Casey’s Senior Year Pt. 01


I was not one of the nice kids in school, in fact I was the guy everyone avoided. I had earned that place in the pecking order last year as a Junior when the Varsity football middle-line-backer and the Fullback came after me for being too friendly with the Quarterbacks girl friend. It was in the middle of the season and so the second string offensive backfield got some playing time because broken legs and arms are not conducive to team sports…

My senior year was not really so different than any other year, I was still a lone wolf, so it was with some confusion that people saw me sit down with Jerome, a downs syndrome kid, that always ate his lunch alone in the corner of the common area.

He was a lonely kid even in our senior year. Our school did not have the “woke” kids that voted the retards into homecoming Queens and Kings. But Jerome was a tough kid… bull strong and stubborn… he had a rep for not taking shit from people, so he was left alone and mocked from afar.

For me it was idle curiosity. Any other day and it might not have happened at all, but I was bored and Jerome was staring intently into the screen of his phone and breathing heavy. We had had gym class scheduled together a couple of years before and on some of the few days that I showed up, I found out that he lifted weights in the same upper strength limits as me. He enjoyed it… it was something he could do well and frankly it scared some would be harassers off. We had that in common and a sort grudging respect. Well… he knew my name and I knew his.

He was so intent in his viewing that I got to where I could see what he was looking at before he realized I was there. It was a video of a gorgeous lady, decked out in sexy black bra and panties, and bright red stiletto heals. She was tied hand and foot, arms drawn behind her back, ankles and knees tied together. She was rolling around on the floor, struggling to get free. She was talking but the sound was down so I could not hear what she was saying.

“Hey Jerome. Watch’a got there?” I said as I slumped onto the bench seat he was sitting on.

He was more than surprised… he was caught doing something he was not supposed to be doing. He slammed the phone face down on the table.

“Nothing!” his chin was down and he was glaring at me through his eyebrows… his “intimidating” face. He was scared going quickly to angry. “I ain’t got nothin’! What… What do you want Casey?”

“Nothing Jerome… I just saw you sitting here and was wondering what you were looking at… that’s all.”

“I wasn’t lookin’ at nothing… ass hole.”

“Well, she was an awful pretty nothing… that’s all I’m sayin'”

“You can’t tell no body Casey. It’s my secret. If… if you tell I will have to break you.”

There was silence for a couple of heart beats… I knew he was serious… but I don’t like to be threatened either.”

Without looking away I said, “I got no reason to tell no body nuthin’ ’bout your secret… and I got no reason to test you either Jerome. If anyone here could do it you have the best chance, but it would cost you more than you might want to pay… I seen you lift… I know you’re strong as a mother fucker… but you know that about me too…”

He calmed down and we sat quiet for a moment.

“Why do you care what these motherfuckers think they know about you anyway… so you like pretty women tied up… who doesn’t… that ain’t no big secret.”

He kept his head down

“That’s not the secret Casey… you can’t tell anyone because she’s… she’s my Mom and she does not know that I have the video…” Then he looked sideways at me and smiled… “She doesn’t know about any of them.”

Wow… it took me a few seconds to process what he had just told me. I am not the brightest bulb, but I can usually figure things out better than most. It didn’t take me long to figure a couple of angles and how this might lead to a couple of really good things for me.

“Do you have lots of videos?”

He was quiet for a minute.

“I should not tell you.”

“No you’re right Jerome, you probably should not. Your mom would not like it if she knew… But you don’t have to worry none… I am like you this way… I don’t have anyone to tell. So it will just be our secret… Hell Jerome… if we are not careful, we might become friends… you and me… we share lifting really heavy things, and a secret.”

“You won’t tell because I would hurt you… not because you’re my friend.”

“Jerome… I am no more afraid of you than you are of me… I know you could hurt me, you know I could hurt you… wait… look’t… that’s one more thing we share… I think you are the konak escort only one around here that isn’t afraid of me… and I know everyone else is afraid of you.”

Jerome wasn’t stupid… but he was naive.

“So… we share those things and we share the secret?”

“Yep… that’s how it works.”

I left it hanging… letting him come to it on his own.

“My mom… she has a game we started to play on my birthday this year when I turned 18… She taught me how to tie some knots… She said it was important for her to know how to ‘scape in case someone tried to hurt us. So she had me practice tying the knots and she would practice getting free. At first I wasn’t very good and she would get free really easy and she would punish me. She would spank me and then she would lock herself in her room and cry, sometimes she would cry out my name… other times she would just cry… but eventually she would come out and everything would be Ok.”

“So how do you play it now?”

“The same way, only she does not get away anymore. I always win so I don’t get punished any more. But she spends more time punishing herself after I untie her than she used to.”

He paused in the story for a bit… I waited… I could afford to let him tell it at his own pace.

“She doesn’t think I know how to make the movies on my phone…”

“So now we have your secret of her game, AND our secret of your movies.”

He smiled, looked slowly left and then right. “There’s more too.” Jerome hid his laughter behind his hand.

“When we played her game and the knots got harder, she said that her cloths made it harder for her to get free, so we started playing without some of her clothes on… but then it started to hurt me. My cock, that’s what she calls my Penis, started to get really hard and swell up and hurt while she was trying to get loose. I did not want to play anymore because it hurt… so she said it was ok for me to pull on it… that makes it feel better. Did you know that’s how you make it feel better? Some times when I have to pee really bad it gets big but all I have to do is pee and it feels better and goes away… but sometimes when I watch her it gets real hard and I have to pull on it until it makes the baby juice squirt… that’s what mom calls it… Baby juice… silly huh?”

Jerome was on a roll spilling all the secrets now, so I did not interrupt him. Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

“I make the movies because sometimes when I think about playing her game it makes my penis big and watching her when I pull on it helps me make it feel better. She got real mad one time when she thought I was taking a picture of her… so I don’t let her know… sometimes… she thinks I am stupid… but I’m… not… stupid!”

This is what kept Jerome relatively safe at school… his emotions were erratic… mercurial and unpredictable and he was amping up.

Wanting to distract him and get him back on track, I asked him, “Does she ever help you? you know… does she help you rub it or anything?”

“She only did once. She said she wanted to make sure I did it correctly and did not hurt myself… But she keeps an eye on me and to make sure… “

“She watches you pull on your cock?”

“Yeah… hey… you know that word too?”

“Yeah… some people use it.”

“Oh… I thought Mom made it up. She made it part of her game so I did not feel bad about it. When she is trying to get the knots undone, I can pull on it. It’s like a race… If she gets free first then she wins but if I make the baby juice squirt first then I win and I can make it spray all over her… she says it’s gross and it is punishment for her not being good enough, but sometimes I think she likes it and wants me to win…”

“What makes you say that Jerome?”

“Some times she will egg me on and tell me to cover her good and make it go in her face or on her boobs and then she gets all shaky and breathes funny for a while… like after we lift really heavy weights, you know?”

“Yeah… I know what you mean. Does she ever, you know, let you touch her?”

He looked at me a little funny.

“Are you sure you are not the slow one Casey?”

And then he laughed out loud at his joke… He laughed like a little kid… open and loud… and then his hand went over his mouth again and he laughed behind his hand. I smiled… chuckled a little with him letting him have his fun at my expense. God knows I would have smashed anyone else for laughing at me like that. I glanced around the courtyard and people looked away not wanting to make eye contact with me. Some even manisa escort got up and left rather than risk my attention.

When he could finally stop giggling he said “Sure I have to untie her most of the time… she hardly ever wins anymore…”

“Do you have any movies when she wants you to win?”

“Sure… I can show them to you later if you want.”

“Yeah… I would like to see what you are talking about… that is if you want to share that part of your secret too.”

“It’s our secret now Casey… Just you and me.”

“It is good to have someone to share your secret with… someone you can trust not to tell.”

“Do you have a secret that you need to share Casey?”

I thought for a minute.

“No Jerome… I don’t have any secrets but ours, and I won’t tell them to anyone except you.”

“O.K. Casey… but if you ever get a secret, you know that I can keep it so you could tell me.”

“Yeah… Jerome… I know.

Lunch had ended, and it normally would not have deterred me, but Jerome was rules based and pretty ridged about attending class. I made plans to see him again soon and explore some of the videos he said he had.

I spent an hour in the gym lifting… Coach Kelley had long ago given me space to work without bothering me because he, one, knew I knew how to lift and two, knew it did not help to harass me.

Senior year was pretty lax… I was going to graduate because the new funding rules tied next years money to the volume of graduations from the year before, so I did not have to be anywhere in particular and was wondering the halls of the math department when Wanda Fitch walked out of class.

Wanda was a nerd… a math geek… smart as a whip. She hesitated, looked at me first in surprise… and then after a quick glance at her watch… in question. She had done the math in her head and decided that she had time if I was available… I was almost always available for Wanda, though I had to say “No” every once in a while or her calculating mind might decide she had some pull on me.

I gave her a slight, hardly noticeable nod, and she spun on her heels, her knee length skirt flaring out and quick stepped to a utility closet a few doors down, her sensible, comfortable shoes making hardly a sound on the concrete floor.

I made my way slower, less deliberate, to the door, not out of caution, no one was around, but to give Wanda time.

When I slipped through the door and then locked it, Wanda was stepping out of her skirt which she folded up and set on top of her folded blouse. White cotton panties and white ankle socks with black flats and an industrial bra that she wore to hide her shape rather than enhance it. She unhooked her bra and pulled it off letting her very round and ample tits spill forth. I had asked her why she hides her looks and she was very mater-of-fact about how she did not want to be judged by her looks but on her achievements alone. It really made no difference to me though I told her I liked her boobs, so she was deliberate in exposing them for me when we were together like this… to be honest, like this was about the only way we were ever together.

She stepped into what would have been my embrace but I did not enfold her, she kissed me lightly on the lips as she undid my belt, the button and zipper, then knelt down as she pulled my half erect cock up and out.

Wanda was not emotional about our relationship… she was practical and efficient… like as she was with everything else in her life. She enjoyed the feel of strength she experienced as my cock filled with blood so she held it against her face, rubbed it on her lips and cheeks, stroked it slowly as it filled up.

It started as her way of paying me back a debt that she thought she owed me in the only way that she could figure out that I would really appreciate. She had thought of all the ways that she could help me academically but reasoned out quickly that I really did not give a fuck about that. So she offered me herself, to use, and enjoy for a year, as long as we were discreet about it. She found out she had a talent for sucking cock and that she really enjoyed it much more than she had thought she would… and in the interest of knowledge and experimentation, she had taken us much further than she had imagined when she began it all.

Once hard, she slipped me in her mouth and gone to work. She enjoyed the mechanics of it… as long as she was causing me to enjoy and progress, she enjoyed it and got turned on. The more pleasure she gave me, indicating that she was performing at at least an acceptable level of competency, the more wet her pussy got and menderes escort hard her nipples got. She found that she could play with herself while she sucked me and not only not lose efficiency but enhance the experience for both of us. She had imagined that mind shattering orgasms where emotional clap trap and not real… she had found out differently as she learned about herself during our “sessions”.

Wanda thought she owed me because I had effectively, though admittedly accidentally, saved her from an abusive father. Happens I was fucking her mother.

Barbra Fitch was ripe for seduction. Pretty, unhappy and regularly abused by her husband, a low level executive that worked down town who though he should be big shakes but could never quite pull it off and convince anyone in authority over him that he was anything more than just average. He took his frustration out on his wife and daughter. Slapping them around when he was unhappy, which was most of the time, blaming Barbra because she was not whore enough to him, and Wanda because at every turn, she was smarter than him. Wanda had plotted to kill him in several ways but could not reconcile the mathematics of the risk/reward equation to an acceptable margin… it was easier to avoid him than risk going to jail…

Barbra on the other hand, loved playing the whore with me in every way that she denied him, and even in ways he had never thought of…

I had tried my hand at being a waiter right after I had turned 18, at a local restaurant… bored, I saw a sign and applied, and before I got fired that first week for shoving a guys face in his plate, I had seen her interact with her husband during dinner and given her a note to meet me by the ladies room. She did and I took her out the back door to the ally and fucked her on top of a trash can, sending her back to finish her dinner with a pussy full of young adult cum and a taste for my cock that she could not resist. A week later she had begged me to fuck her in the ass, popping her cherry, on her husbands bed because he was always demanding that she should let him. She came hard with every inch of me buried to the hilt in her bowels and it became one of her favorite ways to get back at him.

Her husband made the mistake of following her to a local park and catching her servicing my cock in the public bathroom. He should have walked away, but he tried to prove himself… and once again, fell short. two days later he used the rubber IV tubing to hang himself from the hospitable bed railing. His injuries making it impossible for him to save himself once he had rolled off the side of the bed.

Wanda had approached me a week later explained her need to repay me even though she knew I was fucking her mom, she thought she could offer me a level of proficiency, expertise and pleasure that her mother could not. She was right… but she insisted that I continue to use her mother for as long as I wanted to because she had never seen her mother so alive…whatever I was doing for her… giving to her… it was good for her mental health… and Wanda did not want her need to repay me, to get in the way of her mother healing… however it was that she needed to heal. Wanda was nothing if not pragmatic and practical.

And right now she was working me up to explode a big nut in her mouth. She bobbed her head, reaching long on the shaft, the head of my cock, slipping past the back of her throat on occasion. She would pull off and rub me with her face and hands, lick the shaft, nibble the head… and smile… she would make eye contact and smile, knowing that it made me that much more turned on.

“I only have time for this quickie right now Casey… but maybe if you give me some time after you see my mom tonight, we can play at some other thing?”

“I will do that Wanda… you can count on it.”

She dipped her head again and swallowed my cock, squeezing just right at the tip and the base and then gulped down my cum as it flooded her mouth. Damn she was good! And she did that without missing a drop while riding out her own orgasm.

Wanda made sure I was cleaned off then tucked me back in. I buttoned up while she started to get dressed after licking her own fingers clean.

“Maybe instead of waiting until after I finish your mom, you might consider joining us?”

Wanda turned and looked at me, and I could see the wheels turning, the calculations going on behind her green eyes.

“You will need to do some more prep work before she would be comfortable with knowing I like sex and sharing the same partner. She is not as open minded about it as she can be.” She reached up on her tip toes, pushing her now bound breasts into my chest, kissed me lightly on the cheek and said, “If you would like I can work on her too… It might be fun for both of us at that… but not yet.”

She turned away to step into her skirt, and said, “we only have a few minutes before the bell… close the door behind you.”

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