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Hi my name is David, and I would to share with you the most exciting and arousing day of life, the day my stepsister Carla fulfilled my eternal fantasy.

I live with my mother Melissa, who raised me by herself after my father walked out on us, I never knew him and I never want to.

I was on the Internet one day talking to one of my friends from school when my mother came in with the news that would change my life, “David, I need to speak with you down stairs,” she said with a firm voice.

“Okay mom, I’ll be right there.” I shut down my computer and went down stairs.

“Honey I have something very important to tell you, and you have to tell me what you think.”

“Okay,” I said, I sat there and listened as my mother told me that she had met someone and that he proposed to her, his name was Ted and he was a journalist, they had met when he was doing a story on the school where my mother worked, and she said they were deeply in love. I gave my mother my blessing even though I though she was making another huge mistake.

Ted was coming over for dinner the next night so I could meet my future step father, I was curious because I had never had a male role model growing up and my mother never really got over my father. I was at the top of the stairs of our house when Ted arrived, he was a nice looking guy, about 38 and was nicely dressed but what really caught my eye was what would follow him.

I went down stairs where I met Ted, he seemed like a great guy, a firm voice and gentle way about him, he was as nervous as I was which was great, and then she came in.

“Oh Carla,” Ted said. “I want you to meet David.”

“wow” my heart skipped a few beats as I looked at the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.

“Hi David, nice to meet you,” she said.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you Escort too!” I said in a trembly voice.

During dinner I learned that Ted’s wife had died in a car accident 2 years ago and that he never really recovered until he met my mother, but I wasn’t really interested in that, instead my eyes stayed focused on my soon to be stepsister, she was 18, a few months older than me and she worked in a super market. I really hit it off with Ted, but not with Carla, as I have always been nervous around girls, I haven’t even had sex yet.

Over the next month Ted and my mother had gotten married and we had moved in to Ted’s house, Ted was away a lot doing stories which left me to take care of Carla and my mother. Carla and I were now good friends, we hung out a lot and attended the same college but she oblivious to the fact that I had had a huge crush on her since the day I met her.

Carla never really had a steady boyfriend, even though they were lining up hoping to be with her and who wouldn’t want to, She is a brunette with green eyes, 5 feet 5, very athletic, luscious long legs, the sexiest ass in existence and breasts to die for, I knew because my eyes examined her body every hour of every day.

My 18th birthday was days away and I was really excited, I couldn’t wait to be old enough to get into strip bars, mind you I was a little upset about being an 18 year old virgin, but there wasn’t much I could do about that. I am 6 feet tall, short brown hair, brown eyes and an average built, I am a good-looking guy, I just don’t have the confidence to ask girls out.

My family and friends had a party for me one day before my birthday as Ted was going away on business and couldn’t be here on the day, Ted and my mother had gotten me an electric guitar, something I had wanted for a long time and I was so pleased, Carla Escort Bayan knew this so she got me some music books for guitar beginners, which was terrific as well.

Later that night Ted had left for his trip my mother had left to go to a concert that her students were doing at her school, neither Carla and I expressed much interest in going.

“David, tomorrow for your real present, I am going to take you out and get you drunk,” Carla told me.

“Great!” I said. I had always wanted to go out for a night on the town especially with Carla.

Later that night I told Carla I was going over to my friends house, but he called and said he had last minute plans and he had to go, so I stayed home, something Carla wasn’t aware of.

I was in my room putting the strings on my new guitar when I heard sound from outside, we had a 2 story house with a big fence and a pool out back, and that where Carla was, she was in the pool having a swim, the sight of her body in the bikini she was wearing brought a bulge to my trousers, I dropped my guitar and watched my stepsister from behind my curtains.

I watched her for about 10 minutes when she started touching herself in a real sexy way, the blue hot water in the pool suited her beautiful hair to perfection, she looked more sexy then I had ever seen her. She got out of the pool and was obviously cold and she had her arms around herself, she sat on the side on the pool.

What Carla did then brought pre cum to the tip of my penis, her nipples were hard seeing as she was cold and she started poking them, next she started rubbing and fondling her breasts and her breathing grew heavier, then she removed her bikini top, and I almost fainted at the sight of her huge juicy tits, I couldn’t bear it any longer and I removed my penis from my pants and began masturbating. Bayan Escort Carla was furiously playing and squeezing her big tits and hard nipples when her left hand moved down between her legs and started rubbing her crotch.

I was fucking dying up in my room as my cock became bigger and harder than it ever had been before, now out to a full 7 1/2 inches I started wanking harder, Carla then removed her panties and exposed her pink shaved luscious pussy, and furiously started rubbing her clit, I had to stop pulling my dick as I new an orgasm was approaching, and I could tell Carla’s was too, she was bucking her hips and fingering herself with such passion that the screamed and moaned, I grabbed a hold of my cock again and started pounding my meat hard, I could hardly breath and I knew I was about my cum, I grabbed hold of a bowl I keep some paperclips in, tipped them out and blew the biggest, thickest, creamiest load I ever had in my life into the bowl.

I then just stood there, my knees unable to hold me up any longer and I fell to the floor, Carla had finished too, her breathing had returned to normal and she put her bikini back on and came up stairs.

What was I going to do? She didn’t know I was home! I put my pants back on and climbed out my window and jumped to the floor, then I pretended to walk through the gate, and then I knocked on the door.

Carla still in her bikini answered the door and I started closer at her I could feel another erection coming on, so I decided to go up to my room, but before I did I went up to Carla and said, “Thanks again for the books.”

“No problem, sweetie,” she replied and then I grabbed her left hand and kissed it, I could smell this lovely odour and I knew that it was her pussy juice, and then I let go and ran up stairs before she could notice my stiffy that had returned, what a birthday present, as I walked up the stairs I made up mind that I was going to tell Carla how I felt about her, but I’ll make sure its tomorrow when we are both drunk, I can’t wait to see how she reacts.

To Be Continued…

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