Cabana – Part 6


Once again I pulled into the yard and parked while confirming the boat was gone. Cheryl had said to be here for noon and it was now twelve on the dot. I jumped from my truck and strolled towards the pool looking for the lithe tanned body of my friend’s mother, my cock already beginning to swell at the thought of her.I stood at the edge of the pool and watched as she slowly swam past and stopped at the far end of the pool. One hand grasped the edge as the other brushed her hair back, revealing her pretty face as she floated in the clear blue water. She gave me a smile and gestured for me to join her.I slipped my shorts off and dove into the cool water, gliding underneath the surface until I came up next to her. I put my hands on the edge, one on either side of her, and pulled myself into her. I could feel the warmth of her skin on mine as her arms went around my neck and her legs around my waist.“I’m glad you’re so punctual,” she praised. “I hate to be left waiting.”Her pussy rubbed against the shaft of my cock, pushing the tip up and pressing it to my stomach as she slowly gyrated her hips.“I’ve been thinking about this all week so I wasn’t going to be late,” I replied.“Did you think about your fun with Debbie, too?” she teased. “Was it everything you hoped it would be?”“Better,” I admitted.“Yeah? You liked fucking her big tits?”She was grinding herself into me, her pussy massaging my shaft as I maintained my grip on the edge of the pool.“Yeah, I loved it,” I growled.“Well, they Ankara bayan escort are impressive,” she giggled. “I like playing with them, too.”“You two play together?” I asked.My hard cock became harder as the image of the two of them wrapped together flashed in my mind. Her tongue flicked out and ran over my lips.“What do you think?” she replied. “Do you think we taste each other? Suck our nipples and finger each other?”“Do you?”“Maybe we use toys and fuck each other with big, fat dildos until we can’t cum any more.”The tip of my cock was hot and hard as she slid herself up and pressed herself against it.“Maybe we fuck each other’s ass with one. Or use a big, thick strap-on and fuck each other.”My mind was racing and my cock straining as she continued to add to the images playing in my head. I felt her move again and her pussy slide over the head of my cock, slowly engulfing me as she worked her hips.“Ooh, that’s better,” she purred as her legs pulled us tightly together.I started to thrust, struggling to get suitable movement as my feet tread in the water and I gripped the edge.“No, just hold us up,” she responded. “I like this.”She gently moved her hips in a little circle as she held herself tight to me, using my cock to massage her insides as I pushed her against the wall of the pool.“Oh, yes… oh that’s it,” she moaned in my ear. “That’s perfect.”My cock ached inside of her, the hot silky channel squeezing as she quivered in orgasm and gripped Escort bayan Ankara me tightly.“Oh, yes,” she sighed as she relaxed slightly.She kissed me and slid herself up, my cock suddenly doused in the cool water as she unwrapped herself from me.“Follow me,” she said with a wry grin as she slipped under my arm and swam away.I swam to the other end of the pool and followed her into the cabana, catching the towel she tossed at me as I came through the doorway. I toweled off quickly and tossed it on the chair as I watched her do the same. With an inviting smile she moved to the couch, sat on the edge and gestured for me to come closer. I moved between her parted knees and stood in front of her.”Let’s get you warmed up,” she giggled as her hands wrapped around my swelling meat.She leaned forward and took me into her mouth, slowly sucking as her hands squeezed around the base of my shaft. Her lips closed tight below the rim of my swollen head as her tongue swirled and my cock swelled in her mouth. I put my hands on her head and gently pushed my hips forward, forcing more of my thickness past her lips and into her mouth. Her hands moved to my thighs and she took me deep, managing to get most of my swollen cock down before gagging.I felt her push on my thighs and moved my hands away from her head, allowing her to pull back and my cock popped from her mouth. A stream of drool ran down her chin as she gasped and caught her breath.”Sorry,” I Bayan escort Ankara apologized.”It’s okay,” she replied with a smile as she wiped her chin. “I know you’re worked up. Just let me control it.”I nodded as she took me into her mouth again and watched as she slowly began swallowing my thick meat again, managing to get most of it to her throat on each bob of her head. The sight of her beautiful face on my cock thrilled me and I felt I would lose my load very soon as she slowly sucked. She lifted her eyes to mine as she slowly pulled away and let my throbbing cock bob freely.”I have a treat for you today,” she teased as she stood up.She moved to the table and picked up a small tube, handing it to me as she returned to the couch and turned away from me. Her knees went to the couch seat and her hands to the top of the seatback as she positioned herself and pushed her ass in the air.”You said you wanted to fuck my sweet little ass,” she teased as she looked over her shoulder. “So do it.”I squeezed the lube in my hand and slathered my cock with the greasy lotion before running my slick fingers around her little pucker. She wiggled invitingly as I pushed a finger in and gasped when I put in a second, working the opening in preparation as I stroked myself.”Fuck, you have such a nice ass,” I praised as I removed my fingers and put the fat tip of my cock against her slippery hole.”Go easy, big boy,” she said as she hung her head down.With a slow, steady push my cock pressed into her opening, my swollen tip squished slightly before it opened and took me in. She gasped as I entered her so I stood still for a moment as her body adjusted to the intruder. I grasped her hips and pushed further in before pulling back slightly and beginning to pump into her, my cock going deeper on each thrust.

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