Caged Heat


He looked at me with a sharp menacing stare and a shiver ran down my spine. I wasn’t sure what I was doing or what I’d gotten myself into but I feared that I may have made a terrible mistake.

He stepped closer with his intelligent eyes affixed with mine and my stomach started to churn. My eyes traveled down his half naked body on their way to their rightful place, cast at the floor, and my pulse quickened. He had a beautiful, muscular body with a perfectly defined and symmetrical chest, a thick neck and big, powerful arms. I’d never had a gay or bisexual experience but I’d long wondered what it would be like to do so.

My curiosity had been awakened a decade earlier by a beautiful, open minded woman and it had continued to simmer long after we had ended our 11 month affair. I had secretly yearned to experience not just bisex but rough bisex with a strong and dominant man. I was, first and foremost, submissive and my bi curiosity had been born from my enjoyment of femdom BDSM role paying.

He moved towards me with a predatory grace like a jungle cat stalking its prey. I swallowed hard to quell my rising fear and retreated slightly until my back touched the cold concrete wall of the dank, dimly lit club.

I’d learned of the club during an Internet search of GLBT friendly bars while traveling to Florida on business. The reviews were not especially positive. The atmosphere was smokey and the decor was decaying industrial but the clientele was what caught my eye and that didn’t disappoint.

I had stuck out the moment I walked through the door. I’d come straight from dinner, after a day spent in meetings, but my expensive Italian silk suit looked freshly pressed and my bright red tie was like a beacon of success. There were others at the club in suits, but not many. Most of the other patrons were leather doms and subs and that was the allure of the club.

“You’re new,” he said in a deep, masculine voice as he eyed me up and down. A fleeting smile appeared on his handsome chiseled face before it was replaced by an unyielding stare that sent a shiver down my spine.

“Yes Sir,” I replied instinctively. I had dabbled in the BDSM lifestyle for years but I’d struggled to find a strong dominant woman who didn’t feel intimidated or threatened by my size and strength. “I’m in town on business.” My voice shook with tremolo, betraying my fear and excitement.

“Your married?” He said pointing to the permanent narrow mark on my left ring finger.

“No, I was, for twenty years, but I’m divorced now,” I explained. The scent of his cologne mixed with a faint natural musk wafted over me and my nostrils flared. I discretely inhaled deep and long, drawing the appealing aroma into my lungs. It made my groin tingle and my head spin.

“What brings you here?” He asked softly. His smooth, deep voice was oddly comforting and I smiled warmly.

“Curiosity,” I answered. My pulse quickened and I held his gaze as my head started to swirl. I was familiar with the dance and it was always exhilarating. I enjoyed the thrill of both the chase and being pursued and my cock began to stir in my pants.

“About Sakarya Escort what? Gay sex or bondage and dominance?” He queried playfully as he gestured towards the leather clad queers seated close by. He was standing close and I wondered if he could hear my heart thumping in my chest. His hand discretely brushed against my growing dick and I inhaled sharply.

“Both I guess,” I confessed. I felt my cheeks warm and my dick grew further, creating an obvious tent in my slacks. My heart pounded and my knees felt rubbery and weak

He inched closer and I swallowed hard. I could feel his warmth and taste his fresh minty breath. “You want it rough don’t you?” He said knowingly. His hand moved to the back of my head and his fingers laced into my neatly coiffed hair as his warm eyes looked into mine.

“Yes Sir,” I croaked. My cock grew painfully rigid and my stomach started to churn. I looked at his tan, athletic torso, displayed stereotypically under a black leather vest with no shirt and my heart raced. My eyes darted to his tight leather pants and zeroed in on the prominent bulge in his crotch. I could see the distinct outline of his circumcised dick and my mouth began to water.

My homo erotic fantasies had begun as a curiosity about sucking cock, but always in the presence of a sexy woman. I had, at first, leaned on the crutch of forced bisexuality under the direction of a dominant mistress. In time my interests expanded to include anal sex, though always as a bottom and still with the femdom crutch. More recently, after ending my marriage and with no willing open minded female parters in sight to facilitate my bisexual urges, I’d accepted the very real possibility that if I wanted bisex with a woman present, I wanted it regardless.

“You understand your place as a submissive right?” His hand brushed against my cheek and I shuddered wantonly. His touch was decidedly intimate and that intimacy was juxtaposed with his firm dominant appearance. My head was spinning and I breathed deep and steady to quell my fears.

“Yes Sir,” I replied. My voice was so thick with lust that it sounded foreign to me. I nodded slowly and my knees instinctively buckled, lowering me to the floor. My hands steadied myself on his thick, tree trunk legs and I gazed up at him with hungry, pleading eyes.

The smell of leather filled my head and I stared wantonly at his impressive cock. He nodded and turned until his back was against the wall. I instinctively followed his lead and knelt submissively at his feet inside the crowded club. I was vaguely aware of my surroundings but they weren’t important. All that mattered at that moment in time was Sir.

“Surrender,” he said in a low, velvety smooth tone. I felt powerless to resist. The idea of being his submissive, even for a night, was intoxicating and I bowed my head giving him complete control of my body and mind until he saw fit to release me.

“Worship my cock,” he barked loudly. I sensed a crowd gathering around me and my body tensed for a moment.

“Here?” I croaked. I immediately regretted my reply and I knew that I’d be punished.

His Adapazarı Escort big hand slapped my cheek hard and his other gripped my salt and pepper hair firmly. His eyes narrowed and he started intensely at me for several long seconds.

‘Don’t you ever question me. Is that clear?” He yelled loudly. My face warmed and my cheek stung where he’d slapped me. My mind reeled and I again questioned whether I’d made a terrible mistake.

“Yes Sir. I am sorry. It will not happen again,” I replied meekly. I felt small and weak, insignificant yet wanted, and I leaned into him like a purring kitten. I looked up at him with sincere, pleading eyes and then pressed my lips against his throbbing, leather clad cock.

My mouth moved of its own accord, planting kisses on his shaft and then moving my lips up and down his turgid manhood. I was aware of the others watching, but they seemed far away and distant.

His hand moved to his zipper and he deftly fished his cock out of his tight pants. I’d seen, and lusted after, hundreds of cock pictures but I’d never seen a real hard dick other than my own. His cock looked delicious and my lips parted. I wrapped them around his glans and sucked hard tasting the briny essence of his precum.

I felt precum ooze from my semi-erect dick, soaking into my boxer briefs as the reality of sucking my first cock hit me. That I had an audience of strangers was not lost on me. I’d long had exhibitionist tendencies and sucking my first cock whilst a gaggle of leather doms and subs watched was intense.

My head bobbed and my hands toyed with his big, hairy balls. I had wrongly assumed that he would be shaved like me but his bush and balls were wild and ungroomed. The funky scent of his crotch was an erotic potpourri of sweat, cum, and leather and I groaned wantonly as it assaulted my senses.

“Take it to the hilt fag,” he barked firmly as he gripped my head and forced his cock down my throat. I coughed, choked and gagged. Tears streamed down my cheeks and my heart raced. My tongue lapped at his balls while saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth.

I gasped for breath when he loosened his grip and then dove back onto his big delicious dick like a seasoned veteran. I hummed and moaned, slurping loudly as saliva dripped from my over anxious lips. My left hand moved up his taut abs and sexy chest until it reached his firm nipples and I toyed with first one and then the other. My right hand caressed and fondled his balls. I was in queer heaven. I felt ravenous and wicked. My dick soaked my underwear and left noticeable marks on the front of my suit pants.

“Fuck yeah slut,” he groaned deep and low. His lust filled voice sent a powerful shiver down my spine and I opened my throat as he grabbed my head and thrust his big dick into my hungry mouth. His big, wet balls slapped against my chin as he savagely fucked my virgin mouth while the other patrons made lewd and degrading comments about me.

It was humiliating and I loved it.

My jaw ached when he pulled his dripping cock from my mouth and dragged me roughly to my feet.

“You liked that Serdivan Escort didn’t you Slut?” He chided.

“Yes Sir,” I replied honestly.

“You did well for your first time,” he praised. “And since you did so well and left my cock nice and wet I’m gonna give you a treat.” He tugged at my belt and then pushed my pants and underwear to the floor.

My hard cock jutted proudly skyward, betraying the depths of my excitement as he pushed me forward. His cool spittle oozed down the crack of my ass and he rubbed the smooth tip of his beautiful cock over my sphincter.

I moaned wantonly, leaving no doubt that I wanted him to fuck my tight, virgin ass. I groaned from the delicious combination of pleasure and pain and pushed back, forcing him to the root. His was obviously my first real cock but I had been fucking myself with a dildo for years and I knew how to take a dick.

His hips slammed against mine and I grunted with each powerful thrust. The unmistakable sounds of rough ass sex filled the room and I opened my eyes to a pair of big dicks hovering just inches from. I gazed at them for a moment and then looked up at their owners. They were both good looking, obviously gay men and they were locked in a deep, passionate embrace.

I glanced back at Sir and my eyes fluttered as he fucked me hard. He nodded slowly and I reached out and grabbed one dick while the other slid into my waiting mouth. It was utterly mind blowing to have three cocks to play with and I instantly understood why so many women dream of a threesome with two guys. If one cock was good, two or more were better.

One guy fucked my mouth while I tried to jerk the other. Sir fucked me hard, his cock pounding my prostate like a jackhammer, and I panted like a bitch in heat. Each stroke brought me closer to nirvana and I let out a long, muffled groan from my cock filled mouth.

My dick exploded, sending ribbons of hot cum onto the floor and my suit pants. He continued to fuck me hard and my cock continued to jerk and twitch with each powerful thrust. I felt the cock in my mouth throb and it erupted suddenly and violently. His hot seed painted my tonsils and I gagged for a moment before I swallowed hard, letting it slide down my gullet like a salty raw oyster.

He pulled his spent dick from my quivering lips and another took its place. The next hour was a blur and I lost track of how many loads I swallowed. My face and hair was crusted with dried sperm and my suit was stained and wrinkled as Sir led me out of the bar to his car. I’d taken a cab and my hotel room was paid through the weekend.

I obediently sucked his dick while he drove and when he let me into his apartment I disrobed per his request. I remained naked and at his beck and call for the next three days. He locked my cock in a cage and when I flew home I was still in chastity. He promised to send me the key but instead changed his mind because he wanted to deliver it in person.

That was 6 weeks ago. I haven’t climaxed since the first night I spent with him though I’ve tried by fucking myself with a dildo to no avail.

I don’t know when he will come out to visit but at this point I’ll do anything for an orgasm. My cock leaks precum all day and I wake up in pain from my caged dick during my nightly erotic dreams. My dreams have gotten more depraved with each passing day and it has opened my eyes to a plethora of new kinks.

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