Casting Competition


The invitation said, ‘Casting Competition’ then in brackets (by invitation only).

‘All contestants will be over 18, with no cosmetic surgery. They must submit to advance screening for sexual diseases and drug addiction. You have been chosen as a potential contestant. We will be in touch with your Agent.’


Pam wondered if it was legit, so she called her scumbag agent.

“Hey Huey, what’s the deal with the Casting Competition thingy?” Pam asked Huey when he finally answered his cell.

“Oh, that’s a great opportunity for the right girl, but these end up being real fuck fests, are you ready to put yourself out there like that?” Huey reeled her in with his challenge.

“As long as it’s not for actual porn, I will do anything to get a chance to show them what I’ve got!” Pam announced.

“Well, they will be looking at and enjoying ‘what you’ve got’ for as long as the competition takes, so you better stock up on extra strength condoms!” Huey advised with a grunt.

“We have to submit for a physical and blood work a week before the contest,” Pam admitted, “So they won’t be using condoms for this one.”

“The winner will get a major role, which will involve scenes that are more explicit than most A list women would agree to, but the star power of Keith Morrow will give some lucky woman a big opportunity,” Huey offered, knowing that his commission would be a giant windfall for him too.

The stretch Town car picked up Pam just after noon on Friday. She was starving off a few more ounces, and wondered if there would be food. She only had her purse with a few things to powder her nose, even though the instructions simply said, ‘bring only the invitation, every need will be supplied’?

A balding fat man opened the door to the mansion that she was delivered to, and he examined her invitation. Then he curtly turned and muttered, “follow me.”

“My name is Felix, and I am the contest Umpire,” Felix explained to the 8 women standing in the foyer of the impressive estate house.

“We have small lockers for the purses that most of you brought, and all of those women will start with one demerit point, for failing to follow instructions,” he continued.

Murmurs came from all quarters.

“Ladies! Should anyone not want that one demerit, you can line up over here, and give me a blow job,” Felix announced, but no volunteers appeared.

“Everyone, please head for the change rooms on the left and down the stairs,” Felix herded his luscious ladies to their shame.

“Felix, there are no costumes in my change room?” Sharon wondered out loud.

“That’s right, there will be no wardrobe needed for the first part of the contest Ladies, so just peel it all off, my pretties, and place your garments in the box provided,” the Umpire shouted, showing his pearly whites.

Everyone knew that this was coming, so the mumbling quickly subsided, while the mind games started.

Pam was proud of her body, even though some Hollywood producers called her fat, she was only 110 pounds! At 5 foot 8, that was not fat, and she knew that her breasts were at least 5 pounds of that, so she most certainly wasn’t fat!

The Doctor that Pam had to submit to, saw the marks of a boob job right away, so Pam had to provide her medical records that showed that she only had some muscle work, to make it easier to hold her breasts just where she wanted them, instead of having them sag. The results of the surgery and the ongoing exercises, were outstanding. The Doctor had pinched her nibs, claiming that they should plump up if they were natural.

Felix walked into the change area. “All loose jewelry should go in the box too Ladies, and that includes earrings.” More moans, as everything personal was peeled away with the clothes.

“Okay Ladies, everyone out here in the Gym please, hurry,” Felix prompted them. “Please line up, shoulder to shoulder, with your legs apart and spread your labia for an open vagina inspection,” Felix stated, then sat and pondered his iPad.

He kept busy for at least five minutes, then looked up.

“Thank you ladies. Now turn and spread your butt cheeks,” Felix commanded.

The grumbling started up right away, but Felix took a small spreader and looked into the anus of every one of his girls. “I’m just ensuring that no contraband comes into the estate, especially drugs,” he claimed.

“Okay, for tonight you will be serving a party of 20, so you must offer your services at all times by stating, ‘Is there anything I can do for you?’ Then you do it and repeat,” Felix made it sound so simple.

“Of course you are free to decline any of your clients needs, but that will result in demerits, and they will be the determining factor in this contest.”

Pam walked directly toward a cute young man, but one of the others was faster, and she had to settle for an older guy.

“Sir, is there anything I can do for you?” she prompted, without smiling.

“Oh, my! You are a treat young lady,” the guy responded, while looking up and Escort down Pam’s young body. “My name is Paul, and you are?”

“Pam, at your service,” Pam responded and giggled a little this time.

“Do you think that you would enjoy a bounce with a geezer like me?” Paul asked and waited for a response.

“You seem nice,” was Pam’s simple response, and it must have been the right answer. Paul nodded his head and stood. Taking Pam’s hand he led her toward a row of closed doors.

“I have not had a good hummer in days dear, would you mind starting there?” Paul asked, while pulling off his shirt.

Pam moved in close and helped to remove Paul’s belt and pants. The cock sprung free as soon as she tugged on the light blue boxer’s that Paul was wearing.

Pam kissed the head of the 6 inch circumcised penis, then pulled it flat against his stomach while she licked and sucked his balls. They were not ‘old man’ balls, instead they were hanging firmly in his lightly haired scrotum.

“Have you been in anything yet dear,” Paul wondered as he casually had his balls cupped in Pam’s hand while she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

Pam pulled away for a second, “nothing with dialogue,” she said and got right back into the cock.

Paul leaned back in a plush chair while Pam took him into her mouth and she automatically started to strum across the cock with the clip in her tongue.

“Awe, that is nice dear. Deeper please,” Paul instructed.

Pam took him all of the way in, gulping as she swallowed down and on to the base, pushing the tip down her fully relaxed throat. She held it there for a good ten count, then started pumping for the full stroke.

As soon as her lips cleared Paul’s tip, she plunged back down, keeping the process going until Paul started to moan. Pam didn’t even think about it, as her hands softly caressed his balls.

Bliss was the look, as he emptied his sperm into Pam’s hungry throat.

“Oh yes! You are a sport! Now I need to smoke some weed. Would you like to join me?” Paul inquired.

Pam jumped at the chance, figuring that she would survive this contest a lot better with an easy going attitude, and marijuana was just the ticket!

They passed through one of the Games rooms on the way to the garden. Three young lads were banging away on a petite blonde, with her, pushed forward over a chair and one fellow riding her from behind, while another was pushing his cock into her mouth. The third guy was there for encouragement, or he was waiting for his turn.

“Hi Mr. Sumner,” the pussy pumper alerted his buddies to the intruder.

“Hi guys, Miss, I hope we’re all having a good time?” Paul asked.

“It looks like you’re well cared for sir,” the stand by guy suggested, showing that this older guy had some sway in Hollywood.

“We’re going to hit some good Afghan Indica if anyone is interested,” Paul asked, but didn’t stop.

The boys grunted their ‘thanks – but no thanks’, but just before the two got to the door they could just make out a mumbled reply, but it was distorted by a cock.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that,” Paul stopped and turned back.

“Oh, no problem Mr. Sumner, we are just getting into it here, but thanks for the offer.”

More grunting.

“Please let the young lady talk, son,” Paul enunciated his words, like a speech therapist – no, more like a Drill Sergeant.

The cock was reluctantly withdrawn from the young woman’s mouth.

“I think… that a little smoke would be… much appreciated,” Cindy pushed out with a few coughs and grunts.

“That’s okay sir, she can get some later…” The thrust-er whined, but he was cut short.

“We won’t be needing you three anymore tonight. Get out. You, young lady…”

“Cindy,” Pam whispered.

“…Cindy, would you please accompany us to the garden?”

One of the three seemed to have more sense than the other two, as he pulled them toward the door. They hadn’t removed any of their clothes, they just pulled up zippers as they made a hasty exit.

Out on the patio Paul introduced himself to Cindy, as he pulled a coffee can from a bushy shrub near a gazebo.

“Those leeches should never have been allowed in, but it’s hard to keep these events private,” he shook his head, while pulling a baggy of joints from the can.

The lighter was a small torch, which Paul started with the push of a button, and the joint was lit with a quick spark of fire. He pulled deeply then offered it to Cindy.

“It is a very strong strain, so you might want to…” Paul started, but Cindy pulled on the blunt like it was the gift of life.

“Thank god you pulled me from their grasp,” Cindy finally moaned, with a puff of grey smoke. “They were going to splash me all night,” she declared as she shook her head and hugged her glistening breasts.

Paul got on his cell phone. “Felix. If anyone is being gang banged, I want you to stop it, and send the miscreants home.”

“That’s right, and send the ladies to the Garden please, it’s about Escort Bayan time that they met the Executive Producer,” he finished and tapped the disconnect.

Cindy put her hand on Paul’s naked thigh.

“Thank you Sir, you are my hero,” she glibly overacted, realizing that the final judge of their talents was right in front of her.

More joints were passed out as other girls came outside. Some were crying. They all looked like glazed donuts. Some fluid would be sweat, but lots of it was gooey and thick.

“Please, come in close ladies,” Paul waved the fifth and sixth girl over to our smoke filled pity party.

Felix came out last and whispered in his master’s ear.

“It appears that our last two contestants have bowed out, so we will be adding two more from our list,” Paul explained after Felix departed.

“I know, it seems unfair to bring in fresh people, but the good news is that we will be choosing four ladies for roles. Along with the Leading Actor role, there will also be a Supporting role and two Stand-in positions. The Stand-in will be the body double for many of the sexual roles, then she can be given a secret stage name so she can perform in the Adult Movie Industry, and still pursue roles in the mainstream.” Paul took a long drag on his joint as a hum grew among the participants.

“For the rest of the evening, you can entertain yourselves on the estate. We have a vast array of foods in the kitchens, but you will have to help yourselves.

“For tonight there will only be me, Felix, and the six of you lovelies. I will expect each of you to entertain me, over the next 12 hours, but you need to get your rest too. Tomorrow we will have the Associate Producers here, and they will be bringing teams of specialists, to evaluate the potential of all of you.”

“Now, I need the two Cheyennes, one with a Ch and one with a Sh, to stay here with me, the rest of you, go have fun!” Paul proclaimed.

Pam knew one of the girls and nodded as she passed.

It seems like everyone was headed for the kitchen, so Pam figured that she would look for a bar. A place like this had to have one somewhere. Either a stately one on the main floor, or a man cave in the lower level. She quickly decided that she didn’t want any Port or Sherry, so she followed the stairs down to the basement.


There was a huge fountain in the center of a lounge, with a bar on one side, complete with bar stools and dart boards.

Pam scampered behind the bar and opened the first refrigeration door that she came upon.

Inside she found row after row of high end beers and coolers. Other custom cabinets had juices and mixes as well as fruits and garnishes for just about any cocktail.

Pam made herself a Screwdriver, heavy on the vodka, using the biggest beer mug that she could find, then she moved to watch the water flow in the fountain.

Surrounding the water effect was a six inch ridge of white granite, then the floor was tiled in black granite, and two drains completed the practical element involved in keeping the water contained.

The effects of the weed made it easy to lose oneself in the sound of the water and the mystic effect as the water moved in streams, controlled by a computer.

Felix came into the room, and lowered the lights, then he adjusted the program to include lasers in the water.

“Thank you,” Pam spoke just loud enough to be heard.

“Oh, I thought that everyone was gorging in the kitchen,” Felix proclaimed, then came over to see who it was.

“I’m more of a drinker than an eater,” Pam claimed, not bothering to cover her nakedness from the Umpire.

“I’m not sure if that looks very sexy,” Felix suggested.

“Can I make you a cocktail, Mr. Felix, it’s the one thing this town has taught me… well, except for giving excellent head, I learned that here too,” Pam trailed off.

“Can you make a Harvey Wallbanger?” he asked, with eyebrows cocked.

Pam jumped up and placed her pail of a drink on the bar, as she dashed to the back.

She grabbed a tall-boy glass and pushed the ice crusher button until she had two inches of crushed ice. She added 2 ounces of vodka and 6 ounces of orange juice, then a slice of orange and two cherries. Finally, she found the Galliano Liqueur in with the cold juices and gently added an ounce to the top of the drink, creating a ‘sunset’ view.

“Is this what you would be doing if you were at home, Pam?” Felix wondered.

“No, I suppose I’d be watching porn and masturbating…”.

“Wow, I said that out loud, didn’t I,” she mused, but didn’t appear to be too worried.

“Why don’t you show me how you do it dear,” Felix suggested.

“You show me yours and I’ll show you how I do it,” Pam replied.

Felix unzipped his pants and pulled out a limp dick. It was about 6 inches long, and thick, even when flaccid.

Pam leaned back in the cushy sofa, pulling her legs behind her shoulders so that her sex was right in front of her fine tits. She started to Bayan Escort rub her clitoris, while pushing three fingers into her pussy. The breasts kept crunching together as she started to hit it hard.

When she started to cum, she was mesmerized by Felix’s big cock. He did not get hard, even when Pam shattered into a vocal orgasm.

“Nice,” Felix stated.

“I don’t turn you on Mr. Umpire? Does your plumbing work right?” Pam wondered.

“I have complete control over my manhood,” Felix promised. “If I want to use my dick, I only have to release my libido, and it will shape up in a hurry.

“Hmm, complete control you say,” Pam pondered the situation.

She stood, and walked over to Felix, then knelt on the cushion next to him and lowered her mouth to his limp tool.

“May I?” she asked, but didn’t look away from the cock.

“Knock yourself out sweetheart,” Felix laughed and put his hands behind his back.

Pam picked up the penis and sucked it into her mouth, rolling it around. The orange juice in her drink made it hard to identify the taste. She sucked the entire cock into her mouth and gulped to get the last of it in her throat. She could not have done that if his cock was hard.

She stayed that way for more than a minute, while she stroked her tongue back and forth, until she felt life coming to the loose flesh.

“Hey, I’m not dead!” Felix declared.

Pam smiled inside, but she had to wonder what would happen as the cock stiffened in her throat.

She started to rise and lower on the length of the prick. Each down stroke she could feel the last three inches getting tighter and tighter, but it just kept on going!

Pam breathed deeply on the out stroke, and kept her tongue moving, while she entertained herself with a nine inch cock!

Felix was impressed. The last time he had a deep throat hummer, it was with a big skank in a sailors flophouse. This time it was an enthusiastic 24 year old, and she had the sweetest set of tits! Felix stepped out of his impartial roll, and squeezed the young mounds, pinching the nipples with his thumbs and index fingers.

Felix didn’t make a sound as he pumped out his spunk, but Pam just sucked it into her stomach.

“Thanks, I guess I was a bit hungry too,” Pam said, laughing at the idea.

She popped up off of the sofa, wondering where everyone was, as if she was coming out of a dream.

“Is there any ice cream?” Pam wondered out loud.

Felix zipped himself up, after being careful that his monster was safely away from the teeth of the zipper. “There’s Rocky Road if you feel like getting fat,” Felix suggested, but he led the way to the utility cooler behind the pantry.

Felix had just spooned out a large glob when his cell vibrated.

“Yes sir, I believe Simone is in the pool, I’ll fetch her right away,” he said into his phone.

“Enjoy as much as you like Dear, but don’t forget that the Producers are coming tomorrow, and they will measure everything, including your bloating and the length of your period. I’ve got to find Paul another cock sucker,” and with that he hurried out the back door.

There was a note on a chalkboard, suggesting that they should sleep anywhere they want, except the master bedroom (unless invited).

Pam wandered down the main hall until she found rooms with beds. The first three had sleeping women in them, and two of them had fallen asleep in the sixty nine position!

Pam thought about getting a toilet plunger or toilet roll holder, and pushing it into one of those wet cunts, but then she thought better of it and took the first empty bed.

Saturday started with a rooster crow. Probably not a real rooster, but it echoed through the house for about 30 seconds.

Pam rose slowly, feeling awkward because she was naked, and not in her own home.

Hidden speakers announced in Felix’s voice, that breakfast was mandatory, and would be available in the kitchen in 30 minutes.

Pam wondered what she would do, with 30 minutes? It only took her 10 minutes when it included stripping, brushing teeth, and shaving. She didn’t have a tooth brush or even a hair brush, so she spent 5 minutes in the shower, dried herself and brushed her hair with the towel, and walked to the kitchen.

Pam got to the kitchen just as Paul entered from the other side.

“Ah, Ms. Kline, you are the quickest, and yet you look ravishing my dear,”

Paul leaned in and kissed her cheek.

“Your Afghan put me to sleep, I’m afraid,” Pam replied, “otherwise I would have checked to see if you wanted a goodnight toke.”

“Oh, the thought was a good one Pam, but you probably would have wanted a little squeeze and tickle after that, and I would have had one hell of a time getting the Johnson to come to life. As it is, poor Cindy will probably need a chiropractor today, after she worked so hard to get my cherry off.” He smiled, as if talking about a walk in the park.

“Well, I hope we don’t have to eat a pound of bacon and some pancakes this morning, or I’ll be farting and grunting like a P.I.G,” Pam spelled for her host.

“You are surprisingly honest Pam, which is a breath of fresh air, especially if you just have a bit of fruit and some granola.” Paul laughed at his own joke.

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