Spring had sprung, bringing with it the kind of weather that just demanded that a person get out and enjoy.

Yes, it was time for a good old fashioned Wallace family cook out – the first of the season! These had been a staple of our lives when my brother Roger and I were growing up and we had always loved them so much that we’d insisted on carrying on the tradition even after we’d grown up and started families of our own. Thankfully, our wives had loved the idea too and come to enjoy these special little get-togethers just as much as we did.

So, as I sat there at the picnic table in my brother’s back yard that afternoon, I took a moment to consider the happy family that surrounded me.

My wife Helen was sitting across from me, looking more beautiful than ever as she cradled our newborn baby boy. I mean, even though she was right in the middle of an animated conversation about diaper changes with the woman beside her, my brother’s wife Louise, Helen was positively glowing. Roger himself meanwhile was cooking up the hamburgers and hot dogs, thoroughly enjoying the big and elaborate gas powered grill he had blown so much cash on last Christmas. Finally, my eldest child, Marcie, and my brother’s youngest, Emily, were occupied with playing some kind of silly game that apparently required them to run all over the yard while squealing and giggling.

That only left one more person in that yard, of course – Roger and Louise’s eldest child.


My eyes shifted to the girl who was sitting beside me, so close that I could feel her body heat, my nose twitching as it filled with her scent.

At first glance, my niece seemed to be fascinated by the new baby, paying rapt attention to my gushing wife’s story about how many diapers the baby was going through each week, but I knew better. I think I’ve come to know this nineteen year old girl better than her own parents and it seemed so obvious to me that she was more interested in the man sitting beside her than in cooing over the baby. When I saw her steal a sideways look at me – flashing me that secret smile that I had come to love when our eyes met – there was no doubt at all in my mind about what this young lady was plotting.

It would be not merely dangerous, but downright foolhardy to try to turn those schemes into reality right now, but Carly had all the impetuousness of youth and wasn’t going to let a little thing like good, common sense keep her from what she wanted.

Shooting me a significant look, Carly suddenly announced that she was going back inside for a moment. Her mother only gave her a distracted nod, right in the middle as she now was of a discussion on how best to get out spit up stains. The girl slid off the bench then, making sure to brush against me, and strolled off towards the house. The little minx even made sure to put a little extra wiggle in her backside as she knew that I would be watching.

I lingered there at the picnic table for a moment, uncertain, trying hard to convince myself not to do what every fiber in my body absolutely ached to do.

It would be the height of stupidity for me to take Carly up on the offer she had just silently made, but when you came right down to it, there was just no resisting her. I stayed put as long as I could, not wanting it to look like I was only going inside because my young niece had, but finally I excused myself by claiming to need to use the bathroom and made a beeline for the house.

It was comforting to see that my departure wasn’t drawing any more attention than Carly’s had, let me tell you.

I found her in the kitchen.

Carly was just standing there, oh, so casually, leaning back against the counter next to the sink and sipping from a juice box. Her eyes rose to meet mine as I came into the room, feigning great surprise that I was there.

“Oh, hi, uncle Paul,” she teased in that throaty purr that never failed to set my blood to racing. “What are you doing in here?”

I could not help myself and immediately shot a guilty look towards the window. I could see the backyard from here and needed to reassure myself that nobody looked like they were even considering coming back into the house. When I turned back, it was to find a soft, knowing smile on my niece’s lips.

I knew full well that the smartest thing in the world that I could do right now was to turn around and rejoin the rest of the family outside, but of course I didn’t do it.

Make no mistake, there were plenty of times when I felt just horrible about what was happening between me and this girl. How could I not? But I have to sat that when we were actually together, when Carly was in my arms, when her lips were on mine, when our bodies were united in the most intimate way imaginable, any feelings of guilt or remorse I might be suffering from faded away to nothingness. No, at times like this, there was only ecstacy.

I mean, how could I refuse to accept so precious and amazing a gift from my niece?

We’d come here for a reason and we needed to do this kocaeli escort quickly before anyone started wondering where we’d disappeared to, but I just could not resist pausing to enjoy the sight of her.

When it came to Carly, it wasn’t just a cheesy line to say that heaven must be missing an angel.

Who ever would have thought that such a young girl could be so naturally beautiful, so well versed in the art of driving a man out of his mind with lust for her? It was fortunate that she was such a practiced master of disguise or her parents would never get another good night of sleep and her friends would certainly never let her get anywhere near their boyfriends.

The truth, though, was that she had not been the sweet and innocent young thing she appeared to be since at least her eighteenth birthday, almost one year ago.

Naturally, I had always been well aware of what a beautiful girl Carly was, but obviously I would never have actually been brave enough – or is that stupid enough? – to try anything with my own niece. She had no such inhibitions however and, though I’ll never be able to understand what a young hottie like her saw in a middle-aged man like me, she decided to put the moves on me right there at her party!

I’ll never forget how shocked I was when she drew me away from the crowd of friends and family who had gathered in this very home for the celebration. She got me into her bedroom, pressed a searing hot kiss to my lips, and then dropped her pants. There was no denying her lustful demands, no resisting the burning needs of my own body and so I bent this delicious child over her own bed and fucked her to within an inch of her life.

I still can’t quite understand how we got away with it. I mean, not only was the house absolutely full of people, but who ever heard of a birthday girl disappearing from her own party for about half an hour so that she could be deflowered and then get cleaned up without anyone even noticing?!

But, when you came right down to it, none of that mattered right now. I chastised myself for not keeping my attention focused on the here and now, for wasting time that could have been spent in her arms.

She was just raising that juice box to take another sip from it when I stepped forward, closing the distance between us. One of my hands caught hold of her wrist, pulling the box away from her lips, guiding the hand that held it over to the sink.

It was obvious that she was glad to see I was finally doing something other than look at her and a smirk was just starting to form when I collided with her – the full length of my body pressed against her’s, my lips firmly against her own. The little moan that rose from the back of her throat was echoed by mine, our mouths opening to deepen the kiss.

The juice box slipped from her fingers unnoticed, dropping into the sink with a soft thunk.

Flooded with memories of what this girl had done to me in days past and eagerly anticipating what lay in store for me today here in my brother’s kitchen, thrilling to the sensation of hardened nipples pressing into my chest, my dick lost no time in coming to attention. It wasn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world having my stiff member pinned up between us, but we were both thoroughly enjoying having it there.

I was still holding her by the wrist of course, but my other hand now rose to stroke and caress her face as we continued to make out. We could find so little time to be alone together like this that I was reveling in this forbidden moment we’d stolen.

It would be so, so easy to utterly lose myself in this young girl.

I marveled at the softness of her skin, it’s unique texture, the heat that was radiating off of it. It had been such a trial to keep my hands to myself when we were sitting next to each other outside, but now I was able to indulge myself by stroking her face lovingly, earning myself the sweetest little sighs of pleasure from my lover.

I let go of her wrist now, my hand trailing slowly up her arm to her shoulder and raising goose bumps, making her shiver as my mouth finally left her’s and worked it’s way down to her long neck. The long and languid moan that escaped her as I worked was enough to make my cock jerk, anxious to get inside her, but I somehow managed to restrain myself just a little longer.

The hand that had gone to her shoulder did not remain there for long, slipping down and moving very obviously down towards one of her pert breasts.

I heard an odd noise from her then, a gasp that sounded more like alarm than delight, but before my overheated brain had a chance to process what that mean, she suddenly gave me a shove that sent me stumbling back a few steps from her. It took me a moment to get my feet under me properly and I don’t mind admitting that I briefly thought that I might take a fall.

I stood there and leaned heavily against the counter for a moment, flushed and breathless and sporting a very obvious erection. My niece was also red-faced and panting, I saw, kocaeli escort bayan with nipples that stood out very obviously under her top.

So, what had just happened? She knew full well how hard it was for me to just stop once we’d gotten started, so I had to wonder what was going on. Had she not wanted me to grab that tit? Had she had an uncharacteristic attack of common sense and realized how dangerous it was to fool around with me right here and now? The answer to my obvious but unasked questions would come in just a moment.

Starting at the sound of small footsteps, I looked around quickly to see Emily, my other niece hurry into the room. I had allowed myself to get far too involved in making out with Carly to notice, but evidently my young mistress had heard her little sister come into the house and pushed me away at the last minute so we would not be found in a lusty clinch.

Even so, I realized to my terror that it must have been pretty obvious what Carly and I had been doing just from the state we were in. As this small girl stopped and stared at me with an odd expression on her face, I just knew that she was figuring it all out and would soon be tearing back outside to tell everyone what had been going on in here.

A long, tense silence reigned, but finally Emily spoke up. “Mommy told me to come and get the pickles, uncle Paul.”

I just stared at her in confusion. Pickles? What about what I had been doing with her big sister. I answered her statement with what must surely have been my stupidest expression ever, managing to grunt out a, “Huh?”

Carly started giggling. “If you’ll please get out of the way, uncle Paul, my sister will be able to get those pickles out of the fridge.” Emily agreed with that, tacking on a solemn nod to her sibling’s statement.

I looked at her blankly, then glanced over my shoulder to see that – sure enough – I was standing right in front of the refrigerator. “Um, sure. Sorry.” I got myself out of the little girl’s way and watched as she tugged open the icebox door, got what she had come for, and then pushed the door shut again.

“Thanks!” Emily called without looking back, taking off with the jar of pickles securely clutched in both hands.

Carly was laughing even harder now that her sister was gone, not even trying to disguise that she was laughing at me. “You should have seen your face!”

I was still concerned though, wondering what that little girl might tell the rest of the family about what she had just walked in on. My lover swore that I had nothing to worry about, however. “Trust me, I know my sister and that girl didn’t notice a thing! She’s too little and too stupid to know anything about sex. One time, she almost walked in on me while I was in bed and playing with myself under the covers and thought I was scratching an itch! Seeing how . . . vigorously I was scratching myself, she actually asked me if I’d gotten into some poison ivy or something!”

The story made me smile, but I was still cautious – concerned about what that little girl might say to the rest of the family about what she had just seen. Even if she didn’t understand it yet herself, she might well let something slip that would make someone suspicious.

I looked to that window again, watching as that little girl carefully negotiated her way back out to the picnic table, all of her attention focused on not dropping that glass jar of pickles. Marcie intercepted her, following along as the other girl walked, wanting her to make her delivery fast so that they could get back to their game.

Carly was getting annoyed that my mind wasn’t still on her though and she decided to do something about it.

Moving up behind me, she molded her body to mine and wrapped her arms around my middle, kissing and nibbling at my ear. “Stop worrying, uncle Paul,” she purred, her breath hot on my skin. “You’re wasting time that should be spent on me!”

Without waiting to see how I would respond to that, she probed downwards with one hand to give the bulge in the front of my jeans a squeeze. She’d had me trembling with excitement from the moment she started attacking my ear, but this new assault made me groan deeply, any stiffness I might have lost down there from Emily’s visit returning with a vengeance.

You see what I mean? This girl was way too smart and knew just how to go get what she wanted!

That wandering hand did not stop there, however. Instead, she got my belt unfastened in no time at all, then opened up my pants and reached in to fish out her favorite part of my anatomy. The deep groan I let out then was partly from relief that my manhood’s uncomfortable confinement had finally been lifted, but also from the huge jolt of pleasure that tore through me when I felt her hot little hand close around me.

She gave my stiff as stone cock a few strokes, purring into my ear, “Come on and fuck me, uncle Paul. Right here and right now!”

There was just no refusing a demand like that and so I didn’t even try.

I suddenly pulled myself izmit escort free from her embrace – regretting that she could no longer hold my dick in her hand, but consoling myself with the knowledge that she would soon be holding it somewhere else. Turning away from the window and the scene of innocent family fun being played out in the backyard, I reclaimed my young lover by wrapping my arms around her and crushing her body to mine, my lips once more crashing into her’s.

I released her a moment later and this time it was she who staggered unsteadily for a few moments. She might have done so for even longer, but I had grabbed her by then, spun her around so that her back was to me and propelled her forward and up against the counter. She let out a little squeal at being so roughly manhandled and then being so quickly maneuvered into position, but did not raise any objections.

Knowing what her naughty old uncle wanted from her, Carly was only too happy to pull her skirt all the way up to her hips to reveal the full moon of her bottom, willingly leaning forward a little over the sink and spreading her legs. As I looked down at the exquisite treasure she had unveiled to me, I cannot imagine why I was so surprised to see that she had not been wearing any panties under there.

My pants were no longer caught between our two bodies and so they had slipped down to my knees by the time I had gotten myself into position behind her and steered my erection up to the dripping entrance to her cunt.

I would have to thank my brother and sister-in-law someday for caring enough about their eldest to put her on birth control when they saw that she was developing into your typical boy crazy teen. It meant that I didn’t have to keep a supply of condoms around for moments like this – a supply that would be hard to explain to my wife.

She was well lubricated already from all of the fun we’d been having since we came inside and so I was able to slide right into my niece with the minimum of effort, marveling at how incredible it felt when our bodies were intimately united like this.

I’d always assumed it was because our affair was so forbidden, but whatever the cause, I’d always found sex with Carly much more intense and exciting than it ever had been with any of the other women I’d bedded – including my wife. Perhaps that was why she and I could not resist taking advantage of even the smallest opportunities to be together like this.

It was an addiction, plain and simple.

Holding onto her hips firmly, I started stroking in and out of her, moving slowly at first. I cannot express how much I loved to hear her moan as I serviced her, knowing it was I who was giving her so much pleasure. Increasing the speed and force of my thrusts into her made her much louder and only served to help spur me on.

Eventually, she would lift one leg high, resting her knee on the edge of the countertop to make it easier for me to work back here, leaning even farther forward over the sink. I was bent over her, meanwhile, fucking her hard and deep with one hand now griping one of my niece’s firm tits. I was grunting, crying out just as loudly as anything that was coming from the girl’s lips by now and all of the noise seemed to have the same effect on her as it did me.

I have to wonder how it was that the rest of the family didn’t hear us at this point – I mean, I am perfectly well aware of just how loud we can be when we really get into it! Now, I know that we were indoors and they were out and that several yards of distance separated us, but what I think really saved us was the racket the smaller kids were kicking up as they played.

If not for those screeching children, I’m quite confident that my wife and brother would have been in here in a flash and that would be the end of me.

Fortunately, we would not be in so much danger for much longer. Already I could feel the telltale warning signs that I was about to give up a load of cum. Carly must have sensed that my end was near too as she reached down between her legs with one hand to stroke her swollen and super-sensitive clit to make sure that we came together.

In the end though, it was the sensation of my cum flooding into her, I think, that was the final straw for her.

I slumped onto her in the aftermath, exhausted and happy to just hold her and savor the afterglow of our lovemaking, my softening dick slipping out of her no matter how much I would have liked it to stay in there. It was a quiet and restful moment that was not to be however as Carly was armed with all the energy of youth and wasted no time in pushing me off and sliding out from under her uncle.

With a big grin on her face and my seed slowly dribbling down the inside of her thigh, she gave me the once over as I leaned heavily against the counter, breathing hard. She was laughing at me again of course, but we both knew that I could be ready again in reasonably short order if we had time to continue this.

Her eyes dipped for just a moment to my manhood, which dangled limply now covered in a slimy mixture of our bodily fluids. I knew what she was thinking because I knew just how much she loved our intermingled taste, but this time I was able to put my foot down and refuse.

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