Cajeta y Chocolate (Caramel and Chocolate)


Naomi had only been working at the restaurant for a few weeks, but she had already felt like it might not work out. At twenty years old and a student at the local university, she only found the job to help finance her last year of school as an international business major. It’s not as if Naomi didn’t like her job; the customers were nice and tipped well and she received good shifts to work. Also, the staff and her co-workers were friendly to work with as well, maybe except one. Chef and owner of Con Fuego, Marco Diaz, had been the most unwelcoming since Naomi started as a waitress at the trendy Mexican restaurant. It wasn’t anything that Marco had actually said to her, just that his attitude had always been unpalatable towards her. She knew that being an owner and a chef was a stressful job, but she didn’t think that she did anything to interfere with his work. She tried her best to arrive on time, always dressed in the proper uniform, and presented a friendly courteous smile to all the customers. Still, she had no clue as to why her boss scowled at her whenever she entered the kitchen or worst, plain out ignored her. Naomi thought that Marco was a very handsome guy and if she met him in a different situation she might have flirted to get his attention. Marco had a very exotic Latino look, with skin deeply tanned to a rich caramel coloring, dark wavy hair with just a touch of grey at the temples and intense chocolate brown eyes. Even though he was a bit older than most guys she was into, she thought he had the body of a guy who spent his days leisurely hanging out on a beach or at a gym, not sweating over a hot stove in a restaurant kitchen. On a few occasions Naomi caught herself daydreaming, imaging Marco shirtless, wearing only beach shorts, as he ran on a warm sandy beach and into her arms. She smiled, imagining the sight of his sun-kissed chest and washboard abs, her hands exploring his form and texture. It was a nice fantasy, even if it would never happen, she sighed as she returned to work.***** From the moment that Naomi walked into his kitchen, Marco knew that a mistake was made. He relied on Jason, his business partner and manager of Con Fuego, to do all the hiring. Jason was great at his job and managed to staff the entire restaurant with smart and reliable workers. Jason, also, had a habit of hiring young blonde college girls as hostess or wait staff, most whom eventually ended up sleeping with Jason. So, when Jason Ankara escort brought Naomi through the kitchen on her first day orientation, Marco was surprised that she wasn’t at all Jason’s usual type. Marco had been busy prepping some fresh produce with his sous chef when Jason walked through with Naomi. “Here’s the kitchen and prep stations,” Jason said, then introduced his friend, “and co-owner and chef, Marco Diaz.” Marco, a typical perfectionist, was concentrating on his work, did a double take at the sight of Naomi. In doing so, he nicked his finger with his chopping knife. “Mierda! ” Marco barked and brought his finger to his lips. “I’ll get the first aid kit,” Luis, the sous chef, said as he ran off for aid. Jason couldn’t help teasing, “Let me see. It’s just a little nick, you baby.” Marco scowled in a thick Spanish accent, “Not the best time for showing your girlfriends around.” “Calm down, Marco. This is Naomi, she just joined our wait staff. Today’s her first day and I’m showing her around the place,” Jason explained. Marco finally noticed that Naomi was wearing the restaurant’s waitress’ uniform. He hadn’t recognized it at first because the standard red v-neck tee shirt and black knee length pencil skirt, fitted like a glove on her figure, making the generic uniform sexy by association. She had smooth dark chocolate skin and almond shaped brown eyes. Marco also noticed her full lips, painted in a sheer pink gloss, formed a very welcoming smile that Marco found himself drawn to. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, Marco,” Naomi stepped forward with her hand out, then awkwardly dropped it when Marco withheld his bloodied hand. Luis came back with the first aid kit. “Let’s fix you up, Chef,” he said as he dabbed the blood away, applied a disinfectant, then dressed his finger with a bandage. It was from that moment on that Marco knew Naomi working anywhere near him would be bad news. Over the next couple weeks he watched her like a hawk, seeking any opportunities that would give him reason to fire her. Maybe if she was rude to the patrons or unfamiliar with the menu or even late for her shift, he could bring it up with Jason that Naomi wasn’t a good fit for the restaurant. As it was, he had to reluctantly admit that she was a great waitress, and because she wasn’t Jason’s usual type, he couldn’t pull that card to get her fired, either. The fact was, she was more his type, which put him on Ankara escort bayan edge every time she was around.***** After a long day of classes and a late shift at the restaurant, Naomi was grateful when Jason was still at the restaurant when she returned later looking for a lost item. “Hey, Jason, thank God you are still here. I think I left my backpack in the back, at my locker, or at least I hope so,” Naomi said as Jason let her into the restaurant after hours. “No problem. I was just getting ready to leave when you texted me,” Jason said, then added, “Hey, do me a favor, after you grab your bag, lock up behind yourself. You think you can handle that?” he smiled as he handed over his set of keys. “Of course, sure. Thanks Jason. You’re a lifesaver,” Naomi said giving him a sincere hug and kiss on the cheek. “Anytime,” Jason smiled, watching as she walked into the back room. He probably should have warned her that Marco was still in the kitchen and it was best to avoid him since he’s been in a crabby mood all evening. On second thought, Jason grinned to himself as he turned and walk out, maybe Marco having some alone time with Naomi was exactly what he needed. Naomi went to the back hallway where there were a few lockers for the workers to keep personal items. She was very relieved to know that she did in fact leave her book bag at the restaurant and it that wasn’t lost on campus. She realized that earlier in the evening, she might have left her shift in a rush after a little incident she had with Marco. A customer had complained about their meal and Naomi sided with the them, which made Marco less than pleased as he went on an expletive laced rant in Spanish and broken English. Naomi finished the rest of her shift then left with a co-worker to have drinks. Now, as promised to Jason, Naomi went through the restaurant making sure all the lights were turned off when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She went through the double swing doors toward the sound and startled when she saw Marco. “Oh my god, Chef, you scared me. I didn’t know anyone else was here,” Naomi said. She wasn’t surprised when Marco didn’t respond back, she thought he was still upset at her about what happened earlier. “Um, Jason let me in, I forgot my bag, I have it now, so I’ll just leave now,” she rambled on explaining her presence. “No, wait!” Marco said suddenly. Naomi was taken back, she looked around Escort Ankara her, expecting someone else to be standing behind her. Clearly Marco wasn’t talking to her, for the past couple of weeks she worked at Con Fuego, she could have count on one finger the amount of times that he actually spoke directly to her, and swearing in Spanish didn’t count. “Um, me?” Naomi asked confused. “Yes, you. Is there anyone else around?” he asked sarcastic in his thick Spanish accent. “No, Jason just left. It’s just me,” Naomi said with a cautious smile. “Come here.” He motioned for her to come forward. Naomi took a few hesitant steps closer, really curious about what he was doing here so late and, most importantly, what he wanted from her. As she approached she saw that the prep counter was scattered with mixing bowls, pots, and pans. She also noticed a really delicate and sweet aroma that drew her closer. “What are you making? That smells delicious,” Naomi moaned, leaning forward to take a look. “Here, open your mouth,” Marco said as he lift a fork filled with a rich, gooey caramel coated treat to her mouth. Naomi didn’t like the way that he went about ordering her to do things, he never really asked. Who did he think he was?, she thought, like she was just going to open her mouth on command for him, but seeing and smelling how delicious the dessert was before her, she reluctantly obeyed. She opened her mouth and let him feed her the sweet sticky morsel. As soon as her mouth was closed, her taste buds were dancing in delight. She moaned loudly, savoring the taste before slowly swallowing it down. “Oh my goodness, that is divine! What is this?” Naomi asked. “Crepas con Cajeta, Plantáno y Chocolate,” Marco explained, then added, “Do you like it?” Naomi smiled, reaching for the fork for another bite, “Are you kidding me? I’ve never tasted anything like this. Crepas con Ca-he-tas or whatever you just said,” Naomi said butchering the Spanish words. “Cajeta . It’s a caramel sauce, made with the goat’s milk. Crepes stuffed with plantains and Oaxacan chocolate then drizzled with cajeta,” he explained. “I’m thinking about adding it to the dessert menu. What do you think?” Naomi was totally focused on the dish before her. She had the fork mid-air to her mouth ready for another bite when she paused, embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I must look like a complete piggy.” Marco did something that Naomi had never seen him do before, he smiled. “I’m happy you like it.” Naomi couldn’t help but smile back. She didn’t think that it was possible for Marco to look even more handsome. The whole situation she found was so surreal for her. Here she was alone in the kitchen with Chef Marco, and here he was feeding her the most decadent dessert ever, and smiling at her.

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