Chad vs. Brad Pt. 03: Game Night


***Content note: some bi content in this one. The focus remains Chad’s descent into gay submission.***

They ended the night passed out on the same bed, but in the morning Chad was gone. Brad sighed, exasperated. It was obvious Chad was having another freak-out about his desires, and was now trying to avoid him. He was sure, though, that Chad would be back for more.

In the meantime, he prepared for the weekly D her friend Debbie, an asian chemistry major with blue hair; Dan, a red-headed mechanical engineer; Chris, a scrawny african-american pre-med undecided student; and Alan, a chubby guy from alabama studying biology. They’d all met in first-year physics class. The group usually came over to Brad’s place because he’d been placed in Founder’s Hall, which happened to have the biggest dorm rooms.

As he got together chips and liter bottles of Sprite, he tried not to think about his hot night with Chad. He needed to have laser-like focus for the campaign. Specifically blue 450 nm laser focus, which in his opinion was, by far, the coolest laser.

The other campaigners began to filter in gradually. Debbie brought brownies. Dan, being a total dork, brought so-called “absinthe” which was really just vodka with almond syrup and some green food coloring. Brad poured it out for everyone in some fancy “cuvee” glasses Stacy had gotten from the Goodwill, and the campaign was soon underway. They had been going steady for a few hours when Chad stumbled in at nine.

He immediately tripped over the board, sending all the pieces flying. “What the fuck is wrong with you wizard-obsessed wierdos?” he yelled, giving it a kick. “You take over the room for the whole day every fucking Saturday!” The ‘absinthe’ toppled over, splashing everything. Stacy screeched, grabbed Chad’s towel, and began frantically trying to soak up the spill. “Don’t use my towel you idiot!” rumbled Chad, trying to pull it out of her hands.

“Chad” said Brad, with icy seriousness. Chad suddenly stopped trying to tear the towel away and looked up at him, realization dawning. “I think I count three infractions.”

Chad paled, realizing his mistake. “Please Brad, don’t do this now,”

“I suppose I could always tell some of your teammates instead.”

Chad could only stare in horror, waiting for the axe to fall


“What’s going on dude?” said Chris, speaking for the confused room.

“Chad and I have some house rules,” said Brad, corners of his mouth twisting in a sinister grin. “When he breaks them, I get to tell someone his terrible secret.”

“But there are five of them, I only did three things” Chad wheedled, looking for an escape.

“Five of my friends seems a fair trade for three soccer teammates, don’t you think?”

“Don’t keep us waiting” said Dan “What’s this horrible secret?”

“Come on dude, you don’t have to do it” pleaded Chad.

“Chad is my cock-sucking bitch.” said Brad proudly. “He also takes it up the ass.”

There was a beat of shocked silence. Then, peals of laughter. “Come on man” said Alan, tears streaming down his face. “If you were trying to make us fall for something, you should have made it more plausible.”

Brad raised an eyebrow, then turned to Chad.

He was staring wide eyed at Brad, waiting for his next move.

“Seems like you’ll have to prove it to them Chad.”

“What?!” said Chad, blanching.

Eyes never leaving Chad’s, Brad slowly pulled down his zipper. He pulled his cock out, pulling his underwear down to cup his balls. The crude gesture made his erection lurch forward obscenely.

“Get over here,” he purred at Brad, “and show these guys what a cockslut you are.”

“Please man, not in front of people,” said Chad, cheeks burning.

“Come on, man” Brad taunted. “You know you want it.”

As if pulled by invisible strings, Chad stepped closer.

Tentatively, he reached out and touched Brad’s cock, hand trembling visibly. Brad heard his breath catch as he began gently gliding his palm up and down Brad’s length.

A bolt of intense lust traversed Brad’s spine as he savored Chad’s capitulation.

“Holy shit!” Stacy shout-whispered. Chad whimpered, screwing his eyes shut.

Brad hadn’t planned much beyond this moment, the delicious thrill at others knowing of his triumph over this stud. He might have left it at that, let Chad run out of the room. Let him think how the group would be high-fiving Brad, tittering at Chad’s slutiness.

But this would be just the beginning for Chad. Brad’s blood burned through him, driving him on. He wouldn’t stop until he’d subjugated Chad completely in front of his fellow nerds.

“We both know you can do better than that,” said Brad.

Chad looked into Brad’s eyes, pleading soundlessly. Seeing there would be no reprieve, he got haltingly to his knees and took the distended tip of Brad’s cock between his lips.

He began lapping at it sensually, basically making love to Brad’s member.

“Oh my god,” said Sakarya Escort Chris “look at his crotch.”

As usual, Chad’s cock had plumped up to an embarrassing extent, tenting the front of his athletic shorts.

“That always happens,” said Brad. “Chad here is a total fag.”

“No!!” Chad objected, popping off Brad’s cock. “It’s you! You’re like…a male succubus or something.”

The room was filled snickering.

Brad grabbed his cock, and hit Chad with it on each cheek hard. Chad gasped, his eyes fluttering closed, his cock visibly jumping at this degrading treatment.

“I think the term you’re looking for is incubus,” said Brad.

“God that’s hot” said Chris. “I’ve really got to hand it to you man.”

“Yeah dude,” said Dan. He reached for a glass and more “absinthe,” then passed it to Brad. “Here’s to your incubus abilities, or whatever!.”

Brad drank it down, then surveyed the scene. Stacy was watching slack-jawed, hand down her pants. Debbie was less forward, but watching with obvious fascination. Alan and Chris were staring at Chad, already sporting boners, while Dan was looking at Debbie. Chad gazed up at Brad anxiously.

“We’ll Chad,” said Brad smoothly, “since you ruined everyone’s night I think it’s only fair you pay them back.”

Alan whooped. Chad looked at Brad, confused.

“Who wants to help Chad get undressed?”

There was a beat, and then the whole group was on him. The t-shirt ripped as Chris and Alan both pulled it in different directions. There was some bickering, and finally they coordinated enough to pull it over his head. Debbie and Stacy got the shorts off with significantly less difficulty, allowing Chad’s huge erection to pop into view. Apparently he hadn’t worn any underwear.

Chad cowered, totally vulnerable, like prey in the middle of a pack of wolves.

“What a butt” said Debbie, reaching out to fondle it. “You could balance champagne on that like the kardashian chick.”

“Think about how good he’d look in my pink mini skirt,” Stacy gushed.

“Get on your hands and knees, Chad,” said Brad, while he stripped off his own clothes.

“Please man, not like that,” said Chad. “Like what?” said Brad, genuinely confused.

“Like a dog, dude.”

Brad surveyed Chad’s body: the heaving chest, the plump lips, the erection jutting magnificently at a 90 degree angle from his body.

“You’re my bitch,” Brad replied. “why shouldn’t you get fucked like one?”

Chad whimpered in response, but assumed the desired position. His delicate, pink-rimmed anus was now exposed completely.

“Look at all that precum” said Chris, pointing at Chad’s absurdly hard cock.

Brad gave it a couple slow strokes before walking in front of Chad. Grabbing the back of Chad’s head, Brad began mashing his balls into Chad’s face. This produced a series of high pitched whimpers. “Don’t be shy guys,” said Brad. “I bet he’d love you too feel up his butt some more.”

Chris licked his lips, and walked forward. He ran his hands experimentally over Chad’s pert behind. Then, out of nowhere, he delivered a sharp smack to one of the muscular buttcheeks. Chad moaned, mouth dropping open in shock, allowing Brad to pop his balls into his mouth. As Chris rained down a series of blows in quick succession, Brad began lifting his cock and letting it smack into Chad’s forehead.

“Nwoooo, fuwwwwwck”

Mewled Chad, Brad’s balls bulging out of his wet, red mouth.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love it, whore,” said Brad.

He pulled his sack out of Chad’s mouth with an audible plop.

“Fuck!” Chad groaned, as Chris continued to spank him hard, his firm posterior jiggling with each blow.

“Oh god, it stings! Of fuck!” cried Chad.

“It’s red all over,” said Debbie. “So fucking sexy.” Like Stacy, she now had her hands down her pants and was rubbing herself frantically.

“Debbie, let me help you with that?” said Dan, looking over hopefully. “Okay” she said shyly. Hesitantly, Dan pulled her to him and nuzzled her neck. “Oh Debbie, I like you so much, I can’t believe this is happening,” he said, one hand gently caressing her stomach. “I really like you too Dan” she said, putting an arm around his waist. “Would you touch my pussy?”

“Absolutely” said Dan eagerly, rushing to comply.

“Pipe down with the romance over there” Brad groused. “Some of us are trying to put this slut in his place.”

Chad gave a strangled cry.

Debbie and Dan just giggled. Nerds.

Brad decided to penetrate Chad’s mouth, muffling his slutty moans.

He began pumping into Chad’s throat with deliberate, measured strokes. Chad’s eyes were glazed over in the lustful haze that Brad was familiar with from their previous encounters. The Lost, tortured, blissful look.

Chris finally stopped spanking Chad, and was now gripping big fistfulls of Chad’s buttocks and spreading apart his ass. Brad looked over to Alan, was now naked and beating his fat Adapazarı Escort little cock frantically to the lewd display. Brad got his attention, and motioned to him to go to the kitchen. It took awhile, but Brad finally got him to understand that he wanted the oil. When Alan came over with it, he motioned for him to pour it onto Chad. Alan complied, starting at the base of his neck and pouring in a straight line down to his butt.

“Yeah” said Brad, still violating Chad’s mouth at a steady rate, “rub that oil in, lets see those swolls gleam.” Chad shuddered, as Alan and Chris both used this as an excuse to roughly grope him from head to foot. Chris paid special attention to his crack, getting it nice and slick. Meanwhile, Alan finished rubbing oil into Chad’s pecks. He began twisting Chad nipples roughly, wringing out some feminine squeals.

The rough treatment his nips were suffering distracted Chad from Chris’s movements at his rear. Chris undid his belt and let his pants drop to the floor, all the while leering predatorily at the vulnerable ass in front of him. Soon the rest of his clothes joined the pants. At a nod from Brad, Chris stuck a finger into the winking anus in front of him. Chad’s eyes flew open in shock.

“Yes Chad” said Brad, reveling in this new debauchery.

“You’re going to become a two-cock slut tonight.” Chad moaned, shaking his head. His body was pink down to his toes.

He managed to slip his head off Brad’s cock “Noooooo…you can’t!…you can’t!…Braaaaad!!”

There was that perfect look of horrified lust again in Chad’s eyes, the one that got Brad hard just thinking about it. Brad took Chad’s face in his hands, an almost affectionate gesture.

Meanwhile, Chris had slipped his finger out, next placing his cock between Chad’s buns. He began to hump Chad’s crack, sliding the length of his cock over Chad’s tight hole with each deliberate pump.

“Nooooo, please Brad, oh god!” Chad pupils were dilated, his cheeks flushed.

“Don’t pimp me out! Don’t pimp me out like a bitch!” he pleaded. Brad leaned in, giving Chad a long lingering kiss. Then he pulled away.

“You say the hottest things, whore,” said Brad sweetly, leering down into Chad’s face. “I’m going to pimp you out to the the dorks in this fucking D&D group.”

“Fuuuuck yeah” said Chris, actually drooling. He whipped his cock back, lining it up with Chad’s hole. Brad continued to caress Chad’s face, watching his expression as the tip of Chris’s curved ebony cucumber breached his sphincter.

“No no no nooooooo!” moaned Chad, “Oh my fucking God” he was squirming, apparently overwhelmed but the inexorable slide of Chris’s invading member.

“Take that cock. Take it all like the slut you are.” said Brad.

“Yeah” moaned Chris, “take my fat lightsaber, muscular sith.”

“Seriously dude?” said Brad, taking advantage of one of Chad’s slutty gasps to shove his cock into his mouth again.

“Don’t judge me weirdo” said Chris. Brad frowned. “Fair enough, carry on I guess.”

“Finally, you are impaled on our righteous weapons, Darth Jock,” moaned Chris, picking up speed. “Soon you’ll feel the full power of the light side of the force.”

“Yeah,” said Brad, starting to vamp. “Feel those weapons. Feel them impaling you, defiling you. You’re a spit-roasted whore now. After this, you’ll be addicted to cum. You won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll do anything for a hot, thick load.”

He felt Chad’s body spasm. “Oh my god he’s cumming.” screamed Stacy, confirming what Brad had suspected. “Fuck!” came a shout from Chris as he blasted into Chad, lean thighs slapping away as he continued to pound him hard. “Feel it! Feel this injection of the force!” Finally he stepped back, cock, slurping out of Chad’s ass. “Fuck” said Chris shakily, stumbling to a bed. Cum trickled along Chad’s balls and splashed onto the floor below.

All this was getting Brad way too close to coming, so he pulled out. Disoriented, Chad slumped forward, hiding his head in his arms on the floor while he attempted to recover some dignity. “You’ve proved your point, dude,” Chad mumbled into the carpet.

Dan and Debbie were fully banging each other now, oblivious to everything else. Alan, on the other hand, was completely focused on Chad. “Let me fuck him man,” he said, eyes fixed on Chad’s upturned but. “Go right ahead” said Brad. Chad moaned in alarm and tried to get up, but Alan’s hands were already clutching his hips, forcing him to stay down. Gripping Chad’s hips tightly, Alan dispensed with foreplay, shoving his fat four-incher straight into Chad’s tight bung-hole. He jack-hammered into Chad at break-neck speed, making the jock’s gleaming body shudder and bounce with each vicious thrust. The room was filled with Chad’s incoherent cries and the wet slap of Alan’s gut crashing over and over into Chad’s toned ass.

“What’s happening right now Chad?” asked Brad, an evil grin belying his innocent tone.

“Oh fuck, he’s fucking Serdivan Escort me Brad” Chad managed, as Alan’s hand’s roamed forward to pinch his nipples. “He’s fucking me so hard.”

“Who is?” said Brad.

“Your fat loser friend. Oh god, his belly keeps hitting me.”

“Oh yeah, this fat cock’s going to fuck you to Tuesday” said Alan ridiculously. “You won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

“And how does it feel, Chad?” Brad continued.

He whimpered. “It feels so dirty, the cum from before keeps dribbling out. Oh god, no! I’m getting hard” and he was indeed rising once more in response the pummeling he was receiving.

“Of course you are. You’re a gangbanged faggot whore. You can’t wait to get filled with that next big load of spunk.”

“No no nooooooo! Stop talking like that. Stop making me like it.”

“Like what Chad?”

“Being whored out… stuffed with loser cock.” Chad sobbed.

“Well, maybe we can give you a break from cock at least,” said Brad. “Stacy. Guess what Chad thinks is super gay?”

“No Brad, please.”

“What Brad?” said Stacy, perking up.

“Licking a chicks cunt.”

“No. Fucking. Way.” she said, dumbfounded.

“Yes, way. I think maybe you should show him what he’s been missing out on.”

“Fuck yeah” said Stacy, pulling Chad’s head up by his hair. She didn’t even try to get Chad to lick her, just started grinding her cunt into his face.

“Fuck, sooo fucking hot” said Stacy. “Take that, you homophobic weirdo. This is the best D&D night ever Brad.”

“Glad you approve Stacy” said Brad, watching the three writhing forms slapping and squelching into each other.

“Oh my god I’m going to come” said Alan, body shaking all over. “Get ready for my thick custard.” Brad kept his hand away from his cock. If he touched it, he knew he’d cum in a second.

Chad moaned into Stacy’s cunt, feeling Alan’s pecker blast his already spunk-filled rectum. She spasmed, cumming hard into his face. When Stacy and Alan finally released him, Chad collapsed flat onto the floor, shuddering.

He glistened with sweat, oil, and cum. Kneeling beside him, Brad felt for his cock. It was still hard from Alan’s rough pounding.

“What do you want, Chad?”

Chad moaned in submission.

“Please fuck my ass, Brad” he begged, defeated.

“What was that Chad?” smirked Brad, being a total tool.

“Please Brad…fuck me. I need it,” said Chad, weakly.

“Well, since you ask so nicely.”

Chad just gasped as Brad entered him, filling him gradually to the balls. Brad pulled Chad’s hands to his sides, trapping them and then pushing up his own upper body for leverage. His legs lay on top of Chad’s, dominating him completely.

“How many times have you been sodomized today, Chad?” asked Brad as he began to sensually rock his hips, violating every inch of Chad’s channel with deceptively gentle strokes.

“Three” Chad forced out between wanton groans of pleasure.

“And did you enjoy it Chad? Did you love each of those cocks owning your holes?”

“You made me, you fucking–ahhhhhhh” he trailed off, overcome by a wave of lust.

“Who owns your ass, Chad?”

“Fuck, you do.” he whimpered.

“How about your mouth?”

“You do Brad” came the humiliated reply.

“And if I decided to pimp you out again? Maybe for money?”

Brad was continuing his slow, sensual domination of Chad’s ass. He maintained the pace, but began pulling more of his cock out with each rocking thrust.

“Oh god, I’d let you. Oh my godddddd…”

“So what are you Chad?”

“I’m your faggot. Your slutty, cock-sucking, cum-filled faggot.” Said Chad, delirious with pleasure. “Oh god, Just fuck me, fuckkkkkkk.”

Chad was writhing under him. “I’m burning! You’re going to fuck me to death.” he cried out pathetically.

Brad growled, fighting to maintain control in the face of this horny onslaught. He was now slowly pulling his cock almost completely out of Brad’s ass, then using his arms to hump forward hard. He saw Chris was watching, hard again, a gleam in his eye.

“Cum on his face” urged Brad, reaching up to pull back Chad’s head back by the hair. “I want to see this bitch covered in spunk.”

Chris complied, beating his cock close to Chad’s face.

“Ugh, sure thing, Brad. Fuggghh…take that, Jock Sidious!”

Brad wrapped an arm around Chad’s waist, grabbing his cock. Then he leaned forward and bit into the base of Chad’s neck. Chad screamed. Brad felt a splash of cum on his cheek as Chris unloaded, spraying spurt after spurt of spunk onto Chad’s face.

Brad felt Chad’s cock vibrate in his hand, then unleash its own torrent of sperm onto the carpet.

“Ugh, here comes your third load of the night, you slut.” groaned Brad. He collapsed onto Chad’s back, breeding his ass as he was undone by his own powerful orgasm. Exhausted gasps filled the room as everyone tried to catch their breath. Brad continued to lay on top of the debauched, humiliated Chad. “You’re mine” he hissed into Chad’s ear.

Already, his mind swirled with possibilities for the next step in Chad’s education.

***Be sure to look out for the fourth and final installment of the series, “Chad vs. Brad: The Reckoning”***

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