Catching the Eye of a Mob Boss Ch. 01



I was late for work when I bumped into him, well actually I bumped into his very angry body guard. Who grabbed me and nearly flung me into a wall, trying to get me away from his boss. I didn’t hit the wall but I did fall to the ground on all fours and all my papers and charts scattered across the sidewalk and one of them would have ended up in the road if he hadn’t reached down and grabbed it off the pavement. The first thing I noticed about him was his hand. Large and calloused, but it looked gentle enough to cradle someone’s cheek. I noticed the large gold ring that adorned his finger with the insignia of an S on it next. Then I noticed his height, not that I’m a short man but he has me beat, by at least another 5 inches. Making my height of 5’10” look short and miniscule in comparison. The next were his lips which were surprisingly smiling, apologetically. Then he spoke and I was struck dumb.

“Here you go, I’m sorry for Harold’s reaction he is very protective, not that I need it, I can take care of myself but I’ve learned it’s easier on everyone if I don’t argue with me security” He said conversationally as he handed me the rolled up graph he had grabbed. His voice was a dark, smoky baritone, it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard and I considered myself a very straight man. Not that I had ever done anything sexual… Is that sad? Ok yea it kind of is. I mean I’m 24 and not horrible looking. I’ve got jade green eyes that multiple people have said are very attractive, I’m muscular if a bit on the lean side. At only 150 lbs with dark wavy brown hair that needs a trim because it falls into my eyes all the time but I’m too lazy to get it cut on a regular basis. But I was just never interested in anyone to ask anyone out let alone date. I still hadn’t had my first kiss but I’m getting sidetracked. Sakarya Escort

“Thanks” I finally choke out as I reach a shaking hand out for the graph. Instead of handing it to me he reaches his other hand out and pulls me to my feet.

“I’m Diego, Diego Salvatore.” He said as he shook the hand he still held in his implacable grip. I just sorta stood there and let him shake my hand as I tried to form words in my now dumb brain. He sucked all the intelligence I had gained through my thirteen years of public schooling and then 4 years of undergrad followed by two years in a master’s program. Instead I was getting lost in his eyes. They were blue, bright sky blue and piercing. They were terrifying and cruel and showed that this was not a kind man, he was scary and cold, and could kill without blinking or any remorse. Those eyes sucked me in, dragged me down into the depths and there was no way out.

“Tell me your name now.” The command snapped me out of the trance I was in, I realized he had been talking to me as I was lost in the depth of his eyes and the only time I had begun registering what he was saying was when he had used that commanding voice that brooked no argument. It said you answer or you face the consequences, and the consequences were not something I was interested in learning from this terrifying man. I stuttered out my reply.

“J…Ja…Jace, Jace Ederson.”

“Well Jace Ederson here are the rest of your papers. And I do believe you were trying to get somewhere in rather a hurry…” Diego said to me as he handed me all the papers that had scattered across the ground (Harold must have gathered them up) when I had been shoved to the ground by the body guard Harold.

“Oh my meeting” I grab the papers out of his hands and started sprinting Adapazarı Escort away before either Harold or Diego can blink. I’m already around the corner before I can think to look back at that strange man and his haunting eyes that look like death, or his hands that feel so warm and strong. I shake my head at my crazy thoughts and hurry to get to my meeting at the bird house hotel.



I followed that sexy ass with my eyes as he ran around the corner. “Harold” I said as I looked after him. “I do believe I’ve found my next boy toy.”

“Sir, Him?” Harold asked questioningly “He seems…”

I look at my body guard amusingly and would have laughed if I was the kind of guy to laugh, at his face of confusion and apprehension. “He seems what Harold?”

“Well a bit straight sir and innocent.” Harold finished clearing his throat at the end.

“Oh I’m well aware of that Harold. That’s half the fun.” I say with a quirk of a smile. “Now we have a meeting of our own to get too.”

It was time to focus on the main agenda for the day, dealing with the mob boss of the Chinese, We had a deal to discuss about the heroin trafficking in New York city, he was moving in on my territory and I was unimpressed with his attempts to try and intimidate me into giving him room in the drug trade. He was about to learn that you didn’t mess with Diego Salvatore, even if I was one of the youngest Boss’s that the Italian mob had seen in a while. This did not mean I was weak or stupid, I was ruthless and he was about to see how cruel I could be, because I had his daughter. I smiled at that thought.

“Oh and Harold?” I said as an after-thought as we headed into the office building that the Chinese were using as their front. “Tell Hillary Serdivan Escort to pull all the information she can about our new friend Jace Ederson, I want to know everything about him by the end of this meeting so I can enjoy my new boy toy by the end of the week.”

“Yes sir.” Harold responded whipping out his phone and sending off a text to Hillary my extremely capable personal secretary.



The meeting at the Bird house hotel had gone well. They had accepted my architectural ideas for the expansion of their roof gardens and seemed if not impressed at least interested. It looked like I had won my firm another contract. However my brain was still being distracted by my run in with Diego Salvatore. His name sounded very familiar, where had I heard it before… I grabbed my phone and started googling Diego Salvatore. The first result was a news article about the Italian Mob, and underneath it was a picture of Diego, piercing blue eyes staring through the page into my soul. I nearly dropped the phone, then started scrolling and reading frantically.

Thirty Minutes later I had read at least fifteen different articles about the Italian mob and their leader Diego Salvatore *gulp*. Thirty year old Diego Salvatore was the only son of the late Marco Salvatore, and the sole controller of the entire Italian mob on the eastern sea board. He was well known for his ruthlessness and cruelty when it came to his illegal business. He had never been caught by the police. And he not only ran the drug trade but he also had a foot in the gambling industry, loan sharking, and car theft. He was not a man to mess with and I had almost run into him. Hah what are the chances you run into a fucking mob boss in this modern age? Luckily I would have nothing else to do with him ever again. I would count my lucky stars that I had literally zero involvement with any criminal element in my life, because from what all I read he left the regular people alone, he was only cruel, or inhumane to other people in the criminal underworld. I never had to think of him ever again.

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