There was more activity on the stair well of the apartment building then there should have been at four o’clock in the morning even for a Saturday. Most of the residents were already in from their night out, and they tended to use the elevator that was finally operating, and this was the reason the isolated alcove was chosen for a new group activity. The three people in the stairwell were, ZiZi’s the zaftig resident manager, Yumiko a young coed and resident and Richie the building’s resident part time maintenance man who was also a university student. Four weeks earlier, Richie had inadvertently discovered the two women acting out erotic role-play and worked himself into the role of Master over ZiZi and Yumi who were now his willing servants. The lifestyle while new to Richie was intriguing and the empowerment gave him so much confidence it carried over into every part of his life.At the moment he was in charge of a punitive detail. Standing on the fourth floor landing he checked over his shoulder; again sensing that he was being watched.  He spoke to ZiZi down on the first floor through his Nextel device. “Send her up,” He said softly. “Go,” ZiZi relayed to Yumi.In an instant Yumi bolted up the stairs taking two at a time, her long black ponytail moving rhythmically as she headed towards Richie.Yumi’s punishment was a take on the old-time coach’s drill commonly called “stadiums”; the athlete is given a distance to run up and down the stadiums stairs in an allotted time and failure invoked a penalty. Needless to say it quickly captured your player’s attention when that extra motivation was required. Even though Yumi jogged at least three times a week having to sprint up and down the course of the stairs was a butt kicker.  ZiZi was hoping that Yumi tired soon so the penalty strokes would be numerous and the thought put a smile on her face as she lit another Marlboro and waited. As Yumi bounded up the stairs she saw movement in the small window of the second floor’s fire door. She paused for a second to check who it might be momentarily forgetting her current situation. She thought about opening the door then realized her own dilemma and decided it would be better to just get to Richie. When a cell phone ring tone chirped behind her and she quickened her stride. Laura a bespectacled “Gothic Girl”, was twenty five years old and lived in apartment 3A. She worked as a lab technician in a UPMC hospital; she fantasized that she was the spunky lab tech crime buster on CBS’s NCIS. Her sense of style, funky eyeglass frames, dark purple hair style and the facial piercing drew the ire of many supervisors, which she handled with the passive aggressive defense she acquired early in live. After work she decided to stop by the apartment of the dreadlocked drummer who lived on the second floor to score some herbage. She ended up staying several hours smoking and drinking with him and some of other members of his band. She was feeling no pain when she headed home with blunts in hand for later.Since they were close she headed for the back stairs, then she heard someone on the stairs, so she stopped to peek through the door’s small window. She recognized her ZiZi even in the outfit she was wearing. The happenings in apartment 3B were known to her because the bedrooms of the each apartment shared a wall, and she heard a lot. She even told her best friend Janey about it. Janey laughed about it saying it had the makings of a realty show; they could call it “Two Japs and a Jock”. Laura didn’t like that title, but she would watch for sure.Laura figured something was afoot, so she watched to see what was going to happening. Shortly after ZiZi past, she observed Yumi sprinting down the stairs. Laura called Janey, but Janey’s voice mail answered.“Holy shit Janey, call me back, their at it again get your ass over here,” Laura whispered into her Samsung Z150.She started to become aroused at witnessing something she had only heard for weeks. She had been ducking down to hide the each time the girl ran by, but this time Yumi paused at the door. Laura’s heart pounded in her chest expecting Yumi to open the door and discover her. Then her phone blew up with Janey’s ring tone. Laura fumbled device trying to silence it and it clattered on the floor. By the time Laura had control of it she had missed the call. Laura text messaged a reply “Call you back, bye.” and decided to get home before she started a shit storm with her neighbor.Richie heard the squeaky echo of Yumi’s black high top Chuck Taylor’s coming up the stairs long before he could see her. When she came into view below him, he checked his watch and smiled because she was slowing down finally; or so it seemed.”Twenty eight seconds, your three seconds over. You’re not too tired to finish you punishment are you?” He asked not really caring, if she was tired or not.She was going to finish if she had to crawl up the stairs.”I think I heard…someone…on the second floor!” Yumi gasped between before sucking air into her lungs with a deep breath through her nose.  “Damn it I was afraid of that,” Richie mumbled, and keyed his Nextel. “ZiZi come on up, Yumi thinks someone’s on the second floor, check it out.” “Okay.” was her radioed in reply. Richie turned back to look at Yumi. She was bent over with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath.  “Stand up straight and face the wall,” He ordered. Yumi quickly stood up straight and braced like a cadet, and faced the wall six inches from its cold surface. Richie checked her closely making sure her heels touched at the correct angle, and her fingers touched her bare thighs, in fact she was bare all over. Naked, except for her sneakers, the striped tube socks pulled to her knees, and a choke collar.Richie enjoyed the view. The petite girl was quite lovely. He watched her perky breasts rising and falling with each deep breath. Beads of perspiration kept popping up to pool and form streams that ran down the length of her body. The sound of high heels approaching made him forget Yumi for the moment.Richie turned to see ZiZi coming up the stairs.  She had stopped at the landing below to drop the butt of her smoke and step it out; she clearly had forgotten who have to pick it up, Richie would remind her later with Üsküdar Escort the help of some Anal Eze.ZiZi stepped on to the stairs and took a deep breath before saying, “I got to quit smoking.”Her bright red hair was teased out like Peg Bundy; her heavy makeup matched the look. Wearing a short white halter dress that provided little cover for ZiZi’s ample curves, in fact it displayed a serious case of VPL, and it’s tightness created more rolls around her middle then she liked, but it’s what Richie told her to wear it. She balanced on a pair of clear acrylic mules with eight inch platform heels.  When she reached the top of the stairs Richie asked. “Well did you see anyone?” “No, but I checked the hallway, and it smelled like someone had been smoking pot. But, that could be coming out of someone’s apartment…I think?” He thought about it, and then made his decision.  “Let’s go back to the apartment. You still owe me three more laps Yumi…and you will pay in full later.”  Richie took the leash slung over his shoulder and snapped it to Yumi’s choke collar.  As she walked back down to her third floor flat, Yumi felt very anxious. Some was fear that someone could walk out and see her naked and collared, and some due to the fate awaiting her in the apartment. As they open the apartment door Richie looked around once more as he ushered the women inside.  Once inside he unleashed Yumi and sent her to the bedroom to wait for him. Richie sat in the big armchair ZiZi bought for him while ZiZi sat across from him on the sofa crossing her legs.  “Well, what do you think would be a fitting form of punishment? She was only three seconds over for the entire period. Not a lot of penalty time there.” Richie noted. ZiZi with vengeance in her heart had a ready suggestion. “Bend her over and let her feel what it’s like to take it up the ass like I do!” ZiZi said.”A tempting thought but we know she’s unsoiled and I won’t be the first to crack her open down there. Think of something.” He sighed.  “Well if you ever got split by big hard cock being shoved up your ass you’d know why I…” ZiZi started to whine.Richie was giving her the look, and she didn’t like that. So she decided on a new suggestion.”You could use the new flogger on her?” She responded timidly.”I suppose,” Richie replied; distracted by a door closing.It sounded close enough to be the Goth chick next door. He listened for a moment to see if he could hear anything else, when he didn’t, he dismissed the thought. Laura held her breath instinctively in the darkness of apartment 3A. She had not meant to close her door so loudly. She cursed the old elevator the damn thing took forever getting to her; it was probably getting ready to crap out again. She wondered if they were still out on the stairs. Yumi stood in the corner of her bedroom with the lights off thinking about the circumstances that led to having Richie administer her punishment.Soon after become her “Master” moved out of his basement apartment and into her place. Yumi was assigned a morning chore to prepare a protein shake for Richie, which she enjoyed doing. She welcomed serving to her Master, but she secretly wanted to torture ZiZi. Yumi concocted a simple plan to add an extra ingredient into Master’s energy cocktail, and for three weeks she had included her secret ingredient, a pill that extended a man’s stamina. If it made Bob smile, what would it do for Richie she wondered. The product must have been working because ZiZi confided to her. “I think something’s wrong with me…I’m so sore after sex”. ZiZi informed her. “Well I heard that can happen at a certain age”, Yumi replied straight faced to ZiZi, then added. “Maybe you need to use more lubrication.”  “Oh my god, please I get wet enough on my own thank you! Anyway he has to only use lube for anal, which I hate now…he takes forever to cum.” ZiZi stated, before leaving in a huff.Yumi had witnessed the painful cries and twisted faces ZiZi made when Richie enjoyed the tight confines of her back passage. Her plan was working great, until the snoopy ZiZi found the bottle of European Formula XXX hidden in Yumi’s panties drawer. “You silly girl” she scolded herself for not throwing away the packaging. ZiZi took the bottle to Richie and convinced him Yumi was implying he had a little dick.Nothing could have been farther from the truth; Yumi was aroused by Richie’s cock size. She only wanted to make Richie last longer hoping ZiZi would share the dick, but the greedy cock hog insisted on taking all those long hard poundings herself.Hindsight being twenty-twenty she realized lying to Richie about being a virgin backfired too. She hoped to incorporate the tale into a game where she was deflowered during one of their naughty sessions, but brutally taking a submissive Asian girl apparently was not one of Richie’s fantasies. He never pressured her beyond oral or manual stimulation. She certainly wasn’t going to tell him about her junior year in High School, and the scandal the cheerleading squad she was a member of caused. It really hit the fan when the school’s staff discovered the method used to motivate members of the Boys Basketball Team’s during their state title run. Yumi the girl, who topped the pyramids during cheers, topped the team Captain Jamal’s big hog leg every away game they won. Learning about her bus rides home bouncing on that lap could further wound Richie’s pride. It was bad enough now that she was relegated to sleeping naked on the bare floor, at the foot of her own bed, that Richie and ZiZi used for noisy bouts of vigorous sex, then tortured her further with pillow talk regarding the creative ways they would correct her wayward behavior. Yumi’s train of thought was broke suddenly when she was bathed in light as bedroom door opened and the light switch flipped on. Through squinting eyes she watched Richie go to the cedar wardrobe used to store binding and beating implements. He removed the big flogger he had recently purchased, it was heavy duty equipment. Its foot long wooden handle was stout and wrapped in dark brown leather, and the business end looked a mop except the strings were rawhide strips.  “Face me”, Richie commanded. Yumi turned to face Richie looking at the flogger Üsküdar Escort Bayan in his hand. She had never struck with a scourge like that before, Richie preference tended to be the use of small cats, stingers, or leather paddles for her. This big flogger sent a shiver of fear up her spine.  “Horse Stance,” Richie ordered. Yumi assumed the position, hands on back of her head with interlaced fingers, then she squatted slightly with her feet wide apart, as it she were on horseback. “So you think bigger is better Yumi, let’s see how you like this,” Richie said. Slowly he rotated his arm at the elbow; Richie was going to let the flogger’s own mass do the work. Yumi felt the air stir as the strips came closer and closer. Involuntarily her legs started to shake.  The first blow struck between her spread legs low on her inner thigh. The heavy leather landed with a thud as the weight of the straps smacked against her skin, and the blow shook her entire leg. The pain was not intense immediately, but in seconds Yumi whimpered as the heat spread across and up her leg. “Be quiet this is what a bad girl gets when they embarrass their family” Yumi told herself bracing herself mentally for the penance she had placed on herself.  The heat crept over her hip and thigh as the second blow landed where the first had. Yumi broke position by dropping her hands and groping her inner thigh. “Hands up, and don’t break position or I’ll made the blows harder”. Yumi slowly raised her hands and tears welled in her eyes. She couldn’t begin to imagine harder blows striking her. The heavy impacts seemed to move her whole body. ZiZi for all her want of revenge felt sorry for Yumi, as she watched the tiny girl’s body shudder with each blow. Richie was satisfied that Yumi could withstand the torment; she was here to be punished after all. He did turn her around so he didn’t have to look at her crying eyes.  “Face away…and count them off,” He spit. Yumi turned around and almost instantly she felt the thudding smack of the flogger on her bottom, and bit her lip to keep from crying out.  “Three Sir”, she gasped when she had composed herself enough to speak. Seeing the blow ripple through her tight buttocks excited Richie, and he started swelling. He looked at ZiZi as he adjusted his trousers. She was looking at Yumi, with a tear in her eye and concerned look on her face. Harsh punishment was needed to put some order in the household again Richie thought. Perhaps he was coddling them, a mistake he would not repeat. In her bedroom in 3A Laura listened intently, her ear pressed against the wall. She heard the flogger striking, but to hear better she went to her night stand. She took off her glasses and, grabbed the stethoscope she “borrowed” from work. She walked back to the shared wall and sat down to fix the instrument against the wall using medical tape, freeing her hands.Laura heard the flogger’s strike and listened to the young women slowly counting the blows. Usually it was a rapid count, this was different there were long pauses and the girl screams were more pained then before. By the time the count got up to ten Laura was lying on the floor with her operating room scrubs and panties down around her ankles caressing herself gently as she listen to the punishment being administered. At twelve the girl cried out in pain. Laura slipped her a finger in her own sopping vagina, moaning loudly.  Richie waited for Yumi to correct her position and get her breath back during the lull he thought he heard moaning. He moved closer to the wall and listened. He wasn’t sure, but he believed he could hear their neighbor. After listening a moment more he got back to dealing with Yumi. “Ow…Thirteen”, she whined, “Please Master, please, no more…I’m sorry I don’t think your cock is small. Really…please.” Richie wasn’t listening; he had purposely struck Yumi harder; then moved to the wall to listen. “Oh my god” he mouthed silently.Laura felt the intense pleasure was nearing the bursting point. Yumi’s rambling statement caused Laura’s ass to rise off the floor, and the lost of friction was enough to slide her head first into the wall as she frigged herself furiously toward release. Then Laura’s concentration was rudely broken, by a sudden tickle on her ankle followed by the chiming tones of her cell phone. “Shit,” She cursed irritated by the interruption.  She bolted upright and grabbed the cell phone out the holder still clipped to the waistband of the pants around her ankles. The stethoscopes earpieces fell back banging against the wall. “Yesss…” Laura whined into the phone. Yumi heard the cell phone and recognized its tone. She felt a sudden blush of embarrassment, and anger realizing that her neighbor really did eves drop on them.  “You never called back, what’s going on?” Janey scolded. “I’m listening to them right now. You have really bad timing Janey; did anyone ever tell you that? “What? What are you talking about?” Janey excitedly inquired. “I’ll be damned, I think she’s listening to us,” Richie told ZiZi when he heard the muted voice on the other side of the wall. “Take over for me.” ZiZi took the flogger, and slowly moved it back and forth. She found it to heavy and unwieldy, but did as she instructed. “Nothing, I’ll call you later okay.” Laura whined in frustration wanting to get off the phone. “You sound funny, can I come over?” Janey asked.  Laura didn’t hear Janey’s question because she had already ended the call, and lay back down to finish cumming. Laura slipped the earpieces on and was happy to hear that the girl was still counting blows.  She didn’t realize Richie heard her talking. He may not have known what she said; he just knew she was closer to the wall then she should’ve been. Richie used his pass key and entered 3A; it was dark and quiet. His heart was racing as he allowed his eyes to adjust to the dimness before creeping to the bedroom. Hearing noises he slowly crept closer. At the door he confirmed his suspicion, and saw Laura on the floor using a stethoscope to listen while working her hands between her legs to pleasure herself. Richie also realized how thin the walls were when he heard Yumi yelp in pain. He decided if he’d come this far he might as well Escort Üsküdar go all the way, and snapped on the light. Yumi cried out in pain as ZiZi flogged her. ZiZi wasn’t very skilled with the flogger, and her lack of control caused the tails to land high on her hip. The thick leather tentacles bit hard into Yumi, as the ends wrapped around and seared her soft belly.  “Fourteen Ma’am,” she gasped, angrily.Yumi was now pissed off, pissed about the girl next door spying, pissed about Richie leaving to go who knows where, and pissed about ZiZi being so damn clumsy with the flogger. “You still think Richie’s cock is small?” ZiZi question the girl like an interrogator. “No! I just liked hearing him make you scream…you greedy bitch!” Yumi answered. ZiZi stammered in anger at the insolence, but recovered quickly and slapped the flogger against Yumi. She spun with the follow through; loosing her balance on the heels she wore and staggered back trying to catch her balance. She failed and landed on her butt, red faced expecting a laugh at her misfortune. But Yumi’s face was twisted in agony from the blow that took her breath away.  “Oh Shit!” Yumi screamed. “Oh shit is right, you don’t like that do ya,” ZiZi retorted climbing off the floor after removing her shoes.  Yumi’s blood was up and she was about to reply with another smart-ass remark, but cut it short when she heard a screams and thumping coming from apartment 3A. ZiZi heard it too and stopped to listen. Laura froze in place when the lights came on. Then she craned her head towards the door where the switch was. Richie watched Laura’s reaction to the sudden brightness in her room. Her eyes were squinted from the light and need of her eyeglasses.  The blurry figure moving toward her made her scream. Richie didn’t want to give her a chance to get her wits back. If he learned anything in the past month it was to use shock, and awe to his advantage. He quickly grabbed Laura and placed his right hand over her mouth; then pinned her to the floor by leaning on her with his left arm. “Be quiet, I’m not going to hurt you,” Richie said quickly.  Good God I’m busted was Laura’s panic stricken first thought when she recognized Richie now that he closer.  “I see you enjoy listening to our fun, I think you ought to see it in person, don’t you?” Asked Richie.He snatched the stethoscope off the wall with his left hand and put it around his neck. Laura didn’t like the tone of his voice or the fact that she felt completely humiliated by the situation. Richie removed his hand from her mouth and stood up. He straddled Laura and removed his belt. “Get up,” He said in calm but firmly tone.He expected total compliance to his commands and Laura did not disappoint. Moving slowly she tried to pull up the pants which were still around her ankles; but Richie blocked her. “I didn’t tell you to do anything but to get up.” Richie stated.He helped Laura to slowly stand erect by grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling. Laura resigned herself to what ever awaited her, and Richie slipped his belt around her neck after fashioning it into an improvised leash. “Lets go, you belong to me now!” He told her. Richie’s slapped her naked left buttock with an open hand, but she didn’t cry out. Wincing and rubbing the burning cheek she followed him when he gave her leash a tug. Laura stumbled toward the door hobbled by the pants shackling her ankles. Yumi was intently listening, and did not see next blowing coming, but she sure felt it. ZiZi had smacked the heavy leather thongs across her buttocks inducing a loud yelp of pain. It pleased ZiZi so much she struck again with out waiting for the count.  “How many is that?” ZiZi asked.  Yumi blanked on a ready answer, in frustration she shook her head slowly and sobbed. “I don’t remember Ma’am, Fifteen? I think?”  “I think you’re your wrong.” ZiZi laughed cruelly, “Since you don’t know we’ll just call that …twelve.”  “No, its fifteen I’m sure now.” Yumi pleaded.She knew that her plea was going to be ignored. ZiZi was lining up her next strike when she heard a noise behind her. Coming into the room was Richie leading the girl from next door. She noticed the green scrubs top but didn’t see the bottoms until she looked down to see why the girl was walking funny. Yumi by this time had turned to look also; and Richie noticed. “You need to be looking at the wall in front of you or I’ll give you another five lashes, ZiZi what’s the count?” He asked.”Twelve Sir,” ZiZi responded quickly.  “Bitch,” Yumi silently mouthed facing the wall; she felt completely degraded by having her beaten naked body on display, as she stood like a child in a corner powerless.  “ZiZi fix her properly,” Richie said referring to Laura as he removed the leash.  “Here sweetie let me help you with this”, ZiZi said.She pulled the scrubs top over Laura’s head, to reveal a leopard print bra beneath. “Nice,” ZiZi commented; feeling the smooth satin finished material before unhooking the bra and tossing it aside.Laura covered her breast as ZiZi squatted down to pat Laura on the legs lightly. Laura lifted her legs one at a time allowing ZiZi could pull off the panties, scrub bottom, and socks.”Oh would you look at that, Nipples and pussy pierced,” ZiZi informed Richie. Richie hadn’t noticed before she had a small golden hoop through her clit; ZiZi was squatting in front of Laura pulling on the ring. Laura was trying to hide her breast with her hands, but left her lower body accessible; she made a loud gasp when her clit was stretched to its limit before the hoop slipped from ZiZi’s fingertips.  Yumi heard the pleasure tinged gasp and turn to look; she paid for it when Richie lashed her bottom with the belt in his hand. “Eye’s front,” Richie reminded her, with his voice steady, without any emotion. “Sixteen Sir,” Yumi cried, she  became very excited; the thrilled was that Richie was back.  Richie appraised the new slave. She was about five and a half feet tall, average build and extremely pale, her dark hair was a deep shape of purple, tattooed on her cone shaped left breast was an Ankh, and small band of tribal designs circled her upper right arm, the tramp stamp of two long stem black roses twisted together crossed the small of her back. Several pairs of golden hoops adorned her ears and left eyebrow, and her right eyebrow had been drawn on with the heavy black eye makeup. Her black nail polish was chipped on both her hands and feet. “Take her over to the bed while I finish with Yumi,” He instructed ZiZi. Then turning his attention to Yumi he said.

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