Catching Mommy: Victoria Wins


WARNING: This is one of three alternate endings to the Catching Mommy saga. You can also read Catching Mommy: Olivia Wins (for the TEAM OLIVIA fans) and Catching Mommy: Win Win For All (for the kinky romantics at heart).

Note 1: A great, big, super thanks goes to MAB7991, Robert and Goamz for their dedicated copy-editing.

Note 2: Another thanks goes to Goamz86, LaRascasse and MAB7991 for plot suggestions earlier in the series.

Note 3: Lastly, a thank you to all my readers who voted, and left comments for this story so far. Part 5 is the highest rated of the series and with over 275 comments is my most commented on story. The debate of Victoria or Olivia has warmed my heart and pussy, surprised me greatly and pushed me to write an epic story that both is erotic and keeps you guessing…an erotic thriller of sorts. Part 6 disappointed some because I didn’t end the series as promised..well here is the ending (or endings if you choose to read all three) and I feel I came up with three fun, sexy and fulfilling ends to this crazy series.

Note 4: Because two of the characters are English, I will sometimes use English words like arse (for ass…it sounds so much dirtier), knickers (for panties…which also somehow sounds naughtier), shag (for fuck…I just imagine the English accent and get wet), slag (for slut…which I think sounds so much worse), snog (for kiss…which I find hard to say with a straight face), bugger (for fuck…also makes sex sound dirtier), rodgering (for arse fucking which again is nasty as hell), dogging (which is public outdoor sex), fancy (which is a way to say I like you).

Catching Up! A crash course reminder of what happened previously in the Catching Mommy series:

Part 1: A Shocking Secret: An 18-year-old English girl transplanted to Boston, Victoria, stays home sick one day and accidentally learns that her proud, dignified, lawyer Mom is a submissive lesbian to another 18-year-old girl. To make matters worse her Mom’s Mistress is none other than Victoria’s arch-enemy. (Don’t deny it, if you are a female you had one in high school too!!)

Part 2: Blackmailing a MILF: Shocked by Olivia’s attack on her mother and her disgusting attitude, Victoria decides to get revenge by blackmailing her arch-enemy’s Mother and making her a lesbian sub. (They say revenge is a dish best served sweaty and hot!!)

Part 3: Creating a Slut: Victoria announces to her Mom, she is a lesbian, as she begins to set up her Mother for the inevitable seduction. Meanwhile, her Mom begins her own plan to seduce her daughter. Lastly, Victoria continues the training of her new pet…her arch enemy’s Mother and her own mother’s Mistress.

Part 4: Daughter’s Domme: Victoria confronts her mother about her dark secret and makes her Mother her personal submissive.

Part 5: Housewife Lesbians: Victoria is betrayed by her mother; Victoria briefly weakens when confronted at school by Olivia; Victoria learns her best friend is also a submissive plaything to Olivia; after seeing her mother again dominated by her nemesis, Victoria seeks revenge by videotaping Olivia’s mother and another MILF in very compromising positions.

Part 6: Protecting Slut-Mom: Victoria forces her mother to make a choice; Victoria party crashes Olivia’s father’s birthday supper with erotic and surprising results; Olivia is briefly made speechless; a MILF sub is gangbanged at a frat house in front of many; Olivia and Victoria meet face to face both confident they can turn the other.

And now…finally… the exciting conclusion(s) of Catching Mommy: Victoria Wins.

As I drove towards my confrontation with Olivia a plan suddenly popped into my head.

I pulled over and called June, Olivia’s mother and my pet.

“Hi, slut,” I said.

“It’s almost midnight,” she said. Clearly, I had woken her up and she wasn’t pleased.

“Thanks, clock,” I quipped sarcastically. “I expect you to be ready to be picked up in ten minutes.”

“That isn’t possible,” she said.

“I wasn’t asking your opinion,” I snapped. “Be fucking ready in ten minutes or else the video goes viral.”

“And what am I to tell my husband?” she asked.

“That you have a teen Mistress and she needs her cunt licked, or that you have become a submissive play thing because of your bitch daughter,” I replied, before adding, “or you could just say that you have to go pick up Olivia from a party.”

“Fine,” she said, clearly pissed at her predicament.

“See you in ten,” I said, all sing-song, “And dress to please.”

“Fine,” she said again, although it obviously wasn’t fine.

I called a dozen of my friends, all victims of Olivia’s, or the cheerleader’s, nasty ways and told them to meet me at Becka’s. I also Escort quickly drove back home and grabbed a few of my toys.

Mom asked, now in her pajamas, “What are you going to do?”

“Get revenge,” I said, going to my room and grabbing every toy I had…and handcuffs I had bought long ago but had never used.

Coming back down the stairs, I quickly explained my plan and Mom asked, “Think it can work?”

“I hope so,” I said, the plan not really thought out much beyond the impulse it was.

“I really don’t want you to go,” she said.

“I have no choice,” I said. “You are too weak to stand up to her and thus I must.”

“But what if she gets you, too?” Mom asked.

“She won’t,” I said, confidently.

“She is not one to lose,” Mom pointed out.

“Neither am I,” I countered, kissing her on the lips before adding, “Once I am done tonight, the only Mistress you will have is me.”

“I hope so,” she said, her tone implying she was sincere.

I left her alone and headed to the Phillips’. As soon as I arrived, Lauren came out in a hurry, her heels in her hand, as she reached the car. Once in, I started driving as she said, “This thing with you and Olivia has gone far enough.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said. “That is where you come in.”

“How so?” she asked, as she began putting her heels on.

“I am going to confront her right now and you are going to help me put her in her place,” I said.

“What’s my role?” she asked.

“Blackmail,” I smiled ominously, my devious plan beginning to form.

We arrived at Becka’s and, as instructed, the rest of the group was waiting across the street. “Let’s go, slut.”

“Who are those people?” she asked.

“Just a few of your daughter’s enemies,” I smiled, getting out of the car and grabbing my bag.

Walking across the street, I said, “Thanks for coming, ladies.”

“Are you serious?” Tara asked. Tara was an outcast for standing up to Olivia our sophomore year, otherwise she would probably be in the cheerleader cult herself as she was drop dead gorgeous and from a wealthy, prestigious family.

“Deadly,” I said, “They say revenge is a bitch and, well, she is a bitch.”

“You brought her mother?” Skyler asked, a sweetheart who always wore pigtails. Her parents were hippies, and she was always in long dresses and sandals, although I had noticed more than once, that she always wore pantyhose, too.

“Slut, say hi to your daughter’s soon to be Mistresses,” I ordered.

“You can’t be serious?” Lauren said, looking at the mismatched group of female outcasts.

“Take off your heels, slut,” I demanded.

“This needs to end,” she repeated.

“It will tonight,” I promised, leading her to the grass and beside a van that would hide her from vehicles passing by, but not from people looking out their windows. “Now take off your fucking heels, you stupid fucking cunt.”

“Fine,” she sighed dramatically, to show the slight hint of stubborn dignity she still had left, as she reluctantly obeyed.

Her heels off, I ordered, “Fuck yourself with one of them.”

“Excuse me,” she gasped.

“On second thought double fuck yourself, one in your cunt and the other in your arse. One day you will fucking learn to obey or do you like getting punished?”

“Please, Mistress,” she begged, looking at the half dozen teenagers she didn’t know.

“Any more disobedience and I will have you knock on that door and ask if they will fuck your fat fucking arse with whatever they wish,” I threatened.

Her eyes big, finally catching on I was serious, she whispered, “Yes, Mistress,” before lifting up her dress and putting the heel in her cunt.

I said, “Tara, why don’t you assist her with the other heel.”

“Really?” she asked, her eyes going big as she and the others watched the MILF fuck herself with the heel of a shoe.

“Go ahead, the slut would love your assistance, wouldn’t you Olivia’s mother?” I asked.

“Yes, Mistress, I would love your friend’s help,” she said, as I gave her a look that said just do as you’re told.

Tara tentatively took the heel from Lauren and moved behind the MILF.

“Just shove it in,” I instructed, “The slut loves something in her arse, don’t you?”

The humiliated Lauren weakly agreed, “Yes, Mistress, I love having my ass filled.”

“You mean your arse?” I corrected, the word sounding nastier.

“Yes, Mistress, I meant I love having my arse filled,” she moaned, as she pumped the heel in her cunt.

Tara looked at me one more time before slowly pushing the heel into Lauren who whimpered as her arse got filled with the heel of the shoe.

“I expect to see both those heels pumping into our little MILF bitch,” I instructed, as Lauren stood awkwardly, on the grass looking absolutely hilarious. “Ladies and Simon, I am sick of these uppity bitches that think they run the school, particularly Olivia. She treats people like Escort Bayan commodities and now it is time to return the favor.”

“H-h-how?” asked, Eleanor, a chubby redhead with crazy curly hair and too much acne who was humiliated by Olivia because she stutters when nervous.

“A full frontal assault,” I answered. “We go in like a team and I will threaten her with social suicide.”

“Who is with her?” Skyler asked.

“Not sure, maybe a couple of her bimbo followers and obviously Becka, who I think will side with us when the opportunity arises,” I said, hoping I was right.

“Then w-w-what?” Eleanor asked, clearly uncomfortable with this whole plan.

“Then we each get revenge on the bully bitches who have made our high school lives hell and make them our bitches,” I smiled, waving the bag around, “and then we really have some fun.”

“What’s in there?” Skyler asked.

“Toys, lots of toys,” I smiled.

“For what?” Skyler confusedly asked, not catching on.

“To literally fuck the living shit out of Olivia,” I responded matter-of-factly.

“Oh my God,” Eleanor gasped.

“Y-y-you m-m-mean have s-s-s-s-sex with h-h-her?” asked the shy Skyler.

“I mean humiliate her completely in front of all of us. It is time to get back at her for all the teasing, torture and humiliation we have all endured at the hands of that bitch,” I said, just as Lauren screamed.

“Too deep,” Lauren yelled, extremely loud for the public dogging she was currently a part of.

“On your knees,” I instructed, as I opened the bag of toys and pulled out a collar and leash, as Lauren obeyed, both her heels leaving her two holes.

I walked over to Olivia’s mother and put the collar around her neck and attached the leash as well. Once on, I asked, “Does anyone want the honor of walking our pet?”

“I do,” Skyler said, walking over to me and taking the leash rather eagerly, considering she was the shy one. Before bending down and saying, her tone all playful like she was talking to a real puppy, “Aaaaaah, does puppy need to go for a walk?”

“Y-y-yes,” Lauren stuttered, her humiliation burning right through her.

“So ladies, this is our time,” I said, feeling like I was making some inspiring speech that would change the world like a nerd-liberation-Ghandi. “Stand tall, don’t back down and do as I say.”

“I’m still unsure of the plan?” Eleanor said.

“Confront her, and turn her into the grovelling bitch she is, through blackmail and sheer force of numbers,” I explained.

“And I get to fuck her?” Simon asked, a Star Wars fanatic who only wore Star Wars clothing and quoted the movies all the time.

“You can put your light sabre in any of her three holes you wish,” I smiled.

“Sweet,” Simon said, grinning from ear to ear.

“May the force be in her,” I quipped, giggling to myself.

“Lead the way, Skyler,” I said, my confidence bubbling over. “It’s time.”

Just as we were about to cross the street, a car drove by, slowing down and getting a good look at a group of teenagers with a pet MILF. I waved as the older gentleman drove by before we crossed the street, led by our MILF pet crawling on all fours.

Finally, reaching the door, I stopped and threatened Lauren. “If you don’t obey every fucking order inside or try to prevent our revenge on your bitch daughter, the video of you and June dyking out goes viral.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she nodded.

I patted her head before I walked right in, having been at Becka’s many times before.

“Bitch, we are here,” I called out, grabbing the leash and leading Olivia’s mother to her.

“Come on…what the fuck,” Olivia said, as she saw her mother, on all fours with a collar around her neck and being led by a leash.

Entering the room, I saw it was only Olivia, Katrina, Angela, and Becka, who was in-between Angela’s legs.

“What the fuck indeed,” I quipped, as I walked over to Becka and pulled her out from between the bimbo bitch cheerleader’s legs as the rest of my nerd posse entered the room.

“Oh, this is adorable,” Olivia laughed, “It’s revenge of the nerds.”

“If you recall, the nerds won,” Eleanor quipped.

“Or is this revenge of the zits,” Olivia snapped back.

“This ends tonight,” I said, keeping the focus on Olivia.

“Agreed,” Olivia said. “Becka get back between Angela’s legs.”

“Don’t you dare move Becka,” I ordered. “It is time to regain your dignity and our school.” Becka looked lost as to what she should do next, caught in the middle of two Dommes’ orders.

“Olivia laughed, “You think you can turn my own pets on me? How has that worked for your cunt-licking mother?”

“I don’t know, I have been too busy with your cunt-licking mother,” I countered, before ordering Lauren, “Go suck Simon’s cock and I expect a porn star blow job.”

“Please no,” Lauren said, looking at me in desperation.

Olivia ordered, “Mother, for fuck’s sake, Bayan Escort stand up.”

“Lauren do as you’re fucking told or else,” I threatened, glaring down at her.

Lauren looked at me, then at Olivia and back to me, before wordlessly crawling to Simon and pulling his cock out of his pants.

“Mother!” Olivia screamed just as Lauren took the teen nerd’s cock in her mouth.

“Keep sucking, slut,” I ordered, my tone firm.

“Mother, stop right now,” Olivia demanded.

Lauren didn’t quit sucking Simon’s cock as I said, moving in front of Olivia, “So welcome to the new social hierarchy.”

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“Where I’m on the top and you’re on the bottom, both figuratively and literally,” I smiled.

“That will never happen,” she said, with her usual ice cold tone.

“Actually it will happen tonight,” I said confidently. “You’re my bitch now,” I said.

“Now that is funny,” Olivia said, as she glanced at her mom giving Simon head.

“You see your mom is my slut,” I began.

“And your mom is mine,” she countered, still smugly confident.

“True, but the difference is my mom is a nobody here. I don’t mean that in the real sense, but no one knows us here, and she could easily start over someplace else and forget this whole debacle ever happened. You and your mother, on the other hand, have an image to uphold, a pretentious grasp on the vain belief that your wealth and money matters. So if you release your video then we leave and start over…big deal; if I release my video your family’s reputation is completely ruined,” I threatened.

“How do I even know that you have this alleged video?” she asked, although I could see her first hint of doubt.

“Your mom is sucking Simon’s cock in front of a group of total strangers,” I said, turning to watch. Lauren, eyes closed, seemed to be enjoying Simon’s surprisingly big cock as she bobbed back and forth rather eagerly.

“Tell you what,” Olivia said, realizing her predicament, but still talking tough. “I will leave your mother alone if you’ll leave mine alone.”

“Or,” I said, smiling back at her with the same bitch smile she had used on others so many times, “You and your bimbo cheerleaders drop to your knees, serve me and the other so called outcasts.”

“Fuck you,” Katrina said, standing up.

“Actually, it will be one of us fucking you very soon,” I shot back. “Don’t forget, your mother is the other lesbo in the video.”

Olivia glared at Katrina, “Shut the fuck up, Katrina.”

Katrina glared at me, but sat down.

I quipped, my voice condescending as if I were talking to a puppy, “You’re already a well-trained pet, aren’t you?”

Katrina was dying to respond but didn’t as Olivia continued to try and bargain her way out of this situation, “Victoria, we need to end this pissing match.”

“Funny choice of words after what you did to my mother,” I said.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Olivia apologized, her facial expression and tone implying she realized she was in a bind and was desperately trying to find a way out of a situation she was, for once, not in control of.

“Oh God, yes, I’m coming, fuck,” Simon grunted as he came in the MILF’s mouth.

Skyler said, “Victoria, I got that all on film.”

“Awesome,” I said. “Get ready to put it online in case our new pets won’t play.”

Olivia sighed, as I saw the first look of fear in her eyes and knew I had her. “I can pay you.”

“You want to pay to eat my cunt and service all of us?” I asked, knowing that was not her intent. “That’s awfully generous of you.”

“How much will end this?” Olivia asked, obviously used to getting her way one way or another with either her looks, or the power of her money.

“I am going to make this very clear. Olivia, drop to your knees and beg to please me as you declare your unconditional servitude to me. The other two get on their knees and crawl to one of the so-called social outcasts,” I said, knowing I had her if I just remained patient.

“And if we do this, you will delete the evidence?” Olivia asked, her tone shifting from confident to almost pleading.

Angela gasped, standing up, “Olivia!”

“Shut up!” Olivia snapped at her, as Angela recoiled at Olivia’s tone and quickly sat back down.

“Of course, if you do the same,” I lied. “But you’d better obey every fucking order I make of you tonight, or the video goes viral and, trust me, it is a pretty graphic video.”

Olivia looked at her mom, who was now, much to my surprise, between Tara’s legs licking away.

“I think it is time for you to follow in your mother’s footsteps,” I smiled, pointing to Lauren.

Olivia continued to try to bargain. “I can make you a cheerleader.”

“So I can shake my tits, suck jock cock and look like a whore?” I asked. “No thanks, I’d rather just finish what you started.”

Olivia was furious at the insult, but continued to play nice as she continued to think she could buy her way out of her predicament. “My dad has major connections. He can get you into any college, and on a full scholarship.”

I laughed, “I have already been accepted to Harvard and Columbia on full scholarships, but thanks anyways.”

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