Butch Ch. 02


Ryan tipped the cabbie and entered her building in the Mission. She trudged up the steps to her second floor apartment, rubbing her eyes. Goosebumps could still be seen on her arms, damp and chilled from the rain. The Victorian was quiet and Ryan tried to respect the time by unlocking her door without disturbing the silence. She closed the door carefully behind her. In the foyer she removed her shoes.

‘Ry, is that you?’ called Alison, her roommate from behind a closed door.

‘Yeah, it’s me. Sorry if I woke you…” Ryan responded softly, setting her keys onto a mounted hand of a mannequin–all fingers but the middle had been curled under. She could hear giggling behind Alison’s door. This one sounded like Melisa. Guess they were back together…again. They probably hadn’t been exactly sleeping. ‘G’night.’ More giggling followed by a squeal. Ryan hadn’t evoked much of a disturbance after all.

She opened the fridge in the tiny kitchen, and stood staring at her choices. Beer. Mustard. An empty jar of pickles. She pulled out the Brita pitcher–empty, of course–and filled it at the sink. While the water filtered she walked to her room, heels bumping against the hardwood floors. Muffled moaning could be heard from Alison’s room. Ryan knowingly smiled to herself.

Her bedroom was a mishmash of oddities–a Craftsman toolbox in the corner next to an overfull bookshelf. Dirty laundry tossed into a wooden crate in another corner. The walls were all painted buttercream yellow, covered with henna-like drawings done by a close “friend.” A charcoal portrait that appeared to be a cross between Ryan and James Dean was drawn on the west wall. A second mural drawing–a nude woman, with sultry eyes and barely parted lips gazed at the portrait, her intentions unclear. The bed, all memory foam on a simple wooden platform, sat square and stark as a pat of butter. Ryan knew if she were to lie down she wouldn’t get up, so she peeled off her t-shirt, unsnapped her bra and replaced them with a tank top. The jeans and briefs came off next, revealing her lean, muscular legs. A fresh pair of boxers were donned.

She shuffled down the hall to the kitchen. Moans from Alison’s room intensifying, accented with small cries. Ryan bit her lower lip as she stood at the counter pouring herself a glass of water, imagining the scene and aching with longing and jealousy. She became aware of the sound of water dripping, looking down to see the glass overfilling. She sponged off the counter and downed the water. Back in her room, she pulled the chain on the lone lightbulb and crawled into bed.

“Yo, Ry!” Alison called, followed by the sound of her fist softly pounding the door. Ryan awoke slowly, her right elbow bent, forearm across her eyes to block out the sunlight that filtered in through the window. Bamboo blinds aren’t perfect. “Yeah?”

The door opened and Alison came in. She was tall with an athletic frame, a mane of blonde hair pulled back in a simple pony tail, her blue eyes keen. She wore her uniform–tight-fitting pants with a matching button-down tucked in, belted. “DI STEFANO” was embroidered on the patch above the breast pocket. Two identical patches bearing “ALLIANCE PARAMEDIC” sat atop her deltoids. She wore a huge smile.

“Hey,” Ryan muttered hoarsely. “Sounds like you had a good night.” She squinted in the light, smiling up at Alison. Her body lay tangled in the sheets.

Alison smiled, licking her lips. “We were in there all fucking night, fucking.” Alison İstanbul Escort had never been one to be shy about her thoughts. “My ass hurts from pumping into her for over a goddamn hour. When my cock wasn’t inside her pussy it was in her mouth.”

Ryan was silent, but didn’t mind this banter. She was used to it. Alison grew up with 5 brothers–all either firefighters and/or paramedics, so sex and gore was considered coffee table chat. As a butch, Alison had quite a way with women and had many lovers. Melisa, a petite Puerto Rican dancer, had been a fling of Alison’s over several occasions. Neither wanted to commit to anything, yet they ended up together often. Fight and fuck is what the cycle amounted to, and it seemed to work for Alison. Ryan enjoyed hearing of her conquests, in part to confirm the suspicions of her imagination, and also to tap into the sexual workings of a fellow butch.

“So I heard,” replied Ryan, who launched into a near-perfect imitation of Melisa’s moans and whimpers. Alison smirked, tossing a dirty t-shirt at Ryan. She eyed Ryan’s pile of growing dirty laundry with a laugh. “Yeah, that’s my day today,” said Ryan.

“I’m on for 48, so I won’t be home tonight. If anyone comes by…” stated Alison.

“I’ll send her over to the station to straddle your face,” interrupted Ryan with a cheeky grin.

“Fuck, I wish,” began Alison. Just then her cell rang. Alison looked at the number, gave a quick “gotta run” and dashed out. Ryan didn’t know what to make of this, as it happened occasionally. She would never be snoopy enough to investigate Alison’s phone. It could be work, family or another rendezvous.

Ryan looked at the pile of laundry and closed her eyes, bringing a pillow over her head. Not exactly how she wanted to spend her day off. She heard Alison grab her keys and the locking of the front door. The sound of steel-toed shoes running down steps marked her departure. Turning onto her side, Ryan licked her lips and closed her eyes, aware of the sound of her door creaking open and the soft pat of bare feet approaching. Soft hands ruffled her bed head, full lips kissed her hair. She felt Melisa’s warm body slide beneath the sheets beside her. Her hand crept up Ryan’s tank top, fingers delicately caressing her back and shoulders. Without a word, Ryan turned onto her stomach, and Melisa began massaging Ryan’s back with both hands–kneading and caressing tight muscles. The tank top was pushed upward and Ryan’s movements assisted in it’s removal. Where only moments ago only hands were caressing, soft kisses began to follow. Melisa’s caresses became more aggressive, now centering along the low back and hips. Ryan’s boxers were inching down her legs.

Ryan sighed slowly, stretching her limbs, lifting her legs so the boxers could be flung to the floor. The kneading continued along her calves, back of her thighs, ass. Ryan reached her hand back and stroked Melisa along her breasts, then turned her head to see Melisa’s face, intent and desiring. Green eyes looked into brown and an understanding was reached as it had been on several prior occasions. Melisa lay down beside Ryan, the sheets bunched at the bottom of the bed, her nude form slim and caramel as cafe au lait. Melisa’s hair splayed around her head like a morning medusa, each strand thick and strong as her resolve. Ryan moved slowly beside her, touching her right thigh to Melisa’s left. Ryan kissed beneath her left ear, a finger along her jaw line, İstanbul Escort Bayan nuzzling into her neck. Melisa responded with an audible sigh, eyes closing, her legs parting slightly. A hand along Melisa’s breast, fingers stroking and circling the nipple. Ryan kissed her way along Melisa’s collarbone, down to her breasts, cradling them softly in her hands. Her body positioned between Melisa’s fully parted legs. Ryan could feel how wet she was.

Ryan’s lips parted, kissing a nipple, tongue following to tease and entice. Melisa looked down at this boyish woman, her hand moving to the back of Ryan’s head, rubbing along where her hair faded into her neck. Ryan emitted a low sigh, kissing Melisa’s other nipple more aggressively…a soft kiss followed by sucking and a darting tongue, teeth teasing the sensitive skin. Melisa’s eyes locked on Ryan, holding her head with both hands now. Ryan looked up for a silent assessment. Silently, Ryan lay atop Melisa, holding her tightly, the two women rolling over with Melisa on top. Ryan’s hands caressed firmly along Melisa’s ass, hips, back, shoulders. Her frame was slight but solid. With a swift move, Ryan hands brought Melisa upward, her inner thighs framing Ryan’s face.

Melisa’s hair dangled inches above Ryan, the sweet smell of her shampoo blended with the saltiness of her trimmed sex. Ryan kissed her thighs, hands supporting Melisa’s ass as she straddled the boi’s face. Hands moved upward along Melisa’s abdomen and breasts, a finger placed along her lips. As Melisa accepted the finger into her mouth, Ryan nuzzled her nose along Melisa’s pussy lips. Melisa sucked the finger like a cock, Ryan quickly adding another to her eager mouth. She could feel the tongue gliding along the underside of her fingers, the pressure of suction in her mouth. Melisa let out a soft moan, one Ryan knew so well, and Ryan’s pointed tongue glided along her slit, up and down. Melisa moaned and Ryan placed both hands on her ass, pulling the dancer closer to her mouth. Ryan slid her tongue between wet, parted lips, feeling the soft squeeze of Melisa’s thighs around her head. Moaning continued and Ryan thrashed her tongue inside the velvety snatch. Melisa bucked upward and Ryan pressed her nose against her clit. Melisa stayed here, riding Ryan’s face to her pleasure, moaning in response to the slippery licks and sucks from the boi’s mouth on her cunt. Ryan could feel her climaxing, the grinding on her mouth becoming more rapid, eager. Melisa then backed off as Ryan ducked out from under her, slapping Melisa’s ass. Melisa lurked on all fours, breathing heavily as Ryan approached her from behind, guiding Melisa’s hands against the wall. Melisa stayed there, on her knees, palms on the wall as she heard a series of straps being manipulated and cinched. Ryan’s familiar strong hands were placed on her waist, and Melisa could feel soft kisses along her shoulders and back. With her eyes closed, she could feel Ryan guiding the strap-on cock to her pussy lips. Ryan entered steadily, as Melisa was already so wet, and pinned her body against Melisa. Her hands over Melisa’s on the wall, she began to thrust inside her. Ryan closed her eyes, as she could almost feel Melisa’s cunt squeezing on her cock. Ryan thrust upward, plunging in deep. Melisa cried out as Ryan grabbed her waist and brought her down to her knees on the bed. Melisa buried her face into a pillow as Ryan held her waist and pumped hard and fast into her, using her like a Escort İstanbul fuck doll. Ryan pushed in hard, bucking into her snatch, feeling her own clit throb with excitement as the harness pushed against her cunt. Ryan reached around and pressed against Melisa’s low abdomen, to which the girl emitted a low moan. Ryan worked her fingers against Melisa’s hard clit, flicking and circling it as she continued to pump steadily into her. In a flash, Melisa’s moans became muffled cries into the pillow and Ryan could imagine her pussy spasming on her cock, but her fingers felt the pulsation of Melisa’s clit as she erupted into orgasm.

Melisa’s moans faded into heavy breathing as she turned her head from the pillow. Ryan held the cock inside her, kissing Melisa’s back tenderly, still yearning for release herself. Their eyes met again, and Melisa licked her lips. Ryan pulled out slowly and eased her back onto the bed. She lay back with her head propped up on two pillows as Melisa crawled over to the erect strapon between Ryan’s legs. Expertly, she took the head into her mouth, making a show of spiraling it with her tongue. Ryan watched in silent amazement, her desire mounting. Melisa smacked her lips on it, taking inches into her mouth and sucking. Ryan’s right hand moved beneath the harness and began touching her own clit, which was hard as fuck. She rubbed as Melisa’s mouth bobbed and sucked the length of the dildo. Melisa could tell by Ryan’s breathing as she was getting closer, and started adding muffled moans and whimpers to her blowjob. Ryan parted her lips, breathing hard now and thrust the cock into Melisa’s mouth. Barely audible grunts could be heard from the boi, her brow furrowed as if in pain. As her rhythms increased, Ryan grunted hard as she came. Melisa knew not to move the strapon and try to touch Ryan, but kissed her abdomen as Ryan recovered.

The two women lay back on the bed, Melisa curled up against Ryan’s supine frame. The strapon lay on the floor beside the bed. Ryan had her eyes closed, savoring the scent of Melisa’s shampoo or perfume, whatever it was. Melisa kept her arm around Ryan’s waist, amazed at the lean physique of this woman. Ryan awoke to the sound of the shower running and a decent rendition of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Boy Wanted.” She looked at the clock–it was noon–got up and stretched. She went into the bathroom and saw Melisa’s opaque frame in the shower. Just then Ryan’s cell rang.

“Hey. It’s slow here. Did M leave yet?” Alison asked.

“I think she’s getting ready to go now,” Ryan replied. “Sounds like she’s in the shower. I’m waiting.”

“I’ll talk to her about that. She shouldn’t stick around so long and hang you up. Anyway, I left an envelope by the door for Eric. He’ll be coming by to pick it up later.”

Alison’s loser brother Eric was always asking his sister for help with his “rent.” This only made Ryan feel worse. Melisa wasn’t loyal to Alison, and Eric couldn’t tell her the truth. What kind of a friend was she? Ryan pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. “No hang up for me,” Ryan replied, watching Melisa dry off. “I don’t really have much planned today. I’ll be out later, so I’ll leave the envelope under the mat.” She knew this would piss Alison off, but she wasn’t going to stick around for the asshole to show up. “And Melisa’s fine…no worries.”

“Cool. Later.” Alison signed off.

Ryan snapped her phone shut and looked at Melisa, doing her makeup in front of the bathroom mirror with a pair of Ryan’s boxers on. “We should probably stop doing this,” Ryan said. Melisa looked up at Ryan, pausing in her makup application. She laughed and glared at Ryan with mascara and eyeliner that gave her eyes a devilish glint. “Whatever you say, Papi,” she replied with a mocking smile and wink.

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