll fuck anyone else. But not him.’

‘Don’t try my patience. The choice is yours. I’m making this easy for you. It’s not like I’m making you show the video in the public room.’

She started crying. This couldn’t be happening. The only way she could go through with this was by drinking. ‘I don’t have much choice, then. I guess I’ll have to do it.’ She nearly called him a wanker again, but held off.

She remembered seeing a bottle of red wine downstairs & decided the sooner she drank it, the sooner she could get this over with. ‘What if he says no?’

‘Don’t worry about that. Just get him in your room & let nature take it’s course.’

‘I don’t believe you, but, fine. Give me some time, then.’

This was surreal. She pulled on her dressing gown. She was too upset to bother to get dressed again right now. She sneaked downstairs, trying to avoid make any noise, or attract any attention. Noone was around which was a good thing. She began to wonder how big Geoff’s cock would be. She couldn’t believe she was thinking it, but very shortly she’d see what no sister was ever supposed to see & do what no sister was supposed to do. I wonder what cum really tastes like? I wonder what his cum tastes like? I wonder if I’ll like it

She was already accepting the situation. Her pussy had become moist again. She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like this. It wasn’t like she wanted to do this, though. In a way, thinking that made it far easier to deal with. Perhaps it also helped to stir up her emotions. Being a submissive had always been a fantasy for her. She’d never had the opportunity to try it out, though.

She took the bottle up to her room, & started swigging it while looking at the computer, amazed at the predicament she found herself in. Within minutes, the bottle was half empty. Her vision was already blurring. She felt the room spinning around her. She was ready.

She went out into the hallway & knocked on Geoff’s door. Her nerves were a lot calmer now. She heard some rustling from his bedroom. ‘Yeah?’ She heard him say.

‘It’s Susan. Can we have a chat? In my room?’

‘Why? What is it?’

What could she say? She hadn’t really thought about she could explain it. ‘If you come into my room, I’ll explain.’

‘Ok, if you say so. Give me a minute.’

She went back into her room, leaving her door ajar & turned the webcam back on, putting it in private. She made sure it could see the whole of the bed. She left English_Hunk a message to say that the password was ‘wanker’. She thought that would be appropriate.

Just then, Geoff came in.

‘Oh, Geoff, hi, thanks for coming on. Shut the door.’ He followed her instruction.

‘What’s up?’ He asked.

‘What’s up? Oh, well…sit down on the bed — no not there, there’, pointing to where she wanted him to sit. Escort Bayan He gave her a funny look, but did as directed. ‘I need to…’ she couldn’t bring herself to ask him. She was nervous as hell. A sweat was breaking out on her forehead. She glanced briefly in the direction of her desk, and therefore webcam. She realized she was out of view.

‘Is everything ok? Geoff asked.

She decided to sit down next to him. ‘Erm, sort of.’ Before he could comment, she decided to press on. ‘Geoff, I need to you to trust me. I really need your help with something.’ She couldn’t tell if he was perplexed, scared or something else — his expression was unreadable. ‘Can you do what I ask without question?’

‘Erm, I guess. It’s not illegal is it? He grinned.

She managed a small smile back. It helped to lighten the tension a little. She had an idea. ‘Please don’t tell Mum. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I want to practise something & I couldn’t ask anyone else.’ That’s better, she told herself. More convincing.

She steeled herself. ‘I really want to know what it’s like to kiss a guy.’

‘You’re kidding, right? You’ve never kissed a bloke, before? What about your ex?’

‘No, not kissing on the lips, kissing down lower.’ She let him take a few moments to twig.

‘Oh, ooohhhh. Am I understanding you right? You want to know what it’s like to give a bloke a blowjob?’

She got nervous again. ‘Erm, yeah.’

‘& you want me to help? But why me? I’m your brother. I’m sure that’s supposed to be wrong.’

‘Please — look, if I just did it with some random bloke, it would soon get around & I’d get a reputation. My life would be ruined!’

‘Is it really that important to you?’

‘I asked you to trust me. Yes, it’s really important to me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,’ she said seductively. A part of her brain was screaming at her — what are you doing flirting with your brother? That part was becoming insignificant, though, as she got turned on. Part of the turn-on was down to the fact she was going to give a blowjob. Part of it was down to the taboo of the situation. That small part of her was also yelling — you can’t let this turn you on, it’s wrong!

‘Take your trousers off, Geoff.’ As he complied, she got up & locked the door. She went back & knelt down in front of him.

‘I’m only doing this because I want to help you, ok?’

‘Oh yes, absolutely. I really appreciate this.’ How could this be happening? She managed a smile for him, though. As he sat down in his white boxer shorts, she knew there was no going back now. She noticed an erection tenting his underwear. ‘Well, at least I don’t have to get you ready,’ she chuckled to herself. She was also enjoying the view. She was telling herself, it’s just a cock. Focus on the cock. Such a big one, too, by the looks of things. She noticed a wet patch around the spot where the underwear was tented. She looked up into his eyes, as she pulled the elastic down over his cock.

‘Fuck me, Geoff, it’s a monster!’ She’d never seen anything as big before, at least not on cam. He was as big as the biggest she’d seen on any pictures on the web. This was definitely a good thing. Although quite how she’d fit it in her mouth was going to be another matter. She did some calculations in her head. ‘It must be 10 inches long & over 1 wide.’

’11 long & 1 ½ wide, actually,’ he said smugly.

‘Wow! The last time I saw this, was when we were still kids & Mum would make us bath together.’ Geoff just sat there, grinning, enjoying the attention.

‘It can get a bit awkward when I get turned on,’ he laughed.

‘I bet. Is it ok if I…you know?’

‘Well, since you asked so nicely, how could I say no?’ He said with mock honesty.

She reached one of her delicate hands to touch the skin. It was warm. She reached around at the middle section, but her fingers wouldn’t reach the whole way. Without realising it, her mind was wondering if it would somewhere else other than her mouth. Imagine what it would feel like…’Mmm’ she said out loud.

‘Sorry?’ Geoff asked.

‘Oh, nothing, my mind was wandering. Ok, I hope this is ok with you, but I’m going to kiss it, now.’

‘Ok, whatever you say.’

She leaned down, still holding his cock firmly with one hand, pulling her shoulder length brown hair back with the other. He was uncircumcised. This was a novelty for her as well. Bob had been cut. She could see moisture at the tip. As she got closer, she pulled the skin down, until it was tight & she could see his piss-hole. She kissed the tip with puckered up lips. They got all sticky with his moisture.

‘Call that a kiss?’ Geoff asked.

‘What? This is my first time,’ well sort of, she said to herself. He wants a kiss? I’ll give him a kiss then. First off all, I want to see what he tastes like. She dabbed her tongue on the tip. She swirled it round her mouth a little. She decided it wasn’t too bad, really. Something Bayan Escort about it, too, really felt very nice. Must be the hormones. But, oh, must have more of that!

This time, she gave him a full swipe of her tongue. She carried on lapping until he was relatively dry. She looked up into his face, but his eyes were closed, and his head tilting back slightly. She smiled to herself. Part of her felt some pride for making him happy.

She carried on licking down to the bottom of his pole. She could now look sideways up towards his face, but his eyes were still shut. She looked toward the camera. She realised that the majority of the time, only her head could be shown, so she moved around slightly, to give the camera a better view. She imagined looking into her blackmailers eyes. She wasn’t sure whether she was angry, or turned on by the ordeal. Certainly if it had never happened, she may never have seen or tasted a monster this big. Every she cloud has a silver lining, she smiled to herself.

She moved back up his cock, keeping her lips as locked as possible, til she reached the head. This time, her lips were covering him, not just her tongue. They were being stretched, & she was beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea. After all, hers wasn’t the biggest mouth in the world.

All of a sudden, she felt Geoff’s hands on top of her head. She started to panic, pushing against the bed, but it was useless. Geoff was far stronger than her & was in a far better position. At the same time, she felt him pushing his cock up into her mouth.

Her whole jaw ached, as he forced himself deep into her mouth. All she could do was hum noises. She gave up fighting. He paused as he reached the back of her throat. She managed to take several deep breaths. This wasn’t so bad after all. Ok, her jaw was stretched, but a part of her wished she could do this far more often. Perhaps Geoff would understand if she could do this again in future. She hoped so.

Geoff pushed her dressing gown down off her shoulders. She’d forgotten she was still naked underneath. Shit! Then again, Geoff wasn’t exactly covered up. Never mind. Let him enjoy the view. I’m certainly enjoying mine! He leaned down and undid the belt still holding it up around her waist & then the gown pooled around her knees on the floor.

As the pressure on her head reduced, she looked into his eyes, then moved her head back up until she reached the head again. She paused not just a cock, a fucking huge monster cock, she was beginning to enjoy herself. She’d always been too grossed out and desperate to move onto the proper sex with Bob, to really enjoy cock sucking for what it was. Part of her regretted that. Oh well, she couldn’t worry about it. What’s done is done. Besides, she had another cock to play with. ‘Mmmm.’ She realised her left hand was between her legs. Oh well, who cares?

‘Fuck, yeah, what a fuckslut,’ she heard Bob say. She’d been lost in her own world & his cock to remember he was attached to it. How could her own brother call her that? Then again, how could she have her brothers cock in her mouth? She really was a fuckslut & was loving it. She decided it was time to start bobbing her head faster. His breathing began to get louder, and his hips started bucking faster. She felt a little disappointment, as she know this would soon end, but at the same time, proud for doing such a sexy, good job.

The majority of Geoff’s cock hadn’t felt her mouth sliding down on it, only her hand rubbing. As she reached the bottom of her stroke, though, Geoff’s hands pushed her down hard. This time, there was no relenting. He was at the back of the throat & despite her struggles, she was having trouble breathing. She knew what he wanted, though. She wanted to try to help him. She forced her throat muscles to relax. She could tell it was having an effect, as she felt him slide slightly deeper. After a minute or so, he was in! Then he kept pushing & pushing. Before she knew it, her nose was being tickled by his pubes.

She closed her eyes. She was rubbing herself hard, now. Geoff’s fingers were still tangled in her hair. Then she felt the cum rising up through his long tube. He went completely still. As he exploded in her throat, she started coughing. His grip on her head had loosened, though, allowing her to pull free. She came off his cock completely, which carried on spurting thick, warm, salty globs in her mouth, as it left it. She was too busy choking to notice, though. He carried on spurting reduced quantities over her face, as her breathing returned to normal. She looked down at his shrinking cock. Such a beautiful thing. She started cleaning up the mess on him. For some reason, the taste & smell of his cum sent tingles through her whole body.

She hadn’t managed to cum, but she would treasure this event for as long as she lived. Finally he was clean. He was looking down at her cum stained face. She looked back up at him, but couldn’t read his expression.

‘Thanks Geoff. I hope you’re ok with this?’

He was silent for a few moments. He started pulling back on his boxers & pulling up his jeans. ‘You really are a slut. Look at you — you’re still rubbing yourself!’

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