Ch. 5– The Long Way Home


‘He can’t have you, you know.’ The words slice through the steely air. I know who you are referring to, but I know better than to respond. Best just to let you decompress in your own time. I look out of the passenger-side car window, watching as the street lights approach then swiftly get swallowed by the sombre night sky behind us.‘I don’t want you anywhere near him, Amelie, arrogant fucker.’‘Okay,’ I respond.‘I mean it. Men like him don’t stop until they get what they want.’Men like you? I catch myself before speaking aloud.‘You’re mine, you know that right? I decide when, who and where, not Ethan. He’s not good enough for you.’‘Sure baby, I know.’ I look directly at you. Fuck, the eye twitch is back, barely perceptible, but a twitch nonetheless.‘He spent the whole of that dinner trying to flirt with you. You must have noticed.’I keep quiet.‘Right in front of me.’ –twitchWe turn onto the motorway and you hit the accelerator hard.‘Would you like to fuck him?’ We’ve played this one out before. I shake my head. ‘Good. Because you know what will happen if you do, don’t you.’ This time I give a quick appeasing nod. You turn to look at me, eyes blazing. ‘As I said, you’re mine. You do what I say, when I say.’We drive along in stony silence again for a short while, the tension strangling the air between us. This side of you, yes of course it scares me but equally, it excites me. Walking on a knife’s edge, knowing that something is brewing deep and dark inside of you. I know what’s coming, I just don’t know when.‘Unzip me.’It seems tonight the ‘when’ is not going to wait until we get Ataşehir Escort home. I move my hand across and quickly unzipper your faded jeans, letting your semi-erect cock fall out.‘Make me hard, Amelie.’I take your plump softness into my grip and stroke it to life.‘Yes, that’s good. Keep going.’Your breathing slows into deep heavy sighs. I carry on with a tight hold, keeping a slow and steady pace. You put your rough hand on my smooth thigh, everything about us contrasting– yin and yang. As your palm rides up, my slender legs part in an automatic response to your touch. The feel of your thumb grazing against the thin fabric that covers my pussy is electric.‘Take those off.’I wriggle out of my underwear quickly and get back to the job of stroking your cock which is firming by the second. Tiny droplets of pre-cum glisten on the head. I use them to lube my palm and slowly glide back up and down your shaft.I slide down my seat a little trying to tantalise you, wanting to feel your fingers on my velvety slit and just for a moment, you indulge me. Two fingers pushed in with precision straight into my cunt. I exhale deeply.‘You like that don’t you,’ you chuckle. Or was it a smirk? Either way, letting you know how good it felt was a rookie error. In a flash, your hand is back on the steering wheel.‘As I said, Amelie, I decide when, who and where. Now suck my cock.’I slip the top half of my seat belt off and lean across the middle console of the Aston Martin. You’re fully engorged and even with both hands gripped one on top of the other, the purple Ataşehir Escort Bayan tip pokes out. I hold you steady whilst slowly letting the length of my tongue savour every oozy drop of liquid. Your distinctive taste and scent set my own juices flowing.I proceed with little tongue flicks on the head and around it, circling until I am ready to let you between my dark crimson lips. Just an inch, nothing more, letting my tongue continue lashing your member. My blonde curls tumble onto your lap so I quickly swish them out of the way. It’s better when you hold those curls tightly between your fingers, but for now, you keep your hands firmly on the wheel.My cunt is aching to be touched but I need to keep both hands on you. One to cradle your balls and the other circled round the base of your shaft. As your inhales and exhales become more audible, I sink deeper, taking you further into my mouth. You change your position slightly, moving down the seat, extending your cock into me. It hits the back of my throat – oh fuck, you feel so good like this.Your labyrinth of blue veins is distended as blood flows into every inch. I set a rhythm, sucking and licking at the same time. Bobbing my head up and down, swallowing the excess saliva that’s mixed with your pre-cum. Still cupping your balls, I use a finger to press into them whilst keeping my other fingers tightly gripped around your cock.‘Yes, baby.’Your words encourage me to go faster and I take you in deeper. I match your hip thrusts with the up and down of my hot, tender orifice. Changing to Escort Ataşehir one-handed steering, you grab a handful of my hair, lift my head with it then push me back down. Again you hit the back of my throat so I adjust my position to allow all of you in with the next thrust. Still sucking, gripping your ball sac tighter, pressing my finger in harder.I squirm in my seat, sure that the skirt beneath me is now soaked. I need you to fuck me but I know that for now, I have to make do with your cock pushing deeper into my throat. I carry on, engulfing you, using my tongue in a quick motion.‘Faster.’ Your only word is guttural and harsh.You pull my hair tighter, not letting up the pace and I am more than happy to continue. My action is making you rock solid and edging you ever closer to blowing your load.‘I’m going to cum, are you ready?’I know the question is redundant, that you are past the point of no return. I give the final sucks as your balls tighten. The first spurt hits the back of my throat as you ejaculate.‘Take it, Amelie, take it all.’I start swallowing hard as you pump your hot salty cum into my hungry mouth. Yes, I’ll take it all, every last drop. I devour it, lapping it up, suck-swallow-suck-swallow until you are done. And when you finally finish cumming, I linger a moment longer, enjoying the sensation of you softening between my lips.As I sit back in my seat you look me in the eyes. The twitch has stopped but now I’m left with a hot wet mess between my legs.‘Would you like to touch yourself?’ I take a moment to consider the right answer. If I say yes, will you deny me the pleasure? But then again there’s no point saying no, we both know that would be a lie. However, before you give me a chance to speak, you shove two fingers back into my cunt then quickly pull them out and spread them apart. My wetness spans between your fore and middle fingers like strands of gossamer.

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