Caroline’s Mom Ch. 14


As I entered Rachel, I felt Sheila’s hot tongue, licking us both together. Rachel’s face was buried in Sheila’s snatch. I stroked in and out when Sheila asked to move in with us. I ignored the request and continued to pound Rachel.

“Please Rachel I want his baby too.”

“I’ll stop the pill we’ll all three be pregnant together. Please!”

Sheila began to stroke my balls with her hands as she tongued Rachel’s clit. Rachel groaned into her slit as I began to cum.

“Shit take it I’m Cumming filling your pregnant pussy with my baby making sperm… Sheila drink my cum from her snatch.”

I rolled onto my back, and Sheila dove into Rachel’s messy pussy to eat some cream pie. Rachel told Sheila that we didn’t think we wanted any more roommates but we would discuss it further, after she left. However Sheila was welcome back for fun and games as often as she liked.

The next morning Rachel called a meeting. “Alan’s parents are coming back this weekend they want to reconcile with us. They want to see their grandchildren. I have readied the guest room for them. We will all continue to sleep in the same bed while they are here. I want them to be sure they know what’s going on and never accuse us of deceiving them.”

“What shall we do about Sheila?”

Caroline said.

“I don’t want her here. I am content and sometimes jealous of mom now. I don’t want to Alan any more then I have to. If I had known how I would feel about him I might never have fixed him up with you balçova escort mom. Or after you had him I would never have agreed to keep him warm and occupied for you while you went away.”

Rachel said.

“I’m sorry you’re jealous, but I love him and he was mine, before you wanted him. I will not give him up. The truth is I wanted him when he was fifteen and you didn’t even know what sex was about. If you don’t want to share him with Sheila that’s fine, but I’m not giving him up.”

Then it was my turn to speak.

“I love you both. I do not wish to give either of you up. Sheila was an interesting and not unpleasant diversion. I do not want us to fight so there can be no jealousy here. However

I must remind Caroline, that she initiated the sexual relationships I have with both Rachel and Sheila. I am willing to give up Sheila but I will give neither of you up. If you can’t agree with that I will leave tomorrow. If you can I expect you both to come to my room and apologize for this childishness.”

I sat in my room reading some textbook. I don’t think I even saw the book I was afraid that I was about to lose the two women I loved more than life itself. The there was a gentle knock on the door. My two pregnant goddesses stood at the door. They told me there would be no more jealousy, and that from now on before another woman played with us we must all agree. The vote would have to be unanimous majority would not rule. To this I readily agreed, karşıyaka escort and lead the women to the master bedroom. Caroline said she was horny and wanted me now. Rachel laughed and told her that Sheila and I had worn her out, but that she would help out if I proved too much to handle. Caroline grinned and asked who would help me out if she proved too much to handle.

Both women began to undress as soon as we entered the bedroom. Then they undressed me. Rachel guided Caroline to the bed and coaxed her into a sitting position. She then guided me to stand in front of her daughter. Rachel guided my cock into Caroline’s mouth.

“Suck it, make him happy.” “Show him why he never wants to leave us.” “That’s it take him deep” “His balls look so good.”

Rachel caressed my balls stroking and fondling. Then she guided Caroline onto her hands and knees.

“Do her doggy style.”

“Would you mind if I licked his balls and asshole while he fucked you?”

“No mom, do it make him want us more. Stick your tongue deep in his ass”

Rachel drove her tongue between my ass cheeks licking my pucker. Then her tongue began to penetrate. Like a snake it reached places I didn’t think it could. I got harder and stiffer and Caroline groaned with my stimulation. I drove faster and deeper. Rachel with drew her tongue for a while and began to lick my balls. I got closer and closer, faster and deeper then the explosion. I erupted deep into her pregnant womb. As I çeşme escort rolled off of Caroline, onto my back, Rachel licked and cleaned my cock of the combined juices, mine and her daughters.

Soon I became hard again. Caroline looked at Rachel and said.

“Your turn mom.”

“No Caroline I got enough this afternoon.”

“Mom I want to watch you, and help you like you did me.”

With that Rachel got to her hands and knees, and Caroline drove her tongue deep into my ass hole.

The next morning we began to talk about the impending visit of Bill and Lily. I would pick them up at the airport and bring them here. The women would make dinner they would spend the week here. We planned to move to a community that approved of polygamy after graduation, and live there as a married family.

The next morning we awoke and had breakfast. I left for the airport as the women franticly prepared the house for their in-law’s visit I got to the airport just a few minutes before the plane arrived. My parents just came through the gate when they saw me. My mother started to talk. I waved my hand and said we can all talk when we get home.

The drive was uneventful and my two pregnant wives were waiting on the front lawn when we pulled into the driveway. I carried their bag to the guest bedroom as everyone was invited into the dining room for coffee.

Rachel Spoke

“We would all like to apologize for surprising you like we did. We all love each other very much and would like your approval of our marriage and lifestyle.”

Lily spoke.

“You are our children and if this is what makes you happy then we have no right to condemn your lifestyle. Please forgive us and let us be grandparents and parents as we really want to be.”

To be continued…

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